How to Make Money on Pinterest: 3 Ways I make $250/day With Free Pinterest Traffic (2019)

Hey come here, come closer! Just look at
this number. How do you like it? This is my ad income from just one blog just one
day and 90% of my traffic comes from Pinterest for free yes you heard me
right I’m driving tons of free Pinterest traffic to my blogs and I monetize it with
Mediavine ads primarily. But I have other monetization strategies as well
and I’ll tell you all about them in this video. Hi, I am Anastasia of
I am a Pinterest marketing expert and from this video you will know how I made
over $8,000 in monthly income online mainly thanks to Pinterest traffic. At
the end of the video you can get a link to my printable Checklist that will show
you even more details about monetization of Pinterest traffic. So stay tuned! Just
a few quick facts before we dive into all the details. So far, with Pinterest
traffic I made a maximum of $250 a day from one of my blogs using Mediavine
ads in my best monthly online income. So far, I made over $8300 totally thanks to Pinterest traffic. On my best traffic day
I’ve got over 13,000 users on one of my blogs and it was of course
thanks to a viral pin. And my best months the traffic on one of my blogs exceeded
300,000 pageviews. So these are some numbers which will give you a quick idea
about the importance of Pinterest traffic for my online income and now
let’s look at all the details. These are the main ways Pinterest helps me make
money with my blogs. First is advertising I already mentioned I use Mediavine
company for ads. The second way is affiliate marketing in the articles and
posts which get traffic mainly from Pinterest and the third way is by
selling my own products. Tt could be printables and it could be courses. So
far, I just have these two types of products.
I will talk about all these monetization strategies in detail in in this video
but for now, just a side note that there is also another method which I honestly
don’t use much so I will not cover it in in this video in detail but it’s worth
mentioning here that you can also do affiliate marketing on Pinterest without
even having your own website or blog. So all you have to do is add affiliate
links directly to the pins. These links have to go to the offers you
want to promote on Pinterest of course, with a proper disclosure on every
pin. So Pinterest just asks us to have a disclosure like this: #add, for example or #sponsored . Now here are some of the reasons I recommend
focusing on Pinterest for traffic generation. If you plan to make money
with ads on your website, Pinterest traffic works great for
monetization through ad companies like Mediavine or Adthrive or maybe Monumetric. These companies pay three times, sometimes even ten times
better than Google Adsense. So you want to try to get to the minimum
requirements these companies have. For example, Mediavine has the minimum
requirement of 25,000 monthly sessions and when you get to this number,
you also need to have about 80 percent of users from the United States. That’s
one of the requirements otherwise these companies are not really interested.
Because their advertisers are not really interested in working with websites
which don’t get the majority of traffic from users in the United
States. So Pinterest is really helpful in this because as you probably know
Pinterest is particularly popular in the United States and Canada as well so that
means that if you are successful on Pinterest ,it will give you a great free
traffic source exactly from the countries which are the best
for ad monetization of your website. And the second reason is that ad income is
usually the very first option beginner bloggers think of for monetization of
their website because anything else like selling your your own products and even
affiliate marketing… all these options look more advanced for them and
Pinterest is the only platform which allows you start getting traffic almost
immediately. Like you you you can easily get the
required twenty five thousand monthly sessions with Pinterest in a matter of
months maybe three to five four to six months but from Google it’s almost
impossible for a new blogger because of the competition and the so called
sandbox Google has this filter that keeps the all the new sites away from
the top Google search results, right? At the same time, nothing stops a new
blogger from getting a lot of traffic from Pinterest and so you can get the minimum requirement and start monetizing your blog
with Mediavine in a matter of months. Really,
I have several examples of my own students I have their videos here on
YouTube channel showing you how people do it and some of them you can check on
on my landing page for my course… some of the reviews the testimonials and you can
actually see that people can achieve this in a matter of months. I mentioned
that you can publish pins with direct affiliate links but I’m not a big fan of
this method so I don’t think that pins with a hashtag #ad, for example, can ever
get viral and drive a lot of traffic. I haven’t personally seen any
example of this. On the other hand, if you invest a little more time into marketing
in the affiliate product or offer by creating content around it, if you write
a blog post or make a video on Youtube and then
link… you know that you don’t have to all only create blog posts you can also have
a YouTube channel by the way and link your YouTube videos and promote them on
a Pinterest, right? I’m just saying 🙂 So my experience shows that you can make
very decent income off Pinterest traffic when you drive this traffic to your
useful content and this useful content can of course include some affiliate
links. So right now you see on the screenshot my income from one of the
affiliate networks I work with. So it’s just for one month. It’s income for one
month. So, on my blog, I have a lot of content about the ways of making money
from home, online income and about side hustles you can do on the Internet. So many
of these articles are filled with links to affiliate offers of different
companies and I get viral pins with thousands of repins on some of those
posts so you can see here 3000 a blog post 3000 repins and I have is just one
version of this pin if you go to this post this post itself you’ll see that it
has like thousands and thousands of repins. I actually create multiple pin versions
for each blog post so this is just one version of the pin that got 5,000
repins. So what you need to do is basically create blog posts or pages on
your site which describes the benefits of the products or offers you promote your pin — will not look like an ad anymore. Tt will be just like other pins
linked to useful content online and you don’t have to add disclosure as well
because on the pin itself because in this case the pin is linked to your
website and inside your web page you obviously you will have a disclosure
there. So you don’t have to make any disclosure on the pin now. One of my
favorite parts is about selling products on Pinterest you already know that the
majority of my blogging income comes from ads, and you know that the
majority of traffic comes from Pinterest but how about sales
of products and maybe services using Pinterest as a marketing funnel a common
misconception about Pinterest is that it’s a social media platform and that
people go to Pinterest to entertain only and so it’s very hard to convert visits
from Pinterest that’s so so wrong let me tell you what is wrong about this statement. Pinterest is not a typical social media site because people barely
connect with each other on Pinterest. Sending a direct message for example on
Pinterest can easily get you in trouble especially if you send a link in your
message a link to your website for example. Pinterest spam
filters can identify this and flag your account just for sending messages with
links Pinterest doesn’t encourage direct interaction between users on their
platform. They want to position themselves as a visual search
engine and this visual search engine relies on a lot of social factors which
define how your pins are ranked on Pinterest and by social factors. I mean
both user interaction with the content for example click-throughs, likes,
comments, photos under your pins. You know there is a “Tried it” component under
every pin it’s called Tried it. Okay? Users can make a photo of the product or
the recipe if it’s a recipe or a DIY project and make it photo of what they
made based on your recommendations and this really helps your pins rank high on
Pinterest. And then the other factor is the connection between users and
Pinterest meaning you will see content from people and from boards which you
follow more often than the pins of people who you don’t follow, right, in
your Smart Feed. So users on Pinterest can be working on a platform in two
modes: they can be in ACTIVE search using keywords and then can they can also
explore by scrolling down their Smart feeds.
And both ways you can get users who are genuinely interested in your topic but
of course, if the user comes from search you get the most targeted visitors. And that’s definitely a positive thing about
Pinterest audience compared to other social media platforms like Facebook or
Instagram. So this all sounds like a great theory but I personally learn much
better from real-life examples. Do you? Do you learn better from examples, right?And
today you’re lucky I invite you into the behind the scenes to show you how my
Pinterest traffic is converting on my side so I made a screenshot from my
Google Analytics and you can see that in total Pinterest traffic brought about
the same amount of conversions as Google to my site I’m just showing you that
Google has higher conversions but Pinterest has both Pinterest referral
and social traffic right? And if I put them together that will be almost the
same as Google traffic and I’m showing on this screenshot the total for all of
my goals I set goals for my site in Google Analytics and the highest
conversions are of course for my Pinterest for the free Pinterest
workshop because I give links to this workshop in almost every blog post
related to Pinterest and some of the goals have monetary values actually so
excuse these blurry parts of the screenshot because I’m not bragging
about the money here I’m just trying to show you how you can track your
conversions in Google Analytics, alright? And as you can see, Facebook and
Instagram are nowhere close they’re down here at the bottom of the screenshot
there are nowhere close to what Pinterest drives me in terms of
conversions right luckily Pinterest is a hybrid of a search engine and a social
media platform which makes our goals more
achievalbe even without any ad budget if you are doing it with Pinterest SEO
right? I’m a specialist in Pinterest I’m all about Pinterest SEO, and so passionate
about it and as I promised at the beginning of this video I will give you
a CHECKLIST which will help you master Pinterest traffic like a pro to make
money of Pinterest you just need to know the basics of Pinterest search engine
optimization and that’s what you will get inside my detailed Pinterest at your
checklist you will find the link to these CHECKLIST right below the video
in the description and if you want to dive deep into Pinterest world, check the
link to my course which is also in the description below the video so that’s it
for today now let me know in the comments below what do you think about
Pinterest as a traffic generating source how does it work for you also let me
know which other Pinterest related topics you’d like me to cover for you on
this channel because I really wanted to answer all your questions and offer you
solutions if this video was helpful make sure to share it with your friends do
the thumb bob and follow my channel because i specialize on pinterest
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I’ll see you in the next videos


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