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What is going on YouTube Just Christopher Ramirez and i’m coming to you with another Video on how to get this bread in Q4 on Amazon associates okay so we did Just That i got traffic Going on on this page and i Want to go ahead and leverage a video right quick for the case study One of The case Study Pages we Do Have a Puppy page we have a wrestling page and we Have? We have a Poetry page but the main Pages Is the Rustling page the cat page and Now the puppy page is what we’re Working on so let’s see you next week? Gotta Go ahead and leverage The video right quick i’m going to show This workflow right quick Um go ahead and get on an email list You don’t know What’s going on i’ll Go ahead Explain Everything in further detail Whether it Pause this video What leverages This video save video as One Desktop That’s talking I’m gonna Put look Foot Black I know i See Kitty Buds Kitty Buddies Having a convo Lol Share That’s my dude and then we’ll Go ahead and copy It because i like to copy the name and have It Correspond to other? Things so Go ahead and see that so copy the name That’s done in there it’s Just What i do next is It’s the straight to Ads manager Alright If You don’t know how to figure out How to get to all these different Pages and prompts and all that Go ahead put your name in the email list and i’ll Go ahead and Get into further detail and where you go what to do how What Exactly you have to be doing to To at least take Advantage of Q4 Because People are gonna go into a Buying Frenzy and it’s perfect time to being affiliated with them on Amazon affiliate as Amazon associates and all That Good Stuff okay so I’m Just gonna move Along Just Watch The screen pause the screen Watch What My cursor is going all That Good stuff You See what would be out Here? All right we’re right Here all right record and Just making sure the recording That’S all Alright so we are still recording minimize That All right Let’s see then we Got Working on The cat page so i’m gonna go ahead and scroll down to Cat Fan Page traffic Click Right There After That Is i thought It Was a Lead that came in my Bad y’All um create add Set Already Create The Campaign traffic traffic objectives so let’s go create an ad set And i remember the name i remember the name of the video Akka had Actually copied earlier i’m gonna paste it in right Here okay Might Get It to freaking do its Thing Alright Know What i’ll do Go ahead and paste that name in so everything’s Corresponding Scroll Down Scroll Down hit continue Alrighty Then and They wanna do after that He’s Drop-down box the the page i may use let me say Chicken Kitty and then i’m gonna go to single video okay and Go ahead and upload a video The one we Just Got and That’s gonna Be Where’s That Kitty Buddy’s Having a convo Lol share so there it is While That’s Uploading i’m gonna Go ahead and fill in some of These parameters Just Below it And in headline i’m gonna Go ahead and paste in the name again and Just leave That Right There Then I’m gonna Go ahead and Get the link Go to facebook right click and Get the link to my the of the new link that i’m promoting now Because it’s a queue for Christmas time so i’m promoting a New link go to Hu ke i’m gonna go ahead and Get the link It’s already Got The Link like i said if you want to know more detail What’s going on get on the newsletter Links in the Description All right Let’s see forget this to load It up all right Now the most recent post i put up Already Yet Almost At 2,000 views and i was five Hours ago so what i love about Facebook traffic i posted a YouTube traffic it’s fast It’s fast It Really is it’s really fast okay so this is doing good Got good engagement But You Just want the link so i’m gonna go ahead and click on the call to action link and Get the actual link itself Copy Good there Go ahead and Throw it into the website url paste Alright Ended After That Go ahead and Sure everything’s Loading Up Right Alright I’m going to fill in the rest erase this out and then Right Here we’re gonna go ahead Get The message Copy and then Change it up Copy It paste it into the Text Spot Here a Solidus uh Extras Through a Heart Instead I’m gonna do The Heart and i’m gonna Say shh Great Space That Out then i’m gonna Say Cat Talk and I’m gonna Say share and I’m gonna Be like cat talked i’m gonna be uh cats talking Cats Talking about about Work You Just Got to be you know change it up some you don’t want to outright Easily They used okay Now we Got the link in there all that Good Stuff Now i’m call to action Go to shop Now Alright in Advance Which is to Say Hi to Advanced options It usually Shows online iF It’s not showing didn’t you click on hide Advanced options it’ll show this box okay so what You do next is i put Ready for a Christmas Christmas Crist This question Mark Christmas Display Link Amazon calm All Right Got That all right don’t What you do after That Make sure it all Looks Good everything’s Looking Good Ready for Christmas Knows all The concept Now boom boom boom Go ahead and hit confirm Let That Thing can farm right quick I’m alright What i do When i’m on his page i backspace Then Once i hit this page i refresh the page because it Doesn’t show the ad right away All Right Now the Heads Showing What i do is i Turn it off And What i do after that i click on the hyperlink of the ad Which is right Here All Righty Then and then Click on Edit sometimes it’ll Say a Pending Review and if That happens you have to wait till the post is? Approved before You can share it to Groups if it’s disapproved you’re not gonna be Able to share it to group so Just Keep That In mind you Just gotta keep tweaking Until it’s approved okay in this case It is Approved All right so we do is we Click on this but i con right here go to Facebook Posts with Comments Like I said if you don’t if you want to know more in detail and Depth What i’m doing Go ahead and Sign Up to the newsletter Put your name and email in the description and in the link Below Links Will be in the description ok so Just above this video When i get this point copy that then i Do a little Love so i love the post and then i go ahead actually I’m gonna do Like Like a Laugh Face And then i’ma Go to the hyperlink of the page And Then This is where you make It Happen okay you got to put it on the actual fan page itself and as you can see i’m my numbers are going Up i Started I Started Just Working Back on His page because i know cue force here and not know that the sales Trend Is gonna Happen all Over the place especially Just Happens Q4 Is the place To you want to be making That’s What you want to always Attack you for and it’s Q4 okay all right so i’m gonna put I’m gonna put You don’t Say Do yeah you don’t Say Say do Yeah i Know i Know i know Give It Some Kind of comment Like Some Kind of context some contrast you know wait like the cats are talking to each Other And I’m gonna do the quotes i’m gonna do like quotes like They’re Saying something? Except The Cut they know what i’m talking about and then i’m gonna do It and publish It It Should Publish Because it’s Saying it’s not pending Okay so now that we have two published it’s it’s Actually Visible to the fan base now so we’re gonna go ahead and do the laughs face Alright and going to open Up my tool See where we’re at ten Minutes then i’m going to open up my tool Alright Let’S open It up let It Load Up right quick Show you what the deal is okay Later Results Stuff Sells Itself Telling You Guys Sells Itself you Know Amazon Sells Itself so it’s a no-brainer Really okay Um Should Load Up any Second now Let’S give It a minute Any minute Their Stores are Load Up you’ll see it pop up in a Second Let’S see if it’s showing It okay you showing It right Here so it’s loading up Probably cuz i have to come tease you you’re running Alright This is What i do You Will Go ahead and do It Out Actually Have this programmed in so i got my cat Niche page if we Load that in post to Groups All right i know this particular niche i have about 40 41 Groups so i’m gonna Go ahead and go To 41 Groups I’m opposed to and then What i’m gonna do is Put Number of a post ten posts and i’m gonna do two to three minutes Two to three Minutes on his post and I’m gonna take a Break for 20 minutes Now on here i’ll always add a Few a Few periods Because i notice When this saw software posts it Cuts off some of The First Initial Words so i’ll put a few dots on it and then Say The copy or the message Which this is the message in that case Got This message copy and Put it in the software Alright paste Because That’s the message i like to hit into one time because i want i like the links Separated from the Actual message Then the Link Would be in a Timestamp so Just Below It the ht Kitty or whatever name of your Fan page would Be in This case There’s a Timestamp Click on a Timestamp to Get your link okay so we Get the link Copy the Link Go to the software post It in paste Alright and Then we’re gonna Select url only no, photo and No, photo and then You choose file you don’t. Have to Worry about single photos so Just leave That Blank Click on choose file All right we’re gonna Go ahead and choose on our file Alright and we Want to choose a cat niche poster i have a few different posters i got a Funny animals Posters all Kinds of Stuff You want. To have different Multiple Groups Working Compounding Up Just so you know Alright so we Got That ready to go hit start it’s gonna Say software starting then will let You see it in action alright And by The Way to get a copy of This software Those Links Will be in the description To get on the email list so you can See more Depth training of How i’m Doing this with Facebook and YouTube and The Tools i use to help me rank My YouTube Videos using Facebook and Other Social media Platforms and Other Tools as Well ok So get on an email This help You guys out get you to the next level especially If you’re a newbie might Help you get to the next level Alright so you see the software’s Loading Up it’s getting everything in Place go on to My One of my Facebook accounts And What its gonna do it’s gonna Go automatically, to the group and it’s gonna post The message and Then move on to the Next Group okay So with that Said you get the gist of It see it’s Loading Group i’m gonna Let One Group Below Then we’re Just gonna go about our Business okay So i’m gonna let One Group Load And we’re gonna leave it Do a Thing Like That Alright That Group Load and you’re gonna see it’s gonna fill in everything Alrighty Then There it is boom boom boom Then It Goes Just Like That and Watch When you zoom down you see the post there it is ready to go call to action Ready To go all That Good Stuff okay so with that Said Go ahead Get your Facebook poster Those Links Will be in the description You’ll see it’ll Say Get Your Facebook poster Now it’ll be a bit leave Shortened url and Go ahead and Pick Up your copy of the Facebook Group poster They got version 3 out now Better Than 2 i Mean the more that you know the higher the merrier you know and uh Yeah Get on the email to subscribe to the YouTube Channel take That bell for more training then i got some training out the Yin-Yang Alright But Most of all you Get on the newsletter because i really i want to get to know you personally I really do ok so click the link in the description Put youR name and email in there Get on a newsletter and i’m gonna Just Go ahead and give you nothing but free pure value training Techniques strategies that i use to drive traffic The Tools all the Works though The Whole not ok so i want to say I love you Guys Christopher Mirrors Saying I’m out and I’m gonna have more videos on the bump post Function of This software? okay so stay Tuned for those videos Because That’s What we’re that that Next is the next Thing i’m going to do After The software Runs its course i’m gonna do the Bump post part using the software ok alright Y’All have a Blessed day peace


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