How To Make Money As A Twitch Affiliate – Ad Revenue Secret!

What if I told you there is a slick way
for you to make a little extra money live-streaming games or just live
streaming your general content creation I grab your attention
good I’m going to show you how to use a program called loots that you can use
with your stream labs OBS to generate a little bit of extra income to help you
out on your journey as a content creator in live streamer let’s go! Hey it’s me it’s wild coming at you for my stream support playlist where I bring you the
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out now if you’re not familiar with lutes lutes essentially is an ad
platform basically every time an ad gets pushed to your channel and X amount of
people see it you earn a small percentage of the revenue of the people
that saw the ad or if any CTRs happen click-through rate essentially and the
more people that watch it are the more click throughs that you get you earn
more income so essentially it’s the same thing as google ads even though making
money may not be your top priority as a live streamer or content creator you
have to admit having a little extra income helps with things in general
whether you need more games to stream more equipment or more software having a
little bit more income is gonna help you be bigger and better which is what I
want for you so taking advantage and using programs properly to help you with
making a little extra income or revenue is gonna be vital to your career as a
live streamer and content creator so let me go over the computer and show you how
loots works and how you can use it to your advantage to make a little extra
coin for your adventures online step number one is obviously you need to
download stream labs OBS I’m going to assume that you’ve already done this but
if you haven’t in you’re confused about how stream labs OBS works I’m going to
do a full masterclass on everything stream lab so you can find on the top
right corner here but from this point assume you have it already installed
from here you want to navigate yourself to the top navigation bar where it says
app store over on the right hand side you will see a search bar where all you
need to do is type in loots it’ll populate over there in the lower left
hand corner and from here just simply click on this program now that we’re on
the loots page all you need to do is navigate over to the right side and
click install mine says open because I already have it installed once it’s done
installing you can open up the program or it may already default take you there
when you open up the loots program within slobs you’ll be greeted with
select which network you want to broadcast and show your messages on at
the moment you can only select three programs they have YouTube twitch and
mixer I do know that they’re adding more I just don’t know when the next is
select your scene now at the moment again they only give you one option
which will be a lower third that will populate the message but I do know that
they are working on a beta that will allow you to show messages in different
spots like top left or top right corner or that’ll do like a full one-third
horizontal or vertical across your screen so I’m sure they’ll come up with
an update with that eventually as well if you scroll down a little bit you will
see the message page which contains a vital piece of information which has
your own unique URL that contains your username what you want to do with this
regardless of whatever platform you’re on is you need to put this in a place
where people can click on it so this way they can type a message which will
populate a ad on your own channel that way you get a little bit of ad revenue
so essentially if you’re on something like twitch or YouTube you want to
create a panel that people can click on that will redirect them to this link
where they can do what we just said if you scroll down even further you’ll see
the controls here where you can go to dashboard and earnings both of these
tabs will take you to Loots own website where if you need to make changes to
your account or finik around with anything you can make subtle tweaks here
or if you want to see how much income or revenue you’ve made through the platform
you can click on the earnings tab below that you will see test overlay which is
exactly what it does you want to click on test overlay and
then go over to your editor and this will show
how an ad actually works and populates on your channel and it’s as simple as
that once you’ve pasted it in that piece of coding where people can click on it
every time somebody clicks on that links and write a message it’ll pop down in
the lower third just like this and it’ll show a fun little ad and also the
message so it does make it a little personalized and just like we said the
more people that see this message or the more people that can click through or go
through anything like that you earn a little bit more income all right
bonus tip time if you really want to take advantage and utilizes loots app
program on streamlabs OBS here’s what you really want to do make sure you
inform all your moderators and regulars and normal subs in there but every time
you get a huge raid to use the loots system as much as you can because you’re
gonna get a huge influx of new people coming to the channel which means more
eyeballs are gonna see that ad which means you’re gonna make more money which
is what I want for you now Loots isn’t anchored only working on Streamlabs OBS
and their App Store in fact Loots can work on other broadcasting services as
well just like normal OBS if you’re interested in a video on
that and how to utilize and take advantage of that platform let me know
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the next stream support video coming up real soon
take care all Peace

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