How to Make Money with ClickFunnels and What NOT to Do | Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

hey guys this is Ben Arkell with today I wanted to do a little heart-to-heart video okay so I
want to talk about how you can make money online with click funnels in my
mind there’s three ways so I got a broken wrist okay I see people all the
time coming in to click funnels groups saying I want to make money with the
click funnels how do I do it they’ve just learned about the software they
just signed up for the first time on a trial and they’re like I want to make
money how do I do it a lot of those people I feel they are coming and
wanting to be an affiliate so the three ways I think you can make money online
with click funnels is one using those funnels to sell your own product to
selling other people’s products like affiliate marketing or three actually
selling click funnels the software itself using you know trying to get
other people to buy click funnels now essentially that’s what I feel a lot of
people are doing is they jump on the click funnels bandwagon they find out
about click click funnels and they think oh this is so awesome and I’m gonna post
my link all over the Internet and people are gonna want to buy click funnels it
doesn’t work that way especially when people try to sell click funnels sell
the program to people to other people who want to make money online and it’s
like look you just click funnels because if you use quick funnels you can make
money online you’re they’re missing the point
okay now if you have a product of your own this video isn’t for yours isn’t for
life isn’t for you okay you know how to use click funnels you know how to do
upsells you know how to sell your own product and if you’re doing affiliate
marketing you should focus on you know you can focus on selling other people’s
products I want to talk specifically to those people who think they can just
sell click funnels to other people to make money online what you need to be
doing is viewing click funnels as a tool alright and there’s a great majority of
people who come into the make money online niche because they haven’t been
able to make money in other places and they think it’s going to be super
easy and I think they can just come in and press a button and money kind of
just appears and the reason is there’s a lot of people who were advertising that
that making money online is easy and all you have to do is set up this funnel and
run traffic to it and bam so that is not the best way to go about it
one you might get people excited you might get people doing trials for
clickfunnels but what invariably happens is they realize that nobody else wants
what they have to sell and after the trial period people just jump off and
it’s not worth it and they cancel their trial what you need to be doing is
thinking of people if you had two choices okay if you could sell a product
to someone who had money or someone to someone who didn’t which would you
choose you’d want to send it to the person you
want to sell to the person who has money and it’s the same thing with click
–fill and click funnels you want to sell click funnels to people who have
money and who need what click funnels can provide a great example would be
lets say a realtor okay what is a realtor want they want leads and they
want new clients and they want to upsell possible services or like think of a
dentist what does the dentist want to do they want new clients coming in all the
time and then they want to sell teeth whitening they want to sell braces they
want to sell all these things so you could go to a dentist and say hey your
website’s probably not doing much for you I can collect leads with
clickfunnels we can give out you know free consultation to gather that
information we can do this through your funnel and then we can even upsell them
to have them schedule an appointment or – well the upsell will be more like a
coupon for teeth whitening normally 199 but this one-time offer you could do for
150 right so you want to be using clickfunnels and offering it to people
who have a business established and have money
and could benefit from what clickfunnels does I see so many of these make money
online business in a box funnels that just really are just setting people up
to fail because they haven’t learned that click funnels it’s to help a
business market gather leads right and then sell more okay so I just wanted to
jump on if you are you know if you’re searching YouTube for how to make money
with click funnels what I would recommend you do if you don’t have a
business of your own what you need to do is you need to find a niche find a
business a group of businesses whether it be Realtors or dentist or you know
there’s a there’s a company locally to where I am where they it’s a it’s like a
sauna place okay and they do infrared sauna think of a niche where you could
provide value by helping a company get leads and by selling more something
hopefully that you are interested in and excited about and then devise a plan and
help them see click funnels as a solution to their pain points but don’t
try to make money with click funnels selling click funnels to other people
who want to make money on click funnels it’s just not going to work ok cuz I’ve
tried it it doesn’t work there are some people who try and they say it works but
it doesn’t work as well as as these other methods if you want to take a look
at some more information about how to make money with click funnels in the top
link below there’s a link to the click funnels affiliate bootcamp for those who
want to be like affiliates of click funnels and try to sell the actual
software of click funnels itself to other people and if you want to make
money click funnels by using I mean you have your own company right you have
your own product to sell I would just refer you to Russell Brunson did a
presentation that tenex where he talked about how
clickfunnels could benefit you and I’ll put a link to that in the video again
below but this is been our Cal passive automation tell me if you’re watching
this video and you want to make money with click funnels do you want to sell
click funnels do you have your own product or do you want to sell other
people’s products I’d be interested to know but we will talk to you guys again
this was a little more heart-to-heart on the next video have some good
information for you and we’ll kind of demo some products for you and give you
some more information and value but until then we’ll talk to you next time


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