How to Make Emotes for Twitch Partners/Affiliates (Tutorial) [PART 2]

Hi guys! Welcome back to another how to
make emotes video! We have almost reached 100,000 views on the previous one but I
realized that there’s a lot of stuff that I still want to say about it.
I’ve changed my methods, I’ve changed the way that I work, I changed creative
decisions and style and I want to share with you guys
why I took those decisions and what I use now, and maybe going a little bit
more also into the “how to create great emote composition”. So let’s get going! By the way, if you haven’t watched the first video of the series, the one that I’m
talking about, you can look it up. I will leave a card up there so you guys can
check it out first, and then you can come back here. So the first thing that I’ve
changed in my design process is the software that I use and I it didn’t just
change software because I didn’t like Photoshop, because Photoshop is a really
great software that I use for a lot of stuff, but when it comes to emotes, I
think one of the the biggest problems when it comes to designing emote is the scaling. And scaling can be solved better in other types of softwares. Photoshop is a
raster based software, which means it’s dealing with pixels. I’ve decided to
change for a vectorial design approach, which are made of mathematical curves. And what that does is it’s much easier for me to scale down and scale up all of
the designs without losing any quality. It’s a very very different type of
software it’s not the same thing. I’m not painting; I’m instead creating those
curves and filling them in and stuff like that. So it’s it’s very different. It’s really helping in a context where I need to design something and
then scale it to all the way down. So the software that I’m now using is called
Inkscape. It’s a free software. it’s available
online. I will leave a link to the software in the description box down
below if you guys want to check it out it’s not perfect it has a couple bugs
and if you can use Illustrator I would definitely recommend that you do so but
I prefer going for that free solution and it works just fine for me so I see
no reason to to invest in Illustrator but if you guys can that’s also a really
good option I wanted to show you guys an example of a raster versus a vector
types of design software and now we’re in Photoshop and I’ve created that
design using a using Photoshop so it’s raster I’ve painted everything using a
graphic tablet but you see that if I scale like this you see that the edges
are not gonna be as clear and this is um this is pretty much like my original
size file it means I cannot scale that design up as good and also we need some
kind of good algorithm in order to be able to scale it down and have this
software decide which element is the most important as we scale down which
pixels are we gonna delete in order to go from a I don’t know 500 pixels design
to a 28 by 28 pixels design so this software is deciding what to keep and
what to leave while when we’re using a vectorial software which I will show in
a minute we will not have that problem now we are in Inkscape which is a
Victoria based design software and I’ll show you guys a bit of the differences
so those are the emotes that I have made for myself for my channel and I
really love them I’m really in love with the the style and the
designs and they work also really well in chat but I want to show you guys if I
took for instance this one which my community is really a big fan of that
I’ve designed for Movember but if I go in and I’m unsatisfied with the
moustache let’s say I want it to be a thinner moustache I can just go and and
drag things differently I can make like a big moustache I can play with with the
lines instead of actually painting them it gives you guys an idea of what a
vectorial design software it looks like it’s about the curves it’s about the the
mathematical aspect of the shape and basically what I can do
in a software like this is if I select this one and I put it on this side I can
like scale it up as much as I want and it’s not gonna lose it’s not gonna lose
any quality I can zoom in as much as I want and it’s never gonna lose quality I
can like I can take another one and I can zoom indefinitely and the lines are
always gonna be clear and that simple fact is the reason why I decided to work
with a vectorial software instead because emotes by definition are gonna
be scaled down and we also want to have a cool bigger version and they need to
be simple vectorial designs are usually a lot simpler than raster designs if you
paint something you’re automatically gonna go for something a little bit more
complicated but the vectorial software allows that like rendering that
simplicity in a very clean way and that’s what I like about it you guys can
agree or disagree with my choice because a lot of artists are still using raster
but for me personally vectorial design when it comes to emote specifically is
the best solution that I found and gives me the best results the second thing
that I changed my style and in my designs is the colors
that I use and how I treat them so I have decided to go for a much flatter
type of design because when I did my first emote for my channel I realized
that it looked really nice to have all of those gradients and like all that
fancy stuff in my design but when I would scale it down it definitely would
not look as clear and sharp as I wanted to so going for those really flat colors
and accentuating the shapes with only some some pale shadows is definitely
something that has improved my designs and made them much clearer in the chat
made them a lot more easy to understand the pose and all that sort of stuff and
I think it’s definitely a really important part of designing emotes a lot
of emotes that I see on Twitch we don’t really see what the emote is doing and
it’s part of… it’s a design problem for me to not being able to
actually see the what the emote is doing when it’s on its proper scale basically
and it’s also something really hard to do by the way it’s really hard to just
like something that’s simple enough that it’s clear on a really small scale the
third most significant change that I’ve done in my style and in my design
process is that when I do the sketching now and I create the composition for the
emote I try to make it so the head will be taking as much space as possible in
the small square that I have available because even even I as a designer that
has been doing a lot of emotes at that point I am surprised with how small they
are in the chat and in order to compensate for how small they are we
need to make their face as big as we can so that comes with my style that’s
what I do I to draw heads that are as big as
possible and expressions that are as big as possible in order to make it clear
when we see them in the chat I wanted to show you guys a bit of a comparation
between my to emote styles and why I decided to change it towards more of a
style like this one as you can see both of them I think look really nice on this
size but once you scale them down to their original the size that they’re
actually gonna be used in chat you see that this emotes we actually see a bit
more of the expression than this one this one looks really blurry we’re not
too sure of the lines we’re not too sure she even plays the harp it’s not clear
while in here I think it’s much clearer we actually see her face we see the
colors we see where the hair ends and where it starts
both are definitely really small and this one is not necessarily bad the one
on the left but I think that design wise this one is using the space a lot more
like a lot better the colors are making the emote a lot
clearer than this one I don’t know if you guys can see what I’m talking about
I hope it makes sense and also like I think that just the fact that the the
face in this one is taking a lot more space helps helps to to render better in
the chat and in this one this is a great illustration I’m still really proud of
the drawing that I did but I think like it’s a good thing that I have actually
improved in the past year and a half when it comes to doing designs and it’s
great because this one does not lose quality when you scale it up and down
because it’s original files or SVG files they’re vector files so I can do
whatever with it I can scale it up to the size of a building if I want and
it’s never gonna get pixelized while this one will eventually look bad I
guess those are the biggest changes that I’ve done in my style and in my design
process over the course of I think year and a half or something
since I’ve posted that first video and I hope these tricks were really helpful
for you guys and I hope it gives you some kind of direction on how to design
your own emotes if that video was helpful in any way if you enjoyed if it
was entertaining please make sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my
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emotes or anything you have in mind please leave them in the comments down
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chat about it I will also leave all that info in the box down below I hope you
guys enjoy that video have a good day and see you in the next one! Tschüss!


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