how to make $100 a day as an affiliate
marketer how many times have we seen these videos I think there’s a lot of
them online so I am going to try to give you guys the least amount of fluff is
possible and realistic ways that you can actually make $100 a day as an affiliate
marketer my name is Rachel Isley and this channel is all about making real
money online so if you’re into that kind of stuff I would love for you to
subscribe turn the notifications and enjoy the video so first thing is you
need your first Commission if you’re gonna make $100 a days affiliate
marketer you need your first $1.00 if you do not know how to do that I would
honestly I mean watch this video but check in the description for even more
beginner videos I have for getting started like making that first sale
online because first you’re going to need your first Commission then you’re
going to notice as you’re growing your business you’ll start getting daily
commissions maybe you’ll make $10 one day $8 the next day 15 the next day 12
the next day 7 16 20 and then you’ll start seeing you’re getting them daily
maybe you’ll get one sale of something a day in the next day you got two sales of
something one of one product one of another product and then it’s going to
add up and you’ll be able to scale your way $200 days actually
to me the word scale it’s like when you’re ready to like grow fast and your
first hundred it’s like it’s honestly not even that much it’s totally doable
totally possible you do want to consider your expenses as you’re doing this so
okay you spend $100 you make $100 in a day but you spend $100 in a day that’s
not what we’re talking about we’re talking about hundred dollars a day
profit you could keep your expenses low by using organic traffic methods and
doing things like yourself ranking videos ranking blog posts invest
the time or you can grow things faster through paid methods and hiring a team
and getting help so I’m assuming though you guys are beginners you’re trying to
bootstrap it and do things on your own so let’s first get your products
together let’s get the product line together I think it’s good to focus on
one area but maybe not necessarily just one product like of course you need to
get your affiliate link ready for that one first product first product you
signed up you can log in to your affiliate portal you can grab your
affiliate links you have it but it’s good to have complementary items or
software’s so I’m going to give you an example of what I still use and have
been using to get more than a hundred dollars a day but like this is how I got
to a hundred dollars a day it’s very simple combo of offers so one is click
funnels it’s a landing page software sales funnel builder software I like to
do online marketing tools niche because I got to use the online marketing tools
anyway so I might as well make my money back and make a profit from it get all
my software’s for free and have them pay for my car which you can do that too
with these offers they give bonuses too but let’s just start off with click
funnels basic offer $97 a month you get 40% Commission’s so 40% of $97 a month
is $38 so if you want to make thirty eight dollars a day you wouldn’t need
not necessarily one new sale a day but 30 people total so like one a day or we
can just average it maybe one day you get five sales another day you get like
zero sales but we’re gonna average it for the 30 days so a lot of them will be
paying you $38 a month but they have other products and it gets more
expensive so then you get higher commissions you can get paid a hundred
and eighteen dollars remember just one person every single month if they’re on
a 297 plan that’s a great way to also make $100 in a day
hundred eighteen dollars in a day so one full suite of clickfunnels
you don’t actually have to go to someone and sell it you can use the affiliate
marketing methods and traffic methods that I teach on this channel to do that
there’s also click funnels upsells that give you a four hundred dollar
commission a twelve hundred dollar commission a twenty four hundred dollar
commission so you can even get that in a day so let’s think now about the
complimentary items email marketing is very big also there’s so many email
marketing software’s one that I found is easy to promote with the system that I
have and with click funnels is Aweber Aweber is a low cost email marketing
automation autoresponder platform so it starts at $19 a month also by the way
these things that these software’s they have free trials so I’m never really
actually selling anything I’m just promoting free trials with my traffic
methods so with a weber if someone’s on the basic plan every month you’ll get $6
and then another complimentary software that I promote is called click magic its
link tracking something that’s really useful for only marketers and affiliate
marketers so for click magic I’m just gonna average it’s six dollars a month I
forgot to mention for the email marketing platforms the more subscribers
someone has the higher their bill is so the more you get paid every month and
then same with click magic they have different levels so sometimes people
decide to upgrade and then you get paid even more the fourth offer that I like
to put in this combo of magic offers is udemy that is solo ad traffic so people
pay for traffic and you get to keep a commission of it so I first started
noticing like $5 I made $5 Commission made $8 Commission sometimes will make
like a fifteen dollar Commission if someone puts in $100 order because it
pays 15% and then I noticed dang every day I’m getting commissions from
udemy still every day I get ten different Commission’s from UD me
it’s only gonna keep growing because I’m gonna keep growing this system every day
I’m getting clickmagick sign ups and commissions and payouts
sometimes people will stay on a software for just a few months so you always want
to keep getting new signups new people on trials sometimes people will try out
a trial and then they’ll not actually stay but that’s okay it’s a numbers game
once you have your systems up it’s just a matter of you working on sending
traffic one of my secret strategies it’s not really a secret I’m gonna tell you
right now for getting that average of well I mean I have reject like more than
a hundred a day but a good way to grow that average because maybe one day
you’ll just have like a $50 a day but you can have a $500 day also by
promoting courses because a lot of these courses pay 50% commissions and it’s
like a thousand dollar course so you get a very quick $500 Commission and then
one more bonus way to I want you guys to surpass the hundred dollar a day mark is
to sell what you learn so as you’re learning these things you can sell it in
a coaching program and your own info products start creating YouTube videos
about what you’re learning and then put your affiliate links to things in the
description and just keep snowballing off your results if you made a hundred
dollars you can make a video on how you made a hundred dollars if you get to $50
days you can make a video on how to get to fifty dollar days that’s gonna get
you more traffic and more signups to your offers which is more commissions
more money in the description below I’m gonna leave you guys with more detailed
things I’ll put traffic videos in there if
you’re not sure on if you want more information on how to drive traffic I’m
gonna put the system that I use to get the click funnels Aweber click magic and
udemy Commission’s together but you can also promote these things with other
funnels other ways promote them separately this is just one way
to get Commission’s on all four of those things plus there’s also opportunities
in that system to sell courses and make money with that too I hope you found
this video helpful and different let me know in the comments what you’re going
to take action on and I love my subscribers and I would love for you to
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t yet turn on the notifications and I’ll
see you in the next video

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