How To Make Money Online | $200K Per Month Affiliate Marketing Case Study

– Can you imagine going from
a complete and utter newbie, to within two years
working an affiliate launch and making $200,000 in just
a matter of a few weeks? Well, it’s LeahRae from, and in this video, I’m very
pleased to introduce you to my friend Jacob, who just did this. He’s got an amazing story,
he is just an up-and-comer. And he’s doing amazing things. I’m super impressed with his
results and what he’s doing, so I wanted to bring
him to you guys today, so that you can learn what’s going on, what’s working, and how you
can go so fast, so quick, and get such amazing results. So, first tell us just, like,
the results of your launch, because I was totally blown
away when I heard this. – Yeah, so, thanks for having me on. – Yeah. – Firstly, the launch was,
your audience probably had it flooding through
their Facebook feed, their Instagram feed,
all those kind of things. It was through Tony Robbins’s new product that he’s done with Dean
Graziosi and Russell Brunson. So, they all teamed up and when I heard those three names together, it
was like alarm bells, right? – It’s like that’s a
rare industry opportunity that might happen once every five years, maybe even once every 10 years. – (laughs) Right. – And so I’m like, I’m normally
very focused on one thing, which I think most people should be, but I saw this, and I was like, ah, this deserves my attention for a month, for a few weeks, right? – Right. – And so, I jumped into it, I kind of put everything else on hold,
and I built a strategy. And then it was just every day, let’s execute on the strategy, and I don’t have a massive following, I don’t have a huge personal brand. I’ve got my little kind
of space that I play in. – Yeah – But I knew I’d need to
get a little bit creative to try a punch with the
people on this leaderboard. Russell on the leaderboard, Evan Payne and John Lee
Dumas, these kind of names. So I built a little bit
of a creative strategy, got me a little kind of head of the game. – Mm-hmm. – And then, I ended up
spending about 20K on ads, over the space of, I
think the launch ran for, it was like maybe two
and a half, three weeks. – Mm-hmm. – And that yielded, yeah, 200K in profit. – Wow. And, now if you’re
just getting started, you may have, like, spit up
a little bit in your mouth at the thought of spending $20,000 in ads, but did you catch that? That he knew, by spending in ads, he had a process figured out, right? He had a system in
place, he had strategies that he was using that he
could confidently do that knowing he’d make way
more of that in the end. – Right. – And $200,000 and only putting in 20. – Right. – That’s, that’s crazy. That’s crazy. So, obviously, you can’t go from nothing. Like, you didn’t start last month, right? – No, no. – You didn’t start last month
and then suddenly decide to do a launch against big marketers and make that kind of money. – Yeah. – So, set the stage for
us, like what had you put in beforehand that
allowed you to be able to do this kind of thing? – Yeah. So, my start all happened with free traffic, 100% free traffic. I started blogging. I wanted something when I was still unsure is this online thing real, I wanted something that I didn’t have to put a ton of money into. – Right. – So I signed up for a
free affiliate program, as this turns out, they
made a good product that I got into, I bought the product, I understood it, I went through it, and I started putting out content. – Awesome. – I was in a particular
situation where I couldn’t do video or things like that, so I had to build a
strategy that worked for me. – Mm-hmm. – And I did that for about eight months. That built me up some funds, which I then reinvested into paid traffic. – Gotcha. – And it was that ability
to not go and spend all that money, and reinvest
and reinvest and reinvest, that built me a business
that was, you know. The month before this launch,
I had my first 40K month. Because I kept reinvesting and growing it, it allowed me to move faster. So I think that is a key, key takeaway. – Yeah, I think, and did you hear that? So the month previous, his top month, was the previous month at $40,000, which is a great income, right? Now, people will be pretty impressed with that by itself, but then to go from $40,000 as his top,
to 200, that’s insane. So that’s like the
slight edge curve, right? Where it’s work, work,
work, hustle, hustle, you’re not really seeing much result, but then it compounds, and momentum hits. – Yeah, that’s what the, that’s the value in the skills that you’re learning. So, when I talk to people
about affiliate marketing, they say, how do I promote this product? And I say, that’s the wrong approach. – Right. – Learn the skills that’ll allow you to promote any product. – Yes, amen. – And it will serve you so well. – Right, because then you
can do affiliate marketing, you can create your own digital courses, and you can pivot and
adapt, because the internet, shock, is always changing, right? It’s never going to stay the same, the platforms are going
to change their rules, new things are going to pop up, systems, programs are
going to come and go, and if you don’t have the
skill set, your paralyzed. – The fundamentals. – Right, if you found
like one little button you could push and it was
somehow making you money, which, good luck finding that button, but something’s going to change and that’s not going to
work, and if you don’t have those fundamental
skills down, you’re screwed. – Yeah. – But, if you have those skills, if you’ve invested in even
building your audience on your blog, on your Facebook groups, wherever you’re building your audience, then you can do anything. – Yeah. – You can do anything. And I think as, you know, a lot of people who watch this who are parents, and the whole idea is
to create time, freedom for your kids, your family. But, there’s a scary piece to that. If you are going to remove any
job income from the family, where you know, bills
are going to be paid. Well, if you’re bringing dad home or mom, you’re staying home or whatever, and you’re the sole, the money is all coming from the business,
a lot of people really hesitate to finally make that plunge, even though they’ve figured stuff out. But I think what you have to understand is that when you have those skills, you can do anything. – Right. – So, you have to invest
and learn the skills. And that takes time. – Yeah, stop looking at
money on coaches, on courses, on events, stop looking at that as a cost. – Right. – It’s an investment. I come from a finance background, and for me everything is, What’s the risk, how much am I spending,
and what’s my return? Attending an event like
we’re at right now, it’s not a cost. It’s an investment. Or get an ROI on it. I already have had an
ROI, return on investment. – Absolutely. – That’s business. – It is. – Risk, return. – Yeah, and I think when people say, and I talk to a lot of people, and they’ll say, well I
need to make money now. And I’ll say, okay, then you need a job. – Exactly, right. – Not a business, because
business is going to take time and is going to take
investment of your money to get going. Now the reward is exponential. It’s as big as you want to go. But, if you’re someone
who’s desperate for cash, I’ve got all kinds of
videos, guys, that’s going to teach you how to make
cash fast, okay, online. It’s possible, right? You can do Fiverr gigs, you can do this, that, freelance work, whatever, and that’s fine if you need money now. Don’t try to set up this
long-term business and think (snaps) but have that desperation mode. – Yeah, absolutely. – Which like, but I got to
pay my mortgage this month. Well, good luck, sweetie,
you know, it took us, now you, in the general
scheme of internet marketing, I feel like we went pretty fast. We, you know, 18 months
into online marketing, we were at six figures, we
had retired Todd from his job, and that was kind of where
things really started taking off for us, and
that’s faster than 95% of the people that I’ve
talked to who’ve made it. You’re one of the exceptions
who’ve gone faster, but it’s because we have the menality, we’re not taking, we’re not sucking money off our business, and
just trying to make money to consume that money right away. It’s a business, we treat
it like it, and we re-invest and we grow, and you
play the long-term game. – Yeah, I think the key point there too, and I literally just had this
conversation with someone, downstairs at this event, she said, I’ve just left my job, I owe two months, I need to make it work. And I said honestly, I
would find another job. Because, people who are
paranoid, people who are under stress make bad decisions. – Right. – You’re going to start
making short-term decisions that are going to be
detrimental long term. I then had a follow-up conversation with someone who said
the exact same thing. I said think about it this way, if you can grit your teeth
for an extra six months, for an extra 12 months, it could free you for the next 30 years. – Right. – If you don’t, you might get a year, but then you’re back in the game. – Yeah, exactly, and even if that’s taking some Fiverr gigs, doing
some VA work, I mean, you can do stuff from home
that brings in some cash, but it took us about probably six months before we had a consistent $500 coming in every month from our business. – Right. And that, those
gigs and stuff that you do, that’s perfect cash. – Yeah. – To push into the learning. – Yes. – To invest in yourself,
that’s the money that you use. You don’t have to take it out of your life and jeopardize putting food on the table or jeopardize the rent. You start doing these little things that can fuel that growth. – Yeah, absolutely. Well, I’m excited for your,
what, I mean, I’m just, we just got to meet this weekend. – Yeah. – I’m blown away by your
success and your grit and just seeing you run
just gets me excited and wants to push myself even harder. So, congratulations on what you’ve done. Please check him out, he’s
getting started here on YouTube. What’s your channel? – Just Jacob Caris. There’s only a few videos on there now, but we’re just attending
this event, we’re fired up. I’m going to be jumping into it. – Awesome. – And growing it, so there’ll
content coming there. – Excellent, so if you
want, if you’re ready to learn skills to build a
solid long-term online business, go from zero to six figures,
six figures and above, make sure that you click
the link at the top of the description, to get
access to some great training that’s going to teach you
exactly what you need to do to really get rocking and rolling and build a long-term,
substantial business. Now, please know that
we are rooting for you. We are here to help you
create that time freedom that you and your family deserve. So if you’re new, if this
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God bless and take care.


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