Picture this! You’re sitting at your desk
at work one Friday afternoon. You’re thinking about a lot of business ideas.
It could be a product, a service… you just don’t know if you can make money through
it. What you do know is that you don’t like your job and you want to start
working for yourself. With the flexibilities that you can get in 2019
working for yourself…it’s very very tempting. Well if you keep watching my
video, I’m gonna talk about a very easy way to find out if your business idea
actually has some viability or not in 2019. So let’s start with the problem
first. You have the product or service in your head… You want to put it on paper
and find out if you can actually find customers for that product or service. Well we’re gonna start by creating a web page. Whe web page can be a blog or an
actual landing page for your future product or service. You want to find out
quickly how many people are willing to give you their name, phone number and
email address. If you have those details then you can contact them again when the
product or service is in actual existence in the future. A landing page for the
website just means a place where the product or service is going to be sold
in the future. In a Blog or Vlog you can find out if
there are people who are interested in reading about your product and actually
purchasing a product that’s in existence today either on Amazon eBay or any other
store. So let’s go through the process of creating a blog. In the blog you’re gonna
write some scientific facts and things you study. Put in some time to find out
if this product is something that you actually believe in or not. So once
you’ve decided what your product is, you’re gonna start creating a blog site
like this one and you’re gonna start talking about the benefits of having
that product in a consumers life. So you’re gonna pitch you’re gonna pitch
someone else’s product. Make use of all of the marketing material that might be
available for that product already. You’re gonna create a comprehensive but
concise blog page about that product and you’re gonna paste affiliate links on
the bottom. What our affiliate links? Affiliate links are essentially a link
that guides a customer that might be interested in buying a product or maybe
not to actually go onto a website like Amazon that is selling that product. So
you’re guiding people to make a decision to purchase or not. What do you get out of selling somebody else’s products? Well if you know
anything about affiliate marketing you can get up to a 10% cut of any product
that you might be selling and Amazon will pay you (right into your bank
account). I know right! A lot of people don’t actually know about that so
through affiliate marketing you’re gonna start making some money
while selling somebody else’s product and all you have to do is just write
about the benefits of that product. Now I’m gonna show you an example of where
I’ve done something similar to find out if I can sell something like a folic
acid tablet. Since I had some experience with vitamins minerals and supplements, I
thought of setting up this website called, where I go
through products and their ingredients in my articles. I also go through some
recommended products that I might have tried myself or I know from reading that
they’re good products if a customer buys that product within 24 hours from
that IP address then you’re gonna get a commission from that product. It might be
a product that already has a good rating on might be a product that has
a lot of benefits and you believe it’s an undiscovered product. You can pick!
This is the best part about it. You can pick whatever product you want to sell
and again you’re going to be making some money in the background so it’s not a
complete waste of time! To set up your blog space you can use a website like
Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace, or anything else there are a lot of website services that
will let you set up a blog for absolutely free yes nothing. Zero! Just
set up your blog right now. What I’m also gonna strongly recommend is that you set
up a Facebook blog right away. You can make use of my video, that I created
quite recently about how to make a Facebook blog page and creating a
Facebook blog page is absolutely free. The benefits that you’re gonna get from
creating a Facebook blog page is – it’s very cheap to advertise on Facebook. So once
you have your Facebook blog page set up what you’re gonna start doing is start
writing some blogs with affiliate links on the bottom. I will make a separate
video about affiliate links so keep tuned and please subscribe. What you now
want to find out is if people are actually interested in buying that
product after you’ve made your pitch. If you’re gonna start a business, you’re
gonna have to start getting used to pitching at some point. So
might as well start now using somebody else’s products to practice and see how
successful you are. I would strongly recommend start learning marketing and
sales right now! You’re now gonna paste links to your external blog website on
your Facebook page itself. You’re not allowed to advertise notes or Facebook’s
native blogs right now. You can advertise external links so you’re gonna take
advantage of that right now. Facebook is a very money efficient way to advertise
your blog posts and you’re gonna take advantage of that. And then what you’re
gonna do is hit the boost button on your Facebook link what the boost button lets
you do is it lets you advertise your third-party link to whatever demographic
you choose. You can advertise anything to absolutely anybody around the world you
can choose what countries are located in, how old they are, whether they’re parents,
whether they’re interested in something like let’s say Kim Kardashian. Any type
of person at all and start advertising to that type of person right now so
let’s say you’re advertising a protein powder and you decide protein powder
should be oriented towards someone who’s active someone who goes to the gym. you’re gonna select this demographic. You’re gonna advertise your post for
just one pound. One pound or that’s about 1.3 dollars or 93 rupees or 0.00038
Bitcoin. Yeah that’s not a lot of money so what you’re gonna do is every time
you create a new blog post, you’re gonna advertise it on Facebook, using what you
think is the right demographic for that product to be sold to. So over time
what you’re going to have is you’re going have a lot of data now. You’re gonna have
different blog posts that you’ve made with affiliate marketing links on the
bottom and you’re gonna find out how many people that article reached, how
many people clicked on the link, how many people clicked on the affiliate link, how
many people liked your blog post. And you’re gonna start understanding what
type of product you found really easy to sell. And then once you have all of
this information perhaps you can take the next step in trying to look into
product development of that product. And you can set up your own website which I
will go through another time. If you found this video interesting and you
want to find out more about how to find customers before you even have a
product, I post two times a week and you might find my future videos very, very
interesting. So share this video with whoever
might find it interesting and thanks a lot for watching


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