How To Make $1,000+ FAST With ZERO Money To Start In 2019 (Kevin David Part 3)

– Alright guys, we’re
back here with our final video here with Kevin David. What we’re gonna talk
about in this last video is what is the best opportunity
right now for people as far as making money
online, making eventually passive income online and
eventually we’re gonna tie in this rule of four,
which you haven’t even told me what it is, so you got me curious. – So the rule of four, we’ll
talk about in a little bit, I think it’s one of the keys
to kind of understanding the scale of being able
to create a really passive source of income with no money upfront. Cause there’s a million different ways to make money online, right? There’s Amazon, Shopify,
affiliate marketing, some people say cryptocurrency,
there’s real estate. There’s so many ways to
make money that I was… When I was fist starting, I
was finding that I was kind of getting overwhelmed and
getting a little of decision paralysis where I would
be like I don’t know what to start because there
are so many options. – Yeah, it’s like analysis paralysis too, where you’re trying to learn about… I think a lot of people jump from one opportunity to another and
they dabble in Amazon then, okay let me try this and that. There’s a lot out there
when it comes to… – Having the dabbler
mentality is difficult as an entrepreneur. “The Shiny Object Syndrome”
is what I call it for my students where the next
cool thing comes up and you stop what you were doing before and then you never really build momentum. There’s kind of like a
critical mass where you reach a certain point and
then all of a sudden the money just starts flowing
in, but until you get there, it’s really hard to
conceptualize that you can be making thousands of dollars a day. So what I want to talk about today… Yes, Amazon FBA is an amazing opportunity, it’s where I first started,
where I first started to get my real kind of biggest return as a beginning entrepreneur. Yes, Shopify is amazing. Most of your viewers have
probably heard of those two. – I get comments about, all
the time, about Shopify, Amazon and so it could
be cool to see what’s the next big thing, ya know? – Yeah. And Amazon and
Shopify, I have a ton of videos on that on my channel, if
you’re super interested in that, feel free. But right now we’re gonna
talk about the best option and most importantly the
best option for people who have zero experience and zero money. It’s kind of difficult to
find a business opportunity where you can do it with no money to start and no experience. So, what we’re gonna
talk about today is what I like to call a Facebook Ad Agency. Obviously all of us have
heard about Facebook, unless we’re like living under
a rock on Mars somewhere, and Facebook ads are by
far the most profitable and most lucrative form of
advertising in the world, right? They’ve completely replaced
other forms of marketing. The people who are making a
ton of money from Facebook are the ones who are connecting
local and small businesses, who have no idea about
Facebook ads and how they work, with Facebook ads and in
doing that, bringing them a ton of profitable new customers. What people don’t realize
is there’s 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. 2 billion.
– Wow. – So it’s like a fourth
of the entire world and when you take out
babies, and grandparents, and people that don’t
have internet, it’s like half of the entire world.
– yeah, there’s a lot of people that have no connection to the internet, so that’s a huge portion
of the population. – Exactly and so your
customers are on Facebook no matter what your business is. – Also it’s tied in with
Instagram as well now too cause a lot of people are saying, “Oh is Facebook dying off?” well, Facebook owns
Instagram, too, and soo… – Instagram was recently evaluated at a hundred billion dollars. – Oh that’s unbelievable. – Which would make it one of
the biggest privately, or, excuse me, publicly traded
companies immediately even though it’s just part of..
– Even though it’s owned by Facebook. – Even though it’s owned by Facebook. – Absolutely.
– Exactly. – So Facebook’s not going anywhere. Facebook has the biggest,
most ridiculous amount of people in the world all
interested in different things and the example that I
give my students a lot, and we’re gonna talk about how you can use Facebook ads to make money in a second, but the example that I
always give my students and people who are like
entering and joining and starting to learn
about Facebook ads and how to make money with it, is a billboard. A billboard is a perfect
example of an incredibly inefficient form of advertising. Let’s say that you paid $10,000 a month, $20,000 a month is generally the cost for a billboard in a major city like Boston for example. Let’s say you’re paying
$100,000 a month, just for the sake of math, so if
100,000 people see that, what percentage of people
do you think are actually interested in that billboard has to say, like less than 1 percent? So you’re literally
paying for 99 percent of people to not be interested in your ad. With Facebook ads, you can target people, you can say only show
my advertisement to a mother who is 36-44 years old who lives in Kansas who
likes 50 Shades of Gray or like ver… incredibly specific. That means that every time you pay one cent to have that ad shown to that person they are pre-qualified to
be incredibly interested in that thing so none of
your ad spend is wasted. There’s never been a way
to do that before Facebook and before Google pioneered it. So Facebook is just above and beyond the best way to make money. So how do you actually make
money with Facebook ads? So the rule of four is basically the key. It’s a very simple math because all of us want to make money. The rule of four basically means that, well we’ll talk about that in a second, I actually wanted to
talk about the last thing and then we’ll get to the rule of four. How you’re making money with Facebook ads, let’s answer that first. How you’re making money
with Facebook ads is you are bridging the gap. What I mean by that is,
there’s local businesses all out there like
dentists, doctors, lawyers, all different types,
acupuncturist, chiropractor, literally millions of local
business all around the world that have no idea what
they’re doing with marketing. – Well they don’t even
have a presence on social media, a lot of them, you know? – Exactly. They don’t have
a Facebook, they don’t have their pixel set up,
they don’t have a Facebook page, like they have no
idea what is going on with the internet and they’re costing themselves hundreds and
hundreds of millions of aggregate dollars by being
naive to where the world has now become, digital marketing. What creating a Facebook
ad agency means is you go out to local businesses and all… Do you have a doctor? Do you have a dentist? – Yep, doctor, dentist. – All of us have doctors,
all of us have dentists, all of us have participation
with restaurants and our neighborhoods and things like that. So basically what a Facebook ad agency is, is you bridge the gap
between these local and small businesses who are really
good at being a dentist but they’re not good at
being an online marketer. They’re not good at being in a Facebook advertisement.
– They don’t have the time at the end of their day
to say I’m gonna go learn how to run ads on Facebook. – Exactly but what they do have is money. Like dentists, doctors, they
generate a lot of money. They make dentists and
doctors very well off when it comes to a salary and things like that. So they’re willing to
pay money to somebody who knows what they’re
doing when it comes to running Facebook ads because
the thing about Facebook ads is Facebook ads is
the closest thing to a money printing machine that there is. When I put one dollar of
my money into Facebook ads, I can expect with certainty
to get four dollars to five dollars out. I know my own business. It’s not the same for every business, but I know my own business. So it’s literally giving
me a five X return. When we go and we approach businesses and we say hey you guys
are spending money on TV commercials or radio
commercials or newspaper ads or billboards or these
inefficient ways of advertising, we say why don’t we run
Facebook ads for you instead. We’ll get you ten times
the returns for ten times less money and that’s
a very, very easy sell. What happens is local
businesses and local small business pay you to run
their Facebook ads for them and come up and basically
handle all the social media aspects of their company. Business are willing
to pay a lot to do that and so what the rule of four is, is it basically means
that if you can just get four people to say yes,
just four small businesses, four local businesses to say yes, and a very, very common
starting monthly payment is a thousand dollars a month. So if you can get four
people to say yes, already, and most of us have a doctor,
most of us have a dentist that we have a relationship with, very easy sales. Already, if you can
get just four people to say yes, you’re making more money per year than the average american family of four. – Wow. That’s unbelievable. I’m sure we all have people, whether it’s your fitness center, your gym, there’s all these local places that… I know a ton of people
that have no presence on social media and
sometimes it bothers you how bad people are at social
media, you’re like oh my gosh you’re leaving
so much on the table. – So much money on the table.
– And you can see it. But being able to make those connections would be incredibly valuable to people. – Yeah it’s super valuable
and the funny this is when you’re making somebody more money, then the amount you cost… It’s the easiest thing
in the world to stake. – It’s the easiest
thing to sell, honestly. – It’s like pay me a dollar
and I’ll give you 2 dollars. Would you do that? – Absolutely. – A very common amount that
business start off paying us to handle their Facebook
ads is a thousand dollars a month, but that scales
up as you start to get more clients and as you’re
performing and actually getting them results, which is very easy to do, if you know what you’re
doing with Facebook ads even from a basic level. Before you know what you’re
doing with Facebook ads, you shouldn’t go out
and start running ads. We may offer a little
training for you guys on exactly what you need
to know to be able to confidently run ads and deliver
results for these people. It’s just a very beautiful
thing when you’re adding value and you’re actually
helping local businesses in your community and in doing so creating your own business. The beautiful part is there’s
no traditional expenses. If I started an Amazon or
a Shopify, I would have to buy 500 units at five
dollars each for $2,500 or whatever it is. With Facebook, all you
need is what’s up here. That’s it. – Yeah that’s unbelievable. There’s not a lot of businesses out there that are like that where
you can just start with no capital investment. – It’s crazy. – Alright, so now we’re gonna jump over to Kevin’s computer and
we’re gonna go over how you can kinda get an
idea of what businesses really need help with in their marketing. – And how to find people
that would be willing to pay you for your services. – Yeah, definitely. So we’ll
see you guys over there. – So Ryan please give us
like a city near where you live and we’re gonna
use this as the example. – Sure. I live near Albany, New
York, so that would work. – Albany, New York. Do you have a dentist. – Yep. – Alright, so you have a dentist, I have a dentist, we live
near Albany, New York. So we’re gonna use that
are our example here. Let’s just open some of these up. We’re gonna ignore Yelp, we’re also gonna ignore the ones that are running ads here, you can see the little ad like that. So we’re gonna open up
Madison, gonna open up Albany Smiles and open up
dentists, Albany, New York. What we’re looking for here
guys is a couple of things We see that these guys
have their social media up here so they have at least a basic understanding of what’s going on. They understand the
importance of social media. So let’s take a quick look. Maybe they have it
actually kind of done well. So we see that these
guys have 3.7 out of 5, so that’s probably not
what you wanna show. The first thing that you see.
– That’s a really poor rating especially for a dentist. – How bad is your experience
if you’re rating it like a 3 out of 5. Anyways, so that’s
obviously one thing I would talk to them about. They’re doing a reasonable
job with dentist memes, which is honestly hard to do. Over a thousand people that like it. There’s a couple people recommending it. They’ve done an okay job, they have their money in
pounds or whatever that is, which is kinda strange. – I’m pretty sure the major
currency in Albany is dollars. – Yeah I’m pretty sure as well. – Not pounds or whatever that is. – But these guys are
doing an okay job right? This looks okay, this
might not be the perfect person that I’d be looking for. Then another little trick I like to use is what’s called the Facebook Pixel. So the Facebook Pixel is
basically like a tracking code. It’s maybe more complicated
than it actually sounds. It’s one little piece of code
that you put on your website, but most businesses don’t know what it is. The Facebook Pixel is how you become wildly profitable with Facebook ads. What we can see right here is
this little Chrome extension. It’s called Facebook Pixel Helper and find literally you can just type
in “Facebook Pixel Helper chrome extension” and
it’s gonna be the first one that pops up here and
you’re gonna install it and then it’s this
little thing right here. Then what we look at is if it’s there it’ll say a number here. So we see one pixel
found on Madison Dental. So they have an okay
presence, their pixel is here. This is probably not somebody
that I would reach out to and say “Hey I own
a Facebook ad agency. I’d love to help you with
a social media deep dive to see where you could
improve, where you could find more customers completely for free. Because opening up with free value is how you build relationships. How you build relationships
is how you make sales. Everybody kind of has
this idea that I gotta charge them a thousand dollars immediately but that’s not how it
works in the real world. – I feel like that would
be an immediate turn off to say I need a thousand
dollars to sit down with you. I mean I completely agree with that. You always add value first for people. By the looks of this, too, this dentist probably already is working with somebody, looking at the pixel… – Somebody has probably
already reached out to them or they’re just technically… Maybe they have some
younger staff or something like that who’s more technically literate. – So this is one you
might avoid, you think? – This is one that I
definitely would not probably waste my time with just because there’s so many more options. So I’m gonna close this one out. This is the next guy, Andrew
T Frank DMD & Associates. What we see immediately
is they have a Facebook, it’s a little bit harder to find. Let’s see what it looks like really quick. – They got a better rating, 4.6 – Yeah, 4.6 out of 13 ratings. 400 people like it. Not a terrible job but
what do we notice here? No pixel. If a website does not have a pixel, they’re instantly leaving thousands of dollars on the table. – Now why is that the case? Because people, are they
not tracking their traffic or what is it? – So let me give you an example. Say a hundred people visit this site. If you don’t have a pixel,
you can’t re-target them. If you do have a pixel,
those exact hundred people who visited this site? I would hit every single
one of them on Facebook with an ad that said “Hey,
I saw your interest in Andrew T Frank DMD. Come
in for a 20 percent off coupon for your first visit.” Instant conversion. Literally if a company, or a
website, or a small business does not have a pixel,
you can immediately add huge value with just that
one tiny little trick. – So that’s gonna allow
them to re-target and find these people right afterwards.
– Find these people and show them incredibly
targeted ads on Facebook. – Okay, gotcha. – So they don’t have one. What do we see here? A second with no Facebook Pixel and I don’t even see a Facebook. There’s no Facebook symbol.
– I don’t see a Facebook page. They may not even have
a soc… oh there’s one at the bottom there. – This probably isn’t a Facebook. This is just the “share” icon. So this is probably part
of the template that they made with their website. This is probably not even linked
correctly with their stuff. So there’s no Facebook
page and also no pixel and this website is terribly
designed, look at this. – Yeah, the video there that doesn’t even have a video showing up. – There’s no thumbnail on this video. So these guys are probably
in desperate need of somebody who actually
has the capabilities to run Facebook ads, to bring
them more profitable customers, to build out their social media. I can almost guarantee you
they don’t have an Instagram. People out there in the younger generation or if you understand
Instagram and Facebook, basic stuff right, you’re so much more
valuable than you think to the market and then
if you get a very basic understanding of Facebook
ads, then you’re incredibly valuable to the market. I love the video… you know
I watch all your videos. In one of your most popular videos, you talked about the time value of money, what your skill is, how
much money per hour are you actually worth. Everything you learn about Facebook ads makes you infinitely more valuable than if you didn’t know it because every single business needs marketing. – It just seems like it’s so applicable to so many different businesses out there. Once you understand the
basics of Facebook ads. Let’s say you were working with a dentist, then you wanna go work
with a chiropractor, do you have to re-learn the whole thing or is it basically… – That’s a great question
and the answer is the best part about creating
a Facebook ad agency, is referrals. Once you get one client… I guarantee you guys that every dentist went to dental school with other dentists. They’re friends with other dentists, they have other friends
that have small businesses like doctors, like chiropractors, like any number of things. So once you successfully run
Facebook ads for one company and set up social media
presence for one company, they’re gonna tell all of
their friends about you and the best thing is,
when you start getting more and more referrals, you
can start raising your price. It’s the same thing,
it’s supply and demand. All of a sudden when ten
people wanna hire you for a thousand dollars a
month, you’re gonna raise that thousand to 2 thousand. – Because you’re better,
you have the credibility… – You have the credibility,
you have the testimonials, you have more than enough business, so you can demand a hire price. – Definitely, yep. Makes sense. So that wraps up this
quick introduction video here of how you can find
people who are in desperate need of help with Facebook advertising. So, where do people go if
they’re looking to learn more about you, what it
is that you’re doing, and possibly Facebook advertising. – Ryan’s been gracious
enough to allow me to offer you guys a completely
free training because my life mission is to free
people from the 9 to 5 grind that you and I have both experienced. What we’re gonna do is
we’re gonna put on a completely free training for you guys. The one percent of you guys out there that actually takes action. I know a lot of people
just watch YouTube videos and they never do anything about it, but I know there’s probably
at least one percent of you guys ready to
really invest in yourselves and do something about this. So we’re gonna put on a completely free training for you guys. The first link down
here in the description, where I’m gonna go much more in depth about actually how to
get your first clients, how to sign these people up, and how to, most importantly,
get paying customers so that you can start
earning passive income. – Alright, that sounds like a plan. If you’re looking to find
Kevin David elsewhere, he’s got his YouTube channel and Instagram and all that’s gonna be down
in the description below. But anyways, thanks for
having me on, I appreciate it. – Alright brother, thank you. – And we’ll see you
guys in the next video. – See you guys soon.


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