How To Make Money Online In 2019 For FREE! ($100+ Per Day)

what’s going on guys in today’s video
I’m gonna show you how you can make money online and over $100 per day
realistically now this is one of my favorite ways to make money online today
I’m doing it right now I’ve been doing it for years
and here are some actual results so the top one here is a new program that I
started promoting a few months ago six was that six seven months ago now and
you can see the I got Commission so I got affiliate Commission’s and it
increased every single month and this one in particular is now making me
$1,000 per month and it’s growing by around about 200 dollars per month so by
the end of this year in a year’s time it’s gonna be making really really good
money and it’s making really good money now the one at the bottom we are making
over a hundred dollars per day as well with that particular program so I’m
gonna show you in this video how you can do this with free traffic you don’t need
any money guys you can start doing this right now
with zero dollars I will show you someone that is actually doing this and
followed my instructions from another video and he’s hit ten thousand dollars
doing this exact method so let’s jump into this guys and I’ll show you exactly
how you can make money online by doing what we call affiliate marketing and it
is one of the most popular ways to make money online today so in this video guys
you are going to learn how to do this for 100% free you will not have to spend
a dime nothing so if you’re looking to make money without spending money this
is the video for you I’m gonna tell you what offers to promote the two offers
that I’m promoting the right that I showed you the result results from
before and I’m gonna show you I’m kind of explained to you either the best
where to get the best traffic that’s free of course and how you can get $100
a day consistently okay it’s consistent and it builds up over time and keeps
building and building and building which is the best part about this so guys
first of all we’re going to cover the offers what I promote and what is really
makes the most money as software’s sess software so SaaS now this one here is
called get response and this is the one that I showed you the results from
before and it keeps going up and up and up and what I do guys is get response as
a email marketing platform now literally every single person that wants
to learn how to stand online business is going to be using an email system so you
can recommend that to people want to show you how to do it but these are the
best programs to use because everybody is using them that’s the thing it’s not
like you’re promoting a fitness product or you know a course and how to make
money online you are promoting a product that everybody wants everybody’s going
to need in their online journey and another one I promote guys which is the
one down the bottom here is called click funnels and this is a program that helps
people build sales funnels in their business once again this is a really
broad audience you can target and that what and that’s what makes this stuff
really good to promote so how do you promote this guys how do you do this for
free well the trick is YouTube now YouTube is full of hungry people that
want to buy stuff you learn how to grow businesses and you can literally start
it for free but there is a trick you have to know how to do it properly and
you don’t have to share your face if you’re socially awkward it doesn’t
matter I am an introvert I was socially awkward and now I’m doing civil biggest
year online and you can too okay trust me guys you can too so what I’m gonna do
guys is first show you one of my videos from back in the day okay are you ready you can see like I’m awkward my
microphone sucks I don’t even want to put my face on the video but this video
got 22,000 views guys and yes this video did make me some money because I was
promoting an affiliate offer at the time and this is actually one of my students
here who did ten thousand dollars with click bundles with free traffic from
YouTube and he does not show his face at all on his channel and he started from
scratch zero subscribers he has 40,000 subscribers now and he’s making a
substantial amount of money from doing this particular method but here’s the
trick no one knows how to do it properly apart from me and him and you know some
other people but no one knows how to do it properly what you want to do guys is
you want to go and find these offers to promote so there’s get responses
activecampaign I think there’s one called Aweber
you can promote any affiliate marketing pretory any email marketing program
there is lots of them they all have affiliate systems you go
and sign up and you get a commission every time someone purchases through
your link okay that’s a quarter Phillip marketing and there is collect bundles
and there’s other funnel systems as well where you can go and make money you know
with the Phillip affiliate program but this is the trick guys the keywords are
the trick people are always searching for how to best ways best program people
are always searching how to keywords but people never utilize them properly and
that’s why they don’t make money doing this stuff if you do enough videos on
how to your start getting traction and you’ll start making money so let’s say
hey we want to promote click funnels these are some examples how to build a
landing page how to create a landing page best way to build a landing page
how to build a funnel and then translate into others guys how to build a funnel
how to create a funnel how to make a funnel how to make a sales funnel how do
you create a sales funnel how to create a sales funnel online how to create a
sales funnel online quickly you get the point you can get thousands and
thousands of keywords that you can go and target and build up traffic and make
commissions right best way to create a sales funnel so if I go into YouTube
right now guys and I go to how to make a landing page okay which is what you
would you would go and get click bundles you would learn how to use it you would
do a tutorial on how to create a landing page right and you go down and there’s
actually one of my videos there so this is one of my videos guys they’ve got
60,000 views but you can see you how to make a landing or actually a page you
can see that people are doing these videos on how to make your landing page
and all they do is they put a link in the description to the click bundles
trial and they say hey get a trial you can check it out and then you get a
commission click bundles pays you 38 dollars per
month forever as long as that person stays on so it’s a recurring income I’ve
made sixty eight thousand dollars so if I haven’t even been promoting it for
very long if we go how to create a landing page I think I have another
video on here or how to yes so there’s another one how to create a high landing
a high converting sails play as let me pay for e-commerce
now if we go down guys there is a link to a landing page builder to the landing
page bullet builder that I use and this innocent it’s not click funnels but it’s
something else so guys there’s no excuse this is you can do this for free
you don’t have to spend any money like nothing zero you can I start at this
YouTube channel for free you can you can go and make money online for free it’s
crazy so you need to do the keywords guys and
you’ll see how I’ve done this create a high converting landing page or if we go
to how to create a landing page you’ll see how to create a free high converting
landing page how to make a beautiful landing page how to make a beautiful
landing page how to create a stunning landing page you get the point but you
you’ve got you wonder why do people do this because that’s what people are
searching for guys now if you start this YouTube channel and you find you’re not
getting the traction you want and you’re not really making any money and not
getting any views what I recommend you do is use a website called curate calm
and you can go like this how to create landing page and people ask questions
how do you create a landing page and you go and answer these questions and drop a
link to your video so you go answer and I can just be like hey hey check this
video it should help you now people say that this doesn’t work but I’m going to
show you that it does work in a second if we go down to my video how to create
a landing page pause share copy the link go back to
Korea calm put it on here submit my video we go to my profile guys and
you’ll see I do this and I never get banned I have all of a lot of my videos
here we keep going keep going keep going heaps of my videos that’s how I
initially gave my channel a boost to get traffic and then start to get
subscribers guys okay so it’s simple you go and get you start doing you know so
let’s say get response for example you can go how to create an email list how
to use get response get response review best way to use get response guys
there’s literally thousands of keywords you can target
there is thousands you can just go and take these keywords and do different
variations there are so many keywords you can target and what when you to
optimize your arm thing guys you just put it in the title and you write a
description as well and you put it in the description and you do the tags okay
so how do you create a landing page how to create a landing page of WordPress
how to create a landing page and WordPress again I put that in twice how
silly me or enter on WordPress landing page okay now there’s another trick to
the skies and the thing is YouTube has multiple traffic sources these are the
three top ones is more but we’ve got search traffic people searching keywords
so this is where most of my traffic comes from okay we have browse traffic
there’s traffic from the YouTube homepage and we have suggested views you
can Jack traffic from other videos so you go and find other videos that are
kind of like so let’s say hey we do how to create a landing page and we like hey
this video here is got 149 thousand views you go into a video similar to
that and you use the same kind of tags not exactly the same similar tags
similar title some of the description and not always for a lot of the times
YouTube will be like hey people are watching this video it’s similar to your
video we’re going to suggest that video to these people right and that’s how a
lot of people get traffic on YouTube and stuff like that
now guys you can take it to another level okay which is what I do as well
okay I’m showing you everything that I do fully transparent here you can use a
website called and you can transcript your videos into
text you can start a website I know I said you can do this without a website
you can start a website and this is an example here where I started a website
this is one of them one of my main websites we get a lot of traffic here I
put it in the video and then I put in the transcription and down here now what
happens with this guys this is going to go ranked in Google now so we’re gonna
start getting Google traffic as well and you build up this massive network of
traffic and you start to make sales so what I would do is I would take my how
to create a landing page video and I’ll be like hey go to Rev calm
I would log it purchase the service it’s $1 per minute so I would pay how long
does this video go forth I would pay $30 to get it transcribed you know this this
isn’t free right obviously this is just a bit of an extra bonus and then I would
go and make a website and put the transcription on to here they send it to
you in a file and you just paste it onto here and edit it if you need to it’s
that simple guys it’s that easy now making this you know making money online
isn’t easy guys like you’re not just going to start making $100 straightaway
as you can see from this particular graph it took me a while to start
scaling up the met you know the email email software Commission’s but that
that was purely from email YouTube videos sorry so if we go and create an
email list you will see my video here so how to build a profitable email list and
what I only posted that a month ago I do have other email videos but this boosted
up my Commission’s just that video alone right so that’s it guys that’s how you
can go to make over a hundred dollars a day online with affiliate marketing its
youtube traffic is the best traffic to do this I actually started with Google
websites but then I transferred into YouTube as well as another traffic
source and it’s a great traffic source set so guys how to make money online how
to make $100 a day in affiliate marketing make sure you subscribe
Ted there notification bow so you know my next video drops drop a like on this
video and leave a comment below if you need any help with sitting this up and
I’ll see you guys in the next video


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