How To Make Full Time Online Income With Just 1000 True Fans

– Does the amount of time and work you feel you need to
put into your business, in order to create that full
time income seem overwhelming? I get it, it can be hard. And when you’ve been
working at it for awhile, and you don’t yet have
much money coming in, it can really be disheartening, causing you to wonder if you should quit. But take heart, my dear
online entrepreneurs, because I’m gonna break it down for you, how you can reach a
solid, full time income of $100,000 per year,
with just 1,000 fans. Hey, I’m LeahRae from, and this channel is here to help you, online entrepreneurs,
create the time freedom that you and your family deserve. So in today’s video, I’m
gonna help you break this down into some very manageable numbers, because truly if your goal is to reach full time income online, you can do it if you stay focused. So if you want to reach $100,000 a year, with just 1,000 fans, what does
it mean to have 1,000 fans? Well those aren’t just
1,000 followers on YouTube, or on Instagram, or something like that. These are true fans, superfans. People who absolutely love you, they read all of your blog posts, they watch all of your videos,
they read all of your emails, and most importantly, when
it comes to the bottom line, they buy just about
everything you come out with. Now you might find the
number of 1,000 intimidating, but rest assured, that is
a very attainable number when it comes to finding superfans online. Think about the billions of people online, and the beautiful fact
that you can truly reach anyone online these days,
no matter if they live on the opposite side of the world or not. So ask yourself this question, could one in one million
people get really excited about the content that
you’re providing online, about how you’re serving people online? If that answer is yes, then
you can reach 1,000 superfans. So why 1,000 specifically? Well, I didn’t create this concept myself. It’s actually been around
in entrepreneur circles for awhile, but lets break this down, so you truly understand it,
and can reach it yourself. Now personally, the number
of 1,000 could change, based on your specific business. But it’s a really good
starting point for most people. If over the course of a year, you can get 1,000
superfans to pay you $100, then you’re making $100,000 a year. And $100,000 a year here in the U.S. is a full time income, or
better, for most families. So between your affiliate
offers, your memberships, digital courses, coaching, consultations, live events, products, are
you currently able to earn $100 from a single person? If so, great, then 1,000 is your number. You just adjust it up or down, depending on the price
points of your offers, and if you have business partners that you gotta split the money with. So if you have a business partner, for each of you to then
earn $100,000 per year, and you make $100 per superfan, then you need 2,000 superfans. But if you can earn $200 per superfan, then you’re back to only 1,000 superfans for each of you to individually
earn $100,000 per year. Now, if you can earn $500 per superfan, and you’re flying solo,
without any business partners, that’s only 200 superfans. So you could just adjust the numbers, based on your personal business model. Now yes, Todd and I definitely
have attracted superfans, and it’s actually really fun, because we’ve actually
been at live events, and we’ve had people introduce themselves as our benefactors. And (laughing) actually
used that word, benefactors. Saying that they just love us, and they buy absolutely
everything we come out with. That right there, that’s a superfan. And they are priceless. So hopefully that $100,000
a year is starting to feel a lot closer to your reach. It is, yes it still is going
to take a lotta time and work. You should truly commit to
really a three year process to find and reach those 1,000 fans. But, if you are consistent, you’ll get there before you know it. Now what’s really cool about focusing on just 1,000 superfans is that you can get really
laser focused in your messaging. You know the exact person,
the one out of one million that you are speaking to, you
know what their goals are, what their struggles are,
what their interests are, so that you can create content that really rings true to them. So when they read it, when they watch it, they feel like you
actually read their mind. It’s exactly what they needed, and that is how you create a superfan. There’s almost nothing
better for us personally than seeing the comments
on a video or a blog post that says this is exactly
what I was looking for, or I so needed this video,
or even you read my mind. (laughing) that is a great
clue that your messaging is directly on point for
your target audience. Now, superfans not only bring
in money for your directly with their purchases, but
they will also promote you to their circles. They will share your content,
they’re gonna talk about you, they’re gonna introduce
you to their networks, so it will actually help you
grow your audience as well. Now please note that not everyone
is going to be a superfan, and that’s okay. You’re going to have regular fans as well. They’re not totally head
over heels in love with you, like the superfans, but they like you, they follow some of your content, and they will make some purchases as well. Think of it as two concentric circles. The innermost circle,
that’s your superfans. The broader circle, that
is your regular fans. So what’s great is if you
focus on just the superfans, you’ll end up attracting regular fans, and your superfans will bring you regular fans in the process. So the moral of the story is to know exactly who your superfans are. If you’ve heard of the
term target audience, it’s pretty similar. Your target audience should be the superfans you are looking to attract. Know them inside and out, continue to consistently
create good quality content that speaks specifically
to that target audience, to create your 1,000 superfans. Now I’ve got a great video, it’ll be in the upper right
corner of your screen here. And if you’re on mobile,
you don’t see that, just open up the description,
it’ll be right there for you. That video is going to teach you how to set up your business offerings, so that you can earn more
money, from all of your fans. Remember, the more you make per superfan, the fewer superfans you
need to reach your goal. So if you’re not yet earning $100 from each of your superfans, or if you just want to get better numbers, and just make more money
from each superfan, you need to watch this video next. If you’re not yet subscribed,
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so that we can help you create the time freedom
that you are looking for. Again, this is LeahRae
from, and I’ll see ya soon.

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