How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 (Lazy Method)

what’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I’m gonna share with you how to make money with affiliate
marketing for beginners. I’m actually gonna share with you the lazy method and
I’m also going to give you a shortcut if you’re interested in that of course on
how you can actually go ahead and get started even faster with this method I’m
gonna share with you here today. To find out all the details make sure your stick
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alright before I actually dive into here what I’m going to share with you here
today is amazing a method the lazy method it is a method that everyone is
using actually nothing new maybe but if you’re totally new to affiliate
marketing you’re not confused on how to get started this is what everyone
teaches what everyone is doing actually a lot of people are teaching something
else but they are doing this so make sure you pay attention watch the whole
video and I’m also gonna give you a quick shortcut there at the end of this
video so it will be a no-brainer for you to get started to make money with
affiliate marketing here alright let’s get started so first by explaining a
little bit when you do affiliate marketing you actually make a commission
of someone else’s product that you promote and I’m always saying that
instead of go straight to drive traffic that you have spent thousands of dollars
on and drive that traffic straight to the affiliate offer you should have
something called an opt-in page a lead page or something like that so excuse me
for my ugly writing here an opt-in page that you can actually get
the traffic that you’re sending to the subscribers that they you want them to
opt-in to an email list what you do is you have some kind of an opt-in page
this is just gonna give you to give you an example here this is my opting page
so in exchange for your email address you’re getting access to a free video
case study that I have created here on how I made four hundred and twenty
dollars in less than 24 hours now you can actually go ahead and create a free
report also if you can’t do it by yourself and good option would be
actually to go to a site where they sell PL or products private label rights is
that what it stands for and you can just grab something here rewrite it so it is
a bit unique here and you can actually do some nice in cover or something like
that and you offer that in exchange for an email address so when we have done
that you of course need an autoresponder so when people are so this is
autoresponder I do recommend Aweber I’m not going to go into details here I
tested so many autoresponders during all these years as a solo ad vendor also
which has been I have been for many years so a weber gets my number one
recommendation there so skip all the learning curves and the thousands of
dollars there go ahead get started with Aweber straightaway so you need an
autoresponder to handle this automatically when you have created your
opt-in page you also need actually to create a follow-up sequence okay because
let’s see here let’s say that we have the affiliate offer people will see the
affiliate offer when they go here but if they don’t purchase you will actually
sending them a emails with good content quality content
and you will also promote that affiliate offer again there so that is the biggest
reason why you need to build an email list and before that you also need a
Thank You page okay Thank You page alright and you can see
here that if you are totally new that it can take you a little while to get this
set up but as I said bear with me I’m going to show you actually a quick
shortcut to all this here so a Thank You page could be something like this this
is when someone opt-ins to my I am tips which is my site here I do have a video
where I welcome everyone here and click here to download your free gift so this
is a converting Thank You page actually okay now it depends totally on what you
are promoting if you’re proposing an affiliate offer or something like that
so there you have it you have an opt-in page you have a Thank You page you have
an autoresponder where you need to set up a sequence you can see here on my
sequences my sequence actually so you do need to write those emails and as I said
if you’re totally new it can be a bit overwhelming there okay but there is
actually has solution to all this now before I actually show you this as I
said in the beginning this is what everyone teaches this is what I teach
actually because it is the number one way I learned this the hard way
I when I got started online I got started with a Facebook page I got
started there one day when I woke up it was closed and boom I just lost a couple
of thousands of dollars needless to say the hours I spent there actually so that
is where I got started with email marketing I wanted to learn all the ins
and outs there I got a solo ad vendor later on to learn even more about email
marketing and of course also created my own course there which
is a daily list profits which you will see he writes in just a few seconds
actually in a minute so how can you actually skip all of this and get
everything done for you well this is what I have actually for you here today
because there is something called lazy affiliate method as I said here this is
a product created by Kevin faux hey I’m in Kevin’s coaching group I vote 110
percent for everything Kevin puts out there because I seen it I know Kevin
uses this in his daily life so you’re going to find a link here below but I’m
going to sweeten up this for you because you are actually going to get a unique
bonus package here also so stick with me here and I’ll explain everything
ok so you can see here what it is is a 100 done for you 100 percent done for
you proven to work affiliate funnel which is easy point and click upload it
includes everything from what I shared with you here before squeeze pages lead
magnets Thank You pages and professionally written promotional
emails which means you don’t have to do anything at all of this okay
even better is you probably save yourself couple of thousands of dollars
full training is included here videos webinars and Facebook group which is
very active so here are actually real proof so as I said this is a tested and
proven funnel you can see here AB he got 13 subscribers and one sale after just
two days so these are real testimonials Julia she got 56 new subscribers and two
sales so as I said earlier here to create a unique funnel strategy have a
high converting capture page irresistible lead magnet finding
actually the offer can take your time also making the follow-up sequence that
converts and of course the countless as I said earlier here the testing
conversions and most importantly the money you’re spending by testing also so
you skip all this you get everything inside the lazy affiliate method you can
see here it is everything is included you can have a look at it at your own
pace actually here for yourself the sales page so this is the members area
when you log in there and what I like about cave-ins training is that these
are step by step watch over my shoulder style videos he shows you everything all
you have to do is just follow along here are just something real quick you can
see your how to set it up the squeeze page you can see he shows you his cream
and set this up also there is also a video transcript so as I said he has a
well organized members area been doing this for years now Kevin so I know he
don’t miss out on anything that is important if you want to go a step
beyond this you can have a look at the upsells there there is the 15
monetization methods the 10x traffic the IM VIP training which I have actually
access to as well so let me just show you here is the members area you can see
here all the training courses this or actually standalone courses I mean only
I am newbie is a couple of hours if I remember right here the affiliate funnel
is a 16 18 or videos or something like that so everything these are standalone
courses okay these are actually my go-to portal when I want to see something on
how to set up a Facebook campaign or something like that I go here because I
know that Kevin has done a step by step watch over my shoulder style video
tutorial so it actually goes like this the prices the affiliates mefferd goes
for 2012 95 these days until the launching period is over then we have
the 15 the monitor Methos go force 27 then we have the 10x
traffic which is $37 there is a trial let me see if I can find it here
there you have it yes it is actually a $1 trial and after that is 29 and 95 and
per month and you can stay there as long as you want of course so you’re going to
be super satisfied but it totally depends on your budget there and what
you’re interested in now if you grab this from my link that you’re going to
find here right below I’m going to make this a no-brainer for you because I’m
going to include let me see that we have it I’m going to include a unique bonus
package for you if you grab it through my link and I’m going to include daily
list profits but I’m also going to give you access to the pro video training so
this other sales page you can see I sell only the main version for $27 here the
pro goes from 97 and you can see here as I said this is my case study where I
show you how I made four hundred and twenty per day but this is how to get
started to make money online with affiliate marketing and list building
how to get started with your hundred dollar plus per days here and this is my
members area these are all tutorials here I cover everything you need to know
to get started with the method here on top of that as I said you get access to
the pro version which is a step by step watch over my shoulder style tutorials
and more or less this is a business in a box because I cover everything from
purchasing domain purchasing hosting installing WordPress how to find your
free reports there how to create them how to find offers on four different
even amazon is included here networks how to set up your autoresponder your
squeeze page your Thank You pages here all about here
is about the last launch jacking I’m sorry some bonuses here so there is so
much training material here and as I said it is a business in a box more or
less there so that is what you get and you also get a niche Authority 200
social media marketing tactics and viral traffic search now you have it on how
you can get started to make money with affiliate marketing the lazy way no
matter if you are totally new to this or you’re experienced affiliate marketer
you should definitely have a closer look at the lazy affiliate method here all
right you’ll find a link along the description if you have any questions at
all feel free leave them in the comment section here below and I’m actually
looking forward to see you succeeding with this and of course I’m looking
forward to see you inside my members area here also thanks a lot for watching
make sure you subscribe as I said in the beginning here to my youtube channel so
you’ll be notified also hit the notification bar so you’ll be notified
every time I upload a new video here as well that’s it for today
thanks a lot for watching and I’ll see you soon

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