How To Make Money On Clickbank Easy Step by Step Method

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four dollars and forty cents on average per sale with Clickbank alright stick
around we’re gonna get you started on that here right now all righty guys welcome back to the
today’s video in this video like I said I’m going to show you a simple method
that you can use to make money with Clickbank products all right all righty
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out of the light here let’s go ahead and get started in on today’s video so like
I said I’ll show you a simple method here to sell products with using
Clickbank products on the Internet so the first thing we’re going to do is
we’re going to come over here to this website right here it’s called global
free classified ads calm global free classified ads calm you see it here in
the address bar global – free – classified – ads calm okay you come to
this website now why do we choose this website well let me show you why right
here but come up here and I click on my similar web browser extension which you
can get for free at the Chrome Web Store this works on Google Chrome browser and
if I click on that and it comes out you see that it’s got global free classified
ads com shows here and I’ll scroll this up you can see that their monthly visits
here are about four hundred and twenty seven thousand
people per month guys that’s a teetotaling ton of traffic right here I
tell you this is where we’re going to advertise at and this is how we’re going
to get traffic to our office this is all free 100% free to sign up 100% free to
do and 100% free traffic all the way through here okay as you can see this
website sometimes gets up to over 500,000 people per month to this website
that’s a lot of traffic guys a lot of a lot of potential to make money with your
Clickbank products on this particular website alright now first thing going to
do when you get here to the home page you’re going to click on register all
right click on register it brings you over here to this page right here and
it’s simple it’s a simple form to fill out put your first name in here and
choose your region as you can see guys they got every country in the world here
so again this can be done anywhere in the world okay so you choose your
country and region wherever you want it doesn’t have to be yours it can be
anywhere you want okay and then just select it and it’ll show up there you’re
going to fill out with a good email address here okay because that you want
a good one because they’re going to send you a confirmation email that you need
to confirm your account list so make sure it’s a good email address and then
you got to confirm it here and then down here you’ll set up your username and
your password your username has to be 4 to 16 characters in length ok now when
you type it in here and you click Submit to create your account it might say that
this username is already taken if that’s the case you just need to keep modifying
it to you get one that’s acceptable that you like that that’s not
already taken on this website okay and then you want to put your password in
make a good password check the I accept on the Terms of Use if you want to read
their Terms of Use that’s what these links are down here you can read their
terms otherwise this clicked yes I accept and
then click the submit button what will happened then is they’ll send you a
confirmation email to your email and you’re going to want to log into that
whether it’s webmail or whatever if you’re using a mail program and it comes
to that you want to look for that email and you want to click the link in that
email to confirm your account that you just created on this site and then once
that done that’s finished then you just come back over and you can log log in to
the site here and then once you get logged in you’ll this click on right
here where it says post a free ad to set up to post an ad now I’ve already got
I’m already logged in here and I’ve already filled out some of this
information on the ad that I’m posting to show you guys so I’ve kind of did
this ahead of time to save time on this video okay so don’t click post a free ad
now but first of all after that step after you get registered you want to
come over to Clickbank alright we’re going to come over here to Clickbank
when you get logged into your account with Clickbank it’s easy enough to
create a free one here just sign up on Clickbank and create your account and
then when you get logged in you want to come up here and click on marketplace
right here that brings you over here to this page marketplace now you’ll see all
these categories of niches down here you can choose any one you want all these
have subcategories you can choose any any niche that you want it can be any
product that you like or that you’re you know you’re passionate about it can be
in the well if health and fitness and wellness green products and education
employment and jobs self-help software it could be literally in anything you
want as you see here now for this example that I’m showing you guys how to
do this I chose affiliate marketing under the
e-business and marketing section here by default Clickbank searches by popularity
so I mean you can choose gravity or you can choose all kinds of things here but
by default you sort by popularity so anyways I chose this product right here
for this example the reason why is because it’s a hot offer right now it’s
a fairly new product and it has a high gravity if you notice the gravity right
here that’s 167 0.63 that’s a lot that’s about 168 people that are marketing this
product successfully on the internet right now as you see you can make
average sales fifty to four dollars and forty cents okay now this is the
affiliate link the affiliate site right here which is this one right here right
here this is the affiliate site you can come here you see they have upsells the
initial product is $9.95 that’s a 14 day trial for that right there you’ll make
commission off of that as well they do have upsells $39 67 47 all the way up to
seven hundred and ninety seven dollars okay and so they say fifty-four forty as
the price because of somewhere between 39 and 67 most people will buy the first
or second upsell after they’ve tried it for 14 days for the 995 ok and anyway so
this is the affiliate page and you can get your link here but this is not where
I’m going to show you to get your link we’re going to get our link directly off
of here you can click promote right here now also this is the sales page I click
on this link it brings me over to this this is the video sales letter
known as a BSL sales page video sales because it has a video and they can sign
up right here as you see it says enter your details right here and get started
for just 995 right you’ll make a commission off of that and
when they buy an upsell after their 14-day trial you’ll get paid again ok
alright so anyways now you took we’ve chosen our product I chose this just as
an example to show you guys that you can do this with any product I just chose
this when it’s affiliate marketing so what we’re going to do is come over here
to post a free ad on global free classifieds so we have our product now
and I clicked on post a free ad and it brings up here the first thing it’s
going to bring it up is the category this is important you need to pay
attention here you’re going to make sure that you post in the correct category
and if you see right here on these breadcrumbs you see I’m in business
opportunities affiliate marketing because a product has to do with
affiliate marketing right 12-minute affiliate system right so don’t don’t
you know you’re not going to post like I wouldn’t post affiliate marketing and
something to do with like dogs or cats or something like that it’s just it’s
not relevant there’s there’s no relevance there and if you do that the
owners of this site are going to want to remove your ad and if you keep doing it
more than once or twice I’m sure they’re gonna remove you from from mobile free
classifieds and you’re not going to be able to post there anymore and use this
to get all this free traffic to your offers right so you want to make sure
that you choose the right category for this okay alright so we’re in the
affiliate marketing category that’s what our product is and then you get 30 days
for free now if you want to purchase yeah on this site you can get longer
than that but you get a whole month for free what happens is
the end of the month they’ll send you an email showing you that that your month
is up and would you like to repost it again then you can just repost it again
for free for another 30-day pop 30 days at a time
all right all right so and you see I just typed in a reasonable title here
they only let you go so many characters I said tap into this easy plug-and-play
affiliate system so you want to type your title in of whatever product you’re
using off of Clickbank right then then you have your description here now
you’ve got to have a minimum of four hundred characters this thing starts out
as you can see I’m at ninety to nine remaining now this thing starts out at
ten thousand so as you can see this a little bit of information I have right
here is enough to cover about eight hundred characters Tovar that includes
spaces and so on and so forth and I just took this information right from these
pages I took some to this information right
here as you can see that information is right here this first three lines this
next bit of information I took off of the affiliate page down here right here
twelve minute affiliate plug-and-play system and finally makes affiliate
marketing easy as always it’s been promised to be and then these bullet
points that you see right here all I did was copy and paste those into the
description as you see right here simple plug-and-play so on and so forth more
points in that just sort of separated the lines kind of make it look neat nice
you know all right and then I set the price right here of course the price is
nine ninety five the initial price right shows us dollars payment options I know
that Clickbank takes Visa and MasterCard and that’s usually enough just check
those two there and when you come down through this first page here when you’re
setting up your ads it’s going to ask you
you want to put your email address in here if you want I don’t think this is
necessary this information right here but I went ahead and put my email
address I’m going to leave my phone empty in the street address empty of the
item location and then regions I chose United States New York State and
then Manhattan as you see here a reason why I chose Manhattan is because there’s
10 million people 10 million people live in Manhattan can you imagine that New
York City is just incredibly crowded but that’s a lot of traffic that’s a lot of
potential for sales so you can choose whatever you want and then you want to
put the item location I just chose that zip code air of one zero zero zero one
that’s the zip code for Manhattan New York okay so I chose that in there now
you can add extra regions of the world if you want right here as many as you
want I chose India and Delhi as the city in
India or state called okay that’s all I’m gonna do for this example just those
united states new york manhattan and india delhi now right here at the bottom
you’re gonna make sure you don’t miss this it says your website URL in there
we’re going to put in our clickbank affiliate link right so we come back to
clickbank same thing you’re gonna do here and what I do is click on there’s a
12-minute affiliate system here and I click on promote that brings this up
right here this window you want to make sure that your account nickname is in
this box right here that you signed up with on Clickbank right if you want you
can put a tracking ID in here as well for your link as well but I’m just gonna
leave it blank just for this example alright so then you just click on
generate your hop links and there you go it gives us our clickbank affiliate link
right there for this product so I just come over here I can either highlight it
and click copy or just click this button right here
– copy that like you see it’s been successfully copied now what we’re going
to do then is we’re going to bring that link over here to bitly bitly comm bi t
ly comm and we’re going to click in here and we’re going to shorten this ugly
click back link down and make it look a little bit nicer alright so we click our
cursor and there right click and choose paste
you see there’s our Clickbank hop link and there our affiliate link for that
product now I’m just gonna simply click on the shorten button here and you see
it shortens it up to this nice little bit li link and it’s down here as well
so we can copy here or highlight this right click and choose copy and then
we’re going to test it out just to make sure it works right right so I open up
another tab on my browser here and then I just paste this bitly link into my
browser bar and then tell it to go and there you go you see it loads up it’s
quick video i’m sales letter to this product attack so we know that that
works so then what I’m gonna do is come back to my hat and down here where it
says your website URL I’m going to paste that into there
there’s my biblia Philly link right then we’re going to choose next step here so
click on next step and it brings us over here and it’s asking us if we want to
upload an image ok well I came over here to the affiliate page which you can do
on any of the products that you choose and you normally they will have banners
and pictures of their products that you can use so for example I took this one
right here the 250 by 250 won and I just simply right clicked on instead of copy
and the the source to it right here I just right-click the image and choose
save as and save it to my computer and you see it gives it a name so if I
click on save and then it puts it over here and you see the download is
complete up here alright so we come back to our ad and we’re going to click it
right here this is a YouTube video but we want to choose a photo ok we’re going
to leave the video alone we’re going to use a photo right here so we’re going to
choose a file right here click on that and there’s my file picture click on
that and then it should have it there to upload so you have to have at least one
picture see that star or asterisk for the next to that you have to have at
least one of those then you just click come down here at the bottom if you can
find if you’re if your affiliate thing has a video you can upload that video in
here too or add the video url and it’ll pull it offline for you set that video
in here for our example I’m just using this picture or that JPEG picture and
then click continue at the bottom cost of the listing you see here over here it
says free that’s what we want right we’re doing a free ad posting and then
so then that’s on the extras then we just clicked the next step and then it
brings you over here you see your check out thing is all this is 100% free
alright then you just click the publishing button right here and we’ll
just go ahead and publish this and it says your order has been received
successfully and then you see it’s right here and if you want to view it just
click click on that link and allow you to see your ad and what it looks like
and there you go you see there’s our ad with the image that I posted and then
it’s got all the description and everything right now here it’s got the
at the title is right here and how much cost right there at the top and you see
there’s my description and stuff and then when I clicked when somebody clicks
visit the website when I click that that’s gonna take them right over here
to your affiliate link video sales page and all they do from there is fill in
their name and email address and click get started and then when they pay the
nine dollars and ninety five you’ll get a little commission off of that and then
fourteen days later if they purchase up and go step up to the next level you’ll
make commission for each upsell that they purchase in that funnel okay so
there you have it guys that is how you can make free sales one percent free
with Clickbank products using global free classified ads com alrighty guys
that’s what I wanted to show you today this simple method that you can use to
make money with Clickbank products any product you want to click back doesn’t
matter alright just make sure you put it in the right category okay alrighty guys
well don’t forget to reach down there and subscribe to my channel and click
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bucks I think something like that okay alright guys i’m gonna let you go with
that and i’ll see you again here in a couple days on the next video you guys
take care have an awesome day also don’t forget to comment if you have any
questions about this video – i’ll see you guys later
take care now bye bye


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