How To Make Money With Amazon (While On Vacation)

People are always asking me for a map to
how to do certain things and while I teach how to do things and I show what
works there’s a million ways to do marketing and affiliate marketing is no
different now I want to show you something specific though so that maybe
you can get a real example of something so that it becomes a little bit more
practical application for you so I’m inside my Amazon account and I
have an affiliate relationship with Amazon and today we can see that I sold
citronella essential oil mosquito repellent I also sold (I don’t even know what
this is hold on let me hover over it) hoberman switch pitch ball
I don’t even know what that is and a periodic table of elements poster for kids
so these are the price of the items that sold and then I’m going to
get a commission on those and my commission average is at about 4%
there is a pay table on here that shows you what exactly things pay but mine kind of
settle out of 4% you can go anywhere from like 4 to 10 is the average
so I want to show you this one this one’s pretty obvious to me this cirtronella essential oil mosquito repellent so I’m doing quite a bit of this and I know why because I did it intentionally so let me
show you where this is coming from so I teach that building a niche website is a
great way to generate affiliate income so one of my niche websites is real estate so this is real estate and inside
this website I have a blog and the blog is tips for homeowners basically I mean just anything to do with buying a home selling a home living in a home
rehabbing a home so you can see some examples here I’ve got where to go see
Easter egg hunts so these are my local stuff about Las Vegas City Guide
Las Vegas Arts District Buying it for Sale By Owner,
What’s the Commission for Realtor but then I also have things like
How to Choose the Best Mattress What Paint Colors are Best for a Home,
Gardening Tips, anything that a homeowner is going to be interested in
so my niche is somebody that lives in a house and what I do is I look up
specific types of topics that I think you’re going generate some interest and
I put out some great articles now if we go over here to my keyword tool what
you’re able to see and I’ll put a link to this keyword tool in the video this
is SEM rush but what I’m able to do is I went over here and I typed in the word
bug and I’m looking up only on my own website so I have my own website pulled
up here that domain names up top and I’ve got a couple articles about bugs so
I’ve got one article about bed bugs and I have another article about keeping
bugs off your screen door and in other lessons I show you how to do the
keyword research so that I know what to write on and you know it takes
an article on Google a good three-four five-six-seven months to rise up the
ranks so I might have an article last year they didn’t do anything and then
this year all of a sudden it skyrocketed so it’s a time thing and then
it’s also not just a time thing it’s also building other articles and
establishing your website getting more visibility so here this one I can see
bug off screen so let me open this article so I can show you what this
looks like so that you can understand where how that person was led
Amazon to buy the item so here we go how to keep bugs off your screen doors
and I’ve kind of got a standard for my blogs I’ve got an intro I’ve got a video I’ve
got a call to action here I’ve got a table of contents so you can see this
right here rub citronella oil on the screens what did we sell Citronella Essential Oil As you can see here as we scroll down
these are Amazon links these I don’t sell any of those so I should
change those I’m just thinking out loud here we go this is what I usually do
sell though I sell these the insect repellent and then we have rub
citronella oil on the screens if the bug spray you aren’t using isn’t
working great you try a natural option like it’s citronella oil now watch what
happens they click on citronella oil and they go right here now let’s take a look
at which oil it was that we sold get that link to pop up, there it is
that’s it that’s the one and I have to tell you guys that these types of ads
the link ads (where did we go) it took me off the page let me go
back to my blog here the link ads right here do much better for me than these
grids of products right here and what will also happen if somebody might
look down at my table of contents they might go oh well I’m just looking for
this rub citronella and they might shoot right down see what they want and they
buy the item, so you have to play with this you can do these types of
custom search ads, you can do lists like this or you can do the text links like
this and I mix and match mine and play with all of them but as you can tell
this one worked now the other ones I don’t know where they came from today
what happens with Amazon and these are anything that I don’t market
what happened to the Amazon is if somebody clicks through on one of your items
let’s just say this person that’s looking at the citronella essential oil
if they click through they buy anything they put anything in their shopping cart
in the 24 hours following the time they click that link you actually make a
commission on everything they put in their carts as long as you were the last
Amazon link they clicked on so oftentimes this person might have been
looking for paints and they clicked on one of my Amazon links for paint and a
day later you know within 24 hours they go they end up buying this switch ball
pitch ball or this periodic table of elements sometimes that can happen
this could also be somebody else that has my amazon link but I know for sure
100% where this one came from I was able to show you that and that happens quite
a lot I have another one that I do quite a bit on and that is an article on
Burying the Saint Joseph statue to sell a house and I put a link on there for the
Saint Joseph statue and so people click through and buy the Saint Joseph statue
so this is just a great real deal example of how affiliate marketing works
and one of my favorite ways my top couple ways are I teach and I teach
software like how to use AWeber email program or how to use IDX Broker
on a real estate agent web site that type of thing and people learn with me
and they pick up those products sometimes using my links not always
another way I do a lot with affiliate marketing is I show something like my
new shoes and people love the shoes where’d you get the shoes and I’m able
to say this is where I got it and a great affiliate link will also give me a
coupon to pass on to them so hey if you like these shoes here is a coupon get $20 you get $20 so do I you know that
kind of a thing and so I do a lot with that I also do a lot with video and I do
some product reviews I do a lot of software training and then I do a lot of
blogging on my niche websites I’m not doing a lot with paid advertising so I’m
gonna I’m gonna come back and give you guys some more lessons on paid
advertising but most of mine’s organic which means it’s not paid so I earn in
on the search engines and on social media and on YouTube primarily
so there’s your example today and I hope you enjoyed this lesson.

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