How to list an item on Ebay for beginners (listing on ebay)

hey guys I want to make a quick
follow-up video to how to sell on eBay for beginner so I was getting quite a
few questions over on that one so I figured I would address some of them and
also create a quick step-by-step tutorial of how to actually list an item
on eBay and I’m just going to go ahead and list something that I’ve been
wanting to sell anyway and so we’re going to be listing today is these
headphones let me go ahead and type them in so these little guys these are going
to be what we’re selling and a little trick you can do to get a ballpark for
what you’re going to be able to get for them is type it in and click over to the
advanced here and then we’re going to search for sold listings and then now
we’re actually going to see what prices some of these things sold for so this
one only went for 32 bucks but it was broken this one for 91 bucks 129
somebody managed it sell for 200 which is a good sign
149 173 128 and so on so I feel like I would be lucky to get 200 and probably
150 is decent average still might be kind of optimistic but at least I have a
ballpark I do know that they are selling some of them are selling at least and I
have a ballpark of what I can get for them so anyway and this is also a way
that you can in honestly we can just remove that and come back to the regular
listings turn that off …this is a way you can get a feel for what you should
charge for shipping though something a lot other people are asking and so I
just like to go find people these are all from Japan and stuff I’d like to
find stuff from the US you know and see what people are charging in the US and
in this case it’s a pretty light item I’m assuming this wouldn’t be much more
than 5 bucks to ship and so a lot of these people are listing is free
shipping so I will probably do the same thing because if everybody else is
listening free shipping I don’t want to be the only guy you know charged and
shipping that may be a deal breaker for some some
people so anyway what we’re going to do is just go back here to the home page
and I’m going to go here I’m already logged in okay so we’re going to go up
here and click sell this process is really pretty simple and especially when
you have an item like this they make it very very easy so I’m just going to
follow the steps and go through the process so first we’re just going to
type in what we’re selling here and music and ACK a H C 400 I believe that’s
right I’ll get started and it’s asking us if this is the right category that
looks good to me so we’ll keep that and then I’m also going to sell that’s not
it I get on here H it’s a C 400 yeah so I don’t have I was on there but that’s
okay we can still continue to do it okay we’re going to say these are used we’re
going to add some photos and before we add photos let me just show you how I
laid it out and and I just use my camera here and my phone and I just use my
phone here and just took some pictures with my phone and sent them to my
computer and I’m just using that my phone takes good enough pictures to get
the job done so that’s what we’re going to be doing today we’re just going to go
ahead and add these images and then all these specifics the more specifics you
can put the better chance you’ll have of you know showing up on somebody
searching for those specific things so we’re going to call these realizing how
little I know about headphones as I type this in okay and then
right a little description I like to use some of the keywords in there just to
help continue to give it a better chance of ranking in which flipping back up
that’s what we’re going to do in the title we’re going to call these in-ear
headphones anything do you think people could be searching for you want to have
that in there anyway if there is any damage to the item you definitely want
to mention that and you also want to take a picture of it and point it out
because it just will not be good if you have a bunch of angry people coming at
you because you weren’t clear in your description of what was actually going
on okay and then we’re going to list it we have a couple options here you can
list as a fixed price or as an auction so it’s pretty self-explanatory normally
I do an aux or an auction but on this one I think I’m going to try a fixed
price and I don’t know I think I’m going to try like 130 bucks just to see
actually maybe we will do an auction with 130 as the the starting price and
then we’ll do a buy it now this is how somebody can basically get away from the
auction and just buy it immediately as the name suggests and we’re going to do
like let’s just say 149 so if we can get it at 149 I’d be pretty excited about
that will do seven-day listing duration I’m going to schedule it because you
want to schedule at a time when you know people are going to be able to purchase
it so you don’t want your auction to end in the middle of the night or ideally
when people aren’t at work you want it to be sometime when they’re at home or
at least the majority of your audience is at home so I’m going to try to in
this about 8 p.m. or that’s specific so about 6 p.m. Pacific
which is 9:00 Eastern and so in all the US anyway that gives us about 6 to 9
p.m. so most people should be home so yeah so that’s the start time which 7
days from then is when it ends ok and then it does talk about shipping down
here gives the idea of what the pricing would be if you went through a postal
service but I’m going to do free shipping let’s see they have an option
to do international shipping in which I didn’t even know they did this this is
really cool so you don’t have to ship it internationally yourself looks like they
would take care of it for you and there’s that there’s the rest of it
handling time and then all you do is just go ahead and press list it down
here and you’re good to go ok and then now we are officially listed
it’s going to start tonight at 6 o’clock and that is a basic simple process a
step by step of going through and listing your headphones or anything else
you want to sell on eBay any questions hit me up in the comment section and
we’ll chat all right take care


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