How to Make Lemon Powder – Homemade DIY Seasonings

I promised you about a week ago that I was going to show you how to make lemon powder the lemons are a little past their prime I should have done this project the day I harvested them the rinds would have been nice and plump and full of juice now there’s just a little bit dried out and softer but we’re still going to make this work this is the lemon powder I made on the first run smell it smells so good that is going to be wonderful in spice used in some cooking dishes it smells and tastes like lemon some of the other powders that I’ve done that I use like spices and flavorings in my food is pumpkin this is actually from the pumpkin flesh that’s cooked dehydrated than powdered kaya this is nicaya leaves that again are cooked dehydrated and powdered pumpkin seed dried out and powdered and Moringa leaves this right here the two the kaya and the Moringa they’re like superfoods process on all of these is very similar especially the drying and powdering part so let me show you how we’re doing the lemons because right now we’re focused on making lemon powder we’re going to start by using the peeler this is just a typical carrot type peeler this is much easier when the lemons are more fresh since I’ve kind of let them dry out they’re not peeling as nicely as they did the first day but that’s okay if you don’t have a peeler you can just do it the old-fashioned way the end result is you need peels not lemons but don’t throw them away you can use those for other things now that we have a pile of lemon peels we’re going to get these dried out so we can make the powder I don’t have a dehydrator so I have to use my oven with a pan and parchment paper all of the peels all of the Pope on the paper if you have a dehydrator or another preferred method of dehydration by all means I’m not trying to tell you how to dehydrate I only have an oven I don’t have a dehydrator so this is how I do it I just set this on the lowest setting that I have for my oven that’s about 170 degrees which is a little hotter than most of your dehydrators would be if you were doing this the right way but what’s the right way if it gets done and it turns out nice it’s right it should all be dry these are perfect that’s exactly how we want them when we turn them into powder and we’re just going to use our blender if you have a food processor a coffee grinder any of those things will work all we’re doing is turning these crispy peels into powder this first batch turned out really nice and yellow I suspect that this one is going to be a little more Brown mmm smells like lemons it’s still pretty yellow there you have it that is your lemon powder that’s actually quite a bit of powder you can mix with different spices peppers make your lemon pepper for your fish or or however you choose to use your lemons the fact that we can take a lemon peel and turn it into something useful I find that pretty exciting this method of preserving the foods has given me a way to use the foods that I might not readily have available or use like lemon peels who thinks about using those I never have I’ve always just thrown them away this gives me a way to continue using the entire lemon and waste less things like the Moringa powder and kaya powder this gives me the amazing superfood miracle food nutrition of these plants in my kitchen ready to use at any moment later today we’re going to have family over so we’re going to make some fresh lemonade the lemonade recipe is really easy one cup of fresh squeezed lemons one cup of organic sugar and about 6 cups of cold water I don’t want my family to have a sour and unpleasant experience with the lemonade that I made so I’m going to taste a little to make sure that the lemon sugar ratio should be fine but we’re going to test to make sure it’s okay oh that is good lemonade I’m going to put that in the refrigerator and chill it for later the rest of the lemon juice is just going to be stored in canning jars in the refrigerator until I figure out exactly what I want to do with it if you already do this let me know in the comments below how it works out for you and how you use these powders because I’m just brand new at this and I don’t have enough recipes and enough ideas about how to use it but I am excited that I have it in the pantry ready to go thanks again for joining me I’ll talk to you soon


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