How to make Remote Controlled Stunt Car at home

To Start, Take a PVC – T and make a hole at the center Now, take 3 geared DC motors Apply some double sided tape around them Insert the wires through the hole and fit all the 3 motors in the mouth of the PVC- T Make sure that the motor at the junction is slightly bulged out Now, connect the two opposite motors according to the schematic i.e. connect the +ve wire of one motor with the -ve wire of other motor Taka another PVC-T and a piece of cardboard Draw few circles of diameter
equal to that of the PVC-T Cut all the circles carefully Using Hot Glue, paste them together to make 3 equal stacks Make sure to apply hot glue around the edges to get a rubber like grip Apply some hot glue and fix all the 3 stacks in the mouth of PVC-T You can also use a piece of cork or plastic caps to fill in the mouth Now, carefully apply Hot glue to seal the gaps on all the 3 sides Mark the center of all the 3 sides Drill a hole at the marked points Now, using hot glue attach the PVC-T to the motor shaft Take a straw and a wooden stick Insert the straw through the holes in the
PVC-T Cut the straw and the stick of adequate length Using Hot glue, attach the wheels on both sides of the wooden stick Also, attach the wheels to the motor shaft It is now time to make a remote control for
the car Take a general purpose PCB board and few office clips Unfold the clips and using pliers, cut the smaller part to get 8 similar pieces Now, Insert the clips in the PCB board Solder them really well so that copper doesnot
wear off Insert the cells to verify the size Now, connect the terminals, so that all the cells are in series connection Take 2 DPDT switches Insert both the switch on the opposite sides and solder them to the PCB board We also need to provide support to the cells from both sides For that, take an office clip and make it straight Slightly bend the edges Insert the clip to both the sides We have a nicely enclosed cell Holder Refer to the schematic and make connection between the cell holder and the switch Now, take the car and 4 different colour wires Connect all the 4 wires to the motors Refer to the schematic and connect the car to the remote control To secure the connections, cover the remote with a insulation tape Our remote controlled stunt car is ready to be used Insert the cells and have fun This car is not only very fast but also can drift well with some practice and control So Guys, this here concludes the tutorial Do come back soon for new ones If you liked watching the video, hit like and share it with your friends You can also subscribe to my channel for regular updates Thanks for Watching


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