How to Make Money with YouTube (feat. Pat Flynn, Smart Passive Income!)

– We all hear about just
how little YouTube ads pay and how, even with a huge amount of views, a lot of YouTubers are
making very little money. So you’re not alone if you’re wondering how to make money with YouTube and how to build a real
business around it. In this video we’re gonna
look at some simple ways that you can introduce
new revenue streams fast, grow your online business,
and make money off YouTube. (light music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help entrepreneurs
and business owners amplify their business
and brand with video. If you’re new here then make sure you click that subscribe button, and all the links to everything
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the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Now we get asked about growing a business on YouTube quite a lot these days, and Mike and I have actually agreed to start tackling the
topic here on this channel. So we’ll be releasing more
content in the near future with what’s worked for us to
help you guys out as well. But the bottom line is
with the right strategies you can build an online business, grow passive income streams,
and make money off YouTube. Pat Flynn from Smart
Passive Income has been teaching people exactly how
to do this for years now. So to kick things off
we caught up with Pat to get his top two ways on
how to make money with YouTube and a ton of other tips
packed in along the way. Now just before we throw it over to Pat, I just wanna quickly add in that there are a lot of videos out there
around online business and making an income online. But I can personally say
that all of Pat’s tips are absolute game changers if you haven’t implemented them before. So we’ve been using each
and every one of these in our business for quite a while, and if you invest the time
to really do it yourself the impact can be huge. I also want to add in
that if you’re not growing an email list just yet you should definitely start right now. It’s the most powerful
way to leverage platforms like YouTube to start growing
a real sustainable business. If you’re not sure how to do
that or you wanna do it better then stick around to the
end ’cause I’ll be sharing free access to our new workshop training that you can jump in as
soon as we wrap up here. Pat, thank you very much for
joining us on the channel. – Thank you for having me, Justin. Thank you guys. – So Pat’s, we’ve wrangled him in here, he’s gonna help talk through
some different strategies and different options that
you have for monetizing your YouTube channel. – Yes, so YouTubers they think
a lot of times that AdSense is the only way to make money, and it’s a great way to make money, but you need several views
in order to just make a dent, right, in your bank. But what’s really cool is
that even with a small channel you can provide value to your audience in a way such that you’ll get paid, likely a lot more than with AdSense. Plus it’s a great way to diversify in case you were, you know,
with all the demonetization stuff happening, right? Like this is creating
your own business now. You’re not relying on a platform. You’re utilizing the platform as a tool, but now you’re building your own stuff, and that’s where it gets really exciting. ‘Cause then you can scale, if you wanted to build a
team you could do that, too. Now specifically, and
to kind of introduce you to who I am a little bit, I have a website at, and I’ve been blogging
for nearly a decade now. And I started out actually blogging about helping people pass an exam in the architecture industry. That’s the industry I came from. And from there I ended up
creating my own products. So that’s what I would
recommend you think about, how can your audience benefit from a product that you might create. Now, how would that even work. Well, the best thing to
do is understand, okay, what are the pains and
problems and struggles that your audience has? So you might wanna do a video or if you have an email list
already, just simply ask them, like what’s the biggest, number
one pain you have right now? What’s your struggle with niche or blank and they will tell you. That way, you know, a lot of people when they try to get into
building their own products, they kinda guess what they wanna build, and they build it, and
then they try to go, okay guys, look at this new thing I made. And they’re like, well that’s,
I didn’t have that problem. So, you know, I don’t need that. And then you kinda get, you
fall back into the AdSense trap. So what I would recommend
is first understand the pains and problems and
struggles of your audience and then determine, okay, how might I best be able to provide that solution to that problem for them? And for me the big problem was, okay, there’s so much information in this exam, how do I package it into
something that I can memorize? And so I created this eBook,
literally just a digital book, it was a PDF file, I sold it for $19. And this was in October of 2008. I sold 300 copies of them
and made about $8,000 from a $20 eBook. And the crazy thing
about that specifically is because it was digital. I purposefully didn’t
make it a physical product ’cause I didn’t want to have
to go to the post office and package it and deal
with returns and shipping. Like, digital, it can just
be emailed to them, right? And there’s a number of
tools, even more now, that can help you do things like that, selling digital products. But then it started to
scale and grow from there, and then I created an audio
version of that product and sold the MP3 files. And that sold for $49 along with the book. And you know, that business
ended up making over $200,000 just from those two digital
products within a year. Which is like, insane.
– That’s crazy. – In a small tiny niche. So for those of you, again,
you don’t need a huge audience. You just need to provide something incredibly valuable for them. And the only way that
you’d know that is, okay, what are their problems. But products are not easy. You can’t just like create a product with the snap of a finger. But here’s the thing, there
are products that likely already exist out there in the market that can solve those problems. So still step one is okay,
understand what the problems are that your audience has or maybe
what are their first steps? If they’re trying to solve this problem, what’s the first thing they need to do? Is there likely a product out there that can help them with that already? If yes, then guess what, you can do what’s called
affiliate marketing. And that means you can get
paid a commission as a result of you recommending a
product and having a person, usually it’s done through
a unique affiliate link that you get and then you put
it on your YouTube channel in the description or you mention
it on your YouTube channel or it’s on your website or you send it through an email list. And if people click on that and they buy you get a cut of that, right? Which is super cool and if
you make sure that like, affiliate marketing is great, but a lot of people take
advantage of just kind of how easy it is to do technically. So they find like the
most expensive products and the ones that are like the most sexy and they send ’em out to their audience without doing any research,
without really understanding what that experience would be like. – Might not be a good fit,
just dropping links, right? That’s a big expensive product, the commission’s gonna be good, but it’s not gonna fit
with your audience, right? – Whenever you try to make money first, you’re gonna lose, right? You wanna serve first and make sure that those things are helpful. These helpful things could
be other people’s products. Now if you use the product
that’s a great place to start ’cause then, and this is
your advantage on YouTube, you can show people what
it’s like to use that thing. That’s your advantage over everybody else who’s likely selling and recommending and talking about that
same product, right? It’s like these unboxing videos that we’re all in love with, right? Unbox the product that you use so that you can show other
people how to use it, how to get started with it,
some of the hard parts of it, and then through that, because
you’re providing value, and it solves their problem, they’re gonna likely click on your link. You can get products from
Amazon as an Amazon associate. You can be an affiliate
for Wal-Mart or Target. A lot of software companies
have affiliate programs. They’re also known as referral
programs or partner programs. But what I would recommend
is choose one product and have that be your focus product and then just transparently show everybody what they’re gonna get before they get it, how did you use it? What made it unique to you? Like what unique things
did you add on top of that to make it even easier
and better for people? What are some things that people should look out for
when using that product? It can be a physical product,
it can be a digital product. Digital, then take a
screen share video of it, like when Justin does his demos on, what do you use, Final Cut Pro? – Yeah, Final Cut, Premiere, we lie to keep people guessing. – Oh Final Cut Premiere, that’s a new one. That’s a nice merge right there. So yeah, I mean affiliate
marketing is great. So just start with one,
and yeah, initially maybe you’re not gonna get a ton of money, but because your videos or your
podcasts or your blog posts, those are evergreen, right?
– Yep. – So you mention it once, you
do a little product review and a demo of it, you have
your affiliate link in there, well now down the road
when people see your videos for something else and
they go into your archive, guess what, they’re gonna come across that link at some point, and then it can start to
scale and snowball from there. I think that’s a massive
thing that you just touched on there because a
lot of people will start out, especially when they’re
starting out on YouTube and they’ll drop, sign off of Amazon and start putting links in and then like, I’m still not making any money. YouTube is a long game. Like that video might give you
a dollar now or nothing now, but it could be a year or two years later that that really kicks in and it could be a big money, revenue generator
for you in your channel, so that’s massive. Thank you very much for joining us here, it’s been a pleasure.
– Yeah, absolutely. Appreciate it.
– Awesome. – Thanks, good luck. – If you haven’t checked
out Pat’s channel yet you should definitely head over there and give him some extra subscribers. He’s got some amazing content over there to help you out as well. And as I mentioned earlier, to really start leveraging platforms like YouTube to grow a scalable
and sustainable business, you need to be growing an email list. We put together a short free workshop designed to step you
through the entire process so that you can easily
replicate the system that we use to convert
over 30% of the number of our new monthly YouTube
subscribers over to email, completely, organically. So if you follow along you’ll
have your first email list growth system built and live
by the time you’re finished. So check out the link on
screen to get started, and I’ll see you soon.


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