How to Make YouTube Videos on Your Phone (Beginners Tutorial)

– To get started with video, all you need is your smartphone. And in this video, we’re
gonna be breaking down how to shoot a video
for YouTube with this. – Now, we’re using the iPhone 8, but if you have an Android
or any other smartphone, you’re gonna get massive
value from this video. So let’s get into it. (upbeat music) – Hey, what’s up? Sean Cannell here. – Heather Torres here. – And this is Think Media, bringing you the best tips and tools for building your influence with online video and social media. And we’re so excited because
we’re in a four part series. This is part one of how
to create YouTube videos with your smartphone. Part one is gonna be all
about shooting the video. Then we’re gonna do
thumbnails in part two. How to edit in part three. And then finally, how to upload it and optimize
the video in part four. – Now, you know, when I
first started on YouTube, all I had was a smartphone. I was not into gear, all of that was really intimidating to me. So, I just wanna encourage you, that this video is really
gonna walk you step-by-step, how to start creating content with a phone that you already have. (bright music) – Tip number one is, before you lock down your
shot and set up any gear, put your phone in selfie mode
and get a feel for the room. – Yeah, I took the phone
like Sean said, selfie mode, walked around ’cause I wanted
to see what the background was gonna look like with me in the shot. Now, you might think that
we do this really well at Think Media, but it
takes us a couple times. So, you’ll see, I set up the shot first and
it didn’t quite work out. So, I wanted the tripod to be
about an arm’s length away, and I wanted the background
to not be too busy. So I moved around the
room and then finally, locked in the right shot. – Tip number two is get your gear ready. Now, here’s the cool thing. You can start with your smartphone, by just putting it on a pile of books, using your on-camera microphone, but there’s a few pieces
of gear that we recommend to really level up your
smartphone content. And that is a lighting kit. The lighting kit we have for
this shoot was under $100. And then also, a microphone. And if you’ve got your dongle, then the microphone just
plugs right into your phone, makes it sound better, and Heather was able to
clip that to her shirt. And then finally, just a
tripod and a smartphone mount. And you could get all of that
gear for right around $150 here in the U.S. So if you wanna see links to
any of those specific items, we’ll post those in the description below. – Tip number three is
to lock down your shot. Now, there’s always the dilemma,
do you do the selfie mode? Or do you do the normal camera? We suggest that you do the normal camera. And here’s the best thing. I know I thought when I sat
down, “I can’t see myself”. But don’t worry, do a test shot first where
you click the button, you sit down, you say something
so you can test your audio, you can check the background, make sure everything’s
in frame, it looks nice, and then when you get started,
everything’s good to go. – Yeah, and the reason you wanna do that is because the normal
camera on most phones, like the majority, is so much
superior to the selfie camera. But here’s the thing, you can still use the
selfie camera if you want, but avoid this mistake. A lot of people, when
they’re having selfie mode, they look at themselves and not the lens. Therefore, people can see
it on the YouTube video. So do your best to look at
that little lens on your phone, and that way, you’ll be making
eye contact with the viewer. – Tip number four is to
lock in your video settings before you start to shoot. Now, most cameras on
your phone will do 1080p, which is great. And we recommend choosing that setting but if you have the
option for 4K, choose 4K. So in this video, we’re doing
4K at 30 frames per second. – Yeah, and later in the series, we’re gonna be going
through how to edit that. And what’s cool is, on an iPhone 8, which is the phone we’re
using for this series, you’ll be able to edit 4K easy. But here’s the other thing,
you can always shoot in 4K, but then later down-process it to 1080p and it’ll still look better on YouTube, helping you get more views
and build your brand faster. Hey, I hope you’re getting
value out of this video. And if you are, can you
smash the Like button? All right, let’s get
right back into the tips. (dog barking) Rosie! (beep) – Tip number five is
to deliver the content. Now, before I even sat
down to record the video, there was two things that I did. The first thing, is I researched what I
wanted my video to be about. So, I didn’t just set up
all my gear, sit down, stare at the camera, and go
“what am I gonna record?” No, I actually knew what the
video was gonna be about. The second thing I did, was I took the content that
I knew I wanted to have in the video and I broke
it down into points. That just helps me record the video better and allows my audience to
be able to follow along with the video all the way to the end. Then, what I did, was press record. Now, I walked through the
entire video and just like you, I stumbled. I had to stop and
restart, and that’s okay. You’re not gonna get it
right the first time, but just keep going. (relaxing bright music) – All right, and now that all
the footage is on the phone, it’s ready for the edit. But there’s actually one
more step before that, and that is creating a
great thumbnail for YouTube. So if you wanna watch
part two is this series, you can click or tap the YouTube card and we’ll post a link to it in the description below as well. – And, if you wanna watch the full video that I did on my iPhone for this video, you can check it out over
on my homeschool channel, and we’ll post that on the YouTube card or in the description below. – Question of the day: what smartphone do you currently have? Tell us in the comment section below and we will see you in the next video. Peace. (relaxing bright music)


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