How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Learning affiliate marketing is pretty
tough and a lot of it is you have to actually self teach yourself in such a
new industry. And the methods are constantly changing. I actually decided
to do a video about how to learn affiliate marketing. And I’m going to kind
of define the word affiliate and I’m going to go over the major skills that you
need to know in order to become successful as an affiliate marketer and
how to learn this skill which is amazing and it can afford you your freedom. Hey,
I’m John Crestani and last year from affiliate marketing, I made over 3.4
million dollars. Last month alone actually, made $691,000. Most
of my income is from affiliate marketing. And in this video, I’m going to show you how
you can learn affiliate marketing. Now, I’ve been doing this since 2012 and I’m
largely self-taught. This is not something that you’ll find in schools.
But it is a way to work for yourself and create your own freedom of of location.
Being anywhere you want and of time. You know, you can work whenever you want. And
also financially, you can make tons of money on you know, I made a couple
million dollars last year. My friend, he runs an eight-figure business. He does
about twenty four million dollars per year. And you know, you can make whatever
amount of money you want in this industry. So I’ll be going over what you
to do. So first off, the word affiliate, okay? The word affiliate. Affiliate. What
an affiliate marketer is, is you are selling someone else’s product on a
commission only basis. So, a good example of an affiliate marketer would be like
uber. Uber doesn’t actually own any cars or they might now. But for the longest
time Uber didn’t own any cars. They were
simply connecting drivers with people who wanted to be driven around. And they
they provided a platform to connect these 2 parties and they made a
commission for the connection. Same thing with Airbnb or
So, doesn’t actually own any hotels. They’re simply
connecting people who want to stay in a hotel with companies that own hotels. And
they’re making Commission for connecting those 2 parties. Or if you’ve ever
booked a flight on You know, there’s people want to take flights and
there’s plane companies, is an affiliate. They’re just connecting
those 2 parties and they’re making a commission for that referral. So, that’s
all affiliate marketing, is it’s a very old business model. Nothing about the
affiliate marketing is unique or necessarily a trick. So, what I’m trying
to say is if you come across people or sites that say that this is a you know
they have a trick or a hack or a or a special, you know, like hidden secret
about affiliate marketing that you just press a button and make money, it’s
not real, okay? The affiliate marketing is it’s a business. It takes skills
like anything else. There aren’t secret hacks to what we’re doing here. The
second thing to understand is the difference of learning versus doing.
Spend some of your time learning and you should spend a lot of your time doing.
But some people substitute the fact that they are watching youtube videos like
you are right now for actually doing work. And you’re not going to make any money
if you’re just listening to YouTube videos. However, doing some learning will
help guide you when it’s time to take action and actually put things into
practice. So, make sure when you’re learning, you’re doing don’t just watch
YouTube videos and try to ingest all the information. Because that won’t allow you
to make money. What you know the best way to do things would be to watch a YouTube
video. Maybe 2 or 3 YouTube videos. And then put it into action or even just
watch a YouTube video and then put that thing you learned into action. Set up
that website, set up that squeeze page, set up that ad. You know, whatever you’re
doing. Do some research, etc. Now, I’m known as a voracious action taker. One of my
strong suits is that I’ve always been extremely proactive. Ever since
elementary school. Even my friends, you know, they knew I was always the guy
down for whatever dare. They said, “John, why don’t you try
doing this?” I’d go and do it. And translating that into business has been
very good for me because anything I learn I put into action immediately.
And it’s largely resulted in a lot of business success.
Now, the next things to understand are the top 3 skills for affiliate
marketing. Yes, affiliate marketing is a skill-based profession. It’s not just a
trick or hack. The first skill is copywriting. Copywriting is the right
brain thinking. It’s a little more of better for creatives or those who can
easily empathize with others. And what copywriting essentially is is being able
to write words that make sense to people on the other end of the the screen or
the website on a computer that makes them want to take whatever their problem
is. And by whatever solution it is that you are marketing. Copywriting is also
called copywriting because a lot of it has to deal with copying things. Again, in
marketing, it’s not all about being creative. It’s about taking a control. You
want to make sure you’re always basing your marketing off of what’s already
working in the marketplace. That’s why so many marketers have what’s called a
swipe file of already proven ads that they can draw information from and draw
inspiration from when they’re creating their own marketing messages or their
own ads online. The next skill is more of a left brain thinking. And it is data
analysis. Data analysis is important because when you’re setting up marketing
campaigns and when you’re putting up, you know, let’s say you’re going to market a
skincare product and you put up 5 different ads with 5 different images,
you know, maybe one image you show somebod an old lady with a
turkey neck. You know in another image you show kind of those crow’s feet
that that appear at the end of your eyes when you get old. Maybe in
another image you kind of focus on the Sun damaged skin on somebody’s face or
on their on the backs of their hands. Maybe on another image, you just show a
smiling happy beautiful older lady, okay? So, that would be an example of a good
split test of 5 different images. In marketing, to understand what image is
working best, what ad is working best, we need to make use of data analysis. Now,
it’s not complicated statistics, okay? This isn’t anything that is,
you know, this is an algebra we’re doing here.
It’s simple numbers. It’s simply understanding which ad is working better
than the other. But in order to do this, you need to be comfortable looking at
numbers. You need to be comfortable drawing conclusions from numbers and
that goes into data analysis. Again, this isn’t complicated. Neither is this. But
these are skills and you do need to learn them or hone these skills through
through experience as you’re doing affiliate marketing if you truly want to
become great. The next skill is a weird one but it ties everything together and
that’s research, okay? Being able to be resourceful and do your own research
is so paramount because all of the systems that were using. Facebook changes
every week or Facebook ads changes every week. Google ads changes every month. All
of these software’s and platforms and and the whole internet space evolved so
rapidly. You really need to be able to be resourceful and be able to research
things effectively. Now, just like you’re doing right now, you’re doing a sense of
research. You’re being resourceful in terms of finding your own information
about affiliate marketing. Now, maybe this video just showed up in your newsfeed, it
just kind of maybe this video found you so to speak. And if it did give it give
it a big like. But if, you know, when you’re actually decided and committed to
pursuing affiliate marketing as your freedom profession. What’s going to take
you out of your job and create that financial and lifestyle freedom for
yourself, you want to be intentional about things. And you’ll need to be able
to Google things to find out your own information on it. So you know, I may not
link you to a course about data analysis, okay?
You’re going to have to google it and you’re just gonna have to look up maybe
data analysis. Or you know, for affiliate marketers. Whatever. But you’ll need to
Google things. As you go along, let’s say you’re taking some training videos from
me on my YouTube channel, you’ll need to, you know… Let’s say Facebook Ads looks
different today than it did one month ago when I released my video on Facebook
ads. So, you’ll need to kind of be able to poke around in the Facebook Ads
interface to figure out where that section was. You’ll need to do CTRL find
to find where the ads manager was, where it is now. Little things like that or
knowing being proactive and being able to message a support desk to ask them a
question. Or if you are taking my 6-week training course about affiliate
marketing, you’ll need to be resourceful and post an our forum, message my support.
Be active on the weekly webinars and ask questions. These are things that will
help you succeed. Again, proactively researching things and realizing that
research. The effective research is actually a skill and it’s a very
important one if you want to survive in this fast-moving industry. So, if you got
something really cool from this video, make sure to subscribe to my channel. And
also, hit that notification bell and you will actually get access to a free
course on affiliate marketing. And I also have some free mini courses on YouTube
from some of my friends about topics such as copywriting, becoming an
entrepreneur and other things that you can check out and spend time learning
from. Now, if you have a question for me or any thing related to this video, feel
free to leave a comment in the comments below. If you if you’d like me to go
deeper into any one of those subjects, copywriting, data analysis or research,
name it in the comments below. Just say data analysis or copywriting or whatever
that is and I will make sure to do more videos in the future that go deeper into
that subject. Thanks for watching and hopefully see you in another video
and here’s to your success. Let’s make some money.


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