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– Welcome to the YouTube
Partner Program, folks. It’s time to make some money. (Rainmaker whirs) – vidIQ.
– vidIQ. – [Man] – It didn’t mention anything about this bloody noise in the advert. Look at all this flaming mess, as well. It’s not even real money. Hello, I am Rob. Welcome back to vidIQ, educating and entertaining
you on your YouTube journey. And what we’re going to talk about today is how to make money on YouTube exclusively through YouTube tools. There used to be a time where
you would only make money through YouTube from AdSense, and then you would get
all of your other income, such as affiliate links,
brand deals, merchandising, from off of the platform. But the YouTube platform has
got a lot more sophisticated in the last couple of years, giving you several options
to make money officially through YouTube, and on top of that, YouTube have just announced some upgrades and some facts and figures about how you can make money on YouTube. Now, just before we go into the detail, there is something that you video creators do need to bear in mind. All of these tools are part of
the YouTube Partner Program, which means you need 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time, and have applied and been accepted into the YouTube Partner Program. If you haven’t yet got there, then we’ve got this
video with lots of tips, tricks, and advice to help you get there. If you have reached that target and you have been accepted into
the YouTube Partner Program and you have monetized your content, congratulations, but at this point, you’re probably feeling
a little bit like this. Oh, is that all I get? Now, don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing
wrong with earning money from the adverts on your videos, but you don’t earn that much compared to what you could
potentially be earning from other income sources, and of all of the income
sources you have control over, AdSense is probably the least reliable. Changes in CPM, changes in season, demonetization of videos from YouTube, you have almost zero
control over any of this, so by all means, have AdSense
running in the background as a nice bit of extra cash, but start to think bigger
with these YouTube tools. (light hiphop music) Super chats allow viewers
to make a financial donation to a channel and then have
their message prioritized in their livestream chats and
during YouTube Premier chats. The best thing about this
feature is that it’s pretty much available to all monetized channels as long as it’s available in your country. To find out whether you’re
eligible for Super Chats and to turn in on, in the
new YouTube Creator Studio, click on the Monetization link on the left hand navigation bar, and then click on the
Live Chat tab at the top. On this screen, if eligible, you should see a simple Super Chat toggle to turn this feature on. Now, we here at vidIQ do
livestreams every single week, and we occasionally get
Super Chats from you, the awesome community. Thank you very much for that. And YouTube recently said
this about Super Chats, and the numbers, to be
honest, are mind-boggling. “There are now over 90,000 channels “who have received Super Chats, “with some streams earning
more than $400 per minute, “and Super Chat is now the
number one revenue stream “on YouTube for nearly 20,000 channels, “an increase of over 65% over last year.” The simplest way to explain
this is that Super Chats come from your biggest fans because they feel
involved in your journey. They are part of your community. They feel invested in you,
and through the medium of the livestreams that they’re watching, they want to give something back to you. Now, livestreams may get
a fraction of the views that your video on-demand
content might get, but those people watching your livestreams are your most dedicated followers, and if I, the video creator, make sure that these
livestreams are all about you, the audience, that’s where Super Chats can be expected, almost. And the funny thing is, here at vidIQ, we do livestreams every Tuesday where we audit your channels. It’s all about you, but we
actively discourage people from sending us Super
Chats, because we don’t want to favor people who have sent us money and audit their channels. We wanna do it for free, but people still send us Super Chats as a way of saying thank you. That’s the power of the Super Chat. Now, of course, there is a personal/content
barrier to entry. In order to get Super Chats, you need to do livestreams. Now, if you’re a gaming channel,
this is very easy to do. You just start screen recording a game that you’re playing on and
livestream to your audience and talk to them as you’re doing it, but if you’re new to livestreaming and you’re not a gamer, just
be honest with your audience. Post in your Community
tab that you’re gonna do a hangout session or a Q&A or you’re gonna look
at important questions that have been asked on your videos and try and answer them. Make sure that, when you go live, you’re talking to your audience, so being a little unplanned
is not a bad thing, and just enjoy the experience. Livestreams can be crazy things, but once you get used to
them, they are fantastic, and at the end of that journey, you have Super Chats to
financially support you. Incredible stuff, do try it. I mean, a couple of simple tips to get people involved in livestreams, say the person’s name when
you’re reading out the comments, read them out in full, do shout-outs, and sound effects really do seem to work. (buzzer blows) (glass shatters) (cat yowls) Yeah, all right, that’s enough. With the Super Chat tool
already highly successful, YouTube have just announced a new feature called Super Stickers. This will allow fans to
purchase animated stickers during livestreams and Premiers to show their favorite creators just how much they enjoy their content. Stickers will come in a variety of designs across different languages and categories, such as gaming, fashion, beauty, sports, music, food, and more. And if YouTube ever allow us
to create our own Super Sticky, we’ve got one already lined up. I like to call this the
vidIQ Thanksgiving Turkey. I’m sure you’ve seen these
by now, the merch carousel that’s now directly baked
into YouTube channels that allows you to buy merch directly from the video watch page. The requirements for this
one are a little stiffer. Being in the YouTube Partner
Program is the prerequisite, of course, and for this, you will need more than 10,000 YouTube subscribers and have zero Community
Guidelines Strikes. Again, you will need to go
to the Monetization screen in the new Creator Studio, but this time, you want to
click on the Merchandise tab and then toggle on the
Display Merchandise option. And this is done after
you set up merch items from the merch store you intend to use. There are many YouTube channels that have built entire financial empires out of merchandising, and
as you grow your channel and build your community, you
will start to develop brands and slogans and characters that people might wanna get a piece of in terms of merch, and we
wrestled with that question here on vidIQ, should
we start selling merch? And I think that’s probably
a question for you to answer in the comments below. Being able to sell your stuff officially through the YouTube
platform is pretty awesome. However, the drawback to date has been only one available merch
provider, Tee Spring, but the good news is
YouTube recently announced five new supported vendors,
and those are Crowdmade, Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, Fanjoy, Represent, and Rooster Teeth. As for my personal favorite vidIQ merch, well, it has to be the
portable battery charger with percentage indicator. That one has got me out of a jam at several conferences already. (cash register dings) Channel memberships allow viewers to join your channel through
monthly recurring payments, and get membership-only perks like badges, emojis, and other goods you offer, like exclusive livestreams, extra videos, even discounts on merch. The eligibility requirements
are pretty strict for this one. You need 30,000 subscribers, be over the age of 18, be located in a country where
channel membership tools are available, agree to the
terms of service of the feature, and have zero strikes on your channel, and even then, you might not be eligible, as it’s still rolling out. Now, of all of the monetization
roots you can go down, memberships probably requires
the most effort from you. Super Chats are pretty much
taken care of by YouTube. You don’t have to do anything for them. In terms of merchandising, you can pick one image and
create dozens of items from it and have a shop set up within the hour, but with channel membership, you are making a
commitment to your audience to create exclusive content for them. So, think about the creative
juices and the time, energy, and resources
you’re going to have to put into your channel members. Think back to when you were
first starting your channel and you were committing
to a video schedule, whether it be once a week or once a day. Well, channel memberships is like that, but on an entirely new scale. You need to make a commitment
to those channel members to provide what you’re promising, because they’re paying for it. With all that being said, recently, YouTube have
massively upgraded this tool with one of the most requested
features, membership levels. With levels, creators can now set up five different price points
for channel membership, each with varying perks. This is how the Fine Brothers
are using membership levels on their React channel, going all the way up to $30 a month. According to YouTube,
this has increased revenue from their channel memberships by 600%. Now, of course, there are
many more ways to make money off of your YouTube videos, be it affiliate links,
brand deals, sponsorships, using your YouTube videos as gateways to selling courses and
products off of YouTube, but if you want to play
strictly by the rules and do it the YouTube way, then you have AdSense, Super Chats, channel membership, and merchandising within the YouTube platform, which brings on to a question that we’re often asked about vidIQ, why don’t we monetize our content or try to make more money
from out YouTube videos? Well, put simply, we are
on YouTube to provide a value to you, to educate
you on your YouTube journey, and we don’t wanna create any
barriers to entry with that with adverts on our videos
and channel membership. And by doing all of this,
you learn about vidIQ, because we’re not only a YouTube channel, we are a Chrome extension as well, and if you install it, it will
help you research YouTube, analyze any video on the platform, audit your own channel, and take actual steps that
will help grow your channel. It is free to download, and there is a link in
the video description. And that’s it, the one and
only plug in this video, helping you earn more money on YouTube. Enjoy the rest of your video-making day. Didn’t mention anything about
this bloody noise in brochure. Used up all my ammo. (laughs)


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