How To Make Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing In 2019

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to a brand new video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be talking to you about how you can make passive income with
affiliate marketing because guys in this video I’m gonna show you guys two
different ways two completely different methods us can utilize starting today to
actually make passive income with your affiliate marketing with that being said
guys we’re gonna start this video off in just a minute by diving into my computer
so I can show you guys exactly how to do that but before I get into that guys if
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with all that stuff being said guys I’ll just dive into my computer right now and
start this video off alright guys we are now my computer as you can see on my
whiteboard make passive income with affiliate marketing of course guys I
have both ways right there on the whiteboard I’m gonna not waste any time
your guys gonna pull the first box away show you guys the very first method I
kind of my past may come with affiliate marketing and guys the first way is
actually build out fully automatic funnels so of course guys have you been
in affiliate marketing for a little while now you probably heard a funnel
funnel building things like that guys so of course all funnel is is pretty much a
step-by-step process you’re actually maybe sending your leads and your
potential customers through in order to close more sales so for example guys you
send them first to like a landing page then after the landing page you
something to like the Thank You page that might have it offer on it and after
the Thank You page you put them into like your seven-day automatic email
sequence they’d go through that maybe there’s an upsell down sell somewhere in
the funnel so what you guys want to do is of course guys if you’re gonna have
the funnel completely built out that way can run automatically for you if it’s
not completely built out and fully set up to run on its own and it won’t work
to make pass some income for you guys of course right there is my first few
points already kind of covered a little bit but you have to setup a fully built
funnel start to finish that means from landing page to email
sequence to upsells downsells you guys have to have it completely built out in
order for this to really really work but that being said the next thing you’re
obviously gonna need is some sort of traffic so of course guys if you want to
set up some sort of automatic traffic method the best way to do that is
probably with ads and more than likely it’s probably gonna
end up being Facebook ads because Facebook ads are really great to set up
and have them run automatically once they’re profitable once they’re really
wanting successfully there isn’t much tweaking necessary of course you can
always attach optimize it to make it even better but once it’s set up once
it’s running pretty successfully and it’s getting you the results that you
want there isn’t that much need to go ahead and change it because of course
guys you’re gonna need to run those ads so that you’re consistently sending
traffic through the funnel of course guys once the funnel is built out that
isn’t enough you’re still gonna need leads potential customers to actually go
through your funnel in order to actually make sales because of course guys
without traffic there’s absolutely no way you’re gonna make sales and of
course guys this entire video is about making passive income with affiliate
marketing of course guys you and I have this completely set up automatically for
you and because we wanted to run fully automatically that means we’re gonna
need a very consistent stream of traffic going through your funnel and like I
already mention guys the best way I think to do that is probably gonna be
with advertising is of course guys the advertising is what’s actually gonna be
able to generate that traffic actually go through your funnel to actually make
those sales for that so I guys my last two points for way number one pretty
much just say you have to edit tweak or test pneumatic strive for more traffic
because I already mention guys once your ad is already set up it’s running
successfully and it’s bringing in a pretty consistent steady stream of
traffic and you’re happy with it there’s no real need to edit tweak it or really
optimize it unless you want to or also want to test out some new advertisements
that might do even better might be able to bring in even more traffic at a
cheaper price that’s always good as well guys once you
have your ads set up and they’re actually running successfully and you
have your entire funnel built out once you optimize it a little bit to actually
close more sales it’s gonna be completely and fully set up to run
automatically on its own and because that guys that’s what’s actually gonna
bring bringing you in that passive income as soon as you have that funnel
set up to automatically all you have to just keep sending more and more traffic
to it it’ll keep consistently bringing more sales and that’ll consistently
generate you that passive income that you want with your flight marketing guys
with that being said you can let it all run on its own with occasional edits
like I already mentioned once this thing’s completely fully built out there
really isn’t any need to edit it unless you want to or on the off chance that
something actually goes wrong something isn’t really working as well as it used
to me then of course you can definitely change it then as well the whole goal
here is guys is to make sure that you don’t only have to interact with the
funnel at all if you want this to be truly truly passive you want to make
this as automatic as you possibly can because of course guys the more
automatic it is the more passive it’s gonna be so with that being said guys
you wanna set it up so you really do have to mess with it at all the best way
to do that just to set up the entire phone building out completely set up
your ads make that those run and then you should just try to make whatever you
can’t automatic and there’s something within your funnel you can optimize or
you can automate I would definitely do that guys because again I keep something
it the more automatic tomorrow pass fit is but with that being said oh guys that
is way number one instead of build out fully automatic funnels that’ll run
automatically on their own for you as long as you just keep sending traffic to
them they should keep running perfectly fine with that being so the guys I’m
gonna move on to the second way you guys can actually make passive income with
affiliate marketing and that is going to be to promote reoccurring Commission
authors so this is pretty much gonna be like monthly offers guys I already
mentioned it there my first point is to promote monthly recurring products that
will bring in passive income so guys what a monthly reoccurring offer or
monthly recurring product is pretty much an offer or a product that’s going to be
charging the customer every single month those we usually have to do with like
membership products subscription services things like that guys things
that are consistently charge the customer every single month and every
time the customer gets charged that month you’ll also get paid a commission
and that’s exactly what we’re trying to go for here guys
select I already mentioned guys the next point that would actually find these
offers Clickbank and other networks have plenty of these offers you guys I’m
actually to show you on Clickbank exactly how you can find those right now
I guess we are now in the Clickbank marketplace and I’m gonna show you
exactly how you can find those monthly rear current products and really Zenaida
fill guys if you already know how to do this you can skip ahead in the video
like 30 seconds maybe 45 seconds but if you don’t then stick around
because I’m gonna show you exactly how right now so our course guys like I
already mentioned one the Clickbank marketplace what course these are a
bunch of different products what we’re looking for you guys is this a small
little icon okay guys so this is blue icon right there as I scroll already
caught pops up it says recurring billing so what that pretty much means is guys
recurring billing that means it’s gonna consistently build a customer on a
recurring basis on a monthly recurring basis every sin a month which means
you’ll then get paid a reoccurring monthly commission so there’s every
single product that I was like this little blue icon right here that’s that
has recurring billing meaning that it’s a recurring monthly product so of course
guys you can almost look in the stats over here
the average repo total in the average percent me bill so obviously those if
there is an average percent me bill that means the product is probably gonna be a
monthly recurring product with that being said if it does not have that blue
icon like it doesn’t down here then it’s not
gonna be a monthly recurring product you guys want to focus on the ones that have
a slew blue icon and then also have the average repo percentage so what you guys
can also do is come over here on the Left where these attributes has
attributes and we’re over down here guys it says required billing types and then
right here reoccurring or recurring whatever – is check that and of course
this isn’t give you a bunch of different recurring products that are on Clickbank
right now of course you can also filter this by niche your views coming on
unique folders by niche but I just want already and show you guys on Clickbank
that there are tons of reoccurring monthly products you guys can actually
go ahead and promote very very easily with that being said guys I’m gonna
close this go back to the whiteboard alright guys so next thing I have is
that builder on clickfunnels also utilize monthly commissions so of course
build roll and click funnels are both final building and digital marketing
software is that charge like a monthly payment like 50 or $100 of course you
ask can also go this route I’m not even choosing an offer or a product but just
signing up for one of these networks like builder and click funnels and then
just promoting that product and you can also get paid reoccurring monthly
commissions straight from them which is of course another fantastic method and
then fantastic we’d actually make some passive income with your affiliate
marketing after that though guys I didn’t mention guys this keep selling
recurring offers until you hit your monthly goal so of course guys every
monthly goal is to make like two thousand two thousand dollars you just
have to keep selling recurring products and eventually guys your income will
consistently keep growing as you sell more of these products because of course
guys the more products you sell the more people are gonna get billed monthly the
more monthly Commission’s you’re gonna be able to collect thus increasing your
monthly income so of course guys what you really have to do is do the math on
how much you need to sell in order to hit your monthly goal so for example
guys if your monthly goal is just have two thousand dollars coming in and pass
some income month-to-month you’d have to make twenty sales or you know twenty
monthly recurring sales at a hundred dollars a month so guys if you just sell
twenty products or twenty offers that have a monthly recurring commission of a
hundred dollars or more then you’re immediately gonna hit that two thousand
dollars monthly goal that you want so if course guys your goal might be a little
bit different it might be a little higher might be a little lower you of
course have to adjust for that and also adjust for the price of the product
you’re selling because of course guys not every product is gonna have a
hundred dollar monthly Commission for example guys reach our product that only
had a fifty dollar monthly Commission then of course we need to sell twice as
many we need we need to sell already of those every sin a month in
order to make that two thousand dollars in monthly passive income with that
being Silla guys those are both ways you guys can actually go ahead and make
passive income with affiliate marketing of course guys way number one just build
out fully automatic funnels and lists to keep sending traffic through them
letting them run and of course guys way number two is to promote recurring
monthly Commission offers with that being so that pretty much wraps up this
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as always and until then guys my name is anthony villa i will see you in the next
one I am out peace

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