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how to make money with click funnels
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has to do with making money online building funnels and affiliate marketing
and much much more my name is Stacey Kennedy and I am your
hostess with the mostess and I’ve been teaching and training social media
online marketing for over 10 years now I’m very excited to share with you how
to make money with the click funnels affiliate program so what’s click
funnels so some of you are new to what click funnels is it’s a funnel software
it’s basically a software where you can create pages you can create webinars you
can create membership sites pretty much anything that you want to sell you can
sell them using the click funnels software so if your business owner or a
marketer every business owner marketer needs to know about click funnels and
the software and how to use it so you can generate more leads and sales and
grow your business online so we’ll have tons of more other other videos here on
the channel demonstrating the actual software but hopefully you already are
familiar with click funnels and that’s why you’re here and you just want to
know how to make money with the affiliate program so first of all how
much do you make right what are the commissions what how much does click
funnels pay you if you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing affiliate
marketing is so powerful because a company can provide its you know fan
base or other customers a commission to refer their product because they don’t
have to pay the mass media or advertising they can just pay you a you
know really handsomely rewarding Commission so let’s go over to their
website and I’ll show you exactly how the click funnels affiliate program
works welcome to the click funnels affiliate
program click funnels pays 40% isn’t that powerful most sales jobs they only
pay like 5 percent like 4 percent maybe even 20% on that average high end but
click funnels now pays you 40 percent monthly reoccurring commissions now how
powerful is that now I always tell people a
Liat marketing guys you want to pick a program that has a monthly reoccurring
Commission now you’re creating passive income I’ve been in real estate guys for
like ten years and I’ve never really thought about
anything else of that would create you passive income other than real estate
now this is easier this is way easier you get an actual commission from
referring a product you already love I don’t know about you guys if you’re new
to clickfunnels and you haven’t used it yet you’ll fall in love with it so how
to join the click funnels affiliate program you can click the link below
this video and get your 14-day trial and try it out but you’re gonna love it and
that’s another thing a criteria that I tell people if you’re an affiliate
marketer you want to pick a product or a program or a software that you love you
know like if you love something you’re already gonna share it with someone
right but why not get a commission now now you’re gonna you know share this
product with someone and now you’re gonna get 40% commission because you’re
using it and I’m gonna share with you in just a minute
some strategies on how to make more money with the program but here’s the
powerful like breakdown right click funnels has two two pricing programs one
is the $97 product package and that’s forty percent commission that’s thirty
eight eighty a month reoccurring commissions now if someone buys the
Edison suite which is pretty much it’s a standard I mean everyone usually gets
the 297 product because it’s an all-in-one you get unlimited traffic you
get unlimited pages you get the action etics which you can you know use the
automatic follow-up series for email follow-ups with a 97 you have to buy a
third-party follow-up email provider autoresponder with the Edison suite you
get everything and if you you know creating digital products you can create
your own affiliate program just like click funnels and get other people to
promote your product your program so that’s a hundred and eighteen dollars on
the 40 percent commission of the two ninety seven dollar product are you here
with me so comment below if you’re understanding or
if you’re getting what I’m putting down here forty percent monthly reoccurring
Commission’s now there’s a possibility of you making even more than that
because clickfunnels always constantly coming out with
different programs or educational webinars and and and things like that
that they’re also upselling people to to help people become better marketers like
they’re creating products that really help people that are aligned with their
core product which is so powerful okay so now that gosh if again if you
understand how powerful this is you want to always pick a product that creates
you know monthly recurring commissions for you a product that’s something that
they people won’t cancel because one thing they got once they get it and once
they are starting to use it and it’s making them money in their own business
they’re not going to cancel it they you want to pick a product that has really
great support you know clickfunnels hasn’t always had
great support but they’re getting way way better with their support right now
and in the community is fabulous they have an affiliate community and an
official you know Facebook page where you can ask questions there’s always
somebody right at your fingertips that might might support you and have your
your questions answered right away if you’re asking questions at an odd time
and not during their business hours so you know there there’s so much support
and so I’m very very grateful for the clip funnels affiliate program in the
community there are actually tons of communities that have been built up
speaking of communities are around click funnels just like the daily Commission’s
Club so our founder and my friend Rachel S Lee has created the daily Commission’s
Club where you get private coaching and and it’s actually built all around click
funnels affiliate program she teaches people how to make money with the
affiliate program and other affiliate programs or whatever you want to sell
you can join the daily Commission’s Club as well by
and finding out more information below this video or somewhere in the info
cards here so I just wanted to plug that in as well and now let’s get into some
strategies how to promote click funnels and make more money with the affiliate
program number one you want to pick a niche okay I always tell people if you
pick a niche you get rich so create a website around that niche and start
sharing with people reviews about click funnels and how to use it for a specific
business type for instance I’m in real estate so I’ve created a blog post
around how Realtors can use click funnels how they can generate leads with
click funnels things like that so you can find a niche that is specifically
targeted and you can create a website all around it and start sharing your
links creating videos creating videos like this I’m a high proponent for
videos so create a video share a share screen like I am and you share some
funnels you can create some funnels I’m gonna actually share with you a funnel
that I’ve created for realtors here it’s a private new listing you can put a
photo in the back you can simply like it’s very very easy to like just click
and change things and if you’re not good at building funnels you can buy funnels
there’s a market place that click funnels has and you can find pretty much
any type of funnel if you want to create video sales letters what auto webinars
live webinars you can find a funnel for whatever business whatever product
you’re selling and then you can share it you can get a link on the back part of
the the dashboard here I have the back of my dashboard here and I click share
funnel and I can share this funnel and that will actually be it’s actually acts
like AF affiliate link as well too so I send the link over to people and they
sign up for their 14-day trial through the shared funnel they can download the
funnel right into their account and now there are one of my subscribers there
are one of my affiliates they’re one of the people that I refer and I
commission from that person after they go through their 14-day trial so that is
some ideas you can also even you know you can actually even create a business
around this I’ve had people actually create businesses and selling their
services to build funnels for other people so not only do you make
a commission to referring it to someone so I’ve actually done a lot of
consulting where I’ve referred the software to people they buy through my
link but they still need some more help in support and so on top of the
Commission I’m also making extra income on consulting with people sharing with
them how to get traffic to their website and I’m actually building out funnels
specifically for them because they’re not very tech savvy or they just don’t
have a time to you know learn how to use the software themselves so you can
create a business entirely around click funnels buildings building software so
hopefully you have learned now how to make money with click funnels affiliate
program and you are ready to roll you can become an affiliate for click
funnels without buying the products but like I always say you need to be the
product of the product so go and click the link below this video in the
description sign up you know learn how to use the product yourself for your own
business or if you have a friend who has a business and become a marketer for
them start using it and if you want to learn more about how you know to really
up your level of affiliate marketing and how to make more money with the
affiliate program you can always join the daily Commission’s Club and you can
find all that information below in the description as well if you have any
questions comment below but I am so thankful that you here and watching this
video and we’ll see you on the next one much love and aloha and hopefully we see
you inside the daily commissions club or inside the click funnels affiliate
program group we’ll talk to you soon

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