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not just create a job where you’re
working with a few clients here there and not just create yourself you know
some sort of you know put yourself in a rut where your time is all being sucked
and you don’t have any time to enjoy yourself if you’re looking for a big
income this is for you you’ve seen my numbers you’ve seen my students numbers
this is seven figures and if you’re a marketer who’s looking at another stream
of income this is a very easy way very easy way to add another stream of income
to your business now a few house rules for today’s webinar first this isn’t
getting rich easy you have to you know everything like everything in life you
have to do work this is not a magic button this is not a magic pill or a
push you know this it’s everything requires work and second off
this is gonna be interactive you’re gonna get more out of this the more you
put in the more you pay attention the more you have active listening on
exactly what I’m going over the more you’re gonna get out of this and also
neither my results nor my students are typical most people don’t make millions
of dollars because most people don’t do any work on this so keep that in mind
you know nothing works unless you do so a few things about this is first off
again this doesn’t require any email lists I’m not talking about getting
clients not this doesn’t require any products or shipping or inventory or
fulfillment or any of that and this doesn’t require any customer support
okay none of that now for those of you who don’t follow me on YouTube some of
you follow me on the YouTube who I am is my name is John Chris Donnie and I’m a
freelance marketer born and raised out here in Los Angeles California I
recently moved with my wife my kid my dog my cats my hedgehog etc we have a
lot of animals over to a house we bought in Malibu which is a nice beachside
community just outside Los Angeles really beautiful absolutely
amazing community and I’ve grown my marketing business from nothing it’s
doing over 400 thousand dollars a month in the span of a couple years so now how
I got started in this whole industry was actually read a book called the 4-hour
workweek and this is back in 2009 it was by a guy named Tim Ferriss I’m not sure
how many people here have read the 4-hour workweek but uh I read this book
back then and what I ended up getting was four years of failure actually
ironically enough I and that’s that’s where I worked I worked in a cubicle I
just worked in it’s like a prison cell I liken it to they just worked in this
cubicle or this prison cell and there was no route up I wasn’t making what
nearly what I deserve and I was just trying during this period I was trying
to figure out a way out but couldn’t get anything to work and I was getting all
these make money online programs and couldn’t get it to work now I finally
came across a mentor and this was you know I even I remember the situation I
you know it was the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood the second floor there’s a bar
and a bowling alley in and I actually snuck into this this marketers
mastermind meeting because I wanted to learn from these top marketers and I met
him and he’s he’s prolific marketer in this industries made tens of millions of
dollars in his name his pseudonym online is the Rich Jerk but he his actual name
is Kelly Felix and I learned from you know he said I told him what I was doing
I said I’m trying to be an internet marketer you know he gave me a few words
advice and he would give me a few pointers every you know every month or
so he’d say you know do this and do this and I took his words very seriously
never he never gave me that step-by-step plan like I’m about to show you in a few
minutes here but he but it just would give me a few words of advice that led
me enough because I knew of his success and I was so I knew I knew of what he’s
done that I was determined to make whatever he
told me happened and first year I was applying everything he told me I made
388 that these are my tax returns by the way I made three hundred and eighty
eight thousand dollars applying exactly what he told me to do the next year the
next year taking his advice I made over nine hundred and thirty three thousand
dollars applying a plot because I asked him what’s the next step and he said
paid advertising this is how you grow because I was hungry I said I want to
make I want to make big bucks here and he said paid advertising him he told me
you know gave me a few pointers and took it to the next level ever since then my
business has not done below seven figures and this allowed me to live a
life that I could have only dreamed of you know this is me renting Lamborghinis
with some of my friends you know racing around the desert and Nevada and here’s
you know I’m in London meeting one of my one of my mentors and I’m in I’m in New
Zealand bungee jumping and I’ve been able to do all these crazy things Egypt
you know I met my wife I’ve got married I bought a house in Malibu I flown lots
of my friends to exotic locations and just been able to live life and frankly
I have had zero intention of ever ever teaching and you know during a lot of
this time I didn’t ever even fit you know this makes me sound really bad but
I never thought of passing it down or paying it forward it just didn’t really
cross my mind I was living my life doing my thing but then you know a story came
out about me in the news it made the front page of Forbes online and it ended
up going viral and getting featured in in Fast Company Inc entrepreneur etc and
the the story title is called you know how a 28 year old went got fired and
built a $500,000 a month business traveling the world and this was written
by a journalist that had just came across me randomly in Morocco and he had
sat down with me and wrote a story on me but
and ever since that story came out I’ve gotten thousands and thousands and
thousands of messages every single week asking me you know what do i do how do I
do what you do how do you know what’s the trick what’s the what’s the loophole
to hack the glitch what what what are you doing show me step by step what
you’re doing and I realized I realized there was a massive massive massive gap
in in knowledge and the ability for people to create this and I realized the
desire for this was so big which is why I’ve been willing to basically hold a
training like this to show some of you exactly what’s going on and how it’s
done so for those of you here today this is this is how it’s done you

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