How to make 15hr Online on Amazon 2019

hey what’s going on guys it’s John here
with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna teach you how you could
be making an extra 15 dollars an hour using Amazon now Amazon has been around
for a really long time now so I’m always willing to work with them and they
created tons of different opportunities for people to be making a full time
income including myself I’ve sold on Amazon before I’ve been an
Amazon affiliate now the cool part about the strategy that I’m gonna teach you
today is you don’t need to have an upfront investment you don’t need to
have any special schools or software’s or equipment and you don’t need to live
in a certain location all you need is your computer and a little extra time
and hey if you’re brand new to my channel this channel is all about
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alright now let’s jump into this training right here so all you’re gonna
do is go over to google and type in Amazon mechanic Mechanical Turk so
Amazon Mechanical Turk it’s gonna be the first thing you see pop up go ahead and
click on that one and this is where you want to be Amazon Mechanical Turk
so what Amazon Mechanical Turk is is an online platform that Amazon created for
businesses to hire workers around the world so they want to hire these workers
to complete online tasks like clicking on links make sure that links work make
sure that colors on websites are the right color make sure that videos are
working little tasks that robots cannot do yet obviously they would like to try
to automate and everything and try to have robots test everything but these
online robots aren’t able to work and are no 100
yeah so these businesses need to hire real time workers real time people to
you know check if links are working check if articles are in the right spot
you know we do reviews on websites see if videos are working or not and they
need a higher you know workers and real people to make sure that all the links
and the websites are working so that’s why Amazon created this platform right
here so businesses could hire workers from anywhere in the world to complete
these minor tasks and pay them up for them and so the way it works is once you
get started with it at first they give you little test you
know little test like clicking on links making sure that colors on websites are
right little tasks that you just need to go to websites and see if websites are
working right and you usually get paid on the lower end for that but after you
complete several of those little tasks they bump you up to the next level where
you’re you’re completing more bigger tests for bigger payouts and bigger
amounts of money and that’s exactly the way it starts working you want you start
working your way up because what they don’t want is people that are just kind
of stopping by and you know just you know doing little things for small money
they want to have real people that are actually gonna stick around that are
actually gonna put into work and that are gonna be like longtime for them
because obviously you know if they have like a long time worker for them they’re
more reliable they’re willing to pay them more money because they’re they
know they’re gonna do the job right since they’ve been with a company for a
longer amount of time so that’s why you at first you kind of you’re giving minor
tasks and have minor payouts but as you start completing more minor tasks they
start bumping you up every single level and once you reach a certain amount they
start giving you bigger tasks start giving you bigger payouts and you know
it’s honestly completing still you’re still gonna be completing little tasks
that you could do between five to ten minutes if you do about five or ten of
them an hour it’s an easy ten fifteen twenty dollars an hour just completing
little tests online and your spare time that’s a really cool platform and all
you have to do is once you make it here all you have to do is click on get
started then from here you’re gonna click on make money once you click on
create a workers account you’re gonna go through an application process where you
just your name you know you give them your
address a little bit information about yourself then they you submit your
application and they give back to you once they give back to you you know they
they approve your application and they tell you exactly how you can get started
on your first test once you make it to the test page you look a little bit like
this and as you can see you know all you have to do is you know do a research on
a survey little simple tasks like describe an object with knowledge and as
you can see here you can just click on accept of work you can click on you can
see the payouts you can see how many hits it got how many people are already
working on it you can see how long ago it’s been created so it gives you a ton
of little information on here on exactly what it is what where companies are
coming from you know what do they want you to do how many people are doing it
what’s your payout so as you can see here some of them are paying up to $1
some of them are only paying about 15 cents but like I mentioned as you
complete more and more of them little by little they’re gonna start bumping you
up and giving you the higher end jobs so you can start making more money for
these little tasks and it’s little tasks like checking the image title
description and category answer simple questions about an image so very very
simple tasks and again all you have to do is come over to Amazon Terk create
your application create your own create your profile on your account and you can
get started on completing these daily tasks again you don’t have to invest any
of your money you don’t need any special equipment or any special tools or in a
certain location or anything all you have to do is come over to Amazon to
create your application and you can start getting hired for a little test to
do from local businesses or do from real time businesses and like I mentioned
it’s backed by Amazon so you know you’re actually gonna get paid out you know the
money that the tasks in the businesses are real where you’re actually going to
be making some real money and that’s exactly how Amazon Mechanical Turk works
so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you enjoyed this quick little
training again if you guys do want to start making a full-time passive income
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