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Hey everyone, its Natasha of and today we’re making a major comfort food!
It’s creamy shrimp Alfredo. The sauce is so flavorful and tastes like fine dining
but it’s one of the easiest dinners you’ll make. Let’s get right into it
start by cooking three-quarters of a pound of fettuccine noodles in salted
water according to the package instructions. Once the noodles are al
dente, drain but do not rinse. While the pasta is cooking, start on your shrimp.
Pat dry a pound of shrimp with paper towels then season with half a tsp
of salt 1/4 tsp of paprika and a quarter tsp of black pepper, then
give it a quick stir. Place a large pan over medium-high heat and add a
Tbsp of oil. Once the oil is hot, add the shrimp in a single layer and
cook about 2 minutes per side or just until cooked through. Make sure to remove your shrimp from the
pan so they don’t overcook. Finally chop half of a medium onion and in the same
hot skillet, add two Tbsp of butter along with the chopped onion and
saute for about five minutes or until soft and golden. Mince one garlic clove
and add it to the pan, stirring for about a minute or until fragrant. Now the fun
part! Add 1/3 cup of white wine and I’m using a Chardonnay, it’s not a lot of wine
but it adds so much amazing flavor. Cook that down until the liquid has mostly
evaporated then add two cups of cream, bring the cream to a simmer and cook
another two minutes. Next, sprinkle the top with 1/3 cup of Parmesan cheese, stir
until the cheese melts and the Alfredo sauce is smooth and it comes just to a
light simmer. Do not boil, then turn off the heat and season with salt and pepper
to taste. Add the cooked pasta and shrimp and stir
until the noodles are well coated in that creamy Alfredo sauce. Oh, you guys, my kitchen smells so good
right now and it’s time for the taste test. And I love to add some fresh
parsley because it adds some beautiful color and fresh flavor to this pasta. YUM! Here we go. You know what’s awesome about
this recipe, it is so easy to make and it’s way less expensive than going out
and several of you have told me that this recipe is better than your favorite
Italian restaurants. All right, let’s do this and a little more parsley, a little
more cheese. Mmm… I love those big juicy shrimp. Wow, that’s the big bite. I think I
got this though. Okay, don’t laugh, should I like cover? I probably have like sauce
everywhere! Wow! It is so good and the combination of fresh parsley, the
Parmesan cheese, the cream and that white wine, which it doesn’t take a lot but it
really enhances the flavor. This is one bowl of creamy deliciousness. I hope
you guys enjoyed this recipe, if you did, give me a great big thumbs up below. Make
sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and thanks for watching! Before I head
over to pasta heaven and eat this very ungracefully. I’m going to wolf this down,
that’s what I’m going to do! Make sure you check out some of our most popular
pasta recipes right over here!


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