How To Make Money Online UK Edition (2019)

let’s get started guys. Suppose first and
foremost, if you’re not already, make sure you are following me at my Facebook page guys.
Make sure you follow me on Instagram. All right, links will be in the comments below
guys. But guys, look, let’s just go straight into it. I’m going to show you guys a few
ways that you guys can start to leverage the power of the Internet to start making money
on the worldwide web right here and right now guys. All right, so let’s get into it.
Okay, so guys, the first way that you can start to make money online and this way is
only if you are in the United Kingdom. I do know that a lot of people actually plug into
my content days from overseas, but this is only for people that are in the United Kingdom.
This is why I wanted to do it first, just to get it out of the way. Okay? This is a system called profit accumulator,
okay? So for all those individuals that are out there that like to put down bets, um,
accumulators on sporting events, this is a phenomenal way for you guys to literally generate
an extra couple hundred pounds a month alongside whatever it is that you do. And you actually
even have the power to be able to make sure to turn this into a couple of thousand pounds
each and every single month. Month. All right guys, so we look, let me just show you guys
very quickly how it works. Okay. The concept of what it is that you do here is very, very
simple. Okay? What it is, they’ve actually developed a system in which people can put
bets down on different, sorry, I’m particular sporting events and through them following
the system that you get taught in profit accumulator, you cannot lose, okay? You cannot lose guys
are you? I used to leverage this system are used to
use profit accumulated. This is the first way, one of the first ways that are literally
got started making money on line guys. Okay? So this is how it works. Very, very simple.
You can actually sign up to the different bookmakers that are out there. So the ones
like Bet Fred Coral, um, Smocky, it’s just a few of the different markets and bookmakers
that are actually out there. You sign up to them first and foremost. Then the next thing
that you do is you pace him the right batch to Coby yourself against all possible outcomes.
So whether I’m the person that you bet on wins where the person that you bet on newsies
or whether it’s a draw, you can actually leverage profit accumulators system and three, you
leveraging profit accumulated system, you will cover yourself against anything happening,
anything taking place. And three, by leveraging the power of profit
accumulators system guys, you can actually withdraw your profits once all of those games
that are finished. So if it’s a football game, you bet it on look shit. As soon as it’s finished
your money with NBL available within your account, you can withdraw the profits. Okay.
I know he was very, very vague. I don’t really want to get into too much of the intricacies
and and know exactly how it is, but it works because I want to keep this video very, very
direct for yourself guys. You guys can learn exactly how to do these by coming to the site
yourself and it will show you exactly how to do it, okay? But guys, this is a very,
very powerful way that you could start to degenerate and it’s true a couple hundred
pounds a month literally just through plugging into the system, okay? So for those of you that are actually watching
this video and you actually want to trial a out and see whether or not this is something
that works for you guys, look, if you see here it goes, you can actually get started
with profit. Accumulator goes for free. You can sign up for a free trial and this is what’s
even better cause they’re going to help you make 45 pounds before you actually invest
the energy of your own money into that profit accumulator system, okay? So you can simply
literally try it out for free. And if the system works for you, which we know it will
because you can’t lose unless you, unless you choose not to follow the system, you’re
going to make 45 pounds, okay? Very, very simple concept guys, okay? So for those of
you that actually didn’t want to try this out, there’s going to be a link in the description
below. Check out that link and guys, you can get
started on your free trial and you can literally start to generate a 45 pounds, which will
then help you to be able to move on and you can put back into this business. And then
you can literally make more and more and more do more and more offers in generate more income
for yourself, okay? But it doesn’t just stop there, it gets even better. Guys, let’s say
you like what it is that you see here with our profit accumulator. You, you know, you
like the system, you liked the way of doing things, but here’s what you can do as well
is you can actually become an affiliate of profit accumulator, okay? So if I click here
very quick, because what you can do is this very, very simple. You can literally get paid
for every single person that you send across to profit accumulator, okay? For every person that you send across to profit
accumulator, you can get paid every single month. Then it is that they choose to pay
and they’re going to continue to do it. Why? Because they’re making money every single
month, okay? And through you then doing that and you can develop a side income alongside
what it, whatever it is that you’re doing. Now I want to show you an example of an individual
that actually introduced me to profit accumulator, okay? This is a good friend of mine called
Scott. He has absolutely crushed it when it comes to this business model. Okay? And guys,
look, results are not typical, but hey, who wants to be typical anyway? Nobody does. All
right guys, so let me show you Scott’s results. Okay? Okay. So guys, this is, Scott misses
the results that it is that he’s got. He has referred a total of 519 people to the Prophet
accumulator system guys. Okay? A total of 519 people through him doing
that, guys that has put him in a position as to where the guys now, because he’s making
6,283 pounds month after month, year after year, recurring as long as all 519 of those
individuals still continuously choose to pay their monthly fee and they’re going, why?
Because they’re making money risk-free. Okay guys, this is a phenomenal way for new ways
to generate some money online. Just probably a the referring a few people to be system
referring a few people to the system that can lead you to get the ball rolling straight
away. Get started for free, make 45 pounds and then they can take a portion of that 45
pounds, put it back into the business and then guys that commit more and more money
each and every single day. Okay? So once again, guys, for any of you that are actually here
that actually didn’t want to leverage this system, the link will be below. You can get started for a free trial and you
can start to do and you can start to make 45 pounds to day that you can put back into
the system that month after month, year after year. You can still continue to profit from
the markets guys. All right? So that is the first way of making money on line profit,
accumulator, phenomenal system. Like I said, this is a system that I leveraged myself,
so I know that it works guys. Okay, so let’s move forward. Now the next way that you can
make money online is a very, very powerful, and this is a system called Amazon Fba. Okay?
Now understand guys, there is billions, billions, and billions and billions of pounds, dollars,
whatever currency you want to call it. There was billions being done through Amazon today,
okay? [inaudible] are being done through Amazon today. So the beautiful thing is this. Imagine
if you could shit Shitty, just take a teeny weeny portion, a tiny portion of what was
being done on Amazon currently. Okay. Imagine if you could do that. What would
your lifestyle look like? It will look pretty good right now. Amazon Fba is very, very simple.
Concept of k stands for fulfillment by Amazon. This is where you basically will find a product
yourself and what you can do is you can actually put your own design, you can put your own,
feel your own twist on the products, ship it to Amazon warehouse, and you can actually
put it on the Amazon website. And when people find it and buy it through your shot that’s
on Amazon, Amazon will fulfill it. They wouldn’t actually wrap it up for you. They’ll do everything
they were shipping for you and know you will simply do is you will see the money coming
back into your bank account every single month. Okay, so let me just show you guys a small
example of how it would work. Okay, so this is obviously Amazon. Now what
do you do is you would come to a website that sells products for a whole sale price. Okay?
So a website that sells products for a wholesale price. So our site kind of like this. Aliexpress,
okay. Now, aliexpress express. These guys are actually located somewhere in Asia. You
can come to this site and you can buy products wholesale. So let’s just say for example,
um, I wanted to look for, uh, iPhone charger. Okay? Let’s just take a look. Okay. Let’s
say I just want you to come on here and let’s take a look for an iPhone charger. Okay, perfect.
As you can see here, guys, you can see all the different prices. Now let’s just take
a look at this one. Just take a closer look at this one guys. Yeah. Okay. Now I can actually
buy this charger for 73 cents per unit. Okay. 73 cents per unit. Now what you can
do is this, those new one with Amazon Fba, you want to basically buy these in bulk? Yeah.
And then you will then have these ships to an Amazon warehouse somewhere. You can have
them shipped directly or you can have it shipped to your home and then from your home, you
can then have it, you can then send it to a fulfillment center that Amazon has dotted
all around the country, all around the world. Okay? So it’s very simple. Let’s say for example,
if you were to have these at this price, you buy them for 73 cents. Let’s just say you
mark it up guys. Let’s just say you mark it up to three 99 yeah. Let’s say you mark it
up to three pounds and 99 pence. Now if you was to literally do that and market it for
three pounds and 99 pence, and let’s just say for example, um, you bought a thousand
units. Yeah guys. So if we do 1000 and we times that
by three pounds, 99 pence equals goes, that will be 3,990 pounds that you would have made
by simply just sending these through Amazon’s platform. Now, of course, you know you need
the internet, you need to knock off the 73 cents and that as an expense, the investment
that you first and foremost put up and put into the business. But guys still, that actually
leaves you with such a nice profit that you can leave live quite a good lifestyle. And
it goes. Remember, this is just a random example that it is that I’ve given you literally off
the top of my head because there’s so many things that you can literally get off of this
website, guys, okay? There’s so many things that you can get off of aliexpress. You can
see all the different departments, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, cell phones, accessories,
computer office security goes, the list goes on. But Amazon Fba is a great way for people to
be able to make money online. Okay? So if you’re watching this video and you still with
us respect to you first and foremost, but look, I actually have a link down below to
a free masterclass, a free Webinar, a unload women or that new can watch that will show
you exactly how to get started with Amazon Fba. Okay? Completely free training, phenomenal
training by an individual that I call sign that I’ve actually invested in service trainings
and he’s going to show you exactly how to get started on lion with Amazon Fba guys.
Okay, so check out the link below and you guys can literally get access to that free.
Okay, so the next way that we can make money online is one that I actually didn’t believe
in before, but actually how to leverage this to make some money online. And this is what we call kindle publishing
guys. Now for those of you that thought about kindle is it’s very simple. A kindle is basically
think about a digital book, but it’s quite a smaller book building the usual, okay? Now
what you can do is this new, you can literally, you can put together your own kindle book
and you can actually go there and you could sell it on Amazon’s platform. Okay, so providing
the do the right type of work that it is that you need to do those, you can literally be
generating income passively alongside whatever it is that you’re doing. Okay, so let’s actually
take a look. See, you can see all these different kindle books that are on here. So these are
kindle books that people have written. Now let’s say for example there on this one is
four pounds 70 and as you can see he’s got 91 reviews and it’s five star. Yeah, I bought, I can’t remember exactly what
the portion of what the split is, but those, it’s very simple. You would keep some of the
profits and Amazon would keep a small portion of the profits as well. And guys, once you’ve
written it and it’s unlined, Isaac’s passive, if you, as long as you optimize that book
enough, you will never have to worry about that again. You know, privacy providing the
algorithms don’t change. And things like that, but guys, all you’d simply have to do is upload
here, optimize it the correct way and three you then doing that guys, you can literally
be making money on autopilot. This is a great way to generate an extra couple hundred depending
upon how many books you want to put into the market place, you can actually be developing
in a couple of thousand. I actually know an individual called Steph and James who has
actually developed a six figure income through leveraging the power of this business model
and if any of you guys want to learn from Stefan James directly, once again, if kindle
publishing is something that you’re thinking to yourself, hey, this may be a business model
that I’d like guys, check out a free link that it is that we’ve got down below this
video. Check it out the across to that link, take
a look at the page, take a look at the videos and you never know there maybe there’s a training
there that you guys can plug into and you can get started with a kindle business. Okay
guys, great way to make money online. It’s not too hard, not too complicated. You do
not need to be technically gifted and know everything to be able to get started with
Kingbach kid kindle publishing, guys. Okay, so let’s move forward. Now the next way that
you can start to make money online is by using a platform called Shopify, but it’s a system
that’s also known as drop shipping. Okay? Now, this is similar to what you saw earlier
on when I was speaking about Amazon Fba. The only difference is this, the cost, the initial
investment is not up. Okay, so this website that you can actually see that I’m on right
now. Yeah, this website was actually built on Shopify.
It was brought on the Shopify platform. It looks great. It looks phenomenal, looks smooth
and everything. Okay? Now you can literally develop a Shopify store in any niche, any
niche, whatever niche is relevant to you. You can develop a Shopify store, you can log
in and you can build everything that it is that you guys can see on here right now. Okay?
Once again, just like we did earlier on with Amazon Fba, you can then come across. So let’s
say, look guys, this website, okay, this is not my website by the way. It’s not my website.
I literally found it online, okay? These guys deal with smartphones, okay? So if I come
across here and I can take a look guys, we come back to this slide that I showed you
earlier, aliexpress, okay, come across the Alley Express. Now walking up in is this,
let’s say for example, somebody comes to this website and [inaudible] actually just say
somebody wants to buy, um, uh, um, uh, a protective case for why they’re riding for while they’re
riding their bike here. Let’s say they want to do that. They come
to the site and they placed the order, okay? Now, once the individual places the order
and uh, pays, Shopify will then drop that money into your bank account. Then and only
when that individual has paid, you can then come across to aliexpress. Let’s say for example,
it’s this case here that somebody bought. Then what you can now do is this, you can
now then place the order for the order that it is about individual just made on your site’s,
okay? So the difference between Amazon Fba and drop shipping is that those, you don’t
have to put the money up upfront. Amazon Fba, you need to buy in bulk and you need to put
up the initial investment, okay? When Shopify with drop shipping, you don’t need to do that,
okay? This is a way for someone to get started who hasn’t? Very little investment. I’m talking probably
under a hundred pounds. You can actually get started with the power of Shopify, okay guys
and drop shipping. All right guys. So this is a phenomenal way that people can get started.
Literally two day making money online. Okay? And once again, guys, if you think to yourself,
you know what? This actually sound like a decent way for me to be able to make money
for me to be able to generate money and generate income online. Guys, in the, in the comment
section below, in the description below, I’m going to have a link to a free training. Guys,
feel free to check that out. It’s a free masterclass, so much content, so much value that will show
you the best practices to be able to get started. Drop shipping and utilizing Shopify right
now in 2019 all right guys, so make sure you guys check that out and we’re going to move
forward with the next best way to make money online. Okay, so the next way, that is a great way
for people to be able to make money online. This is something that I actually done myself.
Okay. And that is starting a social media marketing agency. One of the best ways to
start making money right now, leveraging the power of the Internet. Okay, so let me show
you exactly why. Now you have to understand guys, that there’s small to medium businesses
that have social media to an extent, but they don’t fully understand what to do with it,
okay? They don’t understand what to do with it. They don’t know how to literally leverage
it to be able to make money, to be able to get more customers, customers to be able to
get more clients. But they would be, they’d die to be able to leverage it to make more
money. Okay, so while I’m doing this, this, I’ve talked in the city where I’m from, which
is Wolverhampton and I’ve typed in the word restaurant. Yeah. Now those, you can see here all of these,
these restaurants here, if I click pages, yeah, and I look at their business page, all
of these businesses here are strug. 99% of them will be struggling with their social
media. They wouldn’t have a clue what it is that they need to do. Okay. They’re struggling.
If you have knowledge of social media, yeah. What you can do is you can come in and you
can say to this business, you can say, hey, listen, look, mister business, I can help
you get more customers, increase your revenue and get more awareness of your business simply
just by me taking over your social media and you can legit here me out guys, I do this.
I have a company that literally, this is how we started, because you can get paid anything
from 500 to a thousand to 1500 pounds per month on a retainer. Just by managing a business is social media.
I promise you I’m living proof. I’m doing it right now. Okay? This is what you can do.
Okay, so think about all of these small to medium businesses, guys, 90% 99% of these
will not have a clue what to do with their social media. Okay? Let’s let, let, let’s
just say I literally just picked this one at complete random. Yeah. Let’s say I want
to check out their page. Okay, guys, take a look at this because these guys, their last
post was the 31st of January. Guys, today, it’s the 14th of March, okay? They’re struggling.
They don’t know how to utilize social media to be able to get results. They’re struggling
guys. You can see that they’re struggling to keep up. You could come in here and you
could absolutely smash it for them and literally secure an extra five winter to a thousand
pounds a month. Literally just by managing their social media.
Okay. Let’s say for example you choose, I don’t know, um, you can see Wolverhampton
Dentists, okay? This is going to bring up a list of all the dentists in Wolverhampton.
Okay guys, look at this. 99% of these will not have a clue what they’re doing on social
media. They will not have the foggiest clue guys, okay? Cause you can go in and you can
take over their social media for them guys. Okay, I’m telling you guys, this works. I
am doing it. It’s a phenomenal way to get started and it’s a phenomenal way for you
to start making money online. Okay guys, now for those of you once again for watching this
video and you’re intrigued of how to start social media marketing agency, I am going
to put a link to a free training down below. This is the training that I actually talk
to be able to, you know, get my marketing agency up and running. Okay. This is the exact training that I talk
to be able to get the ball rolling in. Okay guys. So for those of you that are interested,
take a look below. The link will be there and you guys can get started building your
own social media marketing agency right now, guys. All right, so let’s move forward. Okay.
Now the next way for you to be able to start making money online is through a concept of
what we call it, affiliate marketing. Phenomenal way of making money online, okay? Phenomenal,
phenomenal, phenomenal way. Okay. Now, affiliate marketing is very simple. There’s individuals
that are out there that have basically developed products, software or services. And what they
would love is for people like me and people like you to be able to share these products
on their behalf. And for them doing for us doing that, they’re going to reward us very,
very well. I’m talking you can she earn 40% of whatever
it is that the individual invested just by going out there and sharing their product,
their service, or their software. Okay? Phenomenal way of doing it. So this is a website called
clickbank. This is a great way that people can get started making money online. Okay?
A great way. So if I go over here to the affiliate marketing place and actually scroll down and
I take a look here, but look at all the different niches that are out there. Arts and entertainment,
betting system, business and investing can computers and internet, cooking and wine,
ebusiness, ymarketing, employment, jobs, games, health and fitness, but it’s all these different
niches that are out here guys. Now, let’s say for example, because I’m in the online
business and online marketing world. Let’s say for example I was to get started in that
and I was to click, let’s just say, um, I clicked here, Seo, search engine optimization. I can see all the different office here and
I can see how much I’ll actually generate off of these individual offers. Guy’s phenomenal
way that you guys can get started making money online. Affiliate marketing is great, guys,
check it out. For those of you once again, who’s interested in this way of making money
online, there’s going to be a link to a training below. Make sure you guys go over there and
check it out. Phenomenal, phenomenal way. This is personally the way that I got started
making money online, okay? Affiliate Marketing was the first thing that I ever, ever done
on line. There’s going to be a link below to training that you guys can check out, all
right? Check that training out. Free Masterclass Free Webinar and you guys can get started
learning affiliate marketing. Okay. And last but not least that her way that you guys can
start to make money online is literally having a Facebook ad agency. Now it’s similar to having a social media
marketing agency, but it’s a bit different. Where I was wearing what you do is you simply
just focus on Facebook advertisements for the small to medium businesses. Okay? You
can actually make a lot more with these as well because dependent upon your client does,
this is a great way for you to literally make money online. If your client is a bigger business,
let’s say for example, if you said started doing Facebook ads for um, um, a lettings
agency or, um, people that sell houses, real estate agents and whatnot, you can literally
start to make very, very, very good money because you know, if a, if a real estate agent
is going to literally make, let’s say, I don’t know, a prophet of you know, 10, 15, 20, 25,000
pounds of selling one home, they will pay you 2000, 2,500, even up to three to four
to 5,000 pounds simply just by going out there and running Facebook ads on their behalf. So this is a business that’s actually by me
here in Wolverhampton. Okay, great. Great business. A food is great. I’m a Foodie, I’m
from here. Um, I know that they do phenomenal food and if I come to their page and I scrolled
out here and I click info and ads, I can actually see that these guys are actually running advertisements.
They’re actually running Facebook advertisements. Okay? But I can take a look at these Facebook
advertisements and if I was to see on their actual feed, I’d be able to see the feedback,
the type of likes, the comments, the shares, the engagement that it is getting and that
it’s not that it’s not getting. If I was confident enough that I could do a better job for these
guys, what I could do is this. I could come in and I could say to them, look, let me take
over your Facebook ads and I will bring you ROI on that. Okay guys, this is a great way for you if
you know what you’re doing on social media to be able to start making money because you
can make a very, very serious income literally just by doing this as a business, I promise
each and every single one of you. All right guys, so look if that’s something that you’re
interested in, guys, once again, I’m going to have a link to a free Webinar, a free class,
a free training in the comments section below in the description below. Go ahead and check
that out. Okay? Checky out a free masterclass. It will show you everything from a to z on
how you can actually set up and start a Facebook ad agency. Maybe you think these have, Jamie,
I do not even understand how to do Facebook ads. That training will show you exactly how
to get started leveraging the power of Facebook to be able to generate income and generate money online. Okay.


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