How to Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer for Ballen Academy

Hey, this is Sabrina with Ballen Academy
and I’m going to show you how you can edit the settings inside of your
Ballen Academy affiliate dashboard so once you log into a Ballen Academy
you will be able to access your dashboard here’s the URL if you need it it will ask you to go ahead
and log in with your account to be able to access this, what this will do is it
will have your commission details your affiliate code and the cookie period for
you now a cookie is basically how long the system tracks your referral so if
you send somebody to a particular link that lead is yours for 30 days if they
don’t revisit within that 30 days and purchase then you would need to have
them re-access your affiliate code in order to have that cookie period reset
now from this screen you can also go ahead and generate your own affiliate
links so basically all you have to do is hop over to and you
can choose which course you want to refer people to so if you want to refer
people to our complete Ballen Method marketing bundle you go ahead and copy
that link paste it down here in the link generator and then you have your
affiliate code that you can then send to people which will then go ahead and put
them under your cookie period once they click that link now once you
log in on here you’ll also have your earning in revenue once you start having
some sales in there on the left hand side you’ll also see a sales section
where you can access your transactions and your statements, again these are
going to appear once you start having some sales in the system
then you have your settings which is basically your notifications so if you
want to be notified when somebody signs up for a free course with your link or a
paid course with your link you can choose to turn these on and off as
needed now the most important part is your payout details you want to make
sure that you set this up so that way you can get paid basically so what
you’re going to do is you’re going put in your pay pal email address now what’s
going to happen is when you have somebody who signs up using your link there is a
30-day delay in the system that basically gives room for any possible
returns or anything like that then once that 30-day timer is basically done you
will get paid out on the first business day of the upcoming month so you’ll be
paid out via PayPal on the first business day of each month with a month
one month delay to follow for student refund request so their example that
they have in here is if you have any purchases that are made between March
1st and March 31st with that 3 day delay timer you will be paid out in May so on
May 1st ok and you can keep track of all those transactions here so make sure you
put in your paypal email address so that way you can get paid properly for all of
your sales if you have any questions you can reach me at sabrina at ballon
brand’s calm and if you want to sign up as an affiliate and you are not an
affiliate yet you can also reach out to us and we can help you get that set up
thank you so much for watching gonna

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