How To Make Money With Clickbank Easy Step By Step Method

hey guys welcome to today’s video it’s a
boy cave here in today’s video I’m going to show you how to make money with
Clickbank with a simple and easy method alright so you’re going to want to stick
around for this whole video and we’re going to get started on that right now alrighty guys welcome back to the video
as I said in the beginning we show you an easy way to make Clickbank sales with
a simple and easy method and this is good for beginners too and can be done
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that said an out of the way let’s go ahead and get started in on this method
today and it’s a step-by-step tutorial and I’m going to show you how to do that
so first of all what we’re going to do is we’re going to come over here to
Clickbank and if you don’t have an account let’s click back it’s easy to
get one all you do is just come to and it’s easy enough just
to click create account up here they’re free and doesn’t cost anything to get an
account with Clickbank and then after you click your account just login and it
gone marketplace up here where you see it says marketplace there and you can
for the for an example what we’re going to
today you can choose any of these categories that you want here alright
because what we’re going to drive our traffic from for our sales is going to
be the site has all these categories so it doesn’t matter what you choose you
can choose any one you want now I chose green products evergreen products and I
chose over here I chose this backyard revolution product right here it’s got a
reasonable gravity to it there’s there’s a few people that are that are out there
selling it on the internet and of course search by popularity here you can search
by whatever category you want here to average sale rebuild total or gravity or
whatnot so on and so forth alright so but I chose the backyard revolution here
this is a good product it has to do with solar panels and I like solar panels so
that’s why I kind of chose this product here so it’s called backyard revolution
and it’s how to how to save money with solar panels over traditional
electric company costs and so on and so forth click on the link here you can
take over to shows you and it’s got a little video video sales page here once
it loads up in that video sales page there is what you’ll drive your traffic
to in your link ok alright so and they can read a text version of it too that’s
what this means right here if they want to bid rather read a text version rather
than watch the video right come here as well and I’m going to click on promote
right here ok and this gives us we’re gonna get our hop link or our affiliate
link first so you’ll have when you click promote and you can make about forty
four dollars per sale on this product right here forty three ninety six it
says there I’d say your your account nickname what you use to sign up with on
Clickbank should be in here if it’s not just click in there and type it in okay
and you can put a tracking ID if you want to as well that’s optional you
don’t have to for this example I’m not going to use a tracking ID all right so
then we just click on generate our affiliate link or hop link here and it
gives us our affiliate link right here alright so I’m not going to copy that
right now so we already have that so I’m just
going to kind of put it back behind the browser here so now once we come over
here to clickbank and have our product and what we’re going to do is we’re
going to go over to Google and I’ve already done it here as you can see I
typed in backyard revolution reviewed or reviews we can type in reviews or
whatever because we want to see other people’s reviews of this this is how
we’re going to help it so you don’t have to write the article on your own I’m
going to show you how to take another article and then spin it and use that as
your article on the site where we’re going to drive our traffic front okay to
our affiliate link alright so there’s quite a few different reviews here that
people have done as you can see it on this front page here so what I’m going
to do is just take one of the top ones right here and in what I’ll do is just
click on that and it comes over and you see the review it’s on some person wrote
it on Optimus for Forex alright and you can see the review of
the product here of backyard revolution and it talks about you know what I was
telling you about about saving electric costs on your electric by using solar
panels and it gives you the pros and the cause and the conclusion now what we’re
going to do is we’re going to take and take this article and spin it because
Google you want to spin an article if you’re going to use someone else’s
article or you’re going to curate an article from someone else you don’t want
to use the same words because Google frowns on that and they’ll give you a
penalty and you won’t be ranked in the Google search engines or
probably even on the site that we’re going to use to post our article as well
so what we’ll do is we’re going to just going to copy the article information
here okay and just it’s gonna be a few times we’re going to do this because we
want to get the whole article so I’m going to right click or highlight rather
and then right click and then choose copy alright then we’re going to come
over here to a website called article writer article rewriter tool okay and
then you can just put in copy in here this is a spinner it’s an article
spinner site all this is free now this costs any money to do this okay and then
you just paste in your your part that you copied off of the review site and
then you check the little I’m not a robot thing here and then you click on
rewrite the text okay and you see that it’s fun the text down here for us down
here then what we would do is we would copy this text and then we’re going to
come over here to a place called medium comm up there in the Arctic in the
address bar it’s medium calm if you can see that or not and this is a site that
allows you to post articles on their site for free doesn’t cost anything you
can get a free membership here and then this is has a lot of articles on it on
this site and they do allow to post affiliate links on this site okay so
that way you know they’re not going to remove your your affiliate links or
remove any move remove your article because you’ve posted affiliate links on
this site now to give you a little idea of how much traffic that this website
gets if I come over here to Google I have an extension up here it
it’s a similar web you can go to similar web comm and get this Google Chrome
extension it’s free doesn’t cost anything and it’ll tell you the website
traffic of any website in the world all right so if I scroll up here where you
can see it this is for as you can see is right here and you
can see that they get monthly visits of 250 million or better monthly visits
from people around the world folks that’s a lot of traffic that’s a lot of
eyeballs of potential eyeballs on your affiliate link or your article with your
affiliate links in okay so we know that this is a good site because it gets an
incredible amount of traffic all right so then if we come back and come back
here what we’ll do is you can sign up it’s free basically if I click sign in
you can sign in with your Google account or with your Facebook account with your
Twitter account and or you just create your own account right here on this site
with your email address okay I’m going to use my Google account so if I click
on sign in with Google and it comes up and it’s on it signs me right in right
here and you can see all the different categories there’s plenty of categories
like I said every category that is on Clickbank for the products that you can
sell on Clickbank are also available on this site as well people write articles
about all kinds of different things on this website and so what we’re going to
do is when you sign in I’m going to click here up on your picture up here
and it drops down a little menu then you want to come down here and click on news
story and you see different stories here and different things down through here
is where you would sign out as well down here at the bottom we’re going to click
on news story the other one this to sign up here so
go ahead and sample some Google I don’t know why they don’t they have there we
go I had to read click again you might have to do that but just it brings you
over here so what we would do then is we would come back to our article rewriter
tool and we will copy what we’ve put into the spinner the article spinner
here so we’ll just highlight right click and choose copy and then we’ll come over
back here to meet him and we’ll click in here and just paste in our our first
paragraph here alright then the title we’ll put a title in here in just a
moment here alright now we’re going to come back to our article and get some
more of this here we’re going to copy this in this article or a paragraph here
and choose copy bring it over to our article spinner and we’ll paste it in
here under the content to rewrite right and then we’ll just click check the
little robot thing here sometimes it’ll come up and want you to choose cars or
stoplights or buses or something like that just go through it until you get
this checkmark here and then you click on rewrite to text now I’m going to
remove this out of here just in case so it doesn’t there we go then we’ll click
on rewrite to text down here and you can see that it gives you the result right
down here okay alright so what we’ll do is we’ll copy that text right there and
then copy it and then come back to medium and we’ll give a couple of spaces
there and we’ll paste that in there okay and then we’ll come back to the article
come down to the next paragraph copy and copy that one bring it back over to the
article spinner and clear out the bottom clear out our top part here
paste it in the next paragraph check our robot thing that we’re a real person and
then click rewrite to text okay and then it gives you the right of the result of
me and it will just right click and copy that come back over to media put in
another paragraph and paste that in as well come back to our article and how
does backyard revolution work copy that and bring that back over to the rewriter
there out what we have in there we’re gonna clear out this up here paste it
right so then we’re gonna click on the I’m not a robot and then click rewrite
the text again alright and then we’re going to copy that
alright bring it back over to medium create another paragraph and paste that
in there as well alrighty okay and then come back to our article
again and then copy the benefits of it right here and the publicist bring that back to the rewriter clear
this out clear this out paste in our information check the box and then we’ll
rewrite the text okay it gives you the information down here we’ll copy all
that information and then bring it over here create another paragraph again and
paste it in alright alright so then we come back to our article again until we
have the whole article you want to get that whole article and then we’re going
to copy the pros and the cons here and come back to our rewriter clear that out clear all this out as well paste in
check the box and then I’ll rewrite the text and then we’ll copy this information come back over to medium create another
paragraph and enter that information in and I’m going to change this up a little
bit here and put pros instead of that masters or what it happened okay come
back to our article and then we’re going to copy the conclusion right here and
that’s the end of the article right there come back here and we’ll create
another paragraph here and paste that in alright so there we go we have our
article and you may have to adjust it a little bit so you might want to read it
and adjust a little bit now what we’re gonna do is put in a title and I’m gonna
take the title from this particular article here okay so we’ll just copy
that title won’t worry about re spinning that I’ll just bring that over and paste
that into the title here okay alright so we’ve got our article into now now and we need to put in our links
right our affiliate links first of all what we’re going to do is put some
images in here so we’ll come back to the article here and we can that’s a link
right there I think we can we can copy this image this right click on the image
come down and click copy the image and then come back to medium comm and you
can set that in wherever you want into the article and just paste it in there
and you can see that it puts that image right in there you don’t even have to
download the image to your computer just paste it right into the the article and
we’ll come back and get another image like this one right here copy the image
come back to medium and scroll down so it’s not so close to the other one and
then just make a little paragraph and paste that
image in right there okay all right so then at that point we’ll come down we’re
going to get the link now we won’t be able to I don’t think we’ll be able to
copy this button right here but that’s okay we can copy this link right here or
these words right here okay don’t worry about spinning that so we’ll
come down here create another paragraph thing here and paste in that leg now
that link has someone else’s affiliate link attached to it all right so what
we’re going to do is we’re going to remove their link out by highlighting it
click on the link button right here and that should remove it out yeah see it’s
not a link anymore so what we’re going to do is we’re going to highlight it
again okay and then we’re going to come back and get our affiliate link that we
created on Clickbank right so we’ll copy our affiliate link right here right
there and we’ll come back and highlight this right here click on the link button
right there and the tool and then just paste in your affiliate link all right
and then click off and there you go now your affiliate link is in there now
we’re going to placed a couple other links throughout the article here as
well we’re going to do what’s called anchor links okay so we’ll post in the
link oh it’s and it can be anywhere you want it in
here we’ll just what is we’ll just choose this these words right here
alrighty and then we’ll click on the link tool yeah
and paste our link in there and then click off there you go there is an
anchor that’s called an anchor link and you see it’s got our clickbank affiliate
link in there right alrighty so then come down and we’ll
place it again here in another spot again give us a couple three links there
we know you’ve already got one down here at the bottom right there so we’ll just
paste another one in here somewhere it doesn’t matter we’ll just choose a we’ll just choose the beginning of this
paragraph right here we’ll choose that and then paste our link in right there
and then just click off and it creates the link so we’ve got three links total
in this art to our affiliate link okay so now like I said you may want to go
through this and make some adjustments to it and it looks pretty good actually
it doesn’t look all that bad doesn’t look all that bad for being a spun
article again site all right so all right so once we’re done with that we’ve
got our everything in that we want now we’re ready to just go ahead and post
that link we’ve got our title we’ve got our links in there we’ve got our
paragraphs all of our pros and cons and their article looks pretty good we’ve
got some pictures in there and so on and so forth and I think we’re ready to
publish the article now so you just come up here to the top and click on ready to
publish okay now it comes up with this and it’s wanting you to add tags in this
is important don’t forget this step here you need to add your tags in so we’re
going to put a tag we’re going to use the backyard revolution backyard revolution
okay and it just there and then we’ll click lower lower
how about heat electric put the word electric in there see it’s got like 374
other things on electricity use electricity
how about solar solar energy now where you can use up to five tags here if you
see a door change tags up to five of them so readers know what your story is
about these tags will also help your article to rank on Google on the Google
search engine okay so we’ve got one two three four
let’s do five solar I saw another solar energy and we’re going to do lower solar
power I think would be a good all right so then we has allow curators to
recommend my historic to interested readers apart of mediums metered paywall
that’s good and then you can either schedule at the post later or publish it
now well in our case we are going to publish the story right now it says up
here publishing the story and it says your story is published and then
recommend your story arrears by adding it to relevant topics we will email to
let you know record recommended stories are part of mediums metered paywall you
can use the customer friend link below to give to anyone who clicks it’s free
to access your story so you can share you can share your article on Facebook
Twitter and get a link copy story link here and copy a friend leg so not going
to fool with that right now just clicking off on that and then it shows
you your your article live and you see it’s posted by me on August the 30th
it’s about a or men read it says not very long some
people can read through this pretty quick and you see that our link is right
there down there at the bottom left you see the Clickbank hop link although that
doesn’t look like the picture showed up just yet possibly this one did maybe
this one here will show up eventually and we’ve got another link down here
somewhere you know then there’s our other two link
at the bottom and our tags are down here too and there’s our link there that we
had another one in now right here subsequent to beginning the program is
another one of our links there so that it makes our article live it was all
done for free and over time this should drive a lot of traffic to your article
and you should begin making lots of affiliate sales alrighty guys well
that’s pretty much what I wanted to show you today how to market Clickbank
products for free it’s a simple and easy method you can do this as many times as
you want on with lots of different products from clickbank doing
that same process over and over again and make affiliate sales ok alrighty
guys going to let you go with that give me a thumbs up if you got some value out
of this video and it helps you out reach down there don’t forget to click that
subscribe button and click the bell and also click the link down there where it
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business where you can get a marketing education and learn how to sell high
ticket products and make big money ok alrighty guys I’ll let you go and I’ll
see you again here in a couple of days on the great on the next video you guys
have a great day today ok alrighty bye bye now


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