How To Make Bowl Covers Out Of Beeswax Like In The 1800’S DIY

and everyone the bowl covers are
finished so we take a bowl and we take one of our covers now all we have to do
is press it like you would with saran wrap so we just could take your hands
the whole way around it and the warmth of our hands actually makes the but it’s us again and this time we are
gonna make a beeswax bowl covers so many people are not into plastic anymore and
all that plastic wrap so we’re going to make boat covers with beeswax I will
share with you only link in the description box where I get my beeswax
all that we do is such a simple project we’re gonna go ahead and we’re going to
take a little bit of beeswax I’m gonna demonstrate with one and then Sierra’s
gonna do her own so all we do is we’re going to sprinkle some beeswax
onto this material so we’re going to sprinkle it that it goes all through the
material it’s best just to take our hands and we’re just gonna go like this
we’re gonna pop it into an oven at 200 degrees only for a few minutes until the
beeswax melt and then when it’s harden you can actually use it in replace of
saran wrap it’s a wonderful thing all you do is you wipe it down to clean it
this is great if you have produce in your refrigerator or you have non sticky
or non messy items that you want to cover so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re
gonna do another one I was very very blessed by subscriber who she cut me all
these pieces of cloth so I can make my very own beeswax covers I love all these
different types of materials a lot of my subscribers like to sell and one
subscriber likes to give me all different kinds of remnants of her
fabric and today at the thrift store I got some of this for $0.50 so I’m gonna
go ahead and I’m gonna cut my very own larger Bowl cover be back with you in
just a moment when the beeswax Bowl covers are finished so let’s pop them in
the oven and I’ll see you in just a few moments and everybody we are finished
now these are what the bowl covers look like I want to emphasize you want to use
a cookie sheet that is a cookie sheet for crafts not a cookie sheet that
you’re gonna use for any baking so what we do is now we’re gonna go ahead and
we’re gonna and you don’t want to touch it
it’s super hot at night it would feel right it will burn your fingers now this
is what it looks like because they are melted and it’s so hot so what we do is
we’re going to take a hanger and until it’s hot until it’s dry they’re going to
be right on this hanger just like this so we’re going to hang them up to dry
and once they’re totally dry we can use them for all sorts of things and I’ll
show you at the end of the video what they look like when they’re used so this
is what it looks like I’ll take a yeah you have to work really quickly because
you don’t want them to have be hard on your cookie sheet so here is Bowl cover
number two and that’s what it looks like you’re a mess so we’re gonna go ahead
and they look like that perfect love these pool covers I make all kinds of
them and it’s such beautiful material so now we’re gonna hang this up until it
gets hard alright alright we’re gonna go ahead and
make the other two and then I’ll show you what they look like when they’re
totally finished this wasn’t right everyone the bull covers are finished so
we take a bowl and we take one of our covers now all we have to do is press it
like you would with saran wrap so we just could take your hands the whole way
around it and the warmth of our hands actually makes the cover pliable and
there you go we have a bowl cover it works amazingly well it is a substitute
for plastic in your life and it works incredibly well take a look at that you
can dump it upside down and it still stays on how neat is that
so beeswax Bowl covers are great isn’t that pretty neat you have it and it will
shape the form of any Bowl that you use now when you’re finished with it you
take it off all what you have to do is lay it flat and there you go you’re
ready for the next one it’s your very own piece of wax paper all you have to
do is wipe it on both sides with some warm sudsy water and you’re ready to go
for the next time so I hope you did bowl covers a try today because it’s a fun
project for any age take care everyone see you guys tomorrow now it’s time to
clean up after another day of filming me I try to have a house clean all the time
but Oh Days run filming it’s a lot of mess one thing that I like to do is make sure
everything is always unplugged I unplugged my toaster the microwave
always gets unplugged that’s a habit that I’ve been doing ever since I’ve
been married another container of cucumbers not a wash them I gotta work
on that today I’ve been making a lot of relish and dill pickles but water is running a little better
today it always varies some days it’s only a trickle while other days it runs
pretty good I’m gonna do an upcoming video about the modern house and about
my house and I think you guys gonna really enjoy that this could be really
different this week we have a lot of videos one making things I’m really
excited about showing that too it’s making household products but don’t have
any chemicals in her I love this zucchini this is the strike zucchini I
really like the flavor of it but first you’re growing it pants it’s been another great day here
on the homestead I hope you’re staying warm and I hope you have a real good
night take care everyone we’ll see you guys tomorrow bye if you liked this
video maybe you’d like to see some other videos on making crafts that are safe
for the environment since I have so many videos on YouTube at the end of each
video I’m gonna share with you a playlist of like-kind videos so if you
like cleaning that doesn’t harm the environment you’re gonna see a lot of
cleaning playlists and canning and cooking this way you get to see all of
my videos at one handy location you


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