How to Make Money on YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

In this video im going to show you a super
cool way to make money on YouTube with affiliate marketing as well as three
pro tips on how you can make a lot more money that you do with Adsense and just monetization
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already know that if you are not getting hundreds of thousands
or millions of views on YouTube that turning on the
ads on your videos just not making you that much money well I’ve got good news for you
it’s called affiliate marketing what is affiliate marketing ? affiliate marketing is the process
of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or
company’s products, you find a product you like, promote
it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.
My personal favorite example of this is here is what you do number one sign up for
the amazon associate program number two once you
are approved you can create a link to any product that
you like love and use and that link will be unique to you number three you can create
a review video or a tutorial video of that product and post
it on YouTube number four then you take your unique amazon
link and put it in the YouTube description of the review or tutorial video you just posted
then when someone clicks on that link and purchases the product you earn a commission
between 4 and 10 percent so if the product was a hundred
dollars you would make 4 to 10 dollars but it gets even
better if after clicking on you link they purchase anything for the next 24 hours you
get a commission for that as well so as you can see affiliate
marketing can be a super powerful way to earn extra income
especially where there’s so many YouTube videos about tutorials reviews hauls and products
and there’s literally an affiliate program for everything
almost everything here’s how you can check just Google
the brand name or product name with the words affiliate program next to it hit enter and
the affiliate program should pop up at the top and seriously
amazon eBay all the different beauty lines Nordstrom
lots of big affiliate programs that have a lot of different stores included in them
places like society 6 for like cool art work and coffee mugs and stuff there’s an affiliate
program for almost every site online
so I promised you three pro tips and I’ll get to those in just a second but first here
are the most common mistakes that I see video influencers making
when it comes to affiliate marketing I am amazed by how
many reviews and kind of unboxing videos that I see with no affiliate links in the description
and that’s probably because they haven’t seen this video
so if you are getting any value from this video please
share it with somebody that needs to see it but it’s like dude you are seriously leaving
money on the table like if someone is going to pay a hundred
bucks on amazon for a product is not more expensive if
you promote it as an affiliate so the brand is just keeping more money and the video creator
is not getting any compensation for all the hard
work that when into making that video so don’t make that mistake I literally would
go looking for a watch that im thinking about buying and
I want to see a YouTube video about it and I’ll watch somebody doing all the work of
reviewing it and Showing some stuff and then no affiliate link
I could’ve reciprocated to the fact that they showed me
all that cool stuff by clicking on their affiliate link and buying that watch through them but
they are not doing it the second thing some people think
it’s that is like sketchy or weird and affiliate marketing
is not at all like I said you did all the work to make the video to buy the cameras
to get all the gear your expertise your research the amount of hours
you spend using the product has all got into the fact that
you are just kinda recommending it and there’s a way for people to reciprocate all the value
you added to them and it’s not adding any money to the
price so that person who’s finding a product that could
add value to their life and potentially the thing that they were looking for has gotten
value so that’s like a win win win win win for everybody the only
reason it could get weird is if you are weird authenticity is
everything so don’t be salesy sketchy or stupid the third mistake a lot of video influencers
make is that they don’t disclose anywhere that the links are
affiliated and it is actually require by the FTC that you do disclose im confident that
99 percent of people just don’t realize that they need to disclose
but it’s something that you know now so im not a lawyer and this isn’t official
legal advice but for more details on this I will link some things up
in the description below but basically you should put something in the description like
this this video contains affiliate links, which
means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a
small commission boom! Ok so here are three pro tips for how to make
money on YouTube with affiliate marketing number one
Make sure that you verbally let your audience know that they can check things out in the
description If you never get that call to action they
may never know it exists and never go check it out thus you
putting the link there is not going to do a whole lot a good
secondly if you don’t specifically have a product to link to and it’s just a normal
video or a vlog and it wasn’t a review or something you can
always link to the gear that you created the video with
which is a question that your audience a lot of times wants to know what lights are you
using or just what’s your vlogging camera or those type
of questions and all of those are relevant affiliate
opportunities and then the third tip is make sure that you take the time to optimize your
videos with good titles tags and descriptions and show
them in another social media platforms so they get found
because it’s does no good to do affiliate marketing if you aren’t getting views and
subscribers and your channel isn’t growing you ultimately have to be reaching
people and actually if you haven’t downloaded yet our
checklist with 19 things to do every time you upload a video I’ll link it up in the
YouTube card and I’ll put a link in the description below that checklist
will help you ultimately reach more people with your
message your advice your tips and ultimately help you build your income not just through
adsense but also thought affiliate marketing and then
lastly I’m gonna link up a must read article in the description
by Pat Flynn from smart passive income on honest affiliate marketing and he really sums
up my philosophy as well number one that you never
recommend a product that you are extremely familiar
with that you haven’t you know put the time in that you are not an expert on and you don’t
have have some actual relationship with it and you’re
not just like seltzer water buy it and you hate it I happen to
love seltzer watter but im not sponsored by a them there’s no affiliate link to this number two and this is what Pat says never
directly tell somebody to buy something you simply bring
awareness to the fact that hey if you want to learn about more information about this
and this is something I use and im using and here’s my
info about it you can check it out if you want it’s not about
being pushy or weird it’s about helping others in an honest way and giving your audience
a way to support you with things they’re going to by
anyway and also being able to build your income support
your family and find your passion question of the day im curious did you know
about affiliate marketing before this video and or do you have any tips on affiliate marketing
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