How to Make Health and Mana Potion Dice Rollers or Shakers from Epoxy Resin

Welcome to the Secret Subtitle Society! The SSS shall live on through this channel ๐Ÿ˜€ I will post an update on my community tab explaining why my other channel ‘Kill The Bubbles’ had to end ๐Ÿ™ But don’t worry, the bubble massacres shall continue… Along with my bad jokes XD I downloaded the 3D model for this crystal from Thingiverse (link in description) Have you ever noticed how male psychics walk funny? It’s because they have crystal balls XD Imagine playing pocket billiards with those :/ Use a pipette to get the resin to the points of all those crystals – we can’t kill the bubbles when they hide down there ๐Ÿ™ But we can get the ones on top – get ready… Kill the bubbles! My friend once coloured her hair red in the bathroom… It looked like somebody had dyed in there XD I guess you could leave the resin clear and call it an invisibility potion My local store sells invisible calendars… That’s something you don’t see every day :/ I once almost bought an invisible pencil… But I couldn’t see the point Never drink invisibility potion if you’re due in court… You’ll get charged with ‘failure to appear’ XD Ensure you don’t exceed the maximum pour depth for your resin or it could overheat Get them bubbles! These two little pots of resin were separated from the main batch I mixed for the jars Just a very thin layer is needed to cover the surface of the cork lid I’m trying to get into the Christmas spirit… But the cork is stuck XD Bubble massacre! Just drop the crystals into the centre of the corks and allow them to cure overnight Matching red and blue dice off eBay Finished! Remember, what happens in the subtitles stays in the subtitles! [Cheesy music]

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