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I drop a new video. Today I’m going to be talking
about free PayPal money. Something I’ve been talking
about, in the last three months, but I’m just going to cap it off because I have a free PayPal money course that I’m getting ready to create, using, showing you how I’m youtube, Pinterest, all these other sites in order to make this free PayPal money. So this is probably going
to be my first and last video that I’m going to do
about PayPal money in 2019, even though we still in 2018 right now. So, you definitely wanna pay attention to everything I give you because that next course is gonna be full pack of information. Information that I probably
don’t share on my youtube but I wanna share probably about 80% of it on this video right now. So, first of all, and let
me start with one that you know, that I’ve been talking about all year and that’s Dosh. And people say why you
keep promoting Dosh, why you keep talking about
Dosh. Because Dash pays. They not only pay to your PayPal account but you can actually transfer money to your bank account which I have done, you know, just in this last year. And it’s pretty simple to do and it’s probably the
easy way to make money, So these people like, why you keep talking about
Dosh, because Dosh pays. I’m not gonna give you
something that doesn’t, that I haven’t been paid by. So, I mean… I don’t think that’s right to promote something that
you’re not currently using to make money. So, that’s
why I’m so high on Dosh. And so you can just see the
last, past Dosh payments to my PayPal account.
And like I told you guys I don’t send more than 100
dollars to my PayPal account using Dash, being that
Dash is a new company and PayPal really doesn’t like internet marketers and companies. So to protect myself from getting… from having my account on
hold or having my account shut down. I usually go
for the $100 payments I usually transfer them
directly to my account. And Dosh lets you do that within the app. So Dosh is a cash back app. Pretty simple, you just download the app through the link in the description below. I have the link in the description
below where you can just download it. I actually have
my code beside that link so when you look at the description below you see the link and then the code. You wanna use that code.
When you enter in that code you’re gonna get $5 automatically. It’s just a gift from me to you, just for referring you to the app. So, you’re gonna get $5
automatically in your account so the only thing you need
to do is get a balance of at least $25 for your first cash back in order to withdraw your
balance to your PayPal account or either to your bank account. So what that means is,
you can see right here, I went to Papa Johns,
Papa Johns is in the app. So, let me just show you
how this is gonna look. So, right they have nearby…
This is very very old The app has updated. It doesn’t
even look like this anymore. This is a screenshot that
I’ve had since August. They have updated their
app. They have so many ways that you can get cash
back at these stores. And they have updated their stores… The app is, you know… Just being apart of the app for about maybe a year and a
half, they have put in a whole lot of work into it to
make this app very very great. So, like I said once you
download the app through my link and use my code. You gonna get
$5. That $5 is in your wallet so all you have to do is, like
I said, get $20 more dollars. So you can go out to one of these stores, they have more stores
than what I’m showing you on this screenshot right here. Depending on your area,
when you download the app you can just look through the stores and see which ones you shop at. Now you have a link, a verify a card. This is very very important. Credit or Debit card even a pre-paid card. I have a pre-paid card on there. So, once you link that card, you go out and you use that card
like you would normally do and that they even did an
update where you can actually shop online and get cash
back just by using your card. Usually with Dosh you would
have to go to the online tab and then go through the app. You don’t have to do that anymore. When your card is linked
you just go online shopping and if that company is in the
online portion of the app, which means, it shows you a cashback size. So, you see right here
Payless has 5% cash back. If these companies that are online are on the online portion of the app, and you go and buy it off the
store just by using your card you gonna get cash back as well. That’s something that people been asking about for a very long time. So, you know this is very very important that you link and verify a card. That’s very very important in order for you to make free PayPal money your trying to make. Once you get your first cashback then you can start referring people. You can see right here that I have… These are very very old screenshots. I’ve made a whole lot more money than this in the past, probably month. You just see $5 bonuses coming
in just for referring people. So, when you refer people.
They’re going to get $5 and you’re going to get $5. So both of you guys are winning. So this is a very very good way for you to make free PayPal money. So, once you start doing that. Once you get your cashback. You start showing people, hey, I’m getting cashback
by shopping at stores. I’m making money shopping at stores. You start showing them how to do it. They do it and then they
link their verify card and you get $5, they
get $5, everybody wins. Then you go out and you
just continue to doing that. I’m promoting with Pinterest. I might leave a link
to my Pinterest course. I have saved you some mini-videos. I’m just giving you a refresher because its just the end of the year. So, if you start making free PayPal money you send that money directly
to your PayPal account, and that’s free PayPal cash
just straight up to you. So, it’s pretty simple, when
you transfer it takes about a day. It takes about a day with Dosh. I can usually put in the transfer and it transfers within a day. Same thing with, if you
transfer to your bank account or to your PayPal account.
Both of those ways are legit that you can do that as well. Your PayPal account, to my knowledge does
not have to be verified, so I know that’s something
that people been asking me. Does it have to be verified? But that’s the way you can do that. So, that’s Dosh, you
can just see right here $25 payment, another $25
payment, 30, 40, let me refresh just so you can know this is my account. You know, like I said, I’m
showing you actual proof that this does work. I’m not showing you something
that’s not working for me. So, we can go to payments received. And you just see, just like that. So the other one is Fronto. Fronto you will have to go to … I’ll leave a link in there, you have to download the APK. It’s not available on Google Play anymore. I have earned a lot of money. This is Tango Party, you can
just see the $10 coming in. Tango Party, not Tango
Party, but Fronto… Which is the owner of Tango Party Inc. is where
they submit their payments to. Fonto is a app where you can just put ads on your screensaver, you click those ads so you can get points, you can transfer those points into PayPal, Target, Visa pre-paid,
Google Play gift card, Amazon gift card. There’s
a lot of gift cards you can get with here. And use my code, free money
code, in order to do that… you get 1250 points to start
you off when you use my code free money code. That
will be in the description below as well. You can
just get started like that. Cue Me is a survey site. And I actually have 2 other survey sites that I use
in conjunction with Cue Me that I’m gonna leave in the
description below as well. Those sites, they, some
of those sites send checks to your house. So, which meaning… that’s really not PayPal
money but in a recent… Actually one of the surveys sites, let me just be honest with you guys, stopped using PayPal because of the things I was telling you in the beginning of the video. They have problems, paying.
They’re a new company so they have problems
paying their customers, I mean paying their people
that are taking their surveys and you know, affiliates. They have problems paying
them through PayPal so they took it off PayPal
and they just do check now. So, I’m going to leave a link to that so if you just want to get
money to your household. Look, it’s not going to be
a lot of money, maybe $100. The most I’ve had through
this survey company is $200, something like that. It’s
every now and then money. This stuff is not going
to make you millionaire if you don’t put in the work. Most of the time, this
stuff is on autopilot for me so I really don’t do as much as I used to because I have a T-shirt
company, I have other companies that I have to run and have
other stuff that I’m doing. As far as online goes,
e-commerce and all that, so I don’t have as much
time do devote to this. You guys are probably going
to have a lot more time to devote to that, to devote to making money online with this, as me. So, you know… Those two survey companies
send checks to your house. One of them still does pay through PayPal. So, all together that’s
about five companies that I’m gonna have links
in the description below where you can go ahead and check them out. That I make constant
free PayPal money with. Constant, when I say
constant, comes in every day, every week, every weekend. Sometimes I forget about
it and it just surprise me. This money can help you
make at lease a little extra money that you can actually build an, actually… build an online
income, excuse me, and then start spreading your
wings into other stuff. So, this is just like a starting point. So, I’m going to leave those two companies along with the other two I
just discussed in this video. All together, there’s about
four companies that pay free PayPal money in 2019,
that you can get free money to your PayPal account instantly if you do these things
that I’m telling you to do. So, that’s all I got for you guys. This video is already
about 10 minutes long. If you have any questions,
comment them below, and I’ll talk to you guys on
the next video. Peace out.

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