How To Make $500+ Per DAY Online With Affiliate Marketing And NO MONEY!

in this video I’m going to show you
exactly how you can go out there and make a passive residual income every
single day by using free traffic sources to affiliate offers where you get a
commission now if you’re new to my channel quite a while ago now quite a
few years ago now I decided I didn’t want to work for someone else so I
decided to pursue online income and so far I’ve done pretty well and I have
quite a lot of income streams well one of my main income streams is affiliate
marketing in different niches and what I do is I actually send free traffic and
paid traffic to these offers but in this video we’re gonna focus on free traffic
because free traffic actually converts a lot better than paid traffic and it’s
actually a lot less work pay traffic is very stressful paid traffic is very
expensive and it doesn’t convert as well as free traffic because free traffic is
usually searching for something and you have your product there that you’re
promoting right in front of their eyes so they convert a lot better what we’re
gonna do right now is jump into my computer I’m gonna go back to my office
in a second jump into my computer and I’m going to show you exactly how you
can get this done I’m going to show you some examples how I’ve made over six
figures in the last six month months as one of my income sources for free
traffic to my affiliate offers now one thing people often ask me is can you
make a lot of money with affiliate marketing of free traffic absolutely
it’s actually one of the most common ways to make money online and and people
are staying home and living the freedom the life they want right the freedom and
they’re staying home and doing that by simply getting this free traffic to
where they want it to be and then that product is in front of your face and
they purchase that product and they get a commission that’s how affiliate
marketing works you show them a product somehow and I’ll show you how to do that
in this video and you get a commission it can range from 30 50 10% even less a
couple of percent on Amazon and you get that money and it’s yours to keep that’s
how affiliate marketing works so what I’m gonna do right now is jump into my
computer and show you exactly how to do this yourself and show you some results
and show you how I’m getting free traffic myself too
some of my affiliate offers in one of the niches that I’m working on so let’s
jump into my computer right now and show you how to get this done or our guys to
start this off I’m going to show you some Commission’s that I’ve made from
100% free traffic this is traffic that I did not pay for I also do a lot of
affiliate marketing with paid traffic but I want to show you how easy it is
for you to go out there as a beginner and actually start getting commissions
from affiliate marketing so here you’ll see over a hundred thousand dollars in
revenue and licious toward another search here to refresh it so you know
this is legit from one product and I’m gonna be blinking out the names because
these guys don’t want to be blasted all over the internet but I have $100,000
from one product this is actually the reason it has my name theirs because I
this guy contacted me and said hey do you want to promote our product and we
set up a custom page for you so I still get fifty percent commission from this
I’m an affiliate marketer for these guys for this product and I make this money
on 100% free traffic from my blog on YouTube what I’m gonna be showing you in
a second the right so that’s just one product here is another product that I
did a promotion on once again went to a quick search here so you can see the
refresh over six thousand dollars in commissions and this was actually in a
very short amount of time with an email list that I built up with free traffic
so that’s another one here is a another promotion that I just did now these so
you see these commissions 30 30 bucks 30 bucks 30 bucks thousands this will over
fifteen thousand dollars in commission this was actually from an email of three
emails that I sent out for a product that I was promoting but that email list
I built up for free from my blog alright and from YouTube which I’m going to be
showing you in a second as you can see just hundreds and hundreds of
commissions 30 bucks 30 bucks 30 bucks will go back here so you know it’s legit
refresh 30 bucks 30 bucks 30 bucks just tons and tons of commissions now this
one here is really cool because this is to refresh here so you know we’re all
good this one here is really cool because I’ve made money for free from my
blog this is from my Blagh no email promotions or anything
consistently every single day from these products this product here $6,000 this
is actually traffic from this blog post here I don’t actually stop promoting
this product quite a while ago because I actually have my own coarseness now but
I did a blog post on e-commerce and how to make money with drop shipping I
didn’t have a course back then so I promoted somebody else’s course and just
you’ll see so I actually have my own course in here now but I used to have
the course here not and people just clicked on the link went to that thing
and they made money for example if we click on the Shopify link here it will
take my readers to Shopify and they can go out there and create a Shopify store
where I get a commission so I also make commission like that just solely from
blog posts that don’t take long to write and the traffic that comes to these
posts are completely 100% free I do no advertising for this blog whatsoever
pretty cool stuff right and this is how I actually click the emails so you see
this promotion here why how so since this popped up we’ll do a little thing
here this promotion here was from sending out emails that I collected from
my blog so not only do you get money from people clicking on your links if
you build an email list from the traffic that comes to your site you can promote
products to them all the time or cancel just consistently to make a nice little
passive income so it’s about building a business it’s not actually just go out
there do blog posts and make money you can do that but if you clicked emails
you can build yourself a nice little affiliate business alright so so easy so
this is one of the traffic sources that I use to make to create affiliate
commissions now you might be thinking how much money can you really make from
a blog so I make over six figures per year just from this blog alone and I’m
gonna show you two examples of people that are making a lot more than me okay
so this guy’s name is Matthew wouldwould he runs a very successful blog and he
makes a majority of his money from affiliate kin
I’ve written for this guy on his blog he’s very very nice guy
I actually just promoted a product of his as well and had quite a bit of money
of affiliate commissions and just became fifth in the leaderboard so if you look
here you’ll see he lays everything out for you guys literally everything you
need to do so he makes a majority of his money by promoting these products so
this month he did 85 with that one turns 72 with that one now you might be
looking see looking at this and going franken that’s not a lot of money that’s
not a lot it all stacks up these are from our blog post where he’s put links
to these particular products and it all stacks up and he is made this month
alone he usually makes a little bit more but he’s made this month alone just on
affiliate commissions guys eleven thousand dollars from you guessed it
free traffic free 100% traffic now before we go to the next vlog I actually
want to show you something that I did so this is called Bluehost I get a
commission every time someone signs up to Bluehost under my link and I’ve done
quite a lot of money with Bluehost and this is why I went out there and created
a YouTube video so this is another source of traffic which we’re gonna be
talking about more in a second I would haven’t created a YouTube video and then
I put a link of the YouTube videos how to create a website a nine minute video
very very short I was really bad at doing videos back then so don’t worry
about it I’m very antisocial very awkward anti person but now look at me
I’m doing very good videos on YouTube but we all start somewhere this video
was so bad guys but it’s done of the 15 only 16,000 and Commission just from
this one one video as you can see here when people click on this link it takes
them to Bluehost and I make a commission when they’re going start a website via
my link really easy to do videos don’t take all they don’t cost anything for
you to make and doesn’t cost anything for you to go and get an affiliate link
and put it in that video and that’s what people were doing all the time guys now
Bluehost brings me to another guy called pet Flynn he runs a blog
one of bluehost biggest affiliate if we look at it and head of income reports
guys like we don’t hide our income so you can see what we make if we go back
to one of his worse months okay to use this as an example we go down and we
look at what he’s made he lists everything bluehost
$30,000 in commissions guys from one month just from Bluehost alone and he’s
made that money by creating a video on YouTube how to create a website exactly
like Aidid and from his blog so those are his two free traffic sources his
blog and his youtube and if we go to resources up here guys he also has a
list of resources where people can go and get resource like going going gets
tough right leadpages is the landing page creator if they click try leadpages
he gets commission back in april i she listened look at one of those bitter
months will look at this month here 258,000 he did a scroll down he did
31,000 and Bluehost he did 7,000 with leadpages which is this for a program
here convertkit he did 13,000 so it all adds up now it’s obviously it’s very
nice gradual increase is making more money more money every month that’s the
thing what this stuff goes once you start out you just keep making money
over and over again alright so that is a really good traffic
source you can use as blogs and YouTube channels to make money with affiliate
marketing and this guy’s is exactly how I’ve been making consistent commissions
right here every single day by promoting other people’s products on my blog and
what I do is I also have a tools section where people can go and they’ll see the
tools that I’m using and Zhao and I’ll get an affiliate Commission every time
they click on here and purchase via my links alright pretty cool now what a few
how do you find like how do you find products well it’s simple you can use um
things like like the website hosting you can lose things like Clickbank
but one of the best ways I recommend to make affiliate commissions guys is
Amazon okay so much money to be made and I’ll tell
you why just the other day I was on YouTube searching for D is al camera
reviews right but what I’ll do is we’ll go to Amazon and we’ll put D DSL camera
right and I’m gonna go to Canon EOS Rebel and I’m gonna copy that bad boy
and we’re gonna put that into YouTube and we’re gonna go review yes I listen
to a lot of rap guys like go this into rap how about that
no surprises everyone does that nowadays I love my rap my trap music
we’re gonna go enter and Canon Rebel T 6 review now if we go to the bottom here
there is a link to Amazon and guess what if we purchase this product via that
guy’s link he gets a commission but not only that if I come back to Amazon and
say a week’s time and I go hunting it saves the cookie in the browser and
if I purchase these binoculars for $41 that same person right here is going to
get another Commission so I get a commission from more stuff that they
purchase from Amazon Amazon YouTube is one of the best ways to dolefully
marketing especially if you’re starting out and you can also do blogs and review
let’s go here Kennan rebel t6 let’s go to google put that in review what pops
up let’s go review here let’s check it out there’s probably gonna be affiliate
Commission’s affiliate links inside here we go shop now go here Amazon that’s it
guys it’s so easy to go and write a review
about a product do a video about a product this videos
four minutes long guys or five minutes long five minutes long and all he does
is he just plays with the camera has a little bit of a talk and if you’re shy
guys and you don’t even want to be in front of the camera you can have a
camera that faces down on you in front of a disc like I’ve got a disc right in
front of me now and I can just play with the camera play off the camera on the
play off the camera on the camera god that was a mouthful and then that can do
a narration over and afterwards or I can actually pay someone on upwork if I like
or fiber to do a narration for me and review the camera for me with their
voice so you don’t even have to speak on camera that’s the beauty of stuff like
this okay guys so you’ve seen the possibilities of this like check this
out 30 30 bucks 30 bucks 30 bucks $100,000 from this particular product
I’m also doing Amazon stuff but I do paid I don’t do any YouTube Amazon stuff
but the thing is guys blogs to get your traffic use blogs and this is how you
end YouTube and this is how you get traffic on YouTube guys I’m gonna go
Kenan yes iOS review rebel review you go and get the top look at the top videos
like top 5 and you do similar titles to them you do similar descriptions and you
do very simple a copy or do similar tags to them and what’s going to happen guys
is you’re going to show up in the suggested feed right here that’s where
you want to be the suggested feed if you can get into there consistently all the
time you’re gonna get so many views and make a good amount of money so what I
want you to do right now is not look for excuses on how to stand a flip business
but going to start doing videos start doing blog posts and start to build up a
community for free around your reviews if we go look at my blog one more time
right here real quick we’ll go I have to go back to the home and then go to the
blog page I need an update this Ivan guys the thing about my blog is it does
over $100,000 a year and I’ve only done two blog posts in the last year crazy
right so anyway next
here’s an article about someone that took my advice and they made some really
good money here’s a review that I did on clickfunnels and then now I get
clickfunnels Commission’s I did a nice review didn’t take me long when people
click on this link it takes them to clickfunnels where I get a commission
alright guys super simple super easy that’s how you
got there right now the easiest way to start an affiliate business start a blog
go to places like Amazon find some products to review start a blog start a
YouTube channel and start to get those affiliate Commission’s coming in that’s
what everyone’s doing now that’s how they’re making lots of money I bet if we
clicked on one of these there would be more here we go look Amazon links to
Amazon once again six minute video crazy alright guys that’s just a little crash
video on how affiliate marketing works and how I go out there and have a blog
that does over six figures per year and you can see the potential and actually
doing this and how much money can be made by showing me those other blogs now
I don’t have an affiliate course I know a lot of people will be asking me if I
have one because courses fast-track things get and give you a lot more
information however I am working on an affiliate course so if you actually
click the link below you’ll get put on the VIP waiting list and then once the
course is released which will be very very soon I will send you an email and
you’ll be getting a special deal because I’ll be doing a special discount to the
people who get on that list before I go and release it to the public now if
you’ve been in any of my courses before you know that they are full of quality
so much quality content a lot better than a lot a lot of the stuff out there
nowadays and you’ll get a lot of value from that and you will make a bunch of
money so click on the link below or I will actually put it up on the screen
this screen right here it will be on the left somewhere on there where you can go
and get on the VIP list also subscribe a new top corner wherever that pops up
this side or that side and check out my other videos and I’ll see you guys in
the next video


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