How to Make Money Online with ConvertKit : ConvertKit Affiliate Program Review

a great way for you to start making more
money is by cutting your expenses I highly recommend becoming an affiliate
partner with the websites that you use.. on a regular basis on today’s episode of
the bootstrap biz advice show I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show
you how I pay for my convertkit subscription by being an affiliate
partner if you would like access to my VIP vault which is my epic resource
library filled with video tutorials cheat sheets checklists and even stock
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in the description without further ado let’s hop in convertkit
is an email marketing tool for professional bloggers and it can be used
for people in various industries I used to use MailChimp back in the day and I
find that I have a higher open rate and I have higher conversions with my emails
that come through the convertkit system so I personally use it for both of my
businesses about 90 marketing and I for evany and what I’m able to do is as
people fill out the forms I’m able to tag the user with information so that I
can see every single freebie or opt-in that person has subscribed to over the
lifetime of them being on my email list so when you compare it to MailChimp
MailChimp has separate lists for everything and convertkit has almost
like user accounts where the user has tag information so I personally like
using convertkit for my emails versus MailChimp so the first thing that I
would say is if you aren’t using convertkit yourself you’re not going to
be a good affiliate you should not promote a program that you yourself are
not willing to pay for because people will have questions they’ll want to know
your application they’ll want to know some comparisons and so if you can’t
provide them with that information then your affiliate revenue is not going to
come through quickly so I would say to you if you have not signed up for a
convertkit account you need to do that first before becoming an affiliate I’m
not sure if they allow you to be an affiliate without being a customer but I
will tell you that your referrals will be stronger if you have personal
experience so if you look on the link in my bio you’ll see bitly slash LaShonda
convertkit sign up and that is my affiliate link so when you sign up for
their affiliate program I would advise you to go to the website Bentley and
bitly is going to allow you to create a bit link once you do that you’ll be able
to track your total clicks on your link and so if you look on the side here I
create them for all the different affiliate
I have so that I can see which ones are productive and which ones are falling
flat so if you want some analytics this is an incredible free way to do that so
Bentley comm to create your link so again my affiliate link should be yes
LaShonda convertkit sign up and I find that when I create bit ly links that are
easy to remember for both myself and the people I’m referring businesses to I
have a higher opt-in rate if your link is difficult to rewrite or pronounce
they’re not going to use it so once you get your link make sure you customize it
for your needs and I have a little formula for my affiliate links I do
bitly slash LaShonda so they remember it to me
the name of the program which in this case is convertkit and signup so you can
see on the side I have LaShonda Dropbox signup listen I have fresh books signup
and this is something that I did recently over the Christmas break but I
believe it will help me to keep track of my links in my videos so my convertkit
signup link is in the description I’m in videos where it’s applicable and I also
send my customers that link if they are interested in what I’m using in my
business to send my emails out so if we click over to the affiliate program page
you’ll see all the information about convertkit they have a five-day email
course on using email to sell more product and you can also demo the
product so if you do not have personal experience and you’d like to demo it
before you yourself sign up as a customer then you can do that so this is
the page where you would actually apply to become an affiliate now when you do
that you’ll get a little dashboard like this and I’ll be honest I signed up as
an affiliate and didn’t do anything with it for a very long time so I would
imagine I would have more payouts if I had done a better job of promoting it so
it’s not something that you can simply set it and forget it you do need to draw
attention to your link but when you you do you do earn a decent commission
for it so if you can see here I’ve earned two hundred dollars as a
convertkit affiliate and people have earned thousands of dollars so there is
no cap for the amount of commission you can receive from your referrals so you
can continue to do that now each month I receive a little under nine dollars per
person that uses my link to create a convertkit account so I refer traffic to
it so that I don’t have the you know I think it’s $29 a month on my debit card
for using convertkit I don’t have to worry about it what happens is they
approve that payout and then it goes directly into my PayPal which gets sent
over to my bank accounts so essentially that expense is paid for through my
affiliate link and I make an additional amount of money on top of that so if
you’ve not checked out their affiliate program I would encourage you to do it
because it’s super simple to do again you need to drive traffic to it though
they do provide you with some marketing materials um there’s a Facebook group
for convertkit affiliates where we pass around ideas I know I could be working
this more however I do have multiple jobs so I make sure that I make it
simple to refer a business to it but I don’t get overwhelmed with the process
so if you’re interested in covering your costs for using convertkit or simply
just making money this is an incredible way to do it I hope this information was
useful to you and if you’d like to learn more from me you can hop over to
LaShonda brown comm and you can sign up for my VIP vault now I’ll quickly take
you to it so you know exactly what I’m referring to because I say this a lot in
my videos and when you go to LaShonda brown comm you’re going to click on that
brown bar at the top and that’s going to take you to an opt-in page this little
form here was created using convertkit when you fill this form out it adds you
to my convertkit list so that when i add new resources to the VIP
you get notified so um this is an example of a convertkit form on a
Squarespace landing page that I built I just hid I hid all the navigation at the
top and the bottom so this is all you see and it resizes great on a mobile
device so that’s what it looks like in case you are wondering if you haven’t
subscribed to the bootstrap visit advice show I would love for you to do that
because I teach you ways to build your business without breaking the bank
until next time to talk for now


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