How To Make $50 Over And Over Again In Paypal Money (2019)

how would you like to make $50 over and
over again in paypal money what’s going on everyone Attan here and that’s
exactly what we are going to have a look at in today’s video how you can earn $50
over and over again in PayPal money to find out all the details all you have to
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on your video all right before we dive into today’s opportunity here on how you
can earn $50 over and over again in PayPal money
make sure you watch the whole video so you don’t miss out on any important
information and you’re probably not going to get rich with this opportunity
that I’m going to share with you here today so if you’re interested in
building a real online business make a full time passive income online you want
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end of this video of course but this is a perfect opportunity to get stored
there to make some extra money online while you build a real sustainable
online business and making your full time passive income online there all
right with that being said let’s get started so the opportunity that you can
$50 over and over again is to become a tester the site that I’m gonna share
with you here today is test dot IO and you can see here that companies like
SoundCloud Lacoste that months revolve they come here they hire this site
because they want some feedback on various things there and
what we re interested in actually you can have a look of course at your own
pace the site here but we want to become a tester so that is what we want to
click and you can see here become a tester test the latest apps your test
websites and games and you get paid for every issue you find so really simple
you make as you can see here $50 for every issue that you find can’t find any
bugs no problem you can also be paid for rating apps there so there is more
opportunity than just finding bugs you work of course from your home and you
tests you’ll be able to test the latest apps here so companies come here they
want you to test the latest apps to find bugs of course before they launch it
publicly and to the world outside there yeah the same goes for a new website if
I do some changes let’s say the cost for example they want you to find the latest
t-shirt or something like that if you can’t find it if it is a bug or
something you get paid for that so it works really simple what you do is you
register it takes you five minutes from registration to testing as you can see
here you can register on the test tile play dot WP and gene calm and you can
easily add all the devices that you are able to test on you start your first
test you receive an invitation and you receive you get paid after that of
course you get more invitations afterwards now I don’t know how many so
as I said you probably might not get rich on this opportunity here but you
definitely can be on few tests here so some frequently asked questions on the
site here most tests paper by the bug when they ask you how much can I earn
you can you earn more money for more critical bugs up to fifty dollars for
the most important bugs and you can also on guaranteed money by reviewing apps or
completing scripted tests cases now when how do I get paid they
pay you once per month using PayPal pioneers Grail or bank transfer but I
can imagine that most of you are interested in people here so what
devices do I need you will need access to at least a desktop computer here
beyond that the more you have the more opportunities you will have to test of
course so if you have a Google and Android device I’m sorry or an iPhone
you will definitely have more chances to be on more tests and participate there
and what happens if you can’t accept for any reason we want to work with your
schedule so there’s no penalty for not accepting an invitation there it’s
helpful to let us know so nothing happens you will just pass on and you
move on to the next tester but you can have a look at the details for yourself
on tests dot IO I came up actually with another site that is pretty similar also
I share theirs in the past and it is a works pretty similar you
can see here you can actually amount up to sixty dollars per test what you do is
your visit a website or an app you complete a set of tasks your speaking
your holds out loud just like I do right now and you get paid works really simple
so let’s say for example can you find the customers section and you say all
what is here I found it it was very hard to find it or something like that they
want the feedback to see how easy it is or if there is any bugs of course and
you can see here you can get $10 via PayPal for every twenty minute video
that you complete user testing pays you to visit websites or apps complete a set
of tasks and speaks your thoughts aloud that would recommend you you can say
that there is actually Lifehacker so they got pretty good reviews here
Facebook has hired a company Dropbox Adobe
yah-hoo so definitely another very very popular site and what I would do is I
would actually recommend you to sign up to both sides because you can’t just say
wait and rely on one of these sites here and as I said you’re probably not going
to get rich with these opportunities here so if you’re interested in making a
full time passive income online build a real long-term online business you want
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