How to make money with Clickfunnels (Affiliate 40% commissions)

hey guys Rachel Exley here and today I
am going to share with you how to get started in affiliate marketing and how I
got started in affiliate marketing so I remember when I first got started and it
was from telling clients about software’s that they were going to need
for their online marketing because I was to make online marketing client work
like helping them with their social media and their funnels and their
Facebook ads and their email marketing and their websites and for all this
stuff they need software’s so I said okay before you get the software make
sure you sign up with my link and then I’ll get the monthly recurring affiliate
commissions from it and that was great because people the main one that I would
promote to them is click funnels to landing page software that I would need
them to have to do their Facebook ads and their funnels to collect leads for
them and that is $97 a month in about 40% or I get 40% affiliate commissions
from it so it’s like thirty-eight dollars a month and actually at one
point had this client decided to sign up for the 997 package of click funnels
because it just made more sense for her it was like a better bundle and I got an
instant four hundred dollar commission from that so I was like this is awesome
and I was repeating that but it was so kind of slow it was like every once in a
while when I got a client and I can only take on so many clients so it was
effective but it wasn’t so scalable because it was still a lot of 1:1 sales
I was still doing the marketing for myself and then the sales for myself
only to like eventually get the Fasil and then do the marketing like
helping them with their sales which then takes away time from doing my own
marketing and it’s just not so scalable the way that I was doing it and
you know what like I don’t work I like driving the traffic and collecting the
leads and then converting the sales was then having to do the fulfillment also
it’s a great learning experience and it’s great for some people but I was
like you know it’s kind of cool just getting the affiliate commissions so I
made the decision to start phasing out my client work stop doing client work of
taking on clients and dedicating more time and focus and energy and resources
on growing the affiliate marketing Commission’s because there are so many
software’s that you can promote and offers and online courses and a lot of
cool digital offers that you can promote even non-digital things you can do like
e-commerce and physical products but I decided okay my niche and my focus on
line marketing softwares and tools so I decided to do it the right way and when
you do it the right way that’s when you can eventually like really scale get
bonuses super affiliate commissions get higher tiers that you’re qualified for
affiliate commissions and the right way to do it is to be driving traffic to
your own funnel instead of like hey like talking to people when I went on the
phone making sales that way it’s you want to be setting up your own automated
funnel driving traffic to that collecting your own leads and converting
them into sales and having your own email follow-up to get people to sign up
for whatever affiliate offers that you are promoting so it’s scalable because
you set up those systems and then you reinvest your revenue and your profits
into more testing and into what is actually working and the sky is the
limit with affiliate marketing there’s just no cap to it there there’s
no cap to it maybe within a certain many perhaps but it just depends on the
software and the software’s are often always improving so there’s more
affiliate offers to promote to people it doesn’t work just to send out an email
saying here buy the software because I said so you have to provide the
educational content valuable content freebies and have them make the choice
themselves that this is the software program that they want to invest in for
their business so like I was saying there are so many different software’s
and programs that you can promote but why I think clickfunnels is the best
affiliate program to promote if you’re getting started there’s a few reasons
one because it’s such a versatile platform it’s used for making entire
websites you can build entire websites on it you have a landing pages squeeze
pages often funnels for your lead magnet or your clients other people’s lead
magnet for your webinar sales pages you can put online courses in there like
password-protected online courses membership sites there’s even built in
email marketing and you can create your own affiliate program if you have a
course and you want other people to sell your course for you you can make out
back and affiliate program in there too so just so many things that you can do
with it number two is the profits at you government so they can have 40%
affiliate commissions that’s great some things you’re getting like 3% affiliate
commissions 10% 40% is really good especially when
the price points are $97 a months so you’re getting 30 dollars every single
month or the next price point is 297 a month so you’re getting $120 each
customer let’s say you signed up a hundred affiliates you had 100
affiliates to sign up under your link and they only did the basic version
which a lot of them are gonna do the pro let’s just be conservative here
that’s thirty-eight hundred dollars a month passive income and if you have
your funnel setup where it’s constantly generating traffic and leads and sales
that’s just going to keep exponentially growing and they have other programs too
where you can just get like instant commissions so number three is I really
like to promote click funnels because there’s so much support there’s just
like a huge community you can learn from other people you can ask your friends
you would get tons of different tech support and funnels um and also they
have so much free training like I learned so much about my online
marketing knowledge and about funnels and traffic and lead generation and webinars and conversions and affiliate
marketing 302 falls training and a lot of this trick training is free online
where that free when you are a member and another reason the last reason I
really like to promote click funnels as an affiliate offers because if you’re
going to be doing an affiliate marketing you’re going to need a landing page
software anyway so you might as well like promote the things that we were
using anyway because people are going to need it anyway so how do you get started
it’s super cool I highly suggest signing up for the free click funnels affiliate
bootcamp I can share with you guys real quick the gist of it like how I got
started and how you can get started but I always say to take the next action
step to move yourself forward would be to you
educating yourself so I’m gonna have a link here where you can sign up for the
free clickfunnels Affiliate bootcamp totally free and they just you know more
training on how you can choose which funnels you want to promote your your
traffic strategy help build up your funnels set up your email and then you
can start promoting click funnels as an affiliate in getting those commissions
and there’s other ways to to promote it you can like promote to certain niches
let’s say you want to have an offer for chiropractors you can make special
landing page templates for the chiropractors and give them free
downloads of it of it and when they sign up now they’re under your funnels
affiliate link um so in the affiliate bootcamp there’s like this entire felt
to videos on how you can start making commissions on it and you can also apply
a lot of these strategies to other affiliate software’s so let’s say they
need people get click funnels and they don’t use the email marketing there
there’s 718 email marketing you can promote your convertkit affiliate link
let’s say they need a domain you can promote your GoDaddy affiliate link
let’s say they need just whatever software as you like you can check to
see if there’s affiliate links for that so if you guys have any questions or
comments or things that you’d like to do as an affiliate marketer you can leave
your tips in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to my channel please
and you can like this post you can share it and also I have a free Facebook group
for you guys it’s called affiliate marketing for entrepreneurs and I’m
posting a bunch of free trainings in there and we’re all collaborating with
each other and scaling up together


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