How to Monetize Using Affiliate Marketing

Hello. Amber Vilhauer here, your online
business growth mentor. And during today’s 4 minute fast-track video,
I’m going to teach you a monetization tip to help you create some extra income,
passive income on the side, and it is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate
marketing if you’re brand new to this, which likely you aren’t but just in case
you are, it’s where you can sign up to be a salesperson and sell other people’s
products, programs, events, you name it, okay? So that’s called being an affiliate
and companies out there have affiliate programs where you can earn fifty
percent commissions, it changes it varies depending on what you’re offering and
selling, but hey, if you refer one of your clients or you know somebody a member of
your audience to a program let’s say, you can earn fifty percent of that sale
price, right? So, you know, I’ve been a part of affiliate programs where I’ve made a
thousand dollars per sale and I’ve been a part of programs where I’ve made
thirty dollars per sale. So it just depends on what you’re selling. Now
here’s what I would recommend for you if you’re going to get started with this.
Take out a piece of paper and start thinking about all of the different
products, programs, events that your audience might need. Now as an online
development expert, well gosh, it’s really easy for me to come up with that
list right because my audience might need hosting company recommendations,
domain name company recommendations like GoDaddy, pop-up recommendations like
optin monster or a phone number like 800 phone numbers for their business, so it
might be grasshopper, or a shopping cart recommendation or an email management or
I mean the list goes on and on believe me for a company like mine there’s like
at least a hundred different companies I could sign up and become an affiliate
for. But don’t sign up and promote something unless you fully believe in it
and have used it yourself because this is your reputation on the line. Another
thing that you can do is go to Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups and find out
what people in your industry what they really want to know. So, for example, I’m
a part of this coach’s group and a lot of coaches want to know how do you
invoice? Well, I would recommend freshbooks for that. So as soon as you
have your list of companies that or products and programs and ideas of what
you could be offering your audience then it’s time to go sign up and be an
affiliate. So, for example, if you were to decide that you wanted to become an
affiliate for mailchimp or for freshbooks, you can go to their websites
and look for a link usually at the very bottom third of the website that says
affiliates or partners. Usually that’s what the page is going to be called. You
sign up for free, you give them your name, your tax ID number, your billing
information, and as soon as they approve you, they give you a unique link to start
using to promote. And anybody that buys using that link you get a commission,
right? So the next thing that I would do is have you go back to your website and
write a killer epic blog post about that company. So for example if in a facebook
group coaches want to know about invoicing, I want to recommend FreshBooks.
I go to freshbooks, I sign up to become an affiliate, I get my own unique link, go
over to my website, create a blog post where I’m talking about the problem and
the solution. The problem that coaches have is they need a great invoicing
solution that they can rely on okay and a lot of people might use paypal but the
thing with paypal is that you don’t have a reminder sequence if somebody doesn’t
pay their bill. Another problem with paypal might be that you don’t like the
look and feel of the invoice or another problem might be that you want something
that is more automated or whatever, you know, the problem is and then you
position that to set up the solution which is FreshBooks. Now with FreshBooks
it’s awesome because you can have reoccurring invoices, one-time invoices,
you can have reminder sequences automatically sent out, late payment
options that are automatically applied after a certain date or time. It’s very
intuitive to use, it can be branded just around your company and not around
FreshBooks, that it can hook up with or paypal ,that it can
track your expenses as well as your income and give you a profit
statement at the end of the year. So I’m listing out all of the benefits based on
my personal use and I’m recommending that coaches use fresh books and i’m
using my affiliate link embedded throughout that blog post. By the way, if
you google “FreshBooks Vilhauer” you’ll probably see the blog post that I’m even
thinking of as I’m giving you this example. Then I go back to my facebook group and
I say: Hey guys, the company that I recommend is FreshBooks, here are a few
reasons why, and I actually wrote a blog post that’s going to give you even more
detail if you feel like reading it. Here is the link. So it’s just optional. Then
they go back to my website they read why they should go with fresh books and if
they click on my link and buy ,then I get a percentage. Just one thing you have to
know is that in these blog posts you have to be very clear underneath the
first instance where you use that affiliate link, you have to put
“disclaimer: I am an affiliate of this company’s products and services so if
you buy using my link, I will likely get a commission for that. It’s not the reason
that I am suggesting this program but if you choose to use my link I would
appreciate the tip.or something like that. The FTC requires
that you admit openly out up front that you could get a commission if people use
that link. So just keep that in mind, want to make sure that we’re legally
protected here. But if you liked that tip, there’s so much more where that came.
from. Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel to get notified when future
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use the search box and check out that FreshBooks post just as an example that
you can model. And until I see you on the next video, just remember: No Guts, No
Glory. Thanks so much for your time.

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