How To List Something On Ebay Using Your phone

hello everyone welcome to my youtube channel okay I’m sorry you can’t see my face but I’m using an app to record this just wanna make a quick video and I’m hoping that let me make sure this is working on my actually recording okay dancing school yeah if you’ve been watching my channel in a you know who I am but today just wanna make a quick video showing you how to list an item on eBay I’m using my phone to do this not a desktop not a laptop laptop computer just a quick explanation I I do in internet marketing I love to sell stuff online make videos or for knowledge wise but I know I recently decided to switch to selling different type of products on eBay and also on or the auction site like eBay and there and I love doing it you know I’ve always said love shopping on eBay and but I’ve said it’ll actually turn it into a business which I’m happy I did just wanna show you guys how to lease them an item on eBay it’s pretty much easy so I have an item I want on this right now but before that I’d like to like do some stuff with my images so let’s begin okay right now I’ve gotta eat wait I have to search for the items I like to do that I build me I already have some item we sit here right now such one item I want at least okay me when I do this I just give me an idea how much this item is selling for now what I’m this is this one of my pants fall from my pants my strong used so so it’s gonna be pre-owned so just don’t have an idea what is I have is this table no this is not what we should be looking at really all this this is why you should focus on they go to filter so you want to sandwich this item easily so somebody sold is $5 plus Abdallah it was suit actually today somebody saw this I try this is the size I’m about to lease exact size mr. jock size 10 12 so oddly pain and no matter we donate my children clothes but I decided why not just if I can get something back from their clothes you know after I paid for it so if the closest thing could you know children grow very fast before you know you’re switching to a new clothes somewhere I just click on this they sewed because this is similar type of pants I’m about to leave now this person actually looks like this suit too but I’m not expecting to sell mine too high because I just thought about getting something back for me because nobody something issue where you want like deep so there is someone like this once I do that make it easy to list the item or you can create a brand new item if eBay cannot find it for you now I have this toy I’ve taken pictures with my phone I have pictures but one thing I like to do in selection because I feel like the picture does more pop oh go do something go to a website called and share a lot of your head about I like to become good and I want to do the image so I do I use 500 dimension custom dimension you can see that you know I lose all those images this app is also very good on a desktop or laptop computer now I liked Oprah libitum coderre on if I’m going to leave this on my website can’t you be easy for me to download from the same website on my laptop so take a few minutes to upload because depending on how fast your phone is when I click on games so I’ll just try to make it pop out see what I can do release sometimes we love them come alright I’ll redo it again just to see like right now it’s not come out the way I want it to be let’s try again you can rotate you should which we should I wear you want just like this okay see if I can they wanted to show the foodstuffs the right now is a line in the middle so I just love it it was a picture she took with your phone sometimes depending on your phone is you can see very good on your phone it looks in a small on the phone a walk spot it’s always looking on the desktop computer aids it just made you feel small okay now I’m gonna go back to TV I’ll make sure this is the record I’m not talking to myself okay back to ebay okay how about you just upload this and the other pictures I he’ll see what was I save on my phone just like to look like that okay you can see the picture difference from the picture I made them saying that is just show everything okay so I would adjust the title you know what I’m gonna say he says new here but it’s – nine years so where’s a little polish okay let me see wait allow me and why not so yeah it’s not so I gotta say I’m gonna say fast just I gotta say it’s Wendy sent I choose you can I just let me touch your regular like it’s works video location yeah so pretty much I don’t need to do much on day details because you eat Auto you know I don’t need everything here is she USPS this class congestion you see where it says new it’s not now so sometime PC I just scrape him does not apply new condition will be put on and so does that mean nothing yeah it’s kind of like a black-and-gray so I’ll just leave it a bunch of colors pretty much it so now don’t say my price whatever I want to sell it you can say gently you can be huge then I can now you can do an auction or you can do by now a stick to buy not I don’t think it also do not like the auction now sometimes you should show you how much this one sold for just by clicking see how the last price t so these are the ones I’ve been sold like I say or depend so for me I’m just saying I saw this pound so I no longer go like let’s try you know you also have to add those eBay fees yeah pretty high because when I started we say we allow you to release 50 free item without the listing people now I have a pasta um I have about hundred on something I can list it now eBay and now I’m being charged because I have used my use of my 53 listen the only way to reduce on eBay fee is to get an eBay store I know a lot of people would say all do that but I checked out this drawer and I’ve done eBay store in the past one thing when you get a store you have to send traffic to me I kind of felt like I don’t mind the feet I just have to add the fee when I’m least in my team excluding 35 cent plus C all right after selling the item fee so I guess in my help you like $4 for eBay fee in total that’s what I put my because the more pricey your item is more free ticket so I felt like this store is no use I’m doing okay without the store why would I need a store I don’t think I like that to promoting our an actual website we Shamli most of the time it takes a long while just to send traffic Therese I feel like why not if it’s gonna send me traffic and then I don’t mind a terrified selfie not all melissia arm promote a listing when I’m done I’m gonna go do that I don’t know what I thought we have to do it on this phone it doesn’t work with my phone but let’s continue where was I okay I like to put it free shipping Aunt Em people prefer that doesn’t mean that if it’s non free ship is not gonna sell but I like to do that so I do not accept alpha depending on the item I wear once so now shipping I’m gonna you can check if you can let me be the duty Kappa lady cause shipping from wherever the person is or you can charge a fixed judge its amount of Utah offer free photography free shipping with us that’s what I want to and for now so another thing you can choose to ship rotational international normally I shipped to the United States I just recently was looking upon the internationals like let me give resources few of my listing have been listed as international having sudden turn internationally about people’s releases from from AM America so no matter you’re supposed to use the International International first-class new and depending on the now with international you need the shipping with of your item that is very important but I know my team they don’t we lot late Lord snow just like I could just like it is my time and normally in up to a pound the cluding I just feel that it you know but I’m not even lying on name I’m named the internship I’m just want to see if I’m gonna be lucky now you have I’m not sure to choose the country ownership to what I will do not in South America occasionally not at the time where I can just keep a squishy I skip Africa can I skipped rules I skied Mexico Gemini just with like a few countries that I think that you have a better chance of not having problem when you buy from them because I’ve had that some country like Mexico fruits and stuff like that we sell an item the problem even Brazil yeah but never you relied only if I sell I want I turn on the internship week I just want to see try to ship out to see how the process walk in shipping session on that is a really simple really I’m okay with II USA but I the USA only shipping shoes but right now I’m gonna believe the eye thing so pretty much you can see I’m about to this day I can see that Eva have not showed me a fee no matter show me 35 cent fee which is odd I expect that no matter is you sure the bottom tour doesn’t mean I’m not going to be charged you come preview before you post so you have an idea how your item looks besides one thing you know Never Say Never that I don’t think somebody’s gonna buy an item trust me a lot of stuff acid on eBay that makes no sense yes doc you see oh no nobody’s Joe smiling he resurfaced on goodbye so justice five times now if it has something they do it will pop up everything list after telling 10 days you automatically while you’re listing I’m adding to me I think it’s just a bad idea I mean you listen I tend to make you say well after 10 did they keep dropping me she doesn’t make sense 5% every five days I may have a fight this that’s one I never use how to use it for my service so now I’m done they give yourself to shake if you want to stash a media so I have now they said my actions might say right now it’s active on even know if what I do our shoes promote enlisting the promoter this is actually not a bad idea but that would be on them and we put on another video because say if I show you guys now it doesn’t work on my foot so guy this is how you lift a hook is just not to I think I talk too much this is how you listen item on eBay as you can see my serving this is I am all my serving item grab your guitar and this in my phone so I want to show you all my listing here so far but just want to show you got how to pretty much easy once your order she you know the people paper you get notified and the good things that would be ways away you listen I think you don’t have to worry about paying with a different amount you pay with the amount that the customer pay the judge the dog treats and you can deduct the print the label amount the commands you order so you’ll be notified if they will develop Shinto sheep or your princess you can maybe and it gives you a shot to decide which size dimension of your your your package so you can show and they give you discount on them shipping labels so I do not like that so it’s very much easy print your label and stick it very package and drop it off at post office that’s about it thank you all for watching please check out my link in the description my website I have an e-commerce website then I need people to go and visit and buy something I would appreciate ah yeah you know I appreciate that you know but I have a lot more item on eBay but that’s all you see new so I just need to say hello custom money but thank you for watching please check out my video subscribe like leave a comment leaving me say leave a so many have a question I’ll answer thank you for watching have a wonderful day bye stop this

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