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a lot of people come to me say Vick show
me the money let me show you the money take a look at my screen here right get
response how mundane can this thing get three hundred forty six thousand four
hundred and seven dollars and 19 cents now here’s a coolest part I did not
spend a single dime promoting get response now how in the world did they
pay me that kind of money obviously going back a few years now I’m gonna
show you how you can realistically build a five to ten thousand dollar solid
income on a monthly basis starting from scratch yeah you ready this might be the
most important video you will ever watch but first let me show you something
that’s really really crazy let me take you let me show you a story okay so we
have surveyed a lot of people and as you can see over here right one of the
questions that I ask is I said hey how much money are you currently making
online this one out to you online entrepreneurs are aspiring entrepreneurs
and here are the results are shocking look at this zero I haven’t made any
money here at seventy point nine two percent of people twenty seven hundred
people responded to this survey that’s crazy no money okay seventy percent of
people now take a look at the next one here one dollar to a hundred dollars per
month another eighteen point nine seven percent that’s eighty nine point nine
percent of people out of twenty seven hundred people are making less than a
hundred dollars a month on the internet that’s a big problem right now take a
look at this is we combine the top three answers here and and take it a step
further here a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars per month that’s
another six point six three percent income you know total combined
percentage-wise is over ninety six point five percent of people are making
anywhere from zero to a thousand dollars per month with zero being the most right
so how come this is what you know how come this is the reality and it does not
have to be your reality right so how do you change that let me show you the the
two biggest reasons why people fail and I’m gonna show you how you can build a
successful business on the Internet even if you’re starting from scratch
okay so reason number one people are failing is because of this thing called
over okay overwhelm now here’s what here’s what I mean by this you get
bombarded with information right so if you get information being thrown at you
from YouTube from all these different gurus trying to teach you money by the
way as you can see they’re nine 6.5% of these so-called gurus on the
inner they’re trying to teach you how to make money they’re making less than a
thousand dollars per month how crazy is that right realize you got to know the
game that you plant you gotta know what you’re up against
now what’s the big problem with overwhelm what the problem with
overwhelm is you get bombarded with ninety-eight percent of the information
right that only produces maybe 2 percent of the results this is the big problem
in industry so what you need to do is you need to understand how to reverse
how to flip that right so how do you focus on the most potent information
here that’s the 2% so you’re reducing your amount of overwhelm and that that
information is going to produce 98% of the results ok I’m going to show you how
to do that in just a second problem number two most of these people are not
not making money is because this thing called not dependency but dependency
right dependency ok so they are dependent on one source of income ok if
this is you right here most people ok most aspiring entrepreneurs or beginners
or people just online in general affiliate marketers network markers
they’re just depend dependent on one stream of income ok or they might be
depending on one company one guru one he comes to one income stream just one ok
and this is the worst number in business you never ever ever wanted to beat him
and depended on anything that’s one ok so what we want to do is we want to in a
minute I’m going to show you how to open up multiple streams of income because if
you look at anybody who is truly successful you want to have income
coming in from 5 6 7 10 different directions to you and getting you paid
from all over the all over the place right why because you’re getting bills
you’re getting multiple bills on a monthly basis you might as well get paid
multiple ways right now let me tell you now a couple strategies here that worked
really really well for me personally that will definitely change your
business to the next level if you are dependent ok on one income stream here’s
what you need to do you need to have number one okay you need to have a
product a core product that you’re selling ok a product ok that needs to be
a core I’m going to talk to you what I mean by that so you got a core product
that you’re selling now that core product needs to have sim
Aiyaa tech income flows to that okay so you can have synergistic or supportive
income streams because if I have if I sell just one product if I have to
depend on one product what I want to do is I want to create numerous of these
income streams for this one products I’m Adsense ok ultimately I want to have
multiple products in multiple industries serving different markets that each of
those have multiple income streams ok so this is how I was selling a product that
was seven good teach you know coaching and how to you know to entrepreneurs how
to start an online business now check this out if I sell a course on how to
build a successful promotion on the internet and I can sell that course to
chiropractors or online marketers or network marketers right so this is my
core product over here that I’m selling and I’m making money by selling this
product which is where bulk of my money is coming from
look what do those people need everybody if I’m gonna teach them the right thing
I’m gonna teach them how to build their list right so to build a list what do
you need you need an autoresponder don’t you right so this is how get response
paid me what was that over three hundred thousand dollars okay that I just showed
you okay over three hundred thousand dollars as a bite as a by-product that
came to me from get response okay you see I’m saying here now what else
can I show them I can sell I can tell I can sell these guys or recommend that
they have a lead capture mechanism right so I can tell them for example quick
funnels right so maybe click funnels could be my other synergistic symbiotic
income flow for this core product now let me show you something else that’s
really really crazy over here right take a look at my screen here okay so I’m
gonna log into my click funnels account as an affiliate okay and as you can see
here click funnels which is I’m pretty sure you probably heard about click
funnels what click funnels is but without me promoting click funnels
directly I did not spend a single dime promoting click funnels did not run a
single ad for them I did not you know I did not promote it outside of what we
have going on the ecosystem in the four percent but click funnels check it out
if paid meet a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in affiliate
commissions a hundred and sixty thousand dollars
paid to me as an affiliate without promoting clickfunnels that came as a
result of a ecosystem working you get you get what I’m saying here now in a
moment here I’m gonna show you how you can build a five to ten thousand dollars
realistically per month even if you’re just getting started okay but I want I
want you to start thinking of the bigger he because the opportunity that you have
when you become aware of how to do this is absolutely ridiculous and most people
are not aware of it okay I’m gonna change your life today you’re ready for
it let me show you something else so take a look at this right quick funnels
account 160,000 dollars look at this right you know in the last 30 days over
here $9,300 look how would your life change if you had ninety three hundred
dollars coming in on a monthly basis just like this oh because you’re doing
what you’re supposed to be doing anyways you’re not spending any extra money
you’re not doing any extra promotions right all that is covered now let me
show you in something else right now take a look here what else
right so 160,000 from quick funnels okay again this is an income that was
symbiotic to the core product that I’m selling you get it now what else if I’m
selling this to let’s say let’s say real estate right or network marketers right
and how to build their business how to build a list they need two things and
they need an autoresponder which is this autoresponder will pay me they need to
be able to capture their list which is clickfunnels that’s what I recommend it
to them right look that’s a combined three four hundred and sixty thousand
dollars of money that I just got paid it’s like free money right in addition
to the money I’ve made from selling this product that my cents now what I can do
is I can add additional income stream here which I did right what else do
these guys need like basic fundamental things for example tracking right in
order for them to be able to track everything as a third-party tracking too
little you know a picks and shovels is what I call them take a look at this
right here right so we recommend click magic OK and click magic again I just
signed up as an affiliate didn’t cost me a dime to sign up with them as an
affiliate create a free affiliate account and because I have incorporated
click magic is my one symbiotic income streams that’s
supporting the product that I’m selling anyways right click magic pays me
another seventy eight thousand two hundred and ten dollars and seventy four
cents okay another seventy eight thousand
dollars from came from quick magic over here check it out right seventy-eight K
but from click magic now do the math on this that’s pretty awesome isn’t it
right now let me show you the path okay now this is just one income stream here
now what if I had another one okay what if I had a third one and what if I had
this happening for each one of my income streams let me give you another example
here right so one of the products that we’re launching out right now that we
have launched over the last 30 days it’s called EECOM entrepreneur right so
we’re tackling a multi trillion-dollar industry and we’re selling a training on
how to create how to do e-commerce properly right there is it’s one of the
fastest growing businesses in the world today according to new business news
daily right so we’re selling a product that can pay you right for example I’ll
just tell you what we’re doing here and I’m going to tell you how you can how
you can tap into this and capitalize on all this and hit the ground running
tonight if you wanted to right so this product for example would pay you
I’m just approximately you know tell you 800 bucks per sale okay that’s how much
you would get as an affiliate for example that’s one of the products we
have an ecosystem it serves ecommerce industry so we’re not being gimmicky
here we’re not selling opportunity to recruit people to recruit people to
recruit people so they can do the same thing like all the you know many of the
other companies out there you’re selling real product teaching people how to run
real business you’re making great money in the front and however this training
right has symbiotic income streams don’t give in another another example here so
what could be one of the symbiotic income streams from selling this ecomp
product okay you come entrepreneur okay for example to build an e-commerce store
would one what does one need Shopify right so Shopify will pay you okay up to
$2,000 per sale as an affiliate just like these guys are
right again this becomes a symbiotic income stream coming from Shopify okay
you get one saying plus in addition I can also sell them I can recommend
clickfunnels I can recommend get response I can recommend all these other
tools and gadgets and everything coming together for one okay so the big
question is is you say Vic I am fired up I’m excited it makes sense to me right
how do I do this how do I get started what do i do first second third now
remember most people fails because they have a tremendous amount of overwhelm in
their business they’re focusing they’re being taught ninety-eight percent that’s
junk that might be producing two percents of
the result and that’s why those people are failing the steps that I just showed
you we have figured out a way to shift that by focusing on two things result
and simplicity that’s what we’ve created the company called the four percent
right and that’s the only thing they will focus on is which we teach people
how to become real entrepreneurs how to stand on your own two feet and how to
absolutely crush it let me show you how you need what you need to do imagine
this okay if you want to build a $10,000 per month income okay if if this bucket
represents your 10,000 per month okay ten thousand per month income imagine if
I was to fill this bucket with rocks right now stay with me I know it might
sound a little bit crazy I need to have most people are focusing on these little
teeny teeny rocks right they’re making $20 commissions they’re making $15
commissions all that stuff you need a lot of those sales to generate $10,000
right what you need to do is you need to identify your big boulders okay for
example this one’s gonna play you 800 bucks this one’s gonna pay you 800 bucks
this one’s gonna pay you 2,000 bucks okay
zamak cents you don’t need as many of those per month to beat to get to your
goal but then you fill it up maybe in another Bowl the human you’re making 500
bucks per month here right and then you fought you know and you’ve you know you
fill it up with all these little smaller rocks you know maybe there are thirty
dollar Commission’s forty dollar Commission’s all coming in from these
symbiotic income streams over here for example get response what’s the average
Commission on get response account sale it’s about five bucks five to ten bucks
okay click funnels pay you around 40 bucks on
average but this is monthly the cool thing about
this is this is monthly my friends okay it’s coming in every single month do you
realize how that can change your life really do you realize if you had that
money coming in on monthly basis so what I mean by that
those symbiotic income streams are these little rocks here
okay and this is what’s gonna keep you grounded these big promoting these big
boulders here they could be your core product sales so this one guy pay you
800 bucks listen pays you you know 500 bucks 2,000
bucks depending on a product okay so that’s the strategy now here’s what you
need to do okay if you need to go if you want to go from from zero okay to a
hundred thousand dollars a year for example right how do you build that out
if this is your timeline how do you build it out right well this was this
was something that we thought about here in the 4% and we said you know what
we’re gonna teach entrepreneurs we’re gonna we’re gonna we’re gonna flip that
that that’s the Stickle numbers we’re gonna flip it on his head we’re gonna
change that we’re going to change it from ninety-eight percent failure rate
right into only two percent success rate we’re gonna change it upside down here’s
how we’re gonna do that I created this thing called Operation 100k okay
operation 100k now operation 100k is part of the four percent and by the way
you can create yourself an account with four percent if you want to here’s
what’s gonna happen I’m gonna teach you how to do this kind of stuff for your
business okay it’s not a business opportunity it’s a business where you
become when you can you you learn how to write your own paycheck in life now you
need two things you need to knowledge but at the same time you need a system
that works that can get you paid now why are you learning how to set this up for
yourself so what I’d like to do is if you want you I’d like to give you this
entire system that we have created it’s called the ecosystem of the 4% okay I’d
like to give you this system all you have to do just plug it in plug in your
affiliate account IDs over here with get response there is like over 30 different
income streams inside of our ecosystem with the 4% so that you can run the
system you need to fork and two things traffic generation which
we teach you strategical promotions and list building okay which we also teach
you now the coolest thing is is we have this thing called Operation 100k inside
of the four percent and this is a program that is the first of its kind in
the industry where it teaches you how do you go from 0 what do you do thing
number one thing number two thing number three thing number four how do you you
know how do you build your your business to where you’re generating a hundred
thousand dollars per year income as an affiliate where you are in control of
your income so what I do is I get you started from zero and I give you the
education of your lifetime that literally is designed to change life
okay you get to stand over my shoulder and you get to watch me make the product
set up the core product promotion we give you the product you don’t have to
you know create it right you have to be a member of the four percent though and
then we show you how I show you how I set up all these simple attic income
streams how exactly I do this and the best part is you get to do this with me
every single episode every single step every single move I make you get to
watch over my shoulder look if you want to set this up for yourself right now
you can create yourself an account with four percent and I’ll be more than happy
to walk you through and teach you how to do this give you the system that you can
get started and use fifteen minutes from now you will change your life I promise
you it will cost you forty nine bucks a month which is discounted rate for now
you can do annual at a discount it will change your business I promise go ahead
and get yourself an account created it’s less than a dollar and fifty cents per
day or a dollar sixty cents or something like that okay and I’ll see you inside
the four percent as soon as you get in will get you set up with your multiple
streams of income will get you plugged into operation 100k will hit the ground
running right now you

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