How to Make Money With Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Step by Step Tutorial Affiliate Beginners Guide

alright hey everybody welcome back to
video number three here we’re gonna talk about insane conversion engineering in
fact we’re gonna talk about persuasion and conversion strategies so certain of
success they ought to require a weapons permit in other words we’re gonna be
talking about some very very deep very ninja very persuasive very consoling
advanced but yeah I’m gonna keep it very very simple for you to understand you
know this is my challenge for you we don’t have it that I can be here talking
to you for about three days non-stop literally about this topic because
there’s just so much to cover but I you know I will respect your time right and
I want to have I want to give you the most relevant information in the
shortest period of time possible right and so my goal is in this video for this
video for this particular training session to be worth kid you not to be
worth a million dollars for you or more and you know what it can be worth that
much and much much more if you pay very close attention if you shut all the
distractions right now I don’t know what you got going on listen you might have
facebook you might have Skype beeping in my help phone going off and whatnot
right do it listen for the next several minutes when we leave when you and I
together here with you right I want you to pay very close attention that for my
sake for your sake because what I’m gonna do with you is I’m gonna share
with you ideas and strategies that I have been implementing in my business
you know we’re gonna we got to the point to what we’re gonna be talking about the
fun part we’re gonna be talking about like how do you get money right from
your prospects from you know from your list from your traffic right it’s I
don’t think there is anything else that’s more important for a marketer to
learn and understand right other than you know the stuff we’re gonna be
talking about right now in this video right so obviously traffic is important
but conversion is just as important if you don’t know how to convert your
traffic into leads and leads into customers you don’t have a business
right so in this video we’re gonna be talking to be exactly about that stuff
and it’s gonna be pretty advanced material I’m gonna tell you that much
right so you might want to watch this video several times before we dive into
this lesson couple of things first of all congratulations for getting here I
assume that you had an opportunity to watch you know the last two videos video
1 video 2 important if you haven’t you want to
pause this video go back and watch those videos first the reason I’m so adamant
about this is because the the way I’m presenting this particular training
series for you is it’s for a reason there is a reason there is a you know
there’s a certain amount of psychology behind this stuff because this video is
gonna make no sense to you if you have not watched video 2 or video 1 because
in video 1 right we talked about the seven steps like you know kind of laid
out a you know a bird’s eye view so to speak you know the landscaping you know
talked about some specific strategies some you know very you know stealthy
techniques you can implement strategic positioning or stuff in your marketing
very important in video two we talked about traffic right I give you a lot of
ideas about traffic and of course high traffic Academy is all about traffic in
this video we’re gonna we’re gonna cover the the second component which is
conversion all right so it’s very important for you to watch this stuff
and all I’m gonna do from my side is I’m gonna share with you what’s working for
me very very well listen these ideas the stuff I’m sharing with you in this
training series I literally went from being nobody in the industry about ten
years ago to become a number one income earner in any company that I ever
stepped into and I kid you not there was not a one there was no there was not a
single one promotion right after I got these strategies for the last good solid
about seven years now right where I started to promote whether was somebody
else’s product whether it was a new a company that I was a part of where there
was a business opportunity that I joined right and I didn’t dominate every single
promotion every single campaign every single company I joined every single
product I promoted including my own vomit it in everything right and it’s
not because Vig this you know there’s somebody special or or has this weird
abilities right now is because Vic knows this stuff right and you can do the same
thing right I’m gonna be sharing with you exactly what I’ve been doing and so
you can model it you know if you want to model it great so listen I am ready to
go I got my water here with me I’m just actually gonna put it to the side over
here hope you got your notes let’s dive deep into this right now alright so here
check this out I’ve got this I’ve got this the Skype from
one of my you know Skype contacts are the other day and you know here’s what
this lady says he said she says okay Vic why is 98 97 percent fail what our
internet marketing company is doing wrong in your opinion if this is case
this is the case at least as I’m spelling grammar errors here
why McDonald’s franchise model work well and not internet marketing franchise
model so in other words you know what this person is saying what she was
asking it was and again there was conversation going on and I want to bore
you with that but bottom line here is this and this is a valid concern I see
this happens a lot in our industry right so we hear all these you know network
marketing companies don’t know a lot of the Guru’s out there who has their own
system that they want us to promote right saying hey we have this franchise
model right we have this McDonald’s model all you need to do just send
traffic to it you know and and you’re gonna be golden right did you try that
how did it work out for you right and you were both no that doesn’t
work the way that it’s been advertised why well I think the reason that the the
traditional McDonald’s franchise model works well right is because people have
to actually invest 200 thousand to you know probably up to two million dollars
for you know to open up a McDonald’s franchise right now not everybody can do
that so the competition in that world is very very low so make sense there’s only
so many McDonald’s is out there right when it comes to online it’s it’s easy
for anybody to join a program for $25 right to come up with 25 bucks during a
program and they expect to become a millionaire tomorrow because they think
that this is gonna be a McDonald’s franchise model it’s in a sense right
and so what happens is there is a lot of competition over here in our space and
people are competing between another one another and affiliates are competing you
know promoting products and so this model doesn’t work unless you know what
you’re doing right and so what I would like to do in this video is I’m actually
gonna we’re gonna tackle this right because this is there was a big giant
problem right there’s a big giant problem and what is what is the big
problem what are the big problem is this as awesome as this industry is right you
join this no industry because chances are you probably wanted to have a battle
lifestyle right maybe you wanted to make more money you wanted to spend more time
with your family you wanted to have the better things in life which is great
there is nothing wrong with that but there is one big problem right here I
surveyed a lot of people and I always do that right in my marketplace and here I
said you know one of the survey questions I sent out I said hey how much
money are you currently earning on the internet now check out some of these
responses not now the 1900 people took this survey this is one of the recent
ones more recent ones right 57% of people are earning zero dollars 57% earn
zero dollars on the Internet pretty sad right check it out between $1
and $100 a month 23 percent between those two right you
got eighty point twenty two percent of people earn less than $100 a month
eighty percent of people here is where it gets really really crazy check it out
the next line there between a hundred and a thousand dollars a month another
twelve percent all together top three categories
right top three answers ninety two point six nine percent as you can see here
earn less than $1,000 a month my friend 92% 92% of people in our space right now
everybody that you’re really sending to earning less than $1,000 a month it’s a
big big problem and then what’s going on over here is there is a lot of blind
leading the blind syndrome because a lot of these guys who are earning less than
$1,000 a month they’re trying to teach us right they’re trying to pretend to be
somebody that they’re not and they’re saying hey follow me I’m gonna teach you
how to make 20,000 a month you say what’s going on there right and so
that’s what’s going on in this industry a lot and so what my fight is is to
change the statistics you know what it’s gonna start with you it’s gonna start
with me it’s gonna start with a person who understands and realizes the reason
I’m showing you this is so for a couple of reasons number one don’t believe
everything you hear out there all right numbers don’t lie statistics don’t lie
right 92% of people earning less than $1,000 a month it gotta be very careful
who you listen to number two knowing this knowing this you
have perspective right and you know how to talk and what to focus on when you
are building your business in this industry right and so what I am
confident about is you know what the the stuff I’m gonna be teaching you here
in this video starting in this video if you are a part of that statistic right
now okay you can change you have that power you have that ability and you
deserve a better you know result right I don’t know what your situation is but if
you are a part of that if you’re earning less than $1,000 a month like the 92% of
people in our space right you can get out from that right and you can actually
stand head and shoulders above the you know the typical marketers which is
that’s what you know these guys are typical but you’ve got to understand how
to do it right and there are certain things we need to do in a certain way
Pemex and so the next question I said I said look so what is stopping you and
there was another question between this I I asked you know what there goldwater
blah blah blah but then this is important as well I said hey what’s
stopping you from reaching your income goal okay and then you know some of the
answers here were I don’t know how to convert leads into customers 53%
information overload I don’t know if you have a you know experience that for
yourself I don’t know how to drive traffic to my site so bottom line is
98.7 nine percent of people in our space again you might be one of them right I
don’t know your situation but 90s 98 percent of people are basically saying
my problem is traffic and conversions and it’s a valid concern – valid
response because when it comes to being successful when it comes to breaking
through right and and then stepping out from that you know that the typical
world of marketers right if you want to be extraordinary if extraordinary first
of all listen to me you can write it’s gonna take a decision on your part
that’s all decision and action that’s it decision action think about a decision
action decision action decision action I will do everything from my side to help
you okay if you’re ready I believe I can help you break through okay you need to
understand couple of things number one you need to understand there is there is
this world of marketing right so on one side we have traffic okay people don’t
understand how to get traffic and then how to convert that traffic into okay traffic and conversions this is the
two pillars that you need to get really really really really good at okay now
when it comes to traffic traffic is easy part I know in the last video I talked
to you a little bit about traffic right in high traffic cam I’m gonna teach you
tons about traffic in fact you gonna be a traffic master you’re gonna be a
traffic ninja right by the time we’re done was you know some of the trainings
are gonna be learning from you know fly traffic Academy easy very very easy part
okay getting traffic is easy okay now where most people mess up the the you
know the ninety eight percent of the 92 percent people who are earning less than
a thousand dollars a month and if you one of them check it out the reason
they’re not earning that money is because people think that this is their
marketing and this is not okay your marketing becomes go I’m gonna show
you in a minute here but there’s there’s three things we need to understand okay
for you to get conversions convergence is a byproduct it’s a default it’s gonna
happen by default as a result of certain things you do in a certain way as a
marketer and there’s stuff I’m gonna be talking about right now is good it might
go over your ears just because it may be a little bit advanced maybe it’s because
nobody else is talking about this right I’m gonna watch the pay attention
because I’m gonna be showing you we’re gonna be we’re gonna be talking some
very very strategic stuff right over here and strategic ideas is exactly how
you can implement them and then we’re gonna be talking about practical
implementation as well and whether we should be oh sure when your specific
example it’s gonna be fun and of course we’re gonna keep it up workshop style
here this video so there’s there are certain things we need to understand
okay we need to understand the foundational stuff here is something I
call invisible in the invisible influence okay okay most markers have no
clue what this means okay when I say invisible influence but everything your
conversions okay is gonna be stemming from this okay
I’m gonna be talking to you about this in just a moment okay the the the next
layer up on top of that so think about this is like your foundational stuff
right this is the foundational block and then you building your entire skyscraper
right on this invisible influence and there are some things you need to do in
a certain way here to make to keep your conversions
sanely hi right I’m talking like ridiculously high now on top of that we
have strategic guys there’s 20 chick influence okay and this is where you
deliberately alright when you do certain things in a certain way deliberately and
you pushing out specific pieces of information out there in the marketplace
is how you mark it I’m getting I’m gonna be covering this very very in a lot of
details in this video or as much details as I can with the math amount of time we
have here right and then we’re going to be talking about practical implementation practical implementation
okay so these are the things we’re gonna be
talking about and then on top of this oh no all the bells and whistles okay Bell
bells and whistles but here’s that here’s it here’s a problem in our space
everybody or especially a probably majority of our marketers in our space
right they’re focusing on bells and whistles you know the next you know
theme the the next widget the next push-button software the next this the
next that right people are focusing on bells and whistles that have nothing to
do with your conversions this will not get you conversions okay even this will
not get you conversions because practical implementation this is where
you have your landing page right you have your preframe pages all this stuff
it’s it’s not gonna get you the result that you really want you’re gonna be
spinning your wheels like crazy right if you focus in on this shallow stuff this
is very very shallow stuff if you don’t have this taken care of you don’t have a
business and the problem is is very very few marketers very few marketers
understand this below the surface kind of stuff right and how to deploy that in
your business very very strategically so that your conversions can be insanely
high and that’s exactly what we’re gonna be talking about in this video and you
know what I’m gonna actually gonna go very quickly here because we have a ton
to cover and specific things I want to be showing you so let me get me on
marker all right if I’m gonna go fast right that’s because there is ugly side
you said there is a tons to cover um you may want to wipe this video over a few
times right it’s gonna help you I promise you when you when you take the
time really study the ideas one idea can make
you a millionaire one I’m gonna share with you tons of them today
right in this video add some of course on top of what I’ve already shared with
you in the previous videos this is going to be the most advanced the most
practical the most comprehensive training that you will ever hear in our
space for free ok because the stuff I’m gonna be sharing with you in say again
this stuff I’m gonna be sharing with you in this video
typically I share this kind of stuff with my twenty five thousand clients and
above right in a private mastermind I wanted to go out and I wanted to bring
this information over to you it is gonna be advanced but I promise you people
with simple mind right in our space they’re not making money they’re making
the less than 100 hours a month okay you want to stretch you want to step out and
you want to do the things you want to run your business in a way that you know
typical markers are not running right if you if you want to get extraordinary
results you got to do things that typical marketers are not willing to do
and don’t even understand how to do okay and that’s where we come in right so can
I have a lot of fun here alright so here’s the problem there is you know
we’ve been talking about you probably see me draw this a lot right so there is
there is there were different ways people getting traffic right and there
is there is a there was a category of people who are getting traffic what
these arrows represent traffic directly to an offer okay some you know offer
right here right and and there’s a lot of them actually right and again in
video number one I talked a little bit about this if you are sending traffic
directly to an offer my friend for your sake stop doing it because you’re
wasting your money you’re just you’re wasting your business you’re not gonna
be successful with with this approach okay we’re not even gonna worry about
this where I’m going to talk about this because you know better now right if
you’re sending traffic directly to an offer you are wasting your money you are
you’re sabotaging your business you know you’re suffocating your business please
stop doing that alright there is a better way so this is
this is option number one and and this is this is how amateurs run their
business okay option number two is this right there is uh you know these these
guys are typical so they’re going to be running traffic they say you know what I
learned that I need to get a landing page
right I’m gonna collect my list all right let’s just have this this oval
shape figure here it’s supposed to be a circle represent a list right so they’re
building their list and then they’re sending them to an offer okay which is
better okay which is better at least they’re building a list right now if
this is somebody else’s offer if this is a network marketing company this is a
you know a business opportunity or some sort of a you know a program or a
product for somebody else right well you are very very limited with your
conversions over here yes as your traffic is coming in okay to
your landing page they’re up to the years they’re getting to your list and
then this typically in our space on average this stuff right here converts
and it doesn’t matter what you promote whether it’s a Clickbank product or
network marketing company yun average okay in our space the conversions you
will see here is going to be anywhere from one to two percent okay that’s it
that’s that’s the average and I’ve been in this space for about ten years right
so the the big problem over here okay what a lot of markers are running into
is a couple things number one what you do prior to people getting to your
landing page it’s not marketing okay your traffic is not marketing there is a
big difference between marketing and advertising okay what you do to get
traffic to your landing page is called advertising okay this part and this part
two different things two different worlds
okay so we talked a lot about traffic now you’re true marketing doesn’t begin
unless or until somebody opts into your list okay and they get on your list okay
so when they get on your list this is what your true marketing begins okay and
so if you are running your business it with this model which I’m probably gonna
focus on this a little bit here because this is like ninety-eight percent of
marketers how this is this is they’re set up for their business you know you
probably one of them I used to run it like this right and I was like I mean
I’m barely scraping by until I understood something right but there is
a big or even bigger problem so if you just relying on this and you’re getting
your 1 to 2 percent conversion rates right you hardly my
money right but people say you know what I’m building my list so I’m gonna be the
idea for building your list is so that you can monetize your list right and you
can go you know to your list over and over again you can send other relevant
offers to your list so you can make those money for free okay now there
comes another giant problem that a lot of marketers are facing in this industry
and that is this there’s gonna be a certain when you email your list okay
let’s say it’s a hundred people or 100,000 people no matter right there’s
gonna be a certain amount of per you know certain percentage of people that
will actually open your emails when you send an email to your list okay and
that’s that’s that’s a big problem because on average and I surveyed
thousands of people I surveyed thousands of marketers including big-name gurus
all right on average in this space people are seeing anywhere from two to
five percent email open rates very very big problem okay if you don’t have
people opening up your emails it’s very very difficult for you to build your
business so make sense that make that means there is ninety you know five to
98% of people on your list that are not opening your emails okay there comes
even bigger issue because let’s say this is your prospect over here okay let’s
have this guy be representing your prospect okay if he is on your list
guess what he’s probably on other marketers list as well don’t you think
and this guy is getting bombarded with emails right boom boom boom boom boom
he’s probably getting 50 emails a day right and if you don’t stand out from
you know if you’re not if you don’t stand handed shoulders above your
competition about these guys right this guy right here he is on a bunch of
marketers list and we have to run our business very strategically very mindful
of that understanding this what’s good this is what’s going on right and so if
you do certain things in a certain way you can actually improve your
conversions to say twenty percent thirty percent right what if you improve your
conversions to what if I can show you how to improve your conversion
you know to say 50% right to where you just totally crushing your competition
you say Vic is that even possible absolutely and I’m gonna show you in a
minute here okay so this is the this is the model that a lot of people are
running and you know if you’re running this model that’s great
but there was a better way okay this is how typical people are run their model
the the the the the third option here okay is you have traffic and this is
what I’m gonna be talking to you about today you have traffic going to your
landing page okay you are building your list here can you see this yeah you can
right so this is your list and then that landing page leads and your list leads
them to a something called lead magnet okay and landing page is is promoting a
lead magnet not your offer that make sense and then that lead
magnet is actually pre framing them for the offer okay so this is a better model
this is how the pros are doing it and this is where you would this is where
you want to be at okay and you know if you have you brand new into this
industry you want to learn this you want to understand this and you want to get
to the third position here as quickly as possible right because this is where you
make the most amount of money there’s actually one one other one that’s on the
top of this and that blows everything out of the water and that’s called HDA
elite right it’s something that we’ve invented and print perfecting which is
you know just basically taking this and like pouring you know rocket jet you
know fuel on it and and and just you know making this thing go viral which is
you know something we cover inside of HDL eat but at the very least you want
to be here okay and then your marketing right your marketing is going to happen
over here okay so what you do with your list the idea is to get as many people
on your list as possible to build your list but then there is a challenge for
you to do certain things in a certain way with your list it’s how you
communicate is how you build what happens before they even get to your
list and then what happens when they’re on your list so that you get you know 30
40 50 60 % of people open in your your emails and engaging and it
the same time you building trust with them and you are when this guy sees your
email coming in his inbox and then he’s got 50 emails coming from these guys all
the rest of the competition right he’s gonna open your email first because you
know he wants to hear from you that’s exactly what I’m gonna talk to you about
how to do in this video I can I’m okay I usually Vic how do I know that you
qualified for you know to teach this stuff and how do I even know that this
is you know 50% email open rate is even possible you know I’ve never heard about
that which by the way if you get 50% of people or 30% of people to open up your
emails right do you have tons more people coming and seeing your offer
right and then you make and you like multiplying your income without doing
anything different so make sense so let me show you something here let me take
you online I want to make sure because you know anytime when I’m when I’m
looking at some something like that right I want to know you know I want to
say look how qualified are you to teach me this stuff so before I pay attention
let me just kind of pre frame you okay let me talk to you and show you how
relevant how important this stuff is and how important this video is going to be
for your business if you just to listen okay totally up to you right so here
I’ve logged in to you one of my autoresponders it’s ontraport and we’re
online and just to give you an example here for my personal business I’m just
totally taking you behind the curtain here so this is some of the emails that
I’ve sent out right so nine thousand ninety six hundred emails sent as you
can see here this is my open rates here thirty six percent I send thirty six
thousand emails twenty-one percent open rate sixty five percent open rate right
sixty five seventy one percent open rate now what hawaii’s is fluctuating a
little bit well because I’m a marketer and a lot of times I would actually
segment my list and I would test out different subject lines I would test out
different times of the day when I’m sending out emails and all of this is
important and all of this I will be teaching you right how do you engineer
insane conversions how do you engineer insane conversions for your landing page
right for your opt-in to where you’re getting 40 50 60 % of people opt-in to
your landing page and then how do you engineer insane conversions and
engagement with your list you know up to 70 percent you know 80 percent sometimes
I get and then how do you engineer insane conversions for
your sales will you offer all of that is gonna be covered in this video I
promised you is going to be worth a lot for your business right although I can’t
make any any income guarantees here but you can give you an idea right so 72
percent 75 percent here 79 percent right now he let me take you to another
autoresponder this is get response as you can see one of the emails that I
sent out here got 70 point 42% email open rate with 27 percent email
click-through rate which is insane it’s unheard of in this industry right that’s
one of the emails here let me um here’s another one that I sent out and this is
just broadcast emails not even you know the scheduled ones and those get
actually higher email opening but this one’s got 84 percent right this email
here is you know it’s pretty pretty consistent with me because I do certain
things in a certain way and that’s why you know I’m gonna be showing you look
at this eighty-six percent email open rate right check this out here we have
been 40 percent email click-through rate a hundred eleven percent email open rate
how is that even possible a hundred eleven percent email open rate
it’s possible because a lot of people a lot of people on my list that will be
coming back and opening my email more than once
okay how would you like to know how to do that that’s a little bit better than
the two to five percent email open rates don’t you think right you see I’m saying
how do you engineer this well I mean before I show you let me show you
something else here again I want to be very relevant here for you here is
actually let me do this I go back you know sometimes it’s very
easy to engineer a high you know email open rate unlike a 3,000 emails or a
thousand emails you know sent right here is Mariposa this is one of my you know
another one of my autoresponder accounts here and this is performance over the
last thirty days okay so this is going to give you a broader overview broader
picture here so we have sent three hundred and sixty seven thousand emails
over the last thirty days three hundred sixty four thousand emails delivered
right overall look at this 31.1% email open rate overall and this is actually
not even accurate because this morning I send out another probably forty thousand
emails and that email is still in a process so it kind of dink my open rate
a little bit because you know there’s another forty thousand emails added but
it’s still in the process of being open right now people are getting back from
work whatnot and and so that that’s gonna be
even higher it’s probably gonna be at about 35 to 40 percent email open rate
and three hundred thousand emails sent it’s in a sense so it’s totally possible
see just like the just like the you know a great Baker can can cook a really
awesome yummy cake right and he can do it over and over and over again you can
engineer insane conversions and you can do it over and over and over again if
you do certain things in a certain way okay the reason I’m showing you this is
because it’s very very significant why is this significant well it’s
significant because let me show you this at the end of the day right
you’re doing any one of these models because you want to make money okay
nothing happens until we get conversions or I should say nothing happens until we
get traffic first right and then until we get conversions and then and then you
make the money right but the end at the end of the day your goal is to get sales
right is to get money in the bank so the reason this stuff is very important is
because look back in you know if you watched video number one I think I
mentioned this in video number one but this was a promotion that I did this was
a year year and a half ago or so started from zero right from zero very first
month okay two hundred sixty four thousand
dollars generated this is in revenue came in okay the very next month four
hundred fifty six thousand dollars in one month in a single month okay as you
can see here 174 thousand two hundred twenty-six thousand three hundred
thousand so in about a span of about eleven months or so the first eleven
months totally brand-new promotion totally you know new area I’ve never
done anything like that in fact this was for this was inside of the network
marketing industry right and so I stepped in did not know anything about
network marketing but but I understood some of the principles you know that I’m
gonna be explaining to you here in this video and I applied those principles
first eleven months over two point two million dollars or something like that
generated right and I was able to set industries record make the most amount
of money ever in the history of of network marketing okay over seven
hundred and twenty thousand dollars something that again not because they
can somebody special but because I I do certain things in a certain
and you can do that too you can replicate it and I’m pretty sure it’s
gonna work for you okay that’s why this stuff is very very
relevant let me show you something else here
okay so just recently here right just you know a couple months ago we started
another another campaign that’s totally on you know off the radar you didn’t
mean see this right this was totally off the radar you know very very underground
kind of thing right in the very first month as you can see here ninety
thousand dollars came in this is after you know this is clean money in the bank
you know after refunds and all that stuff
the very next month right 97 thousand dollars the next month after that one
hundred and two thousand dollars so in a span of the first three months this is
just the last three months here it generated 291 thousand dollars now
here’s the kicker okay here’s the kicker this particular campaign I started and
it generated a hundred thousand dollars a month revenue without me spending a
single dime on marketing how did I do that well I didn’t do that because I was
focusing on this I did that I was able to do that because it came from this
okay and it did not come from the you know from the entire list of mine it
came from about I’ll tell you from about 3,000 subscribers on my list okay that’s
why this is so powerful okay when you have a list and you know how to operate
your list you know how to talk to your list you know how to digitally you know
run your business because this is where your business is this is not your
business traffic is not your business people think if I have traffic and I
have an offer that I’m selling you know that’s my business that’s not your
business your business is this right here this can be anything as long as you
believe in it as long as these things and stand behind it right as long as you
can look somebody in the eye and say you know what get whatever I’m telling you
to get because it’s gonna help you if you can do that this can be anything
this is you’re relevant this is where you should be focusing a lot all of your
attention on and traffic you have traffic you have this taken care of
right you can you can pretty much write your own paycheck and you where you go
so make sense alright so covered that let me see what
else we need to go over all right so how do you do this okay how do you do all
this stuff well you do this by first of all erasing this board
again hopefully the reason I wanted to show you this my friend is because I I
wanted to you I wanted you to to receive this training with an open heart and
open mind okay and I want you to take seriously what I’m about to present to
you because this is exactly how I operate my business okay and although I
can’t make any guarantees for you I think you’re gonna be very very happy
with the results you can get if you apply some of the stuff I’m gonna be
sharing with you okay you cool alright so let’s do this
together um I want to talk to you about let me get back to my to my good ol
little presentation here just to keep me on track there’s tons of stuff I want to
show you here my friend and again I can be talking for three days here but I
want to compress this down in about maybe an hour maybe just over an hour so
I get all this stuff we teach inside of high traffic Academy and I’ll you know
I’ll tell you more about that a little bit later but I want to give you as much
information as much the most relevant most potent information that you can
apply in your business today and start making those changes start seeing those
improvements in your results okay so let’s talk about invisible influence
everything is going to start at the foundational level here me up you don’t
get good fruits if you have bad roots on the tree that make sense if you want to
have good fruits if you want to have about a lot of money if we want to have
these yummy tasty fruits right nice apples or oranges or banana what you
gotta have good roots if the root is bad you’re never gonna have good fruit so
make sense your business is the same thing you don’t build a house on the
foundation of ass and the Bible says you know what he who does that it’s foolish
unfortunately there is a lot of marketers who are trying to build their
business their online empire right their promotions and the foundation of sand
okay it’s not gonna last the first wind the first you know a little storm and
their structure is you know collapsed right you don’t want to be that so let’s
talk about how do you where in my business everything
from you know well first of all I built my business on the biblical principles
you know I told you that in video number one I believe in serving I believe in
you know what business is not about money this whole money stuff that
everybody is after is temporary thing right it’s it’s here today it’s gone
tomorrow who knows what’s gonna happen to it you know three you know three
years from now right it’s not it’s not why what we live for right I’m gonna
tell you something few years ago I did not understand this when I got in this
industry when I got in this business for me it was all about money
at that time and I thought you know what I I need to solve this money situation
because I know what it’s like to struggle you see I know what it’s like
to not have a dollar 19 cents to my name and not be able to feed your family and
I don’t know if you ever been in that position in that situation I know
exactly what it’s like to be there I would never ever want to go back there
but I will never ever forget okay so that that remembering that keeps me
straight keeps me you know it keeps me want to serve and share it and do what I
do right because I know there was a lot of people who like that
my biggest breakthrough came when I understood this first principle of
invisible influence okay and I read this book it’s by simon Sinek it’s the I
think it’s called start with why and I recommended it to a lot of people you
know you probably heard me recommending that book right but this guy was
studying a lot of different companies and he says you know what why is it that
some companies that start their tremendously successful write people
just flock into them and it’s just like they have this momentum going and
everything seems to be going easy for them and this while other companies
right they’re doing everything right but for some reason they’re not successful
in their grinding it’s not happening for them why right and he says he studied a
lot of that stuff and it comes down to why we do what we do that’s where
everything is going to start that’s where every single promotion you’re ever
gonna do every single campaign you’re ever gonna put out there every single
program every single company every single product you’re gonna promote it’s
got a stem from why are you gonna do that okay so he says there is he calls
it I’m gonna go through this very quickly because you I share this with
some of you if you’ve been following me you know I share this with you but it’s
very important I don’t want to cheat you out from from the important information
so I’m gonna cover all the major points okay when it comes to invisible
influence he says this he says a lot of people a lot of people a lot of
marketers okay they know what they sell okay
I know what they do you sell you know this product this company you promote
you know what you do okay he says very few know how they’re doing
it okay how they’re selling and a lot of people think well how I’m gonna sell
this is I’m just gonna get traffic I’m like how is my traffic generation I’m
gonna get traffic to this thing and you know the magic should happen I mean at
least that’s what everybody’s telling me right this franchise model you know all
you need is just send traffic to our system by the way speaking of the
franchise model on the Internet all right the only you know the the
reason those companies are telling their distributors to do that is because it’s
good for the company yeah a distributor you know he’s gonna send a bunch of
traffic to their – no to their system over here right and that distributor
might have you know a sale a month or a sale a week but its peanuts I mean it’s
nothing right but because they have the company has maybe a hundred thousand
distributors and you know everybody gets one sale here one-celled everyone sale
there everything adds up and the company is benefiting like crazy but distributor
is struggling distributor as you saw the the you know the percentages there 92%
of people making less than a thousand dollars a month so the the true
franchise model is the company not the distributor that makes sense okay the
only way you benefit from that is when you become that owner of a system okay
which I’m going to show you how to do is actually very very possible okay that
make sense so just keep that in mind now he says very very few people know why
why they’re doing it okay very very few people know why
they’re doing it if we can figure out why we do what we do everything else
doesn’t matter everything else is irrelevant
okay and you say Vic my why is my family and that’s what I thought too you know I
want to support my family I want to make money to feed my family I want to give
him the best and that’s good but that’s your personal why that’s not what’s
gonna resonate with your prospects with your marketplace you want to have why
you want to think about this maybe that’s one of your you know things on
your list for you know four things to do today is you want to identify why do you
exist as a marketer and why should anybody care when I went through this
exercise I was blown away I’m like man I’m totally doing this wrong right I’m
doing it for money cuz I wanted to get money and I wanted to promote this right
people say hey you know what I’m selling this thing it’s it’s it’s got four
wheels it’s got four doors it’s got a steering wheel it’s red it’s 19 you know
95 we’re 2015 and the thing is called a car right that’s your what all right how
you selling it is you know you’re getting people you know coming to your
do you a lot and you know and you know and you try to fish you know a customer
right that’s kind of how you do it but while you’re doing it really hip people
have no idea right companies like Apple you know that’s the most you know cash
flowing company in the world right now they operate their business from there’s
everything stems from why so I thought hard and long about this for myself I
literally did this exercise this was a few years ago that I did this and it
completely gave me a huge massive breakthrough in my business and my
business first of all it became very very easy for me to start you know
continuing to build my business my result went through the roof right and I
started to attract people I started became like this started to become at
this magnetic persona and I didn’t even do anything special right it was just it
was like magic it was amazing right so I’m gonna share with you my personal why
why I do what I do right so my and me know maybe you want a model after that
at least help you out right so my personal wife the reason I exist as a
marketer the reason my business exists the reason of my brand exists right is
how I’ll forget about what I do how I do this I’m gonna focus everything on why
do I exist as a marketer and the reason I do what I do okay is because I want to
set a new standard make a difference okay so
the reason the reason I do what I do doesn’t matter what I do right I the
thing that’s on my mind with every promotion is how can I set a new
standard how can I make a difference for somebody right everything stems from
there now how am I doing this right you might say well how we gonna do
that well how I’m doing it I’m gonna do that traffic is gonna be the least on
the list okay in fact traffic is gonna account for
about 20 percent of how I’m gonna do this okay how I’m going to do this my
how is this okay I’m going to serve okay I’m going to so I’m going for experience
okay and creating positive expectancy and then there’s this thing called
traffic okay which is about 20% of the actual thing okay so how am I gonna do
this and this is what’s gonna make you stand out and separate yourself from the
rest of the crowd okay for me it works really really well
but you’ve got to be genuine about it you can’t fake it you can’t be came
before me about it because people can smell phony a mile away right so here
I’m gonna serve this is an extension of this
if you truly if I want it if I truly want to make a difference in your life
okay as a follower of mine you’re watching this video right now okay
how my how how am I gonna do this how am I gonna make a difference for you is
number one I’m gonna serve you so make sense I’m going to be I’m gonna serve
you the you know the book that I’m reading every day which is the greatest
book ever written on success called the Bible I suggest you check it out if you
haven’t yet I built my business on those principles and foundations and it says
you know what he who wants to be the greatest be the servant of all right I’m
gonna serve you and I’m gonna do it very very genuinely from the heart okay I’m
gonna saw okay i’m gonna saw the seeds and i’m gonna be generous with my sewing
okay the reason I’m sharing with you these ideas that I’m sharing with you
are not even charging you a penny for it because I understand what my success
comes from and it’s not from Vic right it’s not from what I do from what I know
it’s from up above all right and I know that and and and I’m gonna so generously
because you know what if you’re so generously you’re gonna reap generously
and that works for me just like the law of gravity right it doesn’t matter if
you understand it or you don’t understand it if you you know if a baby
doesn’t understand the law of gravity right it’s still gonna work on the baby
it doesn’t matter if you’re good person or bad person with your belief system is
it’s gonna affect you right well guess what this stuff is gonna affect you
doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not right so this is how this is my how
how am I gonna make a difference how I’m gonna set a new standard some extent
right I want to I want to give my my market marketplace a certain experience
so for example instead of talking at you and being this you know what I’m great
you know you should listen to me you know I want to give you an experience to
where you know I want to invite you to my world just like if you were
standing here at my studio right now alright and we’re just hanging out right
it gives you create a certain experience for you doesn’t it even though there are
thousands of people watching this video right now I want to create an experience
for you so that you feel like you know you just you and me talking here that’s
it just just two of us right here right and what crew yet I wanna engineer that
experience for you it’s in a sense as I’m sharing with you these ideas start
thinking about how you running your business or how can you apply some of
this stuff in your business as well it’s gonna help okay I want to create
positive expectancy which I’m gonna share with you and then give you
specific examples how you can do that you know very you know here a little bit
later on in this video traffic is the least it’s like 20 percent of what I do
that make sense or how I do this is you know obviously you need to get traffic
to fuel all this but again this is an extension of my core why now what am i
doing or what am i selling is my product line okay
now this can be my own product this is your relevant right here okay you can
see this this is your relevant this can be an affiliate promotion this can be an
accompany that I’m promoting this can be my own product it doesn’t matter right
like for example high traffic academy robe we’re gonna be opening up the doors
for high traffic Academy you know what I’m not worried about the
product it’s gonna be there listen if I create if I do this if I do this right
right and everything is stemming from my why I never ever ever ever ever have to
worry about money I never have to worry about sales I never have to worry about
you know is this gonna be successful or I’m not it’s not even on my mind right I
am focusing on on this with you right now they’re intense okay a lot of people
are just focusing so much on the product that everything else is kind of blind to
them and it’s it’s foggy and they’re not clear on it the clearer you are on your
why and the clearer the you know if you can identify some of the steps of how
you’re gonna create and engineer this okay
again this is an invisible influence my friend this is how you can become this
magnetic persona doesn’t matter what you’re promoting and people will be
attracted to you they won’t even know why they’re attracted to you because
this stuff is all subconscious level we can’t see it we can’t taste it we
can’t touch it but we can feel it so make sense and you got to be genuine
about this people can smell a phony a mile away
accent okay so this is the foundational stuff get very very clear on how you’re
gonna serve your market how you’re gonna do it why do you exist what kind of
difference you’re gonna make or whatever your why it is right for your
marketplace for your mantras but because that’s important okay I’m gonna step
away take a good look at this again feel free to model it if you want to this is
again I’m just sharing with you my personal stuff alright just totally
taking you behind the curtain here and just revealing to you my you know my my
invisible influence structure here for my business the next thing I want to
talk to you about I need to get some new spray here alright so the next thing I’m
gonna be talking about and you want suck I’m not even gonna edit this because you
know what it’s a real workshop experience and you know if you were
standing here next to me in my studio I can’t just go you know what hold on hold
on let me pause that let me erase my board he would be watching me erasing my
board which is exactly what’s gonna happen now you just watched me erase the
board alright so that was invisible influence let’s talk about strategic
influence right now okay strategic influence is going to be the first step
that’s gonna be over the first layer on top of this invisible influence
everything matters if you want to engineer insane conversions conversions
is a byproduct you focus on a strategy you focus on some of this stuff
conversions will happen naturally automatically and it will happen at the
level to where you can’t even it’s gonna be like man I’m just in awe how this
stuff works right it’s gonna happen all right so man
time flies I’m telling you let’s talk about strategic influence
I hope this making sense by the way and if you can let me know in the comments
if you you know if how am i doing you know before I before I started shooting
this video I’m like my challenge is how do I explain this is there’s some
complicated stuff here but I want to bring this to you and and and you know
so that it would make sense you know and I pray that Lord give me the wisdom to
deliver this content to you you know to my audiences to the person who’s gonna
be watching this video in a way that it would make sense for them you would
resonate and they can go like you know what
I can apply that I can apply that I can apply that because I know when you do
results are gonna show for you okay and I can’t wait to hear your
success story so yeah let me know in the comments below you know if this stuff is
making sense I hope it does alright so let’s talk about strategic influence you
know there is five conversion breakthroughs and each one of these can
be worth a million dollars for your more in your business okay let’s go ahead and
talk about them all okay so now this is where we get to the point where we are
we are more deliberate and more precise right on this uncertain things and how
we do how we run our business how we structure our campaigns how we hold
ourselves as a marketer this stuff is very important very very few people
understand this very few marketers implement this you and I right we’re
gonna do this together right I’m doing this I’m not sure about you you know if
you’re gonna do this I’ll be more than happy to help you you know what you
through this but I want it there is actually five more than five
you know conversion breakthroughs I’m just going to give you you know some of
the I don’t want to save top five because there’s the Russell there’s a
bunch of them right and again I’m gonna teach you all of this and great detail
instead of high traffic Academy but I want to give you the most relevant stuff
that you can actually apply right now right at least start thinking about it
start injecting it in your business okay number one is power okay breakthrough
number one is power listen the the the number one form of self-sabotage okay is
doing things incremental II better what am i right or what what I mean by this
if you are a marketer okay and you’re gonna say you know what I’m gonna do
things you know I’m gonna drive in traffic I’m just gonna get a little bit
better traffic I’m gonna get a little bit more traffic I’m gonna be I’m gonna
just do business you know a little bit better than my competition right this is
the number one form of self-sabotage business sabotage is doing things
incremental it better what you want to do is you want to step out and you want
to go for the big breakthrough okay that’s that’s the way to do it now check
this out the last thing you want to appear to others as is just another fill
in the blank okay so if you are a marketer if you’re an affiliate marketer
the last thing you want to be known for or be perceived as is just and not
marker think about that listen businesses this was going on
businesses are you know the gatekeepers in businesses write companies they’re
trained to keep salespeople away right there is signs on doors you know that
business has put up have you ever seen those no solicitation no soliciting
allowed right there is communities gated communities that we all see and write
have these signs saying you know what no solicitation allowed people are keeping
salespeople away from them nobody wants to deal with a salesperson right if
you’re a marketer if you’re selling something the last thing you want to be
known as or perceived as as just another salesperson now the problem is most
people in our space that’s exactly how they appear
you can’t look like salesperson you can’t act like a salesperson you can’t
speak like a salesperson right because if you are you know if you are look if
you’re looking like a salesperson if you act and you’re speaking like a
salesperson guess what you are a salesperson and people don’t like
salespeople people have to buy but they hate salespeople you go to you go to a
shopping center right shopping mall and you know you looking around you wanna
you came to buy something right the salesman comes comes to you and he’s
like hey can I help you what do you say no just looking thank
you right you came to buy stuff right we’re conditioned we don’t even think
about it it’s all subconscious ok very very important to think about now
selling is about power for selling to be easily easy and price to be relevant
doesn’t matter what you do right the salesman the affiliate marketer or the
network marketer the whoever you are right
must be perceived by the buyer as having all the power so in other words we want
to strategically and deliberately take the power from the buyer which is you
know we well know the buyer has the ball the power because they got all the money
right and we want some of that money if you want some of that money from every
single dollar you’re gonna make is gonna come from people come from your buyers
make sense so your idea right your challenge I don’t it’s a challenge I
mean it’s not really a challenge it’s actually very
easy to do this if you do it right if you do it genuine right but the idea is
to take the power away from the buyer and remove it and put it into your
corner okay so the buyer perceives you as having the power very very important
how do you do that there are certain things you can do to engineer the power
okay and be perceived as powerful so there is this thing called the power
pyramid okay I’m just gonna go through this quickly if you’ve been following
for any period of time you probably seen this so at the very bottom there is this
thing called generalist okay generalist and then a step above that is it’s a
specialist okay a step above specialist okay is an authority a step above
Authority is celebrity a step above celebrity is guess what is a celebrity
an authority Authority and a specialist okay so this is like the pit like the
know that the pyramid of power okay now the idea most marketers in your
space in my space right in the area in our community here most marketers are
just generalists okay that’s what you know that they’re just they’re just
another marketers that make sense so they are perceived as such in the
offline world right let’s say doctors area right a generalist you know it’s a
family doctor right then a specialist is a step above that right a specialist you
know you are you’re being looked at differently right if you are a marketer
right you never want to be the generalist you never want to be just
another you know affiliate pushing the product say Vick how do I engineer that
it’s actually very easy I want to give you some ideas here how you can go out
there and start getting yourself you know
yourself above this level the higher up you go the easier it is for you to sell
stuff the more powerful you are think about celebrity Authority and specialist
okay think of like Donald Trump okay in the real estate area he is a celebrity
right you know how do you become celebrity listen if people see you on
video if that’s what you want right you are you are a celebrity how do we know
that people celebrities because we see them on video and on televisions right
it’s pretty simple right an authority we’re gonna talk about authority here in
just a minute but you want to be in a Thor at least at this level right here
okay at least an authority and a celebrity okay at least here you’re
making less than $100 a month okay here you’re making into thousands you know
maybe you know good you know 5,000 to 10,000 a month or so right when your
specialist when you’re an authority when you get here your income here you know
if I had to kind of like categorize it it probably between anywhere from you
know 10 20 30 after maybe a hundred thousand a month over here right when
you get here right you are probably looking at about a hundred thousand plus
per month when you get here you’re looking at you know five hundred
thousand a month and beyond okay income in our space so the idea is for you it
doesn’t matter if you just getting started today right if you have been
around the block think about this you don’t want to be here okay how can you
raise yourself up the letter I’m gonna show you specific examples of what I’ve
done in my business to raise myself automatically and naturally to become
celebrity Authority without even trying okay and I started from scratch and you
can model that I’m gonna talk about specifically magnets and how do you know
how to structure that that can be all arranged right and that can be all
engineered you know that’s why you know we call it insane conversion engineering
because you can actually engineer this stuff you can do this you can do this
you just need to know how to do this okay so let’s talk about Authority okay
how do you structure Authority right what is Authority well Authority is
basically when you are not being questioned okay you go to you know you
go to a doctor who’s this you know specialist you have
a heart problem god forbid or whatever right an authority specialist tells you
you know what you gotta go get get those pills you got to do this
MRI you’re gonna do this disease you didn’t question them you don’t say well
how can I do this instead you know you’re just gonna you guys are gonna do
what they tell you to do okay how can you get that same compliance within your
marketplace it’s possible okay what you become an authority when you are an
expert at something okay even if it’s just one thing even if it’s just you
know what you gotta be if you have a story right now right and you’re
struggling and you’re gonna break through because you’re gonna follow the
advice I’m gonna tell you right and you’re gonna get inside of high traffic
Academy you’re gonna learn this traffic stuff and you guys say you know what I’m
gonna help I’m gonna use my story wherever I’m at today because this story
that you have right now my friend your current situation I don’t know you I
don’t know what you’re going through right I don’t know your financial
situation but whatever it is right now if it’s bad if you think like you’re
going through some values right now in life this one day can be your biggest
asset in your business so make sense right so you can become an expert at one
thing and you’d be perceived authoritative okay now you become you
know you gained this Authority when you are you know when you can say yes and no
okay so you when you’ve been perceived as powerful and being perceived as
powerful is when you have an ability to say yes or no right when you have
prospects coming to you and they say hey you know you’ve had that promotion going
on and that’s already ended and I’ve got money in my hands right now I want to
give it to you right now can you take it can you let me in you’re gonna say no
right because you you truly you know you gotta you gotta keep it like that right
you have the ability you have the power to say yes and no you know I have so
many people contacting me and you know they’re asking for private coaching you
know Vic can you take me in for a private you know private student and
because that’s not what I focus on at this particular moment right I say no
and people are you know people a I’m gonna pay a hundred thousand two hundred
thousand dollars for a month to just coach me I say no it’s not because Vic
is being this bad guy it’s not even about the money right it’s never about
the money is because that’s not what I’m focusing
on right now is that make sense right so it’s being able to say no when you need
to right and when it’s not about the money
all right you become authoritative that makes sense right so you become a Thor
you become an authority when you are an authoritative right so you know when you
speak like an authority when you walk like an authority when you dress like an
authority when you know when you present when you talk to people when you you
know when you look at somebody when you do your videos right
how are you being perceived as right if you are an authority you typically you
don’t really care about outcome that much right all I can do is I can share
with you stuff that I know right that I know that I know and it’s gonna be up to
you to implement that I can’t make you do it I can’t make you watch this video
to the end right and I’m not gonna worry about it
right I’m just gonna put my best stuff out there right and I’m gonna be talking
like I know what I’m talking about because that’s what I you know and I’m
gonna be genuine about it and I will not be a connected to the outcome I will not
be attached to the outcome as I make sense right in that case you become
authoritative okay again there is so much my friend we can talk about this
band and I don’t want to you know take too much time here but we go through a
lot of this stuff inside of high traffic Academy special eating now being an
authority is when you show up like nobody else I’m gonna walk you through
specific example here shortly but when you you want to engineer you want to
come up with this shock-and-awe entrance right when you are when I when I start a
brand new campaign or a brand new promotion or if I go and I promote a new
company or whatever right if it’s something I believe in you know what I
never do what everybody else is doing I’m gonna enter I’m gonna I’m gonna show
up like nobody else all right and that’s really really important so what happens
before this sale is important okay and all this stuff is gonna be engineered
again giving you a bunch of ideas here start thinking about some of this stuff
and I’ll show you some examples again here shortly okay so breakthrough number
two is emotion okay selling is a transference of feeling okay you
probably heard me say that before selling is a transference of feeling I
think Zig Ziglar also was big on this kind of
right when he was around so people bye-bye feelings so people bye-bye
emotion think about it okay people actually buy feelings people
actually buy feeling why do people join business opportunities not because they
want to you know have a subscription to this company
no because they want to feel like you know what they’re gonna create their
lifestyle that they always dreamed about it’s a feeling that people buy you need
to understand that when we understand that okay we have power it’s a it’s a
breakthrough right we can engineer breakthrough so very very important
people buy in response to your feelings how do you feel about what you’re
promoting right if you’re promoting something and it’s you know it goes back
to your core why right if you’re promoting because you want to make money
and there’s good Commission’s there’s good comp plan but you really don’t care
about what you’re doing your heart is not in it right people will sense that
and people will buy in you know it’s directly we don’t in direct proportion
to how you feel about what you do okay listen anything that I put out okay if
I’m not a thousand percent convinced that that is something that’s gonna
change people’s lives I’m not gonna touch it okay when when we open it you
know the high traffic Academy registrations here in a few days you
know what if the reason I’m so adamant and I’m so passionate about what I do is
because I know it makes a difference right and so my feeling when we open the
doors to high traffic Academy I was just I’ll take it totally behind the curtain
here and tell you some of the you know some of the invisible stuff right it’s
gonna serve you so if you’ll have your own product okay if it’s really really
good if it’s something like when I talk about high traffic Academy right knowing
what’s inside there and what people are gonna experience and with the beta test
group well what we’ve done already so far right look I can look at anybody in
the eye and I said look if you’re serious about finally changing your
business for the better if you want to step out and literally create magic in
your business as a marker right if you want to have breakthrough after
breakthrough after breakthrough and you want to elevate yourself to the top of
the ladder as far as marketers are concerned right you want to break
through from that ninety two percent category of people and you want to
become extraordinary get inside high traffic Academy I can look at anybody in
there I can say whatever the price whatever it takes
doesn’t matter if you want it bad enough I said you’ve got to be in it why
because my feet of how I feel about it does that make sense
just to give you an example right so very very important people buy by
bonding with the seller right when you guys share feelings again your current
situation you know if you’re going through some struggles again this story
can one day be your biggest asset if I did not have that experience in my life
where I did not have a dollar nineteen cents to my name you know and and I did
not know how I’m gonna feed my family I would not be able to be as authoritative
as I am today right it’s if because I’ve been there
and I know what it’s like right I when people come to me and they say you know
what Vic I you don’t understand man I’m on welfare you know you know I don’t I
don’t have I mean I’m I’m on like a thousand dollars a month income or two
thousand dollars a month income but I really want to do this and you know I
don’t or maybe I know I work full-time and you know I only have six hours to
sleep every night you know I don’t buy those excuses why because
I’ve been there I know what it’s like to be there and I know what it takes to get
out right so I don’t buy those excuses so I make sense I say you know what if
you serious about this you can make it work you can make it happen gonna find a
way to make it happen if you want it bad enough just like I did right so it’s
very very important but not having that experience I would not be able to
resonate and communicate with those people with that you know moral
authority that sense okay so number three now breakthrough number three is
money okay let’s talk about money check out this statistic and and if this blows
my mind so fewer than 10% of people in any population in any country use price
as one of the top three determining factors and mindset in making buying
decisions okay less than 10 percent unreal but check it out
ninety percent of sales people sell as if 90% of the prospects buy buy price
okay so how you look at stuff right when you buy and
when you’re selling if you think well what you’re selling is a lot of money
and a lot of people can’t afford it right and you have that mentality in
yourself guess what that’s exactly how your prospect is gonna feel okay think
about that the importance of filtering and pre framing again we’re not talking
about that in just a minute here but it’s very very important for you know
what happens before the sale you know if you want to create those kind same
conversions all that stuff right you don’t get what you want you get who you
are ok if you are person who is not willing to invest in yourself in your
future in your business right and you’re promoting you know something similar
right others will not invest in themselves
it’s crazy I know but it’s one of those laws we don’t get what we want we get
who we are ok should I just think about that let’s talk about breakthrough
number four which is system ok if you don’t have a system for selling you’re
at the mercy of prospects system for not buying Wow have you always thought about
that like this right listen you have to have a system for selling I have a
system for Sally ok and the system the cool thing about the system is once you
put it together I’m gonna help you right that’s what we do inside of high traffic
Academy and we’re gonna teach you all how to do this and your business for
whatever you’re doing right but having a system for selling stuff it’s gonna get
you predictable result over and over and over and over and over again doesn’t
matter ok who’s who’s promoting it ok if you have a system for Sally ok a lot of
people I don’t have this drawing up but a lot of people when they send traffic
to a to an offer right away right that’s not a system for selling that’s a system
for you know whoever gets lucky today for to get conversions you have to have
a system for selling ok very important you are build an emotional commitment to
buy before presenting the proposition ok again we’re gonna want to show you a
little bit about how that works the the thing that I want to have inside of the
system is you gotta have a hook you gotta have a lead magnet and call to
action again we’re gonna talk about that I want my system right to do a few
things I wanted to motivate I wanted to inspire to educate create positive
expectancy in my prospects okay so what I’m doing with
these videos for you is my goal is to number ones to motivate is to let you
know what you can do this it doesn’t matter who you are you can do this I
want to inspire you right I want to give you examples I’m gonna give you stories
and I want to be genuine I want to be inspirational to you because I know this
stuff can work for you right I’m gonna be real with you here and I want to give
you education that you can apply in your business and I want to create positive
expectancy with you to where you know what I explain it to way in a way that
it makes sense to you and you say you know what Nick I’m actually gonna put
this to work right now that I can actually see how I can make that work I
can see how I can implement it see that’s creating positive expectancy okay
all of this stuff is strategic and it’s bringing you massive value sound sense
but it’s all under the radar unless I explain it to you you won’t even pick it
up because all of this stuff is unconscious but it’s for your back is
for you know your improvement it’s to it’s to help you having sense again I
can make you a master marketer right if that’s what you want but this stuff is
all yeah it can be all engineered okay breakthrough number five is conditioning
okay so conditioning I’m just gonna fly through this turn your marketing into an
event okay so instead of having your doors open all the time you want to
build up to an event you let you you know look at company like Apple for
example right and when they have a new launch coming up there have all this
built up right and then they have this event right
and then they’re watching stuff I do the same thing in my business you know with
high traffic Academy 1.0 we had you know we had you know this this lead up and
then the doors opening and then the doors closed right with high traffic
Academy right now with the you know with the current version of high traffic
Academy we’re gonna be opening the doors here again we will have you know there’s
a male lead up and you know this training is is it is a lead up right and
to get you you know familiar with the concepts with the ideas to let you know
what’s going on and some you know this stuff
guess what I’m taking it straight from high traffic Academy right now bringing
it to you and I’m educating you but this stuff you can apply in your business
right now I wanted to make a difference for
I don’t want it to be you know hey you have to have you know this stuff is
gonna get you five percent and then ninety five percent you get inside of
the htno I want this to be like a standalone course that I could actually
sell for $2,000 if I wanted to but I wanted you to have it for free some
exams but this is a lead up to an event all right event is gonna be we’re gonna
be opening up the doors to high traffic Academy is gonna be open for very very
short period of time where you’ll be able to get in possibly at a discount
I’m not sure yet I’ll go talk to you about that next video but there’s going
to be a closing right so open and close and again it works really really well
like that in your marketing anytime you can engineer that you do that same thing
with your promotions if you are promoting somebody else’s product you
can have specific bonuses you can have specific certain things you’re gonna do
live events hangout whatever but build up to an event okay if we had more time
I would give you tons of examples of how we did that you know I I started with I
was a couple years ago I think started with a network marketing company we did
I did not have a website I did not have you know I did not know much about the
company did not even understand the compensation plan but I did an event I
you know a live webinar right a hangout and I did a live event and I built it up
to that event and you know like a few days prior we did over five hundred
thousand dollars in two hours okay and then it followed up with another twenty
you know two hundred fifty thousand dollars or some of that so basically
between two webinars with like you know $750,000 or something that you build up
to an event and that stuff can be engineered okay practice and get
comfortable saying no to prospect again I just you know I mentioned a little bit
about that you know a few minutes ago but when you have your doors closed
right we have this weapon with high traffic 1.0 you know there was a
discount people could get in a bid at a discount if they get in you know like
within first you know certain amount of time when the doors opened and some of
those people said you know what it’s fake scarcity it’s not gonna work you
know I thought how the discount going on forever and then they came back later
and they found out that the price actually doubled right and then they
came back and they’re like Vic I want to join man but I want to get the discount
can we can we still get it I want to get in right now but I want you to give me
the discount the answer was no right so get comfortable and practice saying no
to your prospects you’re gonna condition okay to do what you’re gonna tell them
to do again you’re building yourself as an authority that makes sense
when authority tells you to do something they don’t usually change their mind
later they say okay this is how I was gonna be whether you like it or not
that’s how it’s gonna be okay in your marketing you want to condition your
people you want to condition your prospects right you’ll have higher email
open rates you have higher compliance with them right higher engagement all
that stuff this is a big one don’t sell allow prospects to become your customers
I never ever chase people I will never chase you or convince you
or try to talk you into getting into whatever I’m trying to you know what I
want promoting right I never ever do that I simply allow people allow my
prospects to become customers okay it’s a totally different paradigm shift but
it works like magic okay you just it’s so awesome you know you don’t have you
don’t have this mental stress you don’t have this like anxiety like and I gotta
get some sales I’m gonna get some I need some sales I need some sell no now I’m
bad you know you know and it’s it’s so awesome because you simply allow people
to become your customers and people who resonate with you they become your
customers and those are your best customers ever right if you’re trying to
convince somebody you know I see people trying to promote their stuff on you
know posting the links in comments and whatnot right even know on this video
series some of those videos we know we had some of those people listen that’s
not how you promote stuff man you know you know you never want to be
desperate okay so think about this this is a you know a million dollar idea this
is a big one as well lead by example all right it’s amazing how your prospect
will do exactly what you do that will respond to the things almost identical
to how you respond to them and they will feel how you feel okay you kind of lead
by example if you’re promoting if you’re building a network marketing company
you’ve got to buy all the products if you don’t own all the products you don’t
have moral authority to tell somebody to go all-in or to buy all the products or
go into higher packages or whatever it because you haven’t done that you got a
lead by example if you want to be you know if you want your people to respect
you you gotta respect yourself if you want people to invest in your business
to invest in your products you gotta invest in your personal products right
in your education you gotta invest in your
business yourself my friend you got to get Matt you gotta get really really
really good a couple things getting traffic conversions understanding this
stuff you got a lead by example that make sense okay so one sec here let’s
move on and talk about some of these practical applications here okay so
there is there is actually three components that we need okay I want to
show you some examples here okay it’s very very simple so this stuff might
seem complicated by a promise you if you watch this video three times five times
it’s gonna click and when it clicks it’s just learning how to write to ride a
bicycle right you’re gonna do it over and over and over again it’s gonna
become second nature to you you will have no problem doing that right but
there’s three components to make all this stuff come together and come alive
right to put it into practical application there is three things we
need to focus on three things three things three things number one is lead
magnet number two is hook number three is call to action so so so so okay every
promotion everything that I do okay I draw this up so if this is my this is my
offer okay what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna have my lead magnet when I create
this lead magnet that’s gonna lead to the offer okay and this landing page is
going to promote this lead magnet I’m not even gonna talk about the offer
where everybody else is promoting the offer this is the model you want to
implement this is where you want to be it because you’ve signed in traffic to a
landing page right you’re building your list okay you’re monetizing your list
right you implement some of these ideas that we talked about and again what I
shared with you my friend so far is a lot but you know what I teach you inside
of high traffic academy is is is it’s tons more alright I can’t there’s there
are so many things like I want to share with you but due to time you know I want
to respect your time I just fit it’s impossible for me
be talking here all week you know for you which I’m not gonna do obviously but
this is the model that you want to implement so let me show you a couple
examples of some of the things that I was able to do in my business and I
think it’s gonna make more sense to you okay so let’s talk about first of all
let’s talk about the lead magnet what is lead Matt well I lead magnet okay what
is a lead magnet a lead magnet is a piece of value that solves a specific
problem in your marketplace offered in exchange for an opt-in okay that’s how
that’s a lead magnet and the lead magnet can be you know it can be a PDF can be a
video webinar teleseminar can be a mind map can be a cheat sheet that you’re
gonna give away it can be an audio software sample whatever whatever we
write a lead magnet can be pretty much anything so this this landing page could
say you know what a register for this webinar what I’m going to teach you
whatever you’re gonna teach him okay it’s gonna be a video and then on that
webinar you give them value you give them content and then it leads into the
offer which is an extension of this some exams that can be a lead magnet what I
want to do for me is I want my lead magnet to be something very very cool
something different something I want to show up like nobody else okay where
everybody you know most marketers all say you know what I’m just gonna put PDF
you know over here I’m just gonna do the little pre frame thing or I’m gonna do a
little bridge video over here you’ve seen those bridge videos pages right to
work you know people saying hey my name is Vic and I’d like to introduce you to
my friend you know I marketer axe here he’s gonna talk to you about a system
that really helped me bah bah blah which is a bridge relay which is fine right
he’s gonna bump your conversions just a little bit you know if you’re you know
if you know what you’re doing but it’s not really a leave matter
I want my lead magnet to I want to show up like nobody else I’m gonna show you
some examples and so I want my lead magnet to be an actual thing right I
want it to be unique sexy and have a memorable name for it right I want it to
be very very specific okay I wanted to speak directly to their desired and
result okay that’s what I want my lead magnet to be again I want to show you
some examples here I want it to be easy consume right and I wanted to create a
positive expectancy so in other words I want my lead magnet to build me up as a
marketer at the same time increasing the conversions for this offer like crazy
all right make sense I’m gonna show you how I do
that the hook let’s talk about the hook so
basically it’s a big promise usually in the headline it’s the benefit that your
lead magnet will provide again the hook isn’t has nothing to do with the offer
the hook has everything to do with your lead magnet whatever you leave magnet is
in the hook we’re talking about it’s gonna be here right it’s gonna be
usually in the headline of your landing page okay again I will show you some
examples here it must be very specific and it must focus on one thing and one
thing only okay and the thing that you focus on the landing page is what to get
conversions to get people to opt in and get to your list that’s what you focus
on as the only focus for your landing page is to get people to your list
that’s it okay then they go to the next step and
they focus on the on this is a few things is to bond with your prospect is
to give them value to inspire them and move them to the next step which is
getting the product you promoting okay again I’m going to talk to you and show
you specific examples here in just a second call to action must be very
direct okay you can’t be shy about it you know if you want people to opt in
you’re gonna say you know what enter your email in the inner space provided
or the form provided you got to be very you know direct about it if you know if
you’re called to action on the lead magnet you know you’re promoting this
and if you this is something you believe in and stand behind you know what your
call-to-action is gonna be don’t get it and you don’t even you don’t even blink
right if your conviction level is that high that makes sense so it’s it’s very
important I want my call to action dimension two to three times on the page
so if it’s a landing page you know couple times mentioned you know call to
action helps conversions if you have unusual looking arrows that also can
help conversion sometimes and also on this is specifically true for landing
pages don’t forget the magic phrase and the magic phrase is usually below you
know the submit button on the landing page I would write you know I would add
a little text that basically says information will be sent to the email
address provided above and that helps me come and eliminate a lot of the you know
fake email people entering their fake emails
let me take you online right now and I will actually walk you
through an example this was a few years ago in fact this was in 2010 when I
discovered this and I did this totally by accident and then it would it works
so awesome it blew me away completely and then every single promotion I ever
did after that including up to today I follow that model because it works so
awesome all right so does this make sense you know I I think I’m just yeah
let me know in the comments if this makes sense let me know in the comments
if this is something that you can you know do you resonate with this do a mic
and I don’t want to waste your time here my friend I don’t know what I don’t want
to waste my time right I want to help you get to the next level I want to help
you bring your business to the next level okay so let me show you this
example this was back in 2010 and I was you know prior to that I had you know I
was grinding I was sending a lot of traffic to affiliate offers and I was
doing my own thing and it was just a lot of grinding I did not experience
experiment with lead magnets I was promoting offers directly and product
directly I was making money but I was working like crazy right in 2010 I had a
you know a big event happen in my wife and I had to basically reinvent myself
as a marketer started from scratch and one Sunday afternoon I was you know we
came back from church and I was sitting at the Home Office and I said you know
what I’m gonna do something I just have this desire I just I just feel like you
know what I’m just gonna do something really really cool for the community and
just for the heck of it I’m gonna include my affiliate link right there
was this product called director of visions that I’ve been using you know
for a few years I think I was like 2007 2008 2009 I was using that even 2010 I
was doing that product which it was basically a directory of easing
publishers right and solo ad providers and all that stuff it was a good thing I
was a member of it you know it’s $197 a month and it’s a Clickbank product and
it’s it’s still unclear bank right here so if you go to clickbank just search
for director of visions here it is right and it’s you know commissions for that
is $90 but basically the idea behind that product is people can go on like on
the you know when people promoting whatever their promo
they can promote by sending solo ads to do buying solo ads from easing
publishers right these electronic magazine publishers and get traffic
there away right for whatever they’re promoting and what Charlie page did we
know he’s a founder of director of visions he says basically you know what
I’m just gonna create a directory of all those publishers so that people don’t
have to do the manual research and find the menu on the internet on Google and
just save people a lot of time so it’s like a yellow book of of easiness right
like a directory and so great so and I like the idea I mean it was great the
problem was this when people promoted this product I’ll show you take a look
at this page right here right so if I go to director of these things right now
this is what I see right it’s $197 still but look at this
thousands upon thousands of people were promoting this product okay conversions
on this product was about 1% maybe less right and right now if I go here there
is not even an opt-in page I can’t even capture you know a lead I can’t it’s
it’s ridiculous right how people just promoting directly
descended traffic directly to an offer and then just hoping they get
conversions right well I was a member of this director of busyness at that time
and I really like the product and I said you know what let me be a little bit
strategic here and let me think through this again I was I’ve never done this
before now I can I can teach you this because I I’m teaching you from
experience but that time here was my thinking at that time right I said you
know what why would somebody want to buy directory revisions hmm so director of
visions is for marketers who are promoting something and most of those
guys were were business opportunities you know promoters right so I said okay
great why are they promoting their business opportunity well they’re
promoting because they want to make money
aha that’s a little breakthrough ok so people want to make money that’s why
they want to get more exposure so they can make more money but at the end of
the day their true desire their core their core desire is hey I want to
money okay you with me here right and I also know from surveying people I know
that most of them were not making money but yet their core desire was to make
money so I said you know what I’m gonna do I’m gonna try something I’m gonna
take a product from clickbank this was 2010 I’m gonna take a product from quick
bang I’m gonna send I’m gonna you know pick a
product I’m gonna send traffic to the product and I’m gonna use solo ads as
the single traffic source for that product okay and so I did that and I
went and I was I was tracking my conversions I was tracking you know how
quickly I could make some money and I made money within hours
okay sending traffic directly now 2010 was totally different world than it is
right now right there was a lot of products that we’re converting you know
at you know five percent you know seven percent conversion rate so you could
actually realistically make money sending traffic directly to an offer the
traffic was qualified for the offer right just for the quick buck so I did
that and it worked and I said you know what I’m gonna create something I’m
gonna call 48-hour cash machine right again something sexy something that
would be unique and I’m gonna teach people how to do this process manually
I’m just literally gonna give it out okay or manually so and then I’m just
gonna you know recommend directory revisions as a shortcut okay so that’s
exactly what I did Lao I’m just expressing you guys heard this before
you know if you watch my trainings before cuz I explain it but this is how
everything started for me okay and obviously I’ve perfected it you know
since then and now what we teach inside of high traffic Academy is the whole
totally different level but you can actually do this right now for whatever
offer you’re doing right it works every single promotion I do I follow this
model because it works okay let me show you
everybody’s promoting this page and I said you know what I’m gonna create a
landing page okay capture emails I’m gonna send traffic to this landing
page I’m gonna call this lead magnet which I didn’t even know it was called
lead magnet at that time I’m gonna call this thing 48-hour cash machine and
basically here’s a message I said attention in less than two minutes you
will discover the 48-hour cash machine how to very easily get cash on demand in
48 hours or less and I proved it myself and I
documented my result so I was confident it could work for people right and then
I did a quick video here I basically said hey you know it’s a two-minute
video I said hey it’s Vic I would like to give you something for free today
it’s called the 48 hour cash machine I’m gonna show you a model that I use in my
business that allows me to make money within 48 hours or less if you want it
it’s a hundred percent free you know all you need to do is enter your email in
the form below here and I’ll send you you know I’ll get you free access to it
now this is where I was sending traffic to okay everybody else was sending
traffic to this and getting there you know one percent conversion rate I was
getting traffic to this page and I was getting like 50 percent of people to
opt-in to this page I was building my list like crazy
okay now let’s dissect this what is my lead magnet knowing what I now know
right my lead magnet is 48-hour cash machine okay the name is sexy it’s
memorable it’s easy to remember and it’s something that people you know what is
that forty hour cash machine I want to make cash right but it’s again it
speaking directly to the the desire of the of the prospect right their ultimate
desire what’s my hook here well my hook is very easily get cash on demand in 48
hours or less that’s what hooks people because that’s what they want don’t they
that’s why they’re in business because they want to make money and if we can
make them help them show them what a way how to make money in 48 hours and hooks
them so make sense you see what I’m saying here right so people opt-in and
then I said okay here is what I’m gonna do
logically speaking when they obtain they get here and this is a very very simple
page and I was just able to replicate this right before you know right before
shooting this video here for you so I can show you this was something I was
doing in 2010 and now that I’m thinking about it you know what I’m gonna do I’m
actually going to update this I’m gonna make this available instead of HDL eat
and a lot of you guys to promote this because this was this made a lot of
people tons and tons of money I’ll talk more about that in just a minute okay so
basically the at the inside here was it was this very very short video
introduction video of myself just you know using my computer camera from the
computer I say hey this is Vic thank you for checking this out again this is
Sunday afternoon I’m just sitting in my office right and I’ll be like I’m just
gonna totally be detached from the outcome I
don’t care if people buy directly revisions or not I just want to put this
out there and just kind of see what happens right so very totally relaxed
totally you know detached from the outcome I said hey 48-hour cash machine
here is the idea here is how it works and there is three things you need to
focus on again my friend here is a side note for you if you’re working with
people if you are in a network marketing company if you’re building a team you
got to keep things simple keep it to three to four things okay confused mind
doesn’t take action that’s a little psychological side note here for you
right so when you’re doing your marketing you want to keep things simple
okay marketing again I teach you a lot about
this stuff inside of high traffic area but marketing is basically educate
educating and simplification it’s education and simplification you educate
your people and then you inspire and motivate them right and and it’s
simplification it’s keeping things simple so what I said is this logically
think and I say you know what these people want to make money what would be
something that’s very easy to do logically what could they do what did I
do well I went to Clickbank and I got a product so step number one is they need
to go and you know create themselves an account on Clickbank right which is a
marketplace an affiliate network that people can promote other people’s
products without even having to buy anything right so I said okay great step
number one is quick setup so if somebody looking logically thinking right I said
step number one is they need to sign up and become an affiliate on Clickbank
free to sign up so video number one I walk them through how to sign up and
right below the video I said you know what here’s a link click here to create
yourself a Clickbank account okay if you don’t already have one
boom people watch that video they go what you know what liq thank you I get
it now I can go to clickbank I can sign up and they moved a step closer to their
end destination okay so what happens here there is a lot of stuff going on
psychologically when this when you when you when you set your promotions like
this number one they bond with you better okay they their desire to go to
the next step increases and they trust you more because you show them how to do
something they did it and they got result so I’m
okay so then the next step now that you have a Clickbank account right in the
next step is for you to pick a product and so in this video I walk them through
different products and Clickbank and how to pick a product all that stuff right
and again I show them how to pick a product and say hey you can pick any of
these products and you know it created a positive expectancy for them because
they actually went to Clickbank and they saw all these products and they saw how
they could create themselves an affiliate link right and pick a product
so now you have a product you have an account including you have a product
what’s the next logical step keeping it super simple I know today we’re talking
about building a list and lead Matins and this and that back in 2010 there was
no such thing right there was like get traffic to the product boom that’s what
I did right to make money so I said step
number three is cash in keep in mind notice how I name my videos right I
could say get traffic and for step three but I chose to say cash in cashing in
cashing in sounds a lot cooler and sexier than just get traffic so my sense
keep that stuff in mind because it’s gonna it’s gonna increase your
conversions and if you creating your your own personality soul thing right
again we teach you know I teach a lot about personality and how to how to
engineer that you know it’s high traffic Academy stuff anyway so in this video I
talk about you know cashing in and and and what I do in this video is knowing
what director of these things is gonna do right which is a director of easiness
and it’s all about easy ins and because I want them to buy this at the end okay
this lead magnet here in this video cashing in step number three I’m gonna
show them how to get these easy ins but how to do it manually how to go on
Google and how to do the manual research and they can still do it if they wanted
to right they could actually still do that they wouldn’t even have to purchase
the product okay so in this video I show them the manual the long process the
boring process right the boring way and people get it they’re like okay man I
can actually go to Google I can do this this is what you show me in a video I
can follow along I can model it and I can you know find some publishers and I
can run some traffic right boom they can do that but then at the end of the video
I said you know what that’s how you do it manually but that’s
how I personally do it see by this time what happens was I’ve established trust
with these people I showed them some things they can you know I created
positive expectancy right so there’s trust there is genuine relationship
going on now right and so in the next video after that this is like a bonus
video I said you know what in the next video I’m going to show you my super
ninja tool aka directory of easy ins that make sense and I didn’t call it
director of the scenes I call it something that’s sexy Dan that’s fun
right super ninja – and I said you know what that’s what I use to eliminate all
that long drawn-out process of manual you know some research and saves me a
tons of time and at tons of frustrations right and and I can get my all my
research done in about 3 minutes if I wanted to and get you know access to
there are hundreds of publishers instantly okay and then in this video in
the next video I show them literally I walk them through how I use directory
revisions ok and what it’s like on the inside all that stuff what is doing for
me make sense and then below the video so basically my whole pitch here was
maybe about a minute long okay and I said so this is the tool that I use
personally it works really awesome I love it and you know if you if you
wanted to check it out I’m actually gonna place a link right below this
video you can check it out but I think if you’re serious about taking this to
the next level I highly recommend that you get it that’s it that’s my all call
to action ok and I place this link right here click here to get your own super
ninja – guess what when they click on this look where they go see this now
here is the crazy part everybody else who were promoting directory revisions
directly ok without this right they were getting like 1 percent conversion rate
ok this model for me right my conversion rate was 30 percent 30 percent sometimes
even more with cold traffic ok I made I I instantly created myself an income of
like thirty to forty thousand dollars per month just like that now what I
would’ve been trying right but what’s cooler is
what happened was my list I was bit I was building a list that was giant okay
people people trusted me because this because of this lead magnet right and
there was a relationship and people were opening my emails because guess what I
showed them something cool that make sense does this make sense to you right
listen I don’t know what you’re promoting but I want you to start
thinking about being a little bit creative with what you do okay your lead
magnet how can you again what we do inside of
high traffic Academy Elite specifically is you know we take people and put them
on hot hot spots right hot seat and we say okay so what do you do you promoting
this company here is different ideas for you for different lead magnets here’s
how you could do this here I can structure this right and so it’s a
breakthrough breakthrough after breakthrough because I don’t really have
that luxury right now you know three just talking to you this camera I at
least hope this is gonna open your eyes and you can be like you know what let me
think about this how I can apply this in my business make sense so the results
were really really awesome and then what I did is I layered over invisible
leverage you know the stuff that I talked to you about in the last video
for traffic right and I turned the whole thing this whole thing into a into a
getting to a replicated system and I allowed these people to plug in their
affiliate link for this product and promote my system right my lead magnet
this entire funnel and create incomes for them and we had people literally
earning tens of thousands of dollars per month just by promoting this funnel and
what happened was my image my name my goodwill in the community
he was tremendous right and and that’s kind of how I got you know I went from
that nobody to again reinvented completely my business to thirty forty
thousand dollars literally created that overnight and then built it just
snowballed from there right but this model works my friend
again it works ok so let me give you a couple other examples here I know
recently well not recently a few years ago I joined you know a network
marketing company and I said you know what everybody else is promoting you
know that company’s website directly or the landing page it’s saturated it’s all
over the place what I’m gonna do is I’m going
to focus on a little bit of a different message right and I created this landing
page very very simple I just said 100% free video reveals how to earn 5,000 to
15,000 per month online without ever attacking without ever talking to
anybody step-by-step okay when they click on show me they opt in okay and I
take them to a simple video right to where I explain to them how money is
made on the internet right and again similar concept what I’m sharing with
you right now okay in bonded with people and it allowed me
to create an enormous income and engineer enormous income in their
company this here’s another landing page that I created later for that companies
basically saying broadcasting now live write discover how this college dropout
turn earned two point eight million dollars
first year working from home with no phone okay and you know by this time I
had some success going on here’s another promotion that we did for another
traffic product this was probably a year ago or so and and you know the landing
page again was different than what everybody else was promoting again I
always do you like you have your rapper different than what everybody else is
doing right because you want to stand out you want to be you want to be unique
you want to have to stand head and shoulders above the crowd right so
hundred percent free this one thing took my income from 0 to 70 $900 per day and
you can model it too now again what’s the hook here well the hook here is this
one or delete magnet is this one thing right one thing and one thing really
been knowledge about traffic and conversions okay and then what’s the big
you know hook is seventy nine hundred hours per day and you can model it to
hey I can model it too right so that’s because now this page converted that
like sixty percent plus with cold traffic right and here is your magic
phrase over here right information will be sent to the email address provided
above again I press what I preached my friend right so any when I promoted when
I promoted anything that I promote okay I have a lead I have a lead magnet for
it just to give you be totally transparent with you my friend here
okay man we’ve got a wrap-up because this thing is going on for way too long
and I hope I’m not boring you with this stuff I hope this makes sense I hope
you’re still you know if you’re still here listen congratulations it’s you
know I don’t know how anyone going on here for almost two hours or something
like that okay so I promoted director of visions okay my lead magnet was 48-hour
cash machine okay I promoted a network marketing company okay it was it was
called empower network okay my lead magnet was Big Idea mastermind okay was
a system was a marketing system for that this was a very extensive very elaborate
very we expanded on it a lot because we were building it for a team I promoted
what else I promoted I promoted another traffic product I was called Internet
traffic formula that I created I had I had a lead magnet for that was that was
a private training okay to give you dug in to be totally
transparent with you listen I’m about to open the doors to high traffic Academy
and even promoting my own products I never promote the product directly okay
so high traffic Academy here okay we’re about to open the doors to high traffic
Academy what’s my lead magnet here what do you
think that is what do you think this lead magnet is you’re in the middle of
it do you realize it right my lead magnet is total domination engineering
which is the very same training this training that you’re going through right
now okay it’s a lead magnet for high traffic Academy and we’re gonna be
opening the doors here very soon okay does this make sense you see what I’m
saying here again I’m being literally took you behind the curtain tonight and
I just like reveal to you how I run my business right these ideas you can
implement okay and you can totally model them and you can improve on them you can
perfect them and you can do it in a very in a very cool way my friend most
importantly when you do it like this you’re gonna elevate yourself above the
rest of the competition you will never have to like I don’t even worry
about high traffic academy signs up because I know first of all there’s
gonna be very limited time when it’s gonna be open for and especially I’m not
sure if you’re gonna do this counter now I’m gonna talk to you more about that in
next video we had tons of questions coming in from people you know have it
you know saying Vicki when can we get in when can we get in when can we get in
right and I’m gonna talk to you more about that in the next video and in fact
in the next video I actually want to talk to you about something very very
awesome I’m actually gonna do something that’s gonna blow your mind
stay tuned for that I’ll have that up in in a couple of days if you like this
stuff that I showed with you right you’re gonna be absolutely blown away in
the next video okay so you definitely stay tuned for the next video but when
we open the doors to fight traffic Academy I’m not even thinking about this
because my whole focus here is total domination engineering regardless if you
get decide to get into high traffic Academy or not I want you to benefit
tremendously from my lead magnet which is totally mine actually engineering
okay I want this to be so effective that you can apply this in your business
right now you can get massive results okay
and I can look you in the eye and I can say look if you apply these principles
in your business you will get massive results because I’m not teaching you
theory I’m teaching you from practice and I’ve done it many many times and I
do it over again and I this is what I do my business right now
okay it works it’s gonna work for you if you do it okay but you gotta be
deliberate about it you gotta know what you’re doing you gotta study this then
you got it you got to decide you know what I’m gonna be a master this stuff
because this is how one percent of people are earning like ninety nine
percent of all the money that’s being earned inside of this industry okay
where 92 percent of people are earning less than $1,000 a month which is
ridiculous my friend if you’re in that category you’ve got to do whatever you
can to get out from there right I want to do everything I can to help you and
I’m and I’m confident I can because I’ve been around the block a little bit right
and I know what’s out there and I have a passion and desire and hopefully you
know what I’ve taught you so far instead of you know total domination engineering
hopefully you can get a nugget or two are applied in your business and
hopefully improve your results okay and that’s the idea for this but at any rate
listen we’ve been going on here for way too long
I hope this stuff makes sense you might have to watch this video a few times for
to really kind of really digest this information I know I threw a lot of
stuff at you here but I didn’t want to cheat you out from you know the the
important stuff I wanted to deliver the goodies for you right then I hope you
appreciate it so if you can do me a couple things number one if you like
this video if you haven’t hit the like button let me know by hitting the like
button right below this video if you want to share it with somebody feel free
to share it but I want to hear from you that’s the most important thing so in
the comments below let me know what you thought about this training okay do you
think it’s gonna make a difference for you when you apply it
what do you realistically thought about this okay I’ll tell you some of these
stuff that I shared with you I don’t share with anybody outside of like
$25,000 mastermind all right that I do private coaching so I I hope that you
enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed making it for you I had fun talking to
you I had a great time I definitely look forward to seeing you here again in a
couple days in for video number four I’m gonna be talking about and I’m actually
gonna show you something that you have never ever seen anybody do before okay
it’s gonna be very cool I look forward to seeing you there until then stay
awesome may God bless you and thanks for watching this I appreciate you staying
for this long here almost two hours and I look forward to seeing you in the next
video bye for now you

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