How To Make Money On Amazon FBA in 2020 | Step-By-Step LISTING For Beginners

welcome back JC Franco here the
no-bullshit Amazon seller and this is how to make money on Amazon as a
complete beginner with no experience this is a free YouTube Amazon FBA course
it’s gonna cover the whole thing so if you want to make money on Amazon this is
where you need to be and this is exactly how you’re gonna do it now this is the
fourth part of a five part series if you want to watch any other part of the
series click right up here or you can go to the description where they’re all be
linked out for you and if you watch all five videos you’ll know everything that
you need to know but today we’re gonna talk about listing creation so now we’re
getting for the fun part putting this stuff onto Amazon the stuff that your
customers are actually gonna see and base their purchase decision off of
whether they’re gonna give you money or give someone else money it comes down to
this listing comes down to everything you put into this and whether or not I
actually see your product in the first place is gonna be dependent on this as
well as hopefully as you go on so maybe you’ve learned a lot hopefully either
you’re watching its first time you’re taking notes you’re going along you’re
taking the information or if you’re actually doing this now and following
along I mean graduates for getting this far
all right so now what we’re gonna use for listing creation and the first thing
about a listing is that you need to know that it’s not just about making
something that looks beautiful okay it’s about something will make something that
will sell okay because unlike a physical store on e-commerce on Amazon this is
all they have this is the pictures the title the description the bullet points
is all they’re basing this purchase decision off of and then reviews once
you get reviews right but you never need it reviews if you can’t get the first
few people to buy the product begin with so how do you know if a listing is gonna
do well my rule of thumb is just model it after those who are already
successful right you don’t want to be a pioneer and try different random things
look at those that are already pioneered the space for you and take from what
they’ve done right you always can tell the pioneer because they have the arrows
in their back ok so we’re gonna go ahead and click into this guy and we’re going
to model his listing meaning his bull pond looks a little bit as bull points
let’s see first of all feels good listening okay there’s actually good cuz
this guy’s killing it and there’s a lot that can be approved here okay for
example the titles for this should be more noticeable so design material
quality standout it should be all captain should
have you know things that make it pop let’s see what else he goes into you I’m
talking a frame perfect if it gets award documents frame includes a white that
will mat would frame would polish a shatterproof glass that gives a clear
view of your document preserving certificate so that’s great talking
about the benefits of this product right china proof glass clear view preserves
your awards durable gallery style frame shutter proof glass again said the same
kind of thing well just get some words and documents easily quickly and
securely perfect so what do I want to match up both points okay is don’t talk
too much about the feature talk about the benefit so don’t talk about what it
does talk about why what it does matters for me for the customer right so I could
say these glasses have yellow lenses right big deal
but if I say these glasses lenses will protect your eyes from the bright blue
light of computer screens and reduce headaches right that’s two different
things but it’s the same topic right so instead of talking about a feature talk
about why is that a feature important why do I care because everyone is
looking for what is in it for me right what is in it for me why would I choose
this one over anything else it’s got to have something in it for me okay so what
we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna say usually I look through all the listings
and see the best take a few items from each of the of the listings take my bit
bits and pieces but just to keep this video going we’ll just use this one okay
so now we’re gonna go to buyer launch again handy trusty dandy viral launch
they have this tool called if you go here we know you’re familiar with
products cover now you know market intelligence I showed you a keyword
research and then now we have a listing builder again amazing tool right if
you’re a lumberjack this is your this is the difference in of having a chainsaw
versus having an axe versus having a pocketknife trying to cut down a tree
case you click on listing builder right go to builder all you do is enter a
keyword okay so you go ahead into your keyword and you put diploma frame and
you search and what’s gonna happen is they’re gonna pull up the most relevant
keywords so this is based off of the same engine that they use the keyword
research so I’m giving you a priority score and they’re giving you an
opportunity score and they’re giving you the amount of search volume so when
you’re creating a listing you want have as much of these these keywords in
there as possible so you can rank better right so these are the amount of
searches see to that 26,000 this is a total amount of searches of all these
listing of things added up okay and they’ll tell you how optimized is your
listing this one needs work because obvious is nothing in here so let’s go
ahead and grab from this title and I don’t like putting especially if you’re
a brand new brand you don’t need to put your brand name in the beginning because
no one actually cares or knows what it is and it has no effect on their buying
decision no one’s going oh man can flat I definitely need to buy them cuz
they’re American flat I mean some people might be but I don’t know who those guys
are okay so first thing you put is the size it seems like document frame made
for document size this to this with Matt let’s actually go back and see what
other titles are looking like luxurious document frame flagship that’s the brand
name diploma frame with tassel shadow box real so okay one thing I want to
mention when creating a listing and creating a title is that you want to
have a many keywords as possible but you also want to keep it very relevant for
the title like once I get past dot dot I’m not reading that anymore and it
doesn’t matter I wanted a title when I’m stopping personally on Amazon and when I
found works best is having a title that gives all the details they need but it
still seems like an organic title that is actually a title of what the product
is and it’s not just a bunch of keywords stuffed in there right so instead of
just going to pull my frame certificate degree diploma a try 11 holder college
document graduation frame Ford for dogs and cats right you know what I mean like
throwing much stuff in that it doesn’t matter it’s not gonna it’s not gonna
help you so let’s see put in the dimensions seems to be good so let’s
just grab this diploma frame with tasks look at us we’re gonna do right tassel
shadow box what is that real wood and glass golden
Ram 11 my 16 frame let’s put that into the title you’ll see what happens when
you put these into the title it the it’ll actually crossed out so you know
this is used this is used this frame was used diploma right so you know exactly
what was usual you know what is left to work with
so 11 by 1600 by 14 I pull my frame with tassel shadow to
pull my frame with tassel let’s actually put this in here well find by 11 which
is paper size real wood in glass what did the other guys say glass about his
glass shatter proof glass durable glass or degree certificate and document okay
so ready use half of the toilet search for volume it’s a very you know one
piece title nothing too flashy nothing oh it’s not over keyword stuffed
tells you exactly what you need no it’s a diploma frame with tassel 8.5 by 11
real wood and durable glass four degree certificate and end documents so now
what we’re gonna do is go in to do the features so for the features let’s just
grab from one of these guys so here is an example of terrible terrible bullet
points right it just looks messy it’s not telling you
it’s giving you features instead of benefits so let’s go back to the first
guy because he had a great list of features and benefits so one point about
red bullet points is knowing your customer who’s buying this what are they
buying it for this is someone who wants to show off some piece of paper that
they have rights like a degree I’m just solved because I don’t have one
but a degree a diploma some kind of award right so I would makes it
something that sticks out to them so like prestige right all caps and then
you can go into the instead of designer I change the title make it all caps grab
this copy that and just read redo it a little bit real would 11 go over my
living here so I’ll just say real wood what are the main things here real wood
document frame the onion here 8.5 by 11 I should space that out as according to
this so I spaced out better serve your great accomplishment graduation right so
I’m pulling that now college bachelor’s master’s and I’ll work on that right and
then I’ll go into the next point material shatterproof glass material
still not sure I spelled that right material
shatterproof glass to protect sorry the recording cut out there I don’t know
where I lost you guys at but I was just going through this and yeah that was
just saying that’s how I was you’re right listing so you go through here you
put in the title and you use this and and make sure that your be as relevant
as possible at the same time making it as clear as possible showing the the
benefits and not just the features and then you do the same thing for the
description and then with the nice thing about this is then you can use what if
say you’re done all the all here the features you did the description you can
move your unused search terms to the back end search terms so now you have
all these back end search terms that you can grab and put into the back end of
your listing okay so that’s really why I love to use listening builder creating
listing it’s not that hard it’s just it takes a lot of time a lot of thought
process I couldn’t obviously create a great listing right now because
obviously because I mean more time to think but if you’re actually gonna do a
do a lot of research could look at your top competitors piece to take the best
pieces from theirs put it into yours make sure your unique features are being
showcased as well okay another thing the cool about this it’ll show you like
misspellings so sometimes we’ll be misspellings certificate a certificate
see a diploma so things like that that are actually being searched for that you
just will never know if it wasn’t for this tool now I need to add a few very
important things before you move on to the final video of this series at the
very end here I added all the keywords I just pressed you know that button that
says add all to back-end but I would focus on the keywords I want to just do
it like that it is a great button that you can use and it’s gonna help you but
I would actually spend some time folks on the backend keywords because that’s a
second most important thing behind the title for ranking your listing so make
sure you’re you’re really focusing on them it is smart to put you know
misspellings and different languages in there but make sure your main keywords
are they’re the ones that aren’t already used for the title next I want to talk
about the images a little bit which is something I didn’t like a touch on now I
did a little poll for the community of my channel maybe you voted on it and
asked what is the most important thing when you’re buying a product on
besides the reviews and it was a landslide vote for the images now the
images are the most important thing that you to focus on that’s gonna sell your
product okay so make sure they are quality and not just high quality make
sure that you’re taking them with intent like you know exactly why you’re
choosing listing you’re choosing the picture that you’re choosing and what
your idea is what you’re trying to portray to the customer because again
that’s all they have on Amazon is the images to look at right then they can’t
feel you probably can’t touch it so the images need to really tell a story of
what your product does and why it’s better than everyone else you need to
show try to trigger a motion right use lifestyle photos so that’s people using
your product how it would be used how it makes their their life better like if
you’ve seen like infomercial before you know they always have a you know this is
the old way of doing it and it’s all in black and white and then now introducing
this new product and then it’s all in color and it shows how happy they are
and then they’re not frustrated anymore they’re happy they’re their problems
have been solved and that’s what you can be showing with your images okay so so
use of all the image slots that you have and also use of all the white space that
you can for your image so there’s nothing worse than seeing a image on
Amazon and it’s like this small little thing in the picture and there’s like
this giant border of white all around it make it as large you cancel your filling
all the space on your picture you shouldn’t have a bunch of white all
around your picture you should have your main put your product filling all that
space okay also your main image should only be in a white background okay
usually you’re not allowed to have like badges or texts or your logo or whatever
it is on your on your main image right some people will be like brand new 20 20
best product you know high reviews or best selling or whatever they’ll put
their own badge on it but you can’t do that now some people will get away with
it you will see that all the time on Amazon but it is against the rules so if
you’re gonna do that do that at your own risk and just know that Amazon might
just take down you’re listening because you know you’re not following the rules
and you will be in the wrong for that and that’s gonna that’s gonna hurt you
in terms of your sales and your revenue and your account in general so if you
want to do that play by your own risk so now you know how to make your listing
your product is found mate and being shipped into Amazon everything is ready
to go all you got to do now is wait for your part to arrive and launch it so if
you’re ready for the final step to launch a product make some money on
Amazon click it right there that is the final part of the series hopefully you
enjoyed this click the bottom link for the my free masterclass I’m gonna show
some of my secrets that you’ve got to be there to see and then click my face
subscribe I’m Jesse Frank oh and don’t forget your empire awaits

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