How to Manage YouTube Comments Like a PRO | Top YouTube Tools

– If you’re wondering how to manage YouTube comments more
effectively and efficiently, then we’re about to run through
some awesome YouTube tools that make YouTube channel
comment management much easier, and will save you a ton of time. (upbeat music) Hey it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button, and
all the links to everything we mentioned in this video, you can find in the description box below. So let’s jump into it. YouTube comments are a super powerful way to engage with your
audience and really hit, that accelerator pedal
on your channel growth. Unfortunately though,
when it comes to comments, YouTube’s built-in comment manager, can be a little clunky. And it can be really
time consuming to use, as your channel grows, especially when you’ve got
more comments to respond to. But the good news is, is that there are some YouTube
comment management tools, to make this whole process much easier, for YouTube content creators. With things like bulk comment management, template responses and
even the ability to assign and delegate YouTube comments, without granting channel
management rights. So we’re gonna run through our top picks when it comes to YouTube
comment management systems, right now. Plus once we’re done I’ll
also share with you a link, to grab our YouTube ranking guide, to help you get your videos
to the top of search results. Maximizing views and organic traffic. It also covers our top tools
to easily help you find, high ranking search terms, and a complete overview of how the ranking process actually works. So make sure you stick around. So first up let’s set a bit of a baseline, and let’s look at YouTube’s
built-in comment manager, so that you can see what’s
available out of the box, before we look at some of
the more powerful options. So the easiest way to access the built-in YouTube comment manager, is to make sure that you’re
signed in to the right account, for your channel on YouTube, then head to And that’ll take you directly there, without needing to go through
any menus or anything. So straight away at the top you can see we’ve got
your public comments, we’ve got any that are held for review, and we’ve got any that
have been pulled out as likely spam. So it’s a good idea to go
through from time to time and clear those out. You can see that we probably
haven’t done that for a while. 1.9000 likely spam. There is always a good chunk of them, at least in our experience
that aren’t spam, so that’s why it is a
good idea to go through and accept the ones or
approve the comments, that are actually good comments. You also have the ability in
here to filter your comments, now this is really basic
and really limited, but you could essentially do a
search through your comments. So you can click on filter,
come down to comment, and type in what you’re looking for. So if you’re trying to find a question where someone said, like,
how do I do something? You can maybe search for how, hit apply, and that will go through
and sort your comments out showing all of the comments
that have the word, how. So we clear that now by hitting the X. And when it comes to actually responding or engaging with your comments, you obviously have the
big reply button here, to type in a response. You can also see the number of replies that each comment has. You have the ability to
give a comment a like, or a thumbs up, or a
dislike or a thumbs down, and you can also heart
the comment as well. Under these three little dots here, the little action menu, you get the ability to delete the comment, to report the user, to
hide the user from channel, to always approve comments
from this specific user, or to add this user as
a comment moderator. Now if you do assign someone
as a comment moderator on your YouTube channel, then they have the
ability to flag comments, on your videos for removal, but not actually remove them. So they flag them, so that
you can then go through and process them at a later date. Your YouTube channel can have
multiple comment moderators, and as I said when a moderator
does remove or flag a comment it’s just shown there as
flagged by a moderator, until you approve it or remove it. So without actually giving
someone full access rights to your channel, they actually
don’t have the ability to delete a comment on your behalf. So that’s the built-in
YouTube comment manager, you can see it obviously
there’s enough there to be able to respond and
to engage with people, but you can see if you’ve
got a lot of comments that you need to respond to, it’ll be hard to quickly find any that you haven’t yet responded to, or to scroll through and
find where you were up to. And obviously if you’re looking
to delegate to your team and have other people help
you respond to comments, then that’s not really something
you can do in this case without granting them
access to your channel. So the next tool I’ve
got for you is TubeBuddy. Now this is the lower cost
of the next two tools, paid tools, that I’m going to mention, but this one packs in a ton
of additional functionality that’s overlaid on that YouTube
comment manager interface. There’s also a separate
mobile app for TubeBuddy to help you manage comments as well. Now there are a few really great features that TubeBuddy is missing, that our third option does have. So we will cover those in just a moment but we’re gonna look at
what TubeBuddy does have, to help you decide if it’s
the right tool for you. So TubeBuddy is a web browser plugin meaning that you install it on Chrome, on Firefox, on Safari and it’s gonna give you a
heap of extra functionality. Now obviously we’re just focusing on the comments side of it here, but just know that
TubeBuddy does so much more, than just adding these awesome features to your comment area. And again, links for
everything including TubeBuddy are in the description below. So just refresh that same YouTube comment manager page, with TubeBuddy and Nabal, and you can see that we’ve already got some extra features in here. Now I do wanna say that you still have access to all of the same built in stuff that you normally have, but so much more as well. So straight away you
can see at the top here we’ve got a TubeBuddy panel here, and we get to choose how
we’re seeing the comments. So we get to choose, show comments. It’s currently set to all, we can choose ones that
I have not replied to, that have replies which
needs to be followed up on, that contain questions, you can see that there is a
heap of different filtering here that makes it so much easier
to manage your comments. You can also come down here to advanced, and you can really dial in the filter, or the search that you want to apply. So I’ll go back up here and
just leave it on all for now. Now you can also set how many comments are loaded on the page
as you scroll down here. So we’ve currently got it set
to 20, which is the default but we can up that to 50 or 100, if we wanna preload more,
to go through them faster. Now you also get this extra menu button down here for TubeBuddy. If we press on this, you can see in here that we get some canned responses. So this is like a template response if you’re gonna use something
over and over again, then you can set them in here so that you don’t need to
type them out every time. And you can also use placeholders. So you can see in this example here we’ve got thanks, and then we’ve got a
squiggly bracket with an N, an exclamation mark and a thumbs up emoji. So when we actually apply this, it’s going to insert their channel name, in this N area. So I’ll come down here and go reply on Tyler’s comment. Let’s go reply. Let’s choose the TubeBuddy icon, come down to thanks, and you can see there it’s
automatically filled it in, thanks Tyler Blevins, hope
I’m pronouncing that right, with a thumbs up and I
can hit respond or reply, and that comment is done. Now obviously with these is
it gonna make your commenting and responding so much faster,
but I would be careful, in just sending the same
template of response to a lot of people. It really loses the
effect that you can have with your comments and
interacting with people if you’re just giving
everyone the same response. So while these are the
while it’s awesome to have these features there, it’s
something that I would say use sparingly or have a
heap of different options, especially for responding
and saying thank you, or awesome to have you
here, those sorts of things. Now there’s a couple of
other really cool things I like about this, you can also see here it’s showing you how many
subscribers, each person has. So as we go through, this is something that is
overlaid from TubeBuddy’s, and if it’s available for
them to pull that data. So you can see here 1902,
so as we go through, not everyone has that shown, just the channels that have
that publicly available. And for some people you
can even have direct links to their social profiles. You can see here Tyler
has his Instagram account, linked in with his YouTube channel. So I also again quickly click on this, and preview Tyler’s Instagram from here, and go and follow him on
Instagram if I want to. So it makes it so much easier
and so much more powerful, to really engage with your audience, but engage on a deeper level. And if you are interested, go and follow and go and leave a comment,
or leave a message, on one of their other social
media platforms as well. And the other thing that
I wanted to show you that I can’t seem to
see on here right now, is from time to time
you’re able to actually see in the comment feed here, that TubeBuddy is overlaying, if the person leaving the comment is subscribed to your channel or not. So you can see right away if they are an existing subscriber, when you are responding to your comments. So you can really see just how powerful having these extra features
that TubeBuddy throws into that comment feed, is for managing and responding
to people much, much faster, but also making sure that
you’re not missing anyone, by having that filter search,
so that you can quickly see, if there’s any comments that
you haven’t responded to yet. Now as I said TubeBuddy is a paid service. There is a free version as well but the free version
doesn’t let you unlock all of those advanced comment features. So if we scroll down on
their pricing page here, you can see they’ve got a
pro plan for $9 a month, a star plan for 19 a month,
or a legend for 49 a month. But if we go down into the comment area, to find this comment filters, you can see that on the
free plan, they’re limited, but all the features
are unlocked on the Pro, the Star and the Legend. So you can get access to
all of these features, for as little as $9 per month. And obviously if we keep
scrolling down here, you can see all these
other awesome features and things that, you can do and have access to, with TubeBuddy. Personally I think the biggest feature that TubeBuddy is missing that the next solution
I have for you solves, is the ability to delegate
comments to people on your team, or people who are helping you
out to respond to comments, without giving them
access to your channel. So if I want someone
to come in and help me with these comments, I do
need to give them access, to the channel, even if they’re
going to be using TubeBuddy. So that’ll really depend on you if that’s going to be a
deal breaker or not for you, and if you’re happy to have someone else have full access, to your YouTube channel. So the third option that I’ve got for you, is the most powerful one. It’s got some killer features, that none of the other platforms have. But it is the most expensive option. But it’s also not just
for YouTube comments, it’s also a full-blown
social media management tool. And it’s also what we
use at Primal Videos. So what I’m talking about, is called Agorapulse. First up, it’s probably the
easiest to track your comments, and to make sure that
you’re not missing any, because essentially it’s
like an email inbox, for your social media interactions. You can easily assign comments
to other people on your team, and again not just for YouTube, across other platforms as well. So it could be, for Facebook, for Instagram, for Twitter and others as well. You can easily pull out a list
of your top engaged people on each platform as well. So if you do actually want
to reach out to the people who are most engaged, across
the different platforms, then this is an amazing feature. Now I’ve already said that
you can assign comments to different team members,
but you can do all of this without them needing access
to your YouTube channel. Or to any of your other platforms as well. All they need, is an Agorapulse account, and Agorapulse login, and you can then delegate who can do what, with the different platforms
and the different comments, on the different platforms. Now Agorapulse as I said is also a social media management tool. Meaning that you can schedule posts, you can share posts, you can
manage all of your comments, across all the major platforms and do it all from the one place. So it really becomes, the hub, the inbox, for all of your communications across the different
social media platforms. And it’s also not just about posting and scheduling
and responding to comments and those sorts of things, it’s also an amazing tool for pulling data and pulling reports. And they’ve recently
released some new Instagram, and Instagram story reporting as well. So you get some extra data
and those sorts of things, to really see what’s working, what types of content is working, what your audience is resonating with, across the different platforms. So in regards to actual YouTube comments, you can see that we’ve
got them all listed here, they’ve all come in fine, if we click on this same comment here, you can see it showing my
response here from YouTube, and now we wouldn’t normally do that, we would normally only
respond to comments in here, so that we can track them. But you can see here that
I can write a response, again you’ve got your saved replies, if you want any template responses, so if we wanna say here, no problem, and then you can see
again it’s auto filled with the channel name there as well, we can assign this comment
to someone else on the team, we can also assign a label to this person. So if we see them popping up all the time, then we can thank them
for their ongoing support, or their ongoing engagement. You can also see on the side here, it’s boarding information about the user, about their channel, that
they’ve got 14 subscribers, a link to the channel so
we can go and check it out, and just like TubeBuddy, if
they have other social accounts that link to their channel, then you can see all of
those in there as well. So coming back across here,
you can see we have the ability to add those labels. So whether they are an engaged user, so they’ve responded more than once, whether they are one of our Primal Video Accelerator members. We can manage all of that there. The next one across,
is we can bookmark it. So we can bookmark this actual comment, if we wanna come back to it later. We can report it as spam,
we can hide it from YouTube, or we can view this video
and this comment on YouTube. So that we can actually
go over to YouTube, and we can see it on there. We can also easily bring
up any previous comments, also on this video, or any
others in this comment thread. And you’re also given some
data on the video itself, you can see it’s got 308 comments, and the data, the thumbs
up and thumbs down, or likes and dislikes
for this exact video. So you can see here
this is really designed to not send you off to YouTube, you can really manage
almost everything from here. And I think the biggest thing that Agorapulse is currently missing, and I don’t think it’s their fault, I think it’s something that
YouTube haven’t opened up the ability to do yet, is
to give or assign a heart, to one of the comments
from outside of YouTube. So currently if you wanna
give a comment a heart, you still have to go over
to that comment on YouTube, and click the heart button. So it’s definitely not a deal breaker, but it would be awesome when they have the ability to add that in as well. Now just like we saw in TubeBuddy, you also have the ability to
filter your comments down. So we can filter them down by date, or we can come into filters here, and we can choose all
of our bookmarked ones, the ones that are marked as spam, ones that are assigned
to a certain person, any that have been hidden, or we can go back and see who has reviewed each of the individual comments. You can also create what they
call an Inbox Assistant Rule. Now this is where, if there’s comments from a certain person, or comments from anyone with a tag or a label applied to them, that they can be assigned
to a different person. So any comments from your best friends, so they can be assigned to you, so that you’re the one that’s responding and so that you don’t miss
those comments in particular. And then what makes this even faster for responding to comments, is the amazing keyboard shortcuts. So without even using your
mouse or your touchpad, you can quickly go through and respond to a heap of
comments really, really fast, just using the keyboard shortcut. Or quickly clearing out any
that aren’t worth responding to, or deleting or hiding them with
just the press of a button. So in regards to the pricing
then as I said Agorapulse, is the most expensive option here. They’ve got for pricing
plans to choose from, starting on their medium
plan at $79 per month. Now if you are interested
in giving this a go, there is a free trial version
available for 28 days, and again there is a link in
the description box below. So to summarize that up, the TubeBuddy plugin is going
to be an amazing addition for anyone, who is looking
for that next level up, on the YouTube comment manager. Having all that extra
functionality, to be able to filter, your comments down and quickly see, who you’ve responded
to and who you haven’t, to be able to have template
responses and bulk responses, all of that is going to
be a game changer for you. And yes TubeBuddy is way more than just those added
comment features as well. Whereas Agorapulse on the other hand, for comment management and
for communication management, really not just for YouTube, but for all of your
social media platforms, it’s really on the next level. Just having that ability
to add in team members and add in staff to help you out with your comments and communication, is huge, because you don’t
then need to compromise the security of your YouTube channel, by giving everyone access to it. You can give them access
to it inn Agorapulse, and they only have the ability, and they only have the ability then, to respond to comments
or the communication. But obviously it’s also
so much more than that, with the really powerful reporting, but also with these scheduling and posting functionality as well. So for us, Agorapulse is an integral part of our process and systems, for everything from
posting and scheduling, to responding to comments, but also the reporting
elements are amazing as well. Now earlier in this video, I did say that I’ll be sharing a link, on how you can grab our
free YouTube ranking guide, to help you get your videos, to the top of search results, so that you’re able to
maximize your views, and that organic traffic on YouTube. It also covers our top tools to help you easily find
high ranking search terms, and the complete overview on how the entire ranking process works. So there’s a link on
screen, to that amazing PDF, and I’ll see you in the next video.


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