How to Make a 6-Figure Income by Age 25

What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel,
the number one place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video,
I really want to answer a question that a lot of young people have, including myself,
and that is how do I earn a six figure income? Specifically, how do I earn this before the
age of 25 for some reason society tells us at the age of 25 is an age where we need to
have all our shit together. This is when we start getting really ambitious with our goals,
wanting to buy a house by the age of 25 wanting to make a certain income by the age of 25
and all of that, but what I realize is that as I was slowly approaching the age of 25
I realized that I was nowhere close to achieving my goal of making six figures specifically
back then when I was working my nine to five job, I was making 65 k a year. That’s not bad, but based on how the promotions
work and based on how the salary bumps worked, it would have taken me years to make a six
figures. Fast forward today, I have my own business and I actually turned 25 this year
and this was the year where I went from making 65 k a year and my corporate job to now finally
making multiple six figures in my business. That’s why it is not too late. If you’re watching
this video and you’re freaking out that you’re approaching the age of 25 and you don’t think
that you’ll ever be able to make a six figure income in your twenties I’m here to prove
you wrong and share with you some strategies and some key advice that I’ve learned now
that I’ve become a six figure income earner. So if you’re interested in learning my advice
on how I turned everything around in less than a year without being a doctor or a lawyer
or an engineer, then keep on watching. Now, the first thing that really changed the
game for me, it was selling high ticket services. Now for those of you who are new to my channel,
make sure you check out this video right here where I talk a lot about my own business journey.
But in a nutshell, if you are in fact new, just know that I used to work in a nine to
five corporation making 65 k a year and then I took a huge leap of faith quitting that
job, starting my youtube channel and slowly attracting clients for one-on-one services
and this service included me helping my clients with their brand, positioning their brand
messaging and helping them to launch their businesses or at least have a plan so that
they can exit their nine to fives, whether it’s doing a side hustle or starting something
of their own. As you can see, what I was offering was my knowledge. I was monetizing the things that I already
know about marketing based on my experience working in marketing in a corporation and
also based on my schooling experience as well. Eventually I launched my packages and it was
about $2,000 each and in January alone when I officially opened the gates to the public.
To my business. I signed five clients and with five clients, with packages that are
worth $2,000 I made $10,000 that month. Not only this, if you really think about it, this
also far exceeded what I was already making in my corporate job. So as you can see, having
a desirable skill and selling one on one client base packages can truly be a profitable avenue
if you want to earn at six figures a lot faster in your twenties versus working for a corporation.
Now obviously this depends on the company that you work for. But like I said earlier on in my video, I
wasn’t a lawyer, I wasn’t an engineer, I wasn’t a doctor, I was a marketer. And most companies,
when you’re in marketing, don’t pay six figures right off the gate. That’s why in my personal
experience, starting my own business was a better avenue for me to fast track that financial
growth. So whether you’re a master copywriters, salesperson, social media person, graphic
designer, or video editor or whatever desirable skill that you have, just know that you can
monetize it. And if you don’t believe, man, you feel like an impostor. Make sure you check
out this video right here while I cover not only how to become an expert, but also how
to ditch your impostor syndrome the same way that I did when I was first starting out my
business. But for now, just know that you can sell high ticket services using your monetize
people skills. Not only this, as you start developing more
experience in your business, you’re then able to charge more for these packages and therefore
increase your income potential. And then eventually as the next phase, you’ll then want to scale
that business by either creating courses, teaching a proven framework, or creating an
agency where you hire other people to do the work for you so you’re not trading time for
dollars and other means for scalability. There’s so many different endless options on how you
can truly scale this type of business, but just know for now that selling high ticket
services can truly fast track your income potential in your 20s and beyond. Now moving
onto my second tip and that is surround yourself with people who have the results that you
want for your own life. Now, through my own personal business journey and personal growth
journey, what I realize is that a dangerous mistake that you can make is to take advice
from people who do not have the results that you want. Now my next example might ruffle some feathers,
but this is something that truly hit home for me and that is if you are constantly taking
advice from your parents, let’s say, who have always been accountants who have always worked
white collar jobs and who have worked corporate all their lives. When you in fact one to start
your own business, well guess what? If you’re constantly taking advice from your parents,
you’re probably going to end up as an accountant as well versus if you want to start a six
figure business, start taking advice from other six figure business owners who have
literally been in your shoes and who have done the things that you want to achieve.
The likelihood of you ending up in the same fate is probably going to be a lot more increased
versus if you took advice from your parents who have been working a nine to five all their
lives. Now, let me give you a personal example of
how I have changed my life in just a year by taking advice from the right people. Now.
Back then, my biggest goal was to work for a fortune 500 company and I really wanted
to move my way up the corporate ladder and become a VP, so a really great majority of
my life. I was only taking advice from people who’ve done the same people who worked in
corporate, who had the jobs that I wanted and all of that, and that worked out really
well for me. I ended up landing my dream job at that fortune 500 company thanks to all
the people that I was listening to because they themselves have achieved the same. As
you can see, the principle applies to all aspects in your life. Eventually I realized
that the corporate grind truly wasn’t for me and that’s why I started to listen to a
lot of advices from my boyfriend. My boyfriend is an entrepreneur. He’s also
a six figure earner and at the time I was listening to a lot of the things that he was
telling me. Fast forward to a year later, I’m now also a six figure entrepreneur as
well, and this is all thanks to me shifting gears and taking advice from someone else.
Not only this, aside from just my boyfriend, I ended up hiring mentors who also had six
figure businesses and all of that and that truly did fast track my growth. That’s why
I am living proof that your life can totally change just solely based on who you take advice
from and who you surround yourself with. So I really want you to take this tip into heavy
consideration as you’re thinking about how you can fast track your financial growth in
your 20s now moving onto the third tip that I have for you in order to fast track your
growth in becoming a six figure earner before the age of 25 is to think big. Now, I know that this tip sounds super fluffy,
but bare with me and please do not click out of this video because I have living proof
that thinking big can truly change your life. For example, when I was with my boyfriend,
I told him back then a long time ago that one of my biggest financial goals was to make
six figures by the age of 30 and what he did was he laughed in my face. He couldn’t believe
that I was thinking so small. Not only this, when I was also starting out my business,
I was talking to one of my mentors, a Wilson Lee, and I told him that in my first year
of business, my biggest goal was to make 65 k a year so that I could replace my corporate
income that I was making at that fortune 500 company. And he pretty much had the same reaction. He couldn’t believe how small my goals were.
And instead what he told me was to think big, was to push myself and therefore he gave me
the goal of making a hundred K in my first year of business. And the reason why he did
this is because if I’m telling myself that I can only make 65 k or that’s my goal, then
all of my actions or going to reflect a 65 k goal versus if I set my goal to a hundred
k that’s going to change the magnitude of my actions. My actions are now going to be
10 x and I’m going to take way more action that truly reflect a 100 k goals. Now what
ended up happening is I ended up ranting of my actions in order to achieve this milestone
and the result was I ended up making six figures in four months within starting my business
and that is incredible and it’s all thanks to the power of thinking big versus if I was
myself, okay this year I just want to make 65 k I probably wouldn’t have ramped up my
efforts and by the end of the year, yes I probably would have made 65 k but if I didn’t
set my goals be bigger, I could have probably made a lot more. That’s why thinking big is truly going to
make a difference in your life, so please do not settle for the status quo. Really challenge
what your goals truly are and who you’re comparing your goals to. Now all of this truly leads
back to the second tip that I gave you previously, which is hanging around people that have the
results that you want hanging around other high income earners. Because until I started
hanging around these people, my goals were then challenged and therefore I really learned
the value in setting way bigger goals for myself. And now when I look back, I laugh
at all of my old financial goals because I finally understand the power of thinking big
and what is truly possible in your life. If you set that standard for yourself. If you’re
setting a standard of making 50 k, 40 k, 10 k a hundred k a million, that’s what you’re
going to get. So make sure you are challenging your goals
and that you’re thinking big as you go along in your journey. Now, so far in this video,
I’ve given you a blend of practical advice and also the key mindset shifts that you need
to make in order to earn a six figure income by the age of 25 or 30 40 cause remember,
age is just a number. However, all these tips are useless unless you actually strengthen
your money mindset. For me, for a very long time, I didn’t think that six figures was
possible in my life, not because I didn’t see other people achieving it. But because
I didn’t feel like I deserved it. Now we can go on and on about strengthening your money
mindset, but the two resources that I really want to share with you that truly changed
my life is Napoleon Hill’s think and grow rich and also Robert Kiyosaki’s rich Dad,
poor dad. These are the two books that I really recommend
that you read in order to strengthen that mindset of yours in order to attract more
abundance into your life. Not only this, if you are someone who’s watching this and you’re
interested in starting a business, then make sure you hit the notification bell because
in my next video I’m actually going to walk you through step by step how I would rebuild
my business from scratch. So this is going to be a really cool video where I’m going
to share some key strategies that I would implement if I were to do my business all
over again. So make sure you hit that notification so you don’t miss that video. In the meantime,
while you wait for that video, make sure you also check out these two videos that I have
over here. I talk a lot about entrepreneurship, social media, and marketing, so make sure
you check out these videos as well. As always, guys, thank you so much for watching. I appreciate
you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in
the next one. Bye guys.

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