How to Make $1,000/Day Passive Income! 2019

– Are you interested in passive income? Of course you are. In this video I’m gonna show you exactly how I’ve been able to generate over $1,000 per day in passive income,
with proof, since 2016 you don’t wanna miss
this one so stay tuned. Hey, what’s up guys ODI Productions here, if you’re new to the
channel my name is Odi I go by Odi Productions, I’m an entrepreneur specifically in the realm of passive income, and I’m also a music producer
as hopefully you guys can see in the background I got some guitars there got my studio set up and my speakers. I mainly produce hip hop beats which you guys will
probably hear in my videos. And last but least I’m a YouTuber and I haven’t done a
very good job with that because this is my second
video this year in 2019, and it’s currently March 7th but that brings me to the,
my point of this video which is passive income. I haven’t needed to upload because frankly the way that has to become works, and if it does work the
way that it’s intended is that you don’t need to be doing stuff like posting videos every single week even though I love making content, but I took a little bit of
a break but now I’m back, and I really want to just
clear up a lot of things and also just spread the
word about passive income. And I’ve been seeing
a lot of videos pop up about passive income on YouTube recently, and I enjoy that and I like that it’s kind of shifting the
culture, but at the same time I feel like there’s a
little misinformation and I would also like to
just share my philosophy about what I think passive
income is, and should be and what is the best way
to make passive income in 2019 and beyond. So with that being said
I think the first thing that we should do is define, what is passive income anyways? Right, and I think the best way to do this is by defining the opposite or the antithesis of passive
income which is active income. So active income is
basically any sort of time for money, trade such as a job such as a nine-to-five
and I’ve been there. I’ve worked a nine-to-five
job in corporate America where I get paid a full-time salary, and I was actually fired from that job. And add to that list of failures I’m also a college dropout. Some of you who have been subscribed know that I dropped out
of UCLA my senior year, and that left me without a college degree. Now on the good side, obviously three years later after that point I mean, I’ve been able to because of my passive income businesses just go from being a college dropout and then magically
getting a nine-to-five job even without the degree, but then getting fired from that job to living my dream life. And if you guys have seen my
videos back from 2017, for me my dream life was just being
able to live where I want, and I was able to move
into my dream apartment. And my day-to-day life
was basically waking up and getting to do what
I love which is music. So I got to review headphones, which is my first passive income business my first profitable website which I’ll talk a little bit about once we get into this video. But being able to wake up, and the only thing on
my plate for that day was to review some headphones. So, whether it was filming, whether it was writing the script whether it was testing the
headphones by listening to music. I mean that was my dream. When I was working the nine-to-five and I was in the office,
and we didn’t have cubicles because we actually had a
pretty cool office setup. But when I was at my desk, right, I was at the computer I would
just dream of being able to not have to wake up to an alarm clock, not having to sit in traffic ’cause I worked in downtown San Diego and I had to commute back and forth and sometimes the traffic
was really serious, and I’ve lived in LA too,
so I know all about traffic and San Diego traffic
its getting up there. But with that being said
I dreamed of being able to just review headphones and make, work with music on a daily basis. I had my start as a music producer I used to sell hip hop beats, that’s probably my first business venture I didn’t even know what
entrepreneurship really was I just wanted to make
some money for my music And that transitioned into
me reviewing headphones and getting paid for it,
which I’ll show you guys exactly how I’ve been able to do that. And so basically, when we’re
talking about passive income we’re talking about
doing the work up front and then getting paid
for it after the fact. So there’s many ways
to make passive income and there’s just so
many different avenues. But for me, over the last seven years I’ve tested, I’ve tried
and I’ve investigated basically every avenue you can think of whether it’s ecommerce,
affiliate marketing, niche websites, stocks, real
estate, trading options. I’ve done a lot and I’ve consulted with some of the best
minds in those industries. I’ve talked to experts, I’ve
done masterminds with them and basically through all of my experience I believe that there is
still one business model that stands out to me, and that business model is
called affiliate marketing. So for those of you who
have been subscribed, you know me as an
affiliate marketing expert, some people call me the
affiliate marketing king, I’m not gonna make that same claim, but I’ve had other people say so. But with that being said, affiliate marketing which in
essence is just referrals, and I don’t want people to get confused with network marketing which is something that
I’ve never done in my life, I’ve never been part of an MLM, I’ve never been part of any
sort of network marketing, I’ve never sold energy drinks. So, this is something
that’s very different. Now to give you an example
of affiliate marketing Amazon actually launched one
of the first affiliate programs on planet earth in 1996. Okay I’m reading The Everything Store it’s the book that documents Jeff Bezos and the start of Amazon. And what stood out to me is
how early in Amazon’s career and by the way if you’re
living under a rock, Amazon it’s currently valued as the second most valuable company in terms of market cap
in the world right now, and in the next five
years I think that Amazon is gonna take that number one spot. I just have a lot of belief
in Jeff Bezos, Amazon. And it’s interesting to me that Amazon one of the biggest companies in the world, if not top two next to Apple of course created an affiliate
program back in 1996, okay. So it’s been around for 23 years. So Amazon’s affiliate program
it’s been around for 23 years I’m actually gonna show you guys right now what that looks like on my computer. And I’m just gonna share with you, this is how I got my
start with passive income and making a full time passive income with one of my websites. So, I’m just gonna go
right here really quick into Amazon Associates, and
just show you guys the website. So this is Amazon Associates right there, you guys can search it up on Google, Amazon Associates Program. earn up to 10% advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader. So, essentially how this works and I’m just gonna show
you guys right now. Amazon obviously has probably millions, no they definitely have
millions of products on their website. If you link these products
and you promote those links and you get any sales, you basically get paid a percentage of that product cost as a commission. So if you look at this, you
look at these percentages it’s like 10%, 9% or 8%, seven, six, five. Basically if you look at
these categories on the left you see furniture, you see luxury, beauty, lawn and garden pet products 8%. You see apparel, you see headphones which is the one that I really, really dabbled
in on and was an expert in, musical instruments as well 6%. So basically, just to break things down. So if I were to sell a $200
pair of headphones right, $200 pair of headphones, I would get 6% that’s around $12. So if you sell $200 pair of headphones, and let me just show you
guys how it works is, so I’m in the back end
of Amazon Associates I already have an account, so I logged in. By the way it’s completely free to sign up and I think you can sign up for mostly anywhere in the
world that offers Amazon. You could actually be outside of the US and sign up for this. Do your own research check it out, but basically I’m in the backend. And you guys can see
right here product search, you select a price. So I looked up beats headphones right. And when you search this up, you will have a list of basically all the products on
Amazon that are available. So you can see we got
some $350 headphones, $300 headphones, $100 headphones etc. I found a $200 pair of
headphones right here and all you have to do is
get the link right here, and and here’s the shortened link. Copy and paste that and
then you can put that into any of your website, your
social media, your YouTube. And essentially you need
to put it on a platform. All right so I’m gonna show you guys the proof of the $1,000 per day, but I think it’s more
important that I show you guys where I started, because obviously a $1,000 a day sounds great, but the reason why I put that in the title is not necessarily to brag
or to show off of course, but it’s to show you what’s possible. Now just because, I
show the $1,000 per day doesn’t mean that I’m holding
you guys to this standard where you have to be making
$1,000 per day to be successful like I said I was living
my dream life back in 2016, making a full-time living. Just being able to choose where I want, I got to move into my dream apartment. I got to wake up and design my own day, I got to design my own schedule. I got you just basically
test headphones out, get them for free listen
to them, review them, film them and then that was
my job right, that was my job. Like listening to music,
getting paid to do that, getting free headphones. Like that was the dream right there. I’ve been living my dream life since 2016. Now, if we fast-forward three years now things have changed my
surroundings have changed, the cars have changed. If you guys haven’t seen, but I was able to move into my dream house here in San Diego. And I also get to drive my
dream garage every single day. So as I was saying, getting
to live in my dream house and to drive my dream
cars every single day. I mean my dream garage has
always been a Porsche 911 Turbo and then exotic car like a
Ferrari or a Lamborghini. And now I have not just Lamborghini, but a twin-turbo Lamborghini
complete customized. And I know I haven’t given
you guys a garage update in a long time so
hopefully if there’s time at the end of this video
I’ll show you guys that. But essentially I’ve
been living the dream. It’s not because of the house, it’s not because of the cars, it’s not because the lifestyle. Yes ,that stuff is really,
really, really nice. But what’s more important is, do I have the freedom to wake up every day and do what I love to do, right? Do I have the freedom to design my day? Right, or am I set to an alarm clock, am I sitting in traffic, am I commuting? ‘Cause guys at the end of the day, I don’t care if you drive a Lamborghini or Ferrari, McLaren whatever. If you’re sitting in traffic and you have to go to an office and you have to spend
eight to 10 hours there every single day then hop back in the car, and sit in traffic and you
can only take your exotic or fancy car up to 30,
40, 50 miles per hour, that’s not the dream life okay. And the truth is at the end of the day that for me, what I’m
really after is freedom. That’s why I’m obsessed
with passive income because passive income equals freedom, equals time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom. The location freedom, to
be able to work from home, be able to work from your house. I’m here in my office/studio, but just being able to
live where you wanna live, work where you wanna work,
do what you wanna do. Whether that’s spend
time with your hobbies, for me it’s making music. But if it means spending more time with your friends, your family, being able to take the
trips that you wanna take. Explore and experience the cultures that you want to, while traveling, then whatever your reason may be you need freedom at the end of the day. And passive income is the only thing that will grant you that freedom, and I’ve been able to achieve it, because I’ve been where most people who are watching this video,
if you’re just starting out I know what it’s like to
be a full-time student. To feel hopeless, to feel powerless, and feel like scared of the future. I know what it’s like
to work a nine-to-five and to feel like you’re
giving all this effort but you’re only getting
paid based on the hours that you work and based on
what your salary is set at. And you have to wait a whole entire year just for an annual
review, just to get what? A one, two, three percent raise. I just didn’t vibe with it,
whether it was the impatience whether it was having goals and dreams that are so much bigger than
being inside the cubicle or being inside the classroom. I just knew that I wanted
a certain life for myself and it was a life of freedom. And I just felt shackled
when I was in the classroom, I was always looking outside the window just looking at the outside world, wishing I was out there and not in here. So let’s bring this back to passive income and how was I able to build this? Okay, so my first month I ever made money with affiliate marketing through the Amazon
Associates Program was $32. $32 back in November of 2014, all right, that takes me way back. But basically $32 in my first month, I think the second month I’m actually have the earnings so I might
throw it up right here. But if you guys actually
wanna see the full case study I actually just launched a
free Passive Income Masterclass where I actually show
two years of earnings for my first affiliate website, which is so if you guys wanna see that, I’ll have a link in the description. But basically my first month, I only made $32 all right. The second month I think I made $24 and I can put it up on the screen just to show you guys proof. But basically, it wasn’t full-time starting out and it wasn’t anything crazy. Obviously, $32, $24 I mean this is nothing that you could really live off of. You can’t pay your rent, I mean, it can only afford a few meals at Chipotle at best right? But this is back in 2014, and essentially, it took me years to build
it up to the point where now I was able to go from making $24 in a single month, to
making $24 in a single day and then upwards, $100 per day. And actually in December of 2016, I was able to make a
full-time living with this. So again, making a full-time
living through passive income through basically having a website. And another plus of affiliate marketing versus any other business model is that when you’re the affiliate,
you don’t need to basically spend anything for product costs or product expenses like in e-commerce. So in the e-commerce,
you have product expenses you have product costs,
that’s like an inherent cost you can’t avoid that, we’re talking about
physical products here. If you’re selling let’s say apparel. Like a t-shirt or pants or
something or like leggings. You have to spend a certain
amount just to get the product and then you have to
ship and distribute it, so there’s a shipping cost as well. If you use a platform like
Amazon, like Amazon FBA, there is a fee, they take their own fee because they’re fulfilling your order at their fulfillment center and you have to get all of your order, your minimum order quantity which generally has to be
around 100, 500,000 units. You have to ship that across the ocean to a fulfillment center right, one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. And then because they handle everything like the two-day shipping, which is something that’s
extremely difficult to do from a company’s perspective. The fact that they have to hand all that they’re gonna take a nice
cut of the entire thing. So you have the product cost, right? Then you have the shipping distribution, well the shipping to the
warehouse, not warehouses, fulfillment center. And then Amazon has to take a cut as well. And then there’s probably taxes. So at the end of the day, I mean if you look at all these expenses your profit margin dwindles
down to about 10 to 20%. It depends, some people get 20%, some get 30% if you’re lucky. Some get as low as 10%, and
some even lower than that. Now with the affiliate
marketing it’s different because when you’re just an affiliate, it’s literally that link right. There’s no other cost there. You get the link and then
you put it on your website, you put it on a youtube
video or a YouTube channel. Maybe you even use Instagram. But essentially at the end of the day, we don’t have to spend anything other than maybe advertising costs if you wanna get more traffic. And again to traffic later in this video because I know a lot of
you’re probably asking, okay this all sounds great but how do I get people to the link? How do I get people you know to my website to my youtube channel? Well, I’ll share that
in this video as well. But I just wanna lay the
groundwork for this idea that you can essentially get paid for just posting links. Now, I don’t wanna
oversimplify things okay, and I wanna tell you guys up front and the reason why I wanna share with you the first month earnings,
$32 back in 2014. Is that it takes a lot of time and effort to get this up and running. So when we’re talking about passive income this is true passive
income, in the sense that I mean I haven’t touched my first website in about three years, two or three years, at least
two years I have not touched it I haven’t updated, you
guys can actually see that the latest content was back from 2017, so I haven’t touched it in over two years close to three years now. And, it’s still generating money today which is just insane. Imagine not touching your
business for two or three years and still making money right? Now you can’t really say the same of the other business models. If you stopped managing
your e-commerce business for three months, six months, a year that business is not gonna
be a business anymore it’s gonna stop generating money you’re gonna run out of inventory or there’s gonna be issues, when it comes to refilling the inventory or there will be issues with customers or trends or competition. I mean, when we look at
something like dropshipping where we’re selling generic
products, that are not branded and anyone else has
access to these products and can sell it for cheaper, and think about the suppliers, think about the manufacturers. why don’t they just see hey we’re selling so many of these at costs, why don’t we just sell them ourselves and sell cheaper than
anyone else out there? They can and will do that. So with that being said, what makes affiliate marketing
better than the E-commerce? If you were to ask me, it’s because if you look at the products that you can promote
with Amazon Associates and with any sort of
affiliate marketing model which are the biggest brands in the world. So Apple has an affiliate program, Amazon has an affiliate program, Nike has an affiliate program, Sephora has an affiliate program. These are huge companies that don’t need any marketing, right? No, I shouldn’t say that. I shouldn’t say they don’t need marketing, what I meant to say is you
don’t need to educate customers on what Apple is, right. Because chances are most people
have interacted with Apple in some way, whether it’s the iPhone. Whether it’s a MacBook, whether it’s walking by the
Apple store in the mall, whether it’s seeing the commercials on TV. Whether it was an iPod back then. So you don’t need to educate customers on what Apple is, there’s
already a huge market they’re the most valuable
company in the world, so they’re the number one spot Amazon’s like number two. But, they’re the most valuable company in the world for a reason, and thus if they are the most
valuable company in the world we don’t have to educate people on why they need to buy
a MacBook or an iPhone. To the extent that most people
already know what it is right so our goal as an
affiliate is to find people who are in that research phase, and they are already
thinking of buying an iPhone. Or maybe they’re looking
for a smartphone in general and then help guide them
towards the affiliate product which is the one you choose. So whether it’s an Apple iPhone, whether it’s a Samsung Galaxy. Basically our goal is to help guide people towards that result
which is making the sale, because if you make the sale
then you get Commission. Now I think it’s really important, the way that I do affiliate marketing. Is not just think about sales okay. The reason why 99% of people
who even watch my videos are not able to be successful
with affiliate marketing is because you have the
wrong mindset about things. You just wanna make Commissions, you just wanna make sales. You don’t actually want to
give value to the customer which is what’s actually
going to generate sales. So that’s one huge tip right now, is that if you want to be successful
in this business model you need to provide value
first, now what’s value? Value can just be information, for someone who is in that research phase, they’re looking to
getting a new smartphone and maybe your content
pops up either on YouTube on your website, and it pops up. Now that’s SEO, that’s organic. That’s if someone’s looking for something they search it up and you pop up, that’s called SEO. Now there’s paid traffic, paid traffic is the other side of the coin where we’re paying for
people to visit our website or our YouTube channel, or our Instagram you’re paying to get traffic, essentially. Some people are one way or the other some people love SEO organic, some people love the paid traffic. but it’s important that we look at both and you figure out which is the best that you can implement
based on your budget, your preferences, your skillset. Because let’s be honest, not
everybody has the same skills when it comes to let’s say ranking for SEO or even pay traffic, running
paid traffic campaigns, running Google AdWords
campaigns, running Facebook ads. Not everyone has the same skill set so it’s important to just focus on what are your strengths
and to lean into that. Like for example if you’re
really big on Instagram and you’re good at Instagram, don’t force yourself to
have to use a website or a YouTube channel and vice versa. If you’re really good at YouTube, don’t force yourself to
have to try and do this through a website or Instagram. Now I believe in all the above. I love YouTube, I love having websites, I mean my websites are my
affiliate marketing businesses, yeah at the end of the day. And then Instagram is a distant
third for me personally, but it’s still something that
I see a lot of potential in just because I’m not big on Instagram doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize it, and actually make a sustainable income. Now, when we’re talking
about a sustainable income, you know one thing I wanna share, is that you need to create systems
if you wanna make sure that this income stream
of affiliate marketing grows over time, and that you actually get consistent earnings month,
over month, over month. Because it’s really easy to get started it’s just links, you sign
up for Amazon Associates you get your links, and
then you throw them up. It’s hard to get sales,
and it’s hard to get sales consistently month over month over month and to even grow those sales and see an exponential growth. Now the cool thing about having
an internet based business and doing an internet based business model like affiliate marketing,
is that these things can grow exponentially over time but you need to be dedicated and you need to be putting in the time, the effort, the research. But at the end of the day this
creates true passive income when you set up the right way. And I would just wanna reiterate, this is not something for nothing okay. When I say passive income, we’re not talking about
it comes out of thin air or you just put money
into this one account and then they just magically grows. Like passive income for me, means we put the work upfront right and then you get paid after the fact so you don’t have to
continue to make a new video or you don’t have to make a new blog post. You don’t have to make a new website every single time you make a sale. You basically create this stuff up front, you do the research you do
the work you make the content and then after the fact
that’s when you get sales, you get sales a month from
then, three months from then, six months from then a year from then that’s passive income. Because you’re not maintaining
it, you’re not touching it up you’re not doing anything
to get more sales. That’s an important aspect of
passive income in my opinion and one reason why I shy away from stocks and from real estate,
and that’s not to say that I don’t believe in them
are I don’t invest in them. But for creating wealth,
stocks and real estate are good for maintaining
and growing wealth that you already have, but
if you don’t have that wealth and trust me, when I was starting my affiliate marketing business I started with $100, it costs less than $100 to create a website,
YouTube is completely free. I started with less than $100, I grew that into a
full-time passive income. If you guys want to see
that real case study again the free Passive Income Masterclass in the description to see the actual two-year journey of that. But with that being said I
started with less than $100. When I was a student in college I mean, I wasn’t rich,
my parents weren’t rich I was on financial aid and scholarships, like I didn’t have money okay. And so with that being
said I had to hustle and that’s the reason why
I found online business because I was looking for ways to be able to make money online. And, I’ve gone through all
the different business models I’ve gone through Amazon, FBA, E-commerce, dropshipping, trading options
with stocks real estate and at the end of the day, the one business model
that you can also start for such, such low overhead of less than $100 is affiliate marketing. But on the flip side
if we’re talking about exponential growth, and I’m not talking about
getting a 10% return, 20% return or anything
like that on your money. And if we’re talking about returns so real estate, stocks,
you need to have money in order to make money, right. It depends how much capital you have, that’s gonna determine how much money you’re
gonna make in return. Now obviously there’s stories
of starting with very little and then growing and multiplying etc. But for most people, you’re gonna need to have some
sort of bankroll to play with if you wanna be successful in those sort of business models. Now, I’m talking about
can you turn $100, okay a Benjamín into a business and then can that business in turn end up generating 3,000 a month, 10,000 a month 15,000 a month, 30,000 a month, 100,000 per month? Affiliate marketing is,
it makes it possible okay. Not easy okay, I want you
guys to get this straight, this is not easy okay. It’s simple but not easy. When you think about the core, just posting links and then getting people to click the link and buy, it is such a simple business model, it’s a beautiful business
model, it’s a win, win, win. It’s a win for the company because they don’t have to
pay you unless you make sales. It’s a win for the affiliate
because you get Commission for every sale you make. And it’s a win for the customer because we’re connecting the customer with brand name products. I’m not talking about drop
shipping in generic products, I’m talking about Apple, Bows, Tesla, Nike these are huge companies that
make amazing products right? And that’s why I said we don’t really need to educate the customer on
what these companies are because I get an Apple the
biggest company in the world, I mean you don’t have to
tell people about Apple. They’ve heard of it before, they’ve already been marketed, they’ve already been warmed up. You just need to get them at that point, intercept them when they’re
about to make a purchase and help push them towards
that purchase decision. So with that being said that’s how I approach
affiliate marketing as well. And it’s basically helping
people make purchase decisions. So the content, now I know a lot of you are probably a little intimidated. Do I have to get from a camera like this? Do I have to be a
personality be on YouTube? The answer is no, and I’ve done it. And I’ve done it with my
first profitable website which is and again I don’t have enough
time in this short video to share the whole entire case study, but in the master class below
I will actually show you guys how I was able to take
that from a $100 website to making a full time income. And the thing is, I never showed my face and I never shared my name
once that entire process. So, if you’re worried about having to get in
front of the camera, you don’t have to do that, okay. And also if you’re worried
about I can’t afford $200 headphones and all
this gear and MacBooks and iPhones and all this
crazy gear to review and make content about,
you don’t need to okay. I did not start with 200, $300 headphones, I started with a pair of $50
headphones I already had, I already owned. But to explain that
whole process to you guys it’s gonna take a long time. but there’s ways around it there’s ways to be resourceful, there’s ways to save money. There’s ways to essentially not lose money if you’re smart about the
way that you get your items. Whether you buy them used, whether you sell your old ones, whether you contact companies to see if they can send you free samples. And I share all that with my students and also in the master class. So again guys check that
out if you’re interested, I’m really trying to just give direct information in this video. So, I’ve shared basically the business model, which
is affiliate marketing. Now how do you go from
zero to 1,000 a day? Okay, so basically I was able
to build up my first website just by reviewing headphones
to a full time income, and I surpassed over
$3,000 in the single month back in December of 2016. So that’s amazing, but
to tell you the truth at the same time, I had
another website and business that was actually generating 10 times as much money as that website. So that’s how you go from $100 a day to $1,000 a day, the $30,000 per month,
and how do you do that? The secret to doing this is essentially in your niche selection okay. It’s the niche, and it’s
the product that you choose. Because let’s put things this way, if you had two websites. Everything is virtually the
same except for one thing, the Commission. Let’s say on website A,
for every sale you make, you get $10 okay, $10. And that’s about an average
for Amazon Associates people put in orders of 100, 200, 300, 500, $1000 on Amazon because they generally buy a
lot of things at the same time so those orders tend to creep up between the 50 to $100 range, and now if you get 10% or a
little less or whatever, we’re looking at about $8 in commission, maybe $10 if you’re lucky in Commission with an Amazon order. So what’s like A gets
$10 for every sale right, but everything’s the
same, traffics the same conversion is the same, the
number of sales is the same. Let’s say you get 10 sales
every single day right, and you get $10 for every single sales, so that’s, 10 times 10, it’s $100 per day in Commission that you get, that you receive right. And the only expense is whatever you spend for advertising because everything else is taken care of by the company, by the affiliate program or Network. Now, website B is the exact same, it gets 10 sales a day, gets the same amount of
traffic and conversion rate but you’re getting paid $100 per sale. Instead, okay so website
A gets paid $10 per sale, website B gets paid $100 per sale but everything’s virtually the same. Traffic, the conversion you’re
getting 10 sales per day. Immediately, you go from
a 100, to 1,000 a day just by changing your product
to have a higher Commission. Now you may be asking why
didn’t you just start out with the product that was
$100 per Commission per sale. Well the thing is, that’s what you learn
through trial and error and then also I do not regret
doing the first website at all and making those measly commissions of let’s say $4, $5, $10 at the high end, I don’t regret that at all because I essentially took that process that I learned over
those two or three years of running RecordingNOW, and then I applied it to other niches and other websites that
were more lucrative and more profitable. So I’ve learned a lot
in the last seven years plus of experience of,
starting with my first web site moving on to other niches
and other web sites that were far more
lucrative and profitable, but essentially it comes
down to having that product and I share in the Masterclass, I talk about high ticket vs. low ticket which is such a big thing. But do you see that example right there when we just moved the Commission
from $10 to $100 per sale you don’t need to put in more effort to get more results, okay
does that make sense? You don’t need to be getting
more sales, it’s still 10 sales 10 sales of this versus
10 sales of website A, it’s not more effort
but it’s more results, it’s more rewards. And it just comes down to your
niche, your product selection but obviously the process,
because in the first place you need to be gaining those
10 sales per day right, and if we’re talking
about higher Commission chances are that that product is gonna be more expensive as well. So that’s why the process
is really important and why you need to invest time into sales psychology and marketing, okay. Because you need to understand how do you actually get a sale? Because all of this, having
a $100 Commission product, doesn’t mean anything if you
can’t get a single sale right so it’s important that your foundation is really strong in determining how can you get sales from just a psychological standpoint,
sales psychology. So I’m gonna show you
some proof right here of the 1,000 per day, actually no, I’m just gonna show you guys right now with the camera. There we go, okay let me show
you guys this right here, we are looking, today is March 7th as I have told you guys, March 7. Today we’re at close to $700 yesterday we had $1400 March 6. As you guys can see $500 days, $500 days. $1500 day, Friday March 1st. Oh I was going to Vegas
on this day, pretty good not bad for traveling. So if I just show you
guys the last 30 days, we’re looking at close to
$21,000 in the last 30 days. And actually from this one product, I’ve actually made over
a 100, 34,000 dollars in my commission and just to show you guys
this is an affiliate, this is an affiliate dashboard
so you see affiliate, this means this isn’t my product okay. So everything you see is my Commission is what I get paid. So let me just take us back. Okay, so I showed you
guys the $1,000 per day and again this is just one source. So if I’m making $21,000
a month from one source you can just imagine if you just put another source with that, then we’re already looking
at the 1,000 per day. Again, this is profit to
when I say a 1,000 per day I’m talking about pure profit,
and I’ve done this for years. This isn’t a flash in the pan, if you guys have seen my
real passive income series I maybe I’ll have a little
thumbnail up here somewhere, you guys have seen the $1,000 days, you guys have seen $2,000 days, doing essentially nothing that day. I show the earnings live. When I get the Commission,
I show the updates hour by hour. And so I’ve been doing
this, this is nothing new. If you guys have been
following me since 2017, I’ve showing proof of doing $1,000 per day and I’m still I’m doing it in 2019, so you see the consistency there. And the reason why I have consistency is because I create systems okay. I create systems that continue to sell, that continue to get traffic, that continue to get commissions
at the end of the day without me touching it. Because I built these systems so well that they don’t need me to
constantly be on the camera to be making content, to be making more videos,
to be slaving away on email and sending out all these
email blasts and everything. I’ve created systems that
work for me, because guys, we have this laptop right here okay, this is a 2012 MacBook Pro and I haven’t updated yet it’s
like a seven year old laptop. And this laptop right here has made me millions of dollars okay. It’s not the fanciest thing in
the world but it’s technology and the problem that I see
so many people these days, is especially if you’re a millennial. Is if you’re young and
you’re not utilizing what you have in front
you which is technology, you have these laptops,
you have internet right? You have Wi-Fi and fast Wi-Fi at that I have one gig here at the house. And you have that combined with, we have this beautiful camera
that can take amazing video. And by the way, I
actually took a whole hour to film this video because
I kept messing around with this setup right here, this is a Sony a7R III,
it’s a $6,000 camera setup and I just got fed up because I just felt like it wasn’t me like it wasn’t personal enough now the g7x is what I use back in
my videos back in 2017 and I used to walk around a lot. And I got a lot of
comments people were saying can you please just sit down
you’re giving me a headache. So I’m sitting okay, I
listen to the comments. But I wanted to just
get right to this video because I was so fed up with having to try and make this look so
professional, and so good that I felt like it was
missing that connection where I just wanna talk
to you guys straight up, because throughout the years, thankfully since sharing my
story I’ve had so many people reach out to me say that
I’ve been able to inspire and motivate them, and
they mean so much to me because you guys have to realize that when I dropped out of
UCLA, I mean my classmates my family they did not
approve of my decisions right. They looked at me and they
were like you are so stupid, like for you to walk away
from this opportunity and for you to let go of everything and to pursue this online business thing. Like no one believed in it, other than my close friends really. And we’re sitting here
three years now obviously a lot of things have changed. I’ve been living the
dream life for years now. And it’s not about the money, it’s not about the cars right, it’s about do I get to
do what I want to today, whatever that may be. Do I have the freedom
to design my day right? And to be able to go from
that, those humble beginnings and to be here and to have a platform where I can inspire and
motivate other people, this really is the dream life for me. So I’m really happy to
get back on the YouTube I’m gonna have more YouTube videos soon. But the last thing I wanna
talk about is traffic because I know a lot of you
were probably asking okay, so we get the idea you have
links, you make commissions, you have to get people
during that research phase. You have to make content. Content doesn’t mean you have to get in front of the video
like me, right now okay. I’m camera shy, I don’t
like being on camera that’s why you guys, this is my second YouTube video this year, so, I don’t love it but I do it because I have a bigger purpose now and I have a platform that I can use. But with that being said, if you want to create these systems and you wanna get traffic, it comes down to the mixture
of SEO and paid traffic okay. So SEO is organic it’s what
people look up they search up and then they see content,
they see listings on Google, they see YouTube videos
pop up, that’s SEO, Search Engine Optimization okay. Now we can’t dive into that because this video has
already gone over time. But then let’s talk about paid traffic. So pay traffic we’re
talking about Facebook Ads. One little tip I’m gonna give you guys is retargeting is a very powerful thing. And if you guys don’t
know what retargeting is, it’s basically when you put a
Facebook page on your website someone visits your website, and then you get to show that person ads because you know that
they visited your website, you know that they’re interested
in what you have to offer. Whether it’s your niche, whether it’s your product, your industry. They’re interested at least right, they’re giving you some signs like hey I’m a little interested,
feel free to make a move. That’s like retargeting right there right. Cold traffic on the other hand is like, we’re just showing our ads to males who are between 25 to 40, who are interested in video games right that’s cold traffic. Now the problem is with cold traffic is they gave us no signs, they gave us no hints of intention that they’re interested in our industry other than us setting that interest and then well, it may
not even be accurate. Some of them may not
really be into video games but they’re classified as that, because maybe they stumbled
upon the video game video. Maybe they visited Twitch TV and like the last year so but
they aren’t really about it you know what I mean. So with that being said
it comes down to mixing both the free organic
paid traffic as well, but those things are just
outside the scope of this video. I guess my biggest tip is
that you need to master how to get traffic, ’cause
if you don’t get traffic you don’t get sales right? But luckily, there’s so much information there’s so much out there that
we can use to our advantage in order to learn these things. It comes down to having
like a mix of the two, some people are just all SEO, some people are all paid
traffic, you gotta have both. So with that being said, I think we are running
over on time, don’t worry, I’m gonna be making a
lot more YouTube videos if you guys have missed me, hopefully. But basically, I want
you guys to sound off in the comments, also if
you enjoyed this video and you want more like this, please give a thumbs up and comment below, let me know your thoughts and I wanna hear what you guys wanna see from my YouTube channel
in 2019 moving forward. This is just the first video to get back into the swing of things, but I’m feeling good. Everything is moving
right now business-wise behind the scenes, and now that
things kind of lightened up I can be back on the YouTube,
back on the social media. I took a bit of a break but now I wanna give back to you guys and get involved again. All right guys the very last
thing I wanna share with you before the house tour, I wanna show you guys
the garage real quick. Is I just launched my
brand-new totally free two hour Passive Income Masterclass, where I’ll show you exactly how I was able to go from
being a broke college student to making a full time passive income, just by reviewing headphones
that is a real-life case study from the second thing is I’m
gonna share with you the three biggest problems
that I had to overcome, to scale from $100 per
day to $1,000 per day. So in this video I talk
about making $100 per day and I talk about, I show you guys how I make $1000 per day. But jumping from a 100 to a day to a 1,000 a day is a
really, really big jump and there are three problems
that were really preventing me from making that jump
earlier in my career. And the last thing I
want to share with you is busting the biggest myths about starting an online business that are really preventing
beginners from succeeding. Because I get DMs, I get
messages all the time, and although I’m not able
to respond to a lot of them but if you guys comment below then I’m gonna respond
to those YouTube comments but if we’re talking about on Instagram, people they’re beginners,
help I’m wanna get started but I don’t have 1,000s of dollars. You guys you don’t need 1,000s of dollars. I shared in this video, I started my first profitable
affiliate marketing business with $100, less than $100
one Benjamin Franklin and I was able to grow that
to a full-time passive income. So there are so many myths out there and so much misinformation that people think that
you need all this money, you need a following etc. And I break those myths
down, and I explain why these are holding you back from starting your online business. So, I created this with the intention that I just want people to start making passive
income in 2019 and beyond. For themselves, for their freedom so they can do what they wanna do and design their own life. Okay, so guys if you wanna check out that free Passive Income Masterclass there will be a link in
the description below. Make sure you check it out,
click it sign up for it and then tell me what you think. So other than that again, give a thumbs up to this video and comment your thoughts below, let
me know what you wanna see. Okay one last thing I
wanna share with you guys is I’m gonna give a huge shout
out to one of my students Jonathan S, who actually just broke past his first $1,000 day
in passive income okay. He went from making four
figures in a single month, which was like his best
ever in passive income last month and just recently, he was able to break a
$1,000 in a single day in passive income. And I just wanna share
this post with you guys this is in the private
forum for my students and right here talking about how he’s able to make four figures in just one day, and he was just giving a shout out to the whole passive income lifestyle fam but basically I’m gonna share with you the screen shot right here, boom. $1,200, $1,237.60 in a single day. All right so yep, that’s
my student Jonathan and he just finished the
program about a month ago, but shortly after that he
was able to hit four figures in a single month in passive income 100% profit margin
actually that first month. He’s able to do that within
the initial eight-week program and then just a month
after that breaking past his first four figure
day, his first $1,000 day, and this video is all
about $1,000 dollars a day with passive income, and to see one of my
students hit that milestone means so much to me. So Jonathan if you’re watching
this shout out to you, everybody congratulate
Jonathan in the comments below we love to see people to succeed. let’s go on the tour, let me take this off the Jobi real quick and we’re gonna walk around. So this is my office/studio I’ve been making a lot of beats which you guys probably
saw in my last video, just an update video right. And so my office has a nice little view into the backyard right there, it’s really cool to get
a little bit of nature, get a little direct natural sunlight. So I’m just gonna walk, and walk and talk and show you guys the garage really because I haven’t updated
you guys in a long time. So let’s take a little
trip here to the garage. Okay so we’ve been working on this garage and unfortunately the Porsche is, doesn’t seem to be here, it’s out there in the driveway. So the 911 Turbo it’s everything is still pretty much the same about that, I have some plans for mods,
but I mean it’s just really just kind of chilling
it’s the daily driver. But here we have the Lamborghini and we actually have a few updates that I haven’t shared with you. And I’ll be making an official video, but essentially I was able to
get the car paint corrected and then also a little ceramic coating, I think along with some little details like you see this acid green, I changed the brake calipers
to an acid green from a yellow and then we got thanks to SD Wrap shout-out to SD Wrap in San Diego for putting the
Superleggera badge on there. This was SD Wraps idea, and as you can see the carbon fiber because of the paint
correction and the polishing and the buffing and all that, just look how crazy this
looks right here, right. They did an amazing job, if you just look at the
paint it’s flawless. Well the paint’s not flawless, but the job that they
did was pretty flawless. You see some fingerprints right there but they did a whole paint correction and you can just really
see they did the calipers, obviously you guys know I got the Brixton Bronze Forged wheels and then I got the Toyo’s on here as well, our AAA Doors. I got the little accents
right here the Acid Green and then the last thing we have on the car is the Acid Green accents
in the front bumper. And we also made the
front scoops right here a satin black as well in the LP 570 style. So there it is, this is update garage we got a nice little Lamborghini sign which my team members
Mark and Kate got for me for my birthday, and then
also I have right here pictures of my old Arancio Borealis this was my first Lamborghini
Superleggera as well, this one obviously Twin Turbo. So there it is, I’m gonna have some more
videos of this soon. I mean the car is a complete beast having that underground racing
Twin Turbo Kit right there it’s just been a dream. So that’s pretty much it, the garage is still a bit of a mess but we got some funny signs in here. Lamborghini parking only. Nice little Porsche flag again, just wanting to pay homage to the great Porsche brand right there. And so yeah, that’s basically
it, there’s the driveway. I’ll just show you guys
this garage is a mess. I’m gonna show you guys the backyard because a lot of you seem to like the view and we’re gonna wrap up with that before I have to get on
this video interview. So I’m just running, just running okay. And wallah, whoa! It’s a bit chilly today. You guys can usually see
the ocean right there it’s a little hazy. But yeah that basically wraps
up, this video for today I hope you guys enjoyed it. Again thumbs up and comment below if you wanna see more content
it feels good to be back. And yeah make sure you
check out my website, ODI and to sign up for that two hour free Passive Income Masterclass, I’ll see you guys in there. Until then good luck and take it easy.


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