How To Make Easy Money With Amazon Associates For Beginners

hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire Liberty thanks for spending some time with me here today I have a way
here today and then I’m going to show you how to utilize Amazon Associates
starting now so you can start making some pretty good income for the holidays
because now everybody’s gonna start looking for some gifts for people that
they know maybe some things that they’re interested in and now is the time to set
yourself up for having your own webpage or website for a specific niche that
really interests you or something that you like okay but before we continue
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let’s get into it ok what I want to show you what I want
to talk to you today is about Amazon Associates and I touched on Amazon
Associates probably in my Clickbank videos or one of those videos in regards
to affiliate marketing right and you can really utilize Amazon Associates in a
lot of different ways like basically everyone’s been on Amazon we know what
Amazon is you go there you buy stuff online it’s sent to you right but if you
have a particular niche or niche as they like to say some people if you’re into
working out if you’re into you know technological stuff if you’re into you
know voiceovers you can make a page for yourself right it’s real easy to set up
and just specifically promote products that are geared towards whatever your
focus is like for me myself I’m in home-based business things that you know
you’d want to utilize in an office things that help people you know
home-based business entrepreneurs things of that nature I do a lot of promotions
what I’m doing you know y’all use your field user testing all these other
things or any of the headset and a mic bum right so what I could do set up a
web page or a web site with all these products on it
and every time I make a video about it put them in my link for my YouTube
channel click they’ll click that link go to my website see the products that I
talked about in the video have someone click on it boom they buy it that’s how
it basically works ok folks now what you have to do here if you don’t already
have an Amazon account ok an Amazon affiliate account or Amazon Associates
account you’d have to sign up and they want you to do the usual thing you know
name address phone number and essentially basically in a way working
for them because they’re going to be giving you money you have to set it up
and obviously with your PayPal account like I always say get a PayPal account
every single video and I’ve been basically saying that you have to set up
a few things they’ll have to verify your websites and your know your legitimacy
and things like that but as soon as you get that all said and done you’re an
Amazon associate you can start promoting any of these thousands and thousands of
products that suit the neech or niche that you’re in so but the things that
you’re going to need well well first let me give you an example this is a demo
website okay of people who are promoting basically fitness supplements and
anything having to do with fitness now this is a demo site and I’ll show you
how you can get something like this in a little bit but you click down here you
see all this here featured products right basically someone has a header a
picture of a girl working out and then you have all these products here that
could be related to or oh here they I’m sorry
here they are that you could use right there jump rope premium equipment and
Tyler car seat travel you know anything that has to do with a woman working out
wanting to get in better shape taking care of her body right these are the
thirds are trying to sell products to you that are relevant to that to that
particular niche now now to promote this page by itself would be pretty difficult
right so what you would need to do is do what I’ve shown you in the past as well
whether you’re using the quarry video that I showed you or the Clickbank video
that I showed you I showed you a lot of free ways to promote things and I know
one of the ones I did when we were promoting the just of the read detox tea
if you want to watch that video that was my Clickbank series you can actually
promote these things for free in like say Facebook or in some
else’s blog if any you know anywhere we have a falling or a connection or you
can connect with people in groups and whatnot you can take these links that
are specifically made for you okay cuz when we come in amazon associate when
you want to promote something just like in clickbank you’re giving your own
specific link that you can promote okay so you take that link you take the
picture that you decide to use you put it up in facebook and then you could
share that to the groups that you’re with okay and you’re promoting something
that’s in your nature and then each that of the group that you’re in and this is
how you promote things now someone might not even be interested in it but you
know who knows someone might be eventually because you know people see
these things scrolling down this phenol whole time and maybe in the back of
their mind they thought well you know what gosh you know I could have really
used you know this for whatever the case may be I was thinking about purchasing
this because it has something to do with Fitness I always wanted to get one of
these Fitness watches right to help me when I’m running or this that in the
other thing so you never know and you promote these things and you know those
groups or on blogs like I was telling you about in my Clickbank series there’s
so many opportunities to promote promote the links or you can promote it like I’m
doing a video for you right now you could if you’re geared and you’re in
each of a fitness you can you talk about say this product right here let’s go up
here like this jump rope you do a couple of jump rope sign on video right and you
talk about the quality of the rope and the jump rope and this thing your thing
and then say look if you like this jump rope if you like what I’ve told you
about the review of this jump rope click down below I got a link for if you want
to get it you can purchase it and just be upfront and honest with the people
who are there just tell them you know look if you buy this jump rope you’re
gonna give me a little bit of a cut from Amazon you’re not gonna you know get
charged anymore but it’s gonna help me out and usually most people are great
with that they’re fine because you took the time to you know kind of review a
product go through it with them show them how things work and this is really
simplistic as far as a jump rope is concerned but if you’re really in the
fitness and you’re you know really deep into this stuff that can mean a lot to
somebody so keep all those things in mind now what you’re going to need
besides just this getting to be an associate with Amazon Associates you’re
gonna have to make a website now people oh my
website go to okay sign up get your own little account right you’re
gonna have to use WordPress WordPress is the most commonly used website provider
around right and to host your website you’re gonna need you know some place to
host it to serve it to hold it right so you go to some place like Bluehost right
and look right up here you go to Bluehost and it says right here
WordPress hosting right and easy you click on that you know Bluehost sets it
basically up for you the websites ready to go and all you’ll have to do is
download your theme which I’m going to show you how to how or where you can get
that from I look at this isn’t bad 395 a month that’s not bad for hosting not at
all and especially if you’re gonna make a
lot of money doing this it’s nothing but another place you can go is Hostgator I
like both of these these um Internet services now a Hostgator there’s another
one right there they tell you WordPress hosting you click on that basically a
download WordPress they put it on to the server for you and you’re basically
ready to go all you have to do is log in and plug a few things in now when you
setup your word your website right you’re gonna have all these affiliate
links you’re gonna have all these pictures that you’re gonna take from
Amazon so you can plug them in alright what you’re gonna need to do is put in
this plug-in it’s called WooCommerce it’s very very very common with herb
press okay and it’s a plug-in that you get from you know either through
WordPress or you could download it individually and then put it up onto
WordPress and that basically set you up so people can purchase things on your
website it’s not that hard it’s actually really simple
you could probably set it up within a half hour I mean that in all honesty
with all the YouTube videos that are explaining how WooCommerce works and how
you could set up on WordPress you literally can have this set up and
probably about a half hour worth it working you know very very well so keep
that in mind now the WordPress plug-in here this is the one that most people
use is called WooCommerce Amazon affiliates WordPress plugin now
WooCommerce is really a huge thing there’s WooCommerce plugins for a whole
bunch of different stuff but since you’ll be dealing with Amazon affiliates
this is just specifically geared for the Amazon Associates and whatever they want
to promote so that’s great it’s already plugged
into everything that you need to sell your affiliate products you know from
Amazon so you can’t really beat it well this here says 43 bucks yeah you’re
probably gonna have to spend a little bit money right but who cares if you get
this up here and you get this running before Christmas you’re gonna make a
heck a lot of money and here are the demos of what you can do if you if you
get this WooCommerce thing this is at code Canyon dotnet go to code Canyon
dotnet right you download this plug-in and it basically set you up with a theme
right for WooCommerce working with Amazon and you basically download it and
you plug it in and all you’ll have to do then when you see all these fancy
websites like I showed you in the beginning here like this all you’d have
to do is basically put the pictures in the setups already there all you have to
do is put the pictures in and change out the links and I mean that’s really as
easy as it gets folks it doesn’t get any easier than that so you get the
WooCommerce amerce affiliate plugin right so when you get that you can get
this these themes right here are a whole bunch of different themes now here’s the
one I just showed you right well all I’m showing you is the view I was viewing
the demo right that’s all it is you download that you put it into your
WordPress Works website as your main theme and boom this is what you’re gonna
get people go to your website you click on your website this is what’s going to
show up so let’s just say you don’t want to you know promote these products here
no big deal you go to Amazon Associates you get the link your personal link
right and whatever it is the product is you want to sell you get the picture for
that you put the picture here you put the link there boom and it’s already set
up for you they’ll say add to cart it’ll go right to Amazon Associates sold right
it doesn’t really get any easier than this folks it’s really really awesome if
you have any questions or comments liked the video if you thought it was helpful
for you and I’ll leave a comment below if you like and if I can help you out I
will this is but honestly this doesn’t really get
easier it really it really is simple especially if you’re novice so you’re
not really want to get into this thing you want to spend too much money trying
to count trying to get a business off the ground it’s not a bad way to start
get your feet wet as they say but I hope this helped you out and if you’d be so
kind please subscribe to my youtube channel click the little Bell
notification so every time I make an upload you’ll get to see it first and if
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work from home have your own business work when you want the hours that you
want and whichever direction you want your business to go it’s all up to you
alright guys that’s all I got for you today remember you can follow me on
facebook twitter and instagram all under Acquire Liberty alright guys you take
care and until next time what do I always say yeah, that’s right– God Bless

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