How to Make Money Self Publishing on Amazon

– Okay, we all know that
Kindle Direct Publishing is a lucrative opportunity
for the self-published author but aren’t there other ways that we can make money on Amazon? Is there some way that we can diversify
our author portfolio? Well, I’m gonna talk about that and ways that we can do that. In fact, we’re gonna talk about how to make money on
Amazon in this video today so stay tuned. (intense techno music) This is Self-Publishing with Dale where you’ll learn to
publish books that sell and build an unstoppable brand. Before we jump into things, I wanna know, do you think self-publishing on Amazon is really worth it? I wanna hear your candid
thoughts inside the comments so you make sure you drop ’em down there, and while we’re at it, make sure that you stick around to the end ’cause I’m gonna share
some more unorthodox or unconventional ways of expanding on the Amazon platform so that way you have
numerous avenues of income that you can really capitalize on. Before I talk about those
unconventional ways, I think it’s important that we go ahead and just rehash a few of the avenues that are available to you as a self-published author
on the Amazon platform, so here we go, eBooks. No brainer, everybody knows this, there’s good reason why for in
the past oh um-teenth years, people have been Kindle
Publishing, Kindle Publishing, Kindle Publishing, Kindle Publishing, Kindle, Kindle, Kindle,
Kindle, Kindle, Kindle, Kindle. It’s all too much, folks. eBooks are fantastic and it’s a great way to break into the business and probably one of the easiest ways to really get your book out
there to a wider audience, so I’m not gonna poo-poo on eBooks. It’s really one of the best options you have available to you
as a self-published author. Print books. (laughs) So while people are
spouting Kindle Publishing, Kindle Publishing, Kindle Publishing, they have overlooked
the greater market share of global publication
profits in print books, understanding that a lot
of people really love to have material possessions. They like to have that in their hands. They like to have their shelf filled full of their favorite books
and their favorite authors, so print books is one of
the best ways to do it. And even though I’ve just kind of touched on Kindle Direct Publishing, there are other ways that
you can publish on Amazon and this includes paperback books. Yeah, we know. Ever since CreateSpace
has merged with KDP print, there’s paperback book options for everyone to take advantage of, and you can even utilize other
distributors like or IngramSpark to fulfill
print books in via paperbacks over onto the Amazon platform. But did you know you can
actually do hardcover books? It’s not available through KDP print yet. This is kinda interesting. In fact, I cover a little bit about how you can print hardcover books through other distributors
including IngramSpark and Lulu and those will actually aggregate over into the Amazon platform. And here’s the funny thing is, the printers that are
fulfilling it are from Amazon and so if they’re being
fulfilled by Amazon, doesn’t it make you kinda think, will this be an option
available for KDP print? I wanna hear from you. Drop in your thoughts in the comments. And lastly, audiobooks. I’ve been cheerleading about audiobooks for the past couple of years because the growth in sales
has been astronomical, and now I’m starting to
see a bit of a gold rush, kinda like what it was
back in say 2013 to 2014 in the Kindle Publishing revolution that everybody was rushing
over and trying to get into it and audiobooks is the same thing. I believe right now, it’s
the Wild West on audiobook and if you don’t have
your books on audiobook, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table and you’re also leaving a lot
of your audience in the cold. There are some people that
don’t want to have an ebook. They don’t have the time
to read your print book. That’s where audiobook comes
in because it’s downloadable, it’s accessible just about anywhere you go from commuting on the bus
to working out in the gym. That’s one of my favorite things is to listen to my audiobooks
while I’m working out. Okay, okay, okay. I told you I was gonna talk a little bit about additional avenues that you could monetize your
author platform on Amazon and this includes Merch by Amazon. This is no surprise. In fact, actually, I did an unboxing of some of the merch shirts that I have showcased
on this channel before and Merch by Amazon is
one of the other ways that you can monetize your author brand. I see a lot of authors leaving
a lot of money on the table on this particular instance. I don’t have to promote
my shirts very much. All I do is I wear them on this channel and oddly enough, people buy the products. I didn’t have to do a
single solitary thing outside of just wearing it, and I’m wearing things I
would otherwise enjoy anyways. Merch by Amazon doesn’t
just have T-shirts. They have T-shirts, they
have long-sleeve shirts, they have hoodies, they have sweatshirts, and they even have something that’s called
PopSockets for phones. How many of you use PopSockets out there? Well, this is another
way that you can monetize your author platform in
just having those available, say through interviews
or on video marketing and anything else in between, you can really get it to
where your audience goes, ooh, I’d like that, that’s really awesome, and it’s another way that they can help support
their favorite author. Amazon Associates. This is what is known
as affiliate marketing. In other words, when you
become an Amazon Associate, essentially you share
products from their page, drives traffic on over there, if somebody makes a purchase, you get a small percentage of the profits. Is this sleazy? Not by any means. Think of it like this. If you’ve got a movie
that you really enjoy and if you share it with people, you’re naturally gonna
share it with people but you don’t get paid. Wouldn’t it be sweet though if you were sharing your
favorite movie with someone and they went to watch it or download it and you got a small percentage
from the theater or the site just for sending that? That’s how affiliate marketing works. Believe it or not, it’s not just about spamming
people through email marketing. And something as simple
as Amazon Associates is often overlooked. In fact, here’s really
kind of a cool thing. If you go into the Amazon
Author Central page and you’ve set up an author
profile, which I hope you have, you will get a prompt
from Amazon themselves that says take advantage of
the Amazon Associates program because you can then share your book or your product via social media. Some link clicks on that, they go over and they
purchase your product, naturally, you’re going to
get royalties for your book but you’re gonna get a little bit more for the extra trouble of
using Amazon Associates. This is one of those ones I’m telling you not enough people are taking advantage of and I recommend you look
into Amazon Associates to further monetize your author brand. Oh, and just a note. If somebody doesn’t buy your book but they end up buying, say,
a roll of bouncy paper towels or maybe even a cat toy of some sort, you get a small percentage of that. That’s kinda cool. Even though someone didn’t buy your book and they buy something else,
you get a small profit of that. I call that a win-win. Prime Video Direct. I was all gung-ho about
Amazon Video Direct, now called Prime Video Direct
about a couple of years ago. In fact, I was gonna go fully
bullish on it this past year but I’m just gonna have to give you a fair warning on this
one in just a moment. Let me explain Prime Video Direct first. Think of it like indie movies on Amazon. So this is a way that
you can further showcase your author brand. Here’s where it kinda gets
a little bit difficult and this is my reservation on it. You have to first of
all produce the content, you have to upload it which
is a fairly arduous process, and you also have to caption it. Captioning doesn’t come free. You can order such
services as, say,, or you can painstakingly go
through all of your videos and create the captioning yourself. And then they’ve got
channel art guidelines but here, all this to say this. Think of it like a more strict version of YouTube for Amazon. That’s what Prime Video Direct is. So this is just another way that you can further
index your author brand. So in the instance that you wanna, say, have a fireside reading
of your fiction book and record that process
and upload it there, that’s a great way to do things, or if you’re a nonfiction author, you can also create short series that helps further grow your credibility and your authority
within your given niche. And lastly, Twitch. Whoa, whoa, wait, hang on a second. I thought we were talking about Amazon. Of course we’re talking about Amazon! Believe it or not, a few years ago, Amazon bought Twitch for an
estimated nearly $1 billion. When Amazon is willing to
pony up that much expenses, it’s gotta make you stand up and go, hmm. Originally, this platform
started out for gamers but now it’s starting to evolve to encompass a lot more than just gaming. They have many creative
people coming there, including the likes of artists
and videographers and editors and most recently, indie authors. In fact, one of our fellow
authors in Melody Casey actually runs a fairly
regular stream over on Twitch to where she actually does writing sprints and she actively participates
with her audience when they show up. This is a fun way that you
can engage your audience and of course start to really build hype behind your next release. And the nice thing about Twitch is if you become a part
of the affiliate program, you can get paid by way of subscribers and what’s called bits which
is kind of like a currency of tips that your viewers can give to you for doing such a good job. In fact, I’m gonna talk a little bit more about the Twitch Affiliate Program and this is one of my most
popular videos on this channel. You’re gonna wanna make
sure you go on over there because if you avoid Twitch, you’re gonna be missing
out on quite a bit. I will see you over there. Here are the three different ways you can earn a Twitch affiliate payout. One, cheering with bits. Viewers, followers, and
subscribers of your channel have the ability.


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