How To Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Links

– Hey, how’s it going everyone? Now I know a lot of you
right now watching this video want to make more money
with your YouTube videos. Sometimes you’re just like
“oh, let’s just put ads on it “we’re gonna make a whole bunch of money.” That’s not necessarily the best way to make money on YouTube. So, I invited Melea here to
share some tips and techniques of how to actually make
more money on YouTube, so if you’re interested in this topic, then you need to stay tuned. (triumphant music) – [Announcer] – All right, now I know a
lot of you would love to make more money with your YouTube videos. The first thing that
you always wanna do is put ads on it and figure
out ways to do it. Some people do merchandise,
but there’s a hidden gem out there that a lot of people
don’t really know about. And I know you have a lot of experience, so why don’t you kind
of introduce yourself. Talk about your channel
and your experience with the topic at hand. You guys are curious about this, right? – Yes, yeah.
(Derral laughs) It’s gonna be different
than probably what anyone has ever heard before. I run The Melea Show on YouTube. It is all about helping
families and people live the ultimate life for less. Before that I was actually blogger. I was in the blogging world,
and I did that for seven years, and we used a lot of affiliate
links in the blogging world. – Now what’s an affiliate link? There’s probably people here that don’t know about that.
– Yeah that’s a good question. Affiliate link is basically,
say Target or Walmart or Amazon, they’ll give you
a percentage of the sale. So, if someone clicks through your link, your special tracking link they give you, and that person makes a purchase, you get a percentage of that purchase. – Oh that’s great, yeah. – So it’s pretty cool. Especially, it works whether you’re small or whether you’re big. So, even small YouTube
channels can make money using affiliate links. – Now one of the most
common affiliate links out there is Amazon. – [Melea] Right. – [Derral] And why don’t
you talk about that and some opportunities that you see. – So, Amazon is great. If you were gonna start
with affiliate links I would start with Amazon
because it’s the easiest to use and almost every product
is sold on Amazon. There are a few tricks to
Amazon that you need to know. You need to use their
Amazon link Shortener, and you’ll find that once
you set up your whole account and everything, but you can
use the little shortened links. Not the bitly links, you can
just use the Amazon links that are shortened. They don’t like the bitly links, they won’t pay you on those sales, so that’s kind of a little
tip that you need to know. The other thing that I would make sure, is if you don’t have a
website set up for your YouTube channel, you
need to create a website. In order to get accepted into
the Amazon affiliate program you have to have an actual website. A YouTube channel won’t cut it. So, create a quick website
with your splash page, it just has to be live
and not have anything inappropriate on it. – [Derral] That’s great. – But if you don’t have
that they won’t accept you, so make sure that you create
a quick, quick website for your YouTube channel. – That’s great. Now most of you are pretty
intuitive on my channel. You know little things here and there, how to do on YouTube. But affiliate links, there’s
a lot of bigger YouTubers that I’ve worked with that
they weren’t even doing this. – [Melea] Yes. – One of my clients, I
won’t name names here, (chuckles) but several years ago, this
was about three years ago, four years ago, I made a bet
with him we could make about $18,000 in a day, and
he didn’t believe me. And he had a huge email
list, over a million people, and had almost four
million subscribers and– – Crazy. – All he was doing was
promoting some things with his YouTube channel, – Yeah.
– That went to Amazon and then some other products
that he had specifically. – Right. – And he was able to do it. So, I actually got a little
bonus for that, which was good. – Yes, that’s good. – But for YouTube specifically, there’s a whole variety
of different things. Now one of the things that you
need to be very cautious for, this is something I preach, is what’s the purpose of the video? If the video is to get more subscribers, and get a bigger audience,
then be very hesitant of when you actually send
people off of YouTube, because you break session watch time. But you might be featuring a product. – Right. – And then it makes sense. – Right, so what I actually
did, when I first started my YouTube channel, I was
doing a bunch of testing because no one was using affiliate links, and I was like why not? So, I thought let’s test
this out and see if it worked the same way that it worked on the blog. So, I actually linked to, I did a curling, a curling tutorial, hair curling tutorial. I linked to that product with
an Amazon affiliate links, and I made over a thousand dollars. – That’s great. – Thousand dollars just on that one video and I only had 4,400 views on that video. – That’s great. – So, I mean, I was a
small channel at the time, I think I only had 8,000
or 9,000 subscribers. Wasn’t anything crazy, but
it just showed how much money you can make when you were
showing how to use a product or talking about a
product and combining it with affiliate links. – And the great thing about Amazon, too, is if they buy the hair curling product, and then they go and buy a
Chewbacca outfit for $800, you get a percentage of
that, which is great. – Yeah, that’s the best part about it. So, when you have your affiliate
link and when it tracks, it’s anything that gets purchased during that cookie duration time. So, anytime that link is
live, anything they purchase, you get a percentage off of even if you didn’t link to that product. So, if people would have
purchased a computer, or a TV, or whatever,
I sill would have made commission on that as
well, which is pretty cool. – Which is amazing. And Amazon is great for this, but there’s other affiliate
programs out there. You can do a quick search
with products that you actually use, and you’d be surprised. But I don’t think you have
to be too big to even enjoy making money on these
types of affiliate links. – No, you definitely don’t. I know a lot of people, like you said, they’re enabling ads, which is great. You will make more money
with an affiliate link than you will with YouTube ads. Especially when you are
little, and people are like, “I made, like, ten cents today.” And I’m like, “Oh, man.” – Let’s spend 1,000. (laughing) – But, you can make way more
money with an affiliate link if you’re promoting a product,
showing a real love for a product, and people want to
purchase that product, too. So, why not use an affiliate
link to make money? – That’s great. So, how would our subscribers here, at least watching this, how
would they actually find affiliate links, or affiliate
programs that are out there? – You can start searching. One of my biggest tips is
of you go to a website, say,, if you
scroll to the very, very bottom where they have contact information, you’ll see ‘become an affiliate’
or ‘affiliate information’. Then click on that and
figure out who they host– – Okay, Walmart has an affiliate program? – Walmart has– – I didn’t know that! – Yes. – Okay, I’m gonna change
this one right now. (laughing) – Target does. – Wow. – Almost every store has
an affiliate program, so you just need to look to see where they’re hosted through. They’ll basically host through
different affiliate networks that do all of the work for them. So, for example, Walmart is
hosted through LinkShare, and Linkshare is a big
network that houses a bunch of different brands underneath,
and helps them out. – Now there’s a lot more that
you probably want to know about affiliates, and Melea
has something for you as well. – So, I think the best way to do this, since my channel is about money-saving and not about affiliates, is to create something just for you guys, which would be an unlisted
video on my channel. So, you have to use the link down below in the description section. But that way you guys can
learn a little bit more about affiliate links, you guys
can ask me questions, and you guys can follow
me on my channel, too. – And make sure you subscribe to her because she’s actually pretty cool. (laughs) – Well, thanks, Derral. – All right, guys, well,
it’s been wonderful. Hopefully, you can check out that video and learn a lot more about affiliates, making different types of money on YouTube because, really, making
money on YouTube is endless. There’s multiple ways you
can do it and affiliates is a great way to really make more money than just the average
cent here, cent there for advertisements, right? – I agree. – So, thank you so much
for watching this video. Make sure if you haven’t
seen a few of my other videos check them out and don’t
forget to subscribe if you’re not subscribed. I don’t know why they
wouldn’t be subscribed yet. I just give tips all the time. (laughs) So, go ahead and do that. And thank you, and have a
wonderful and productive day. – Bye, guys.


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