How To Pick Your Niche In Affiliate Marketing | 73 Most Profitable Niches

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gonna be talking about how to pick you your niche how to pick the best niche
for yourself and how to make it the most profitable you possibly can but before
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it so with that said guys let’s live straight into the topic of this video
which is how to pick your niche now guys for those who don’t really know what a
niche is anis is essentially the main focus the main topic that your business
is built upon so for example mine is affiliate marketing other people it
could be fishing sailing hunting dogs cats health wealth Fitness much like
anything guys and these can be essentially any main top that you can
build your business upon with that being said there are pretty much hundreds and
thousands of niches now of course not all of them are gonna be profitable but
a lot of them will be honestly guys because there’s a lot of money in a lot
of different markets as long as there’s some sort of demand in that specific
market that you want to go into then there’s money to be made there guys and
guys pro tip a really easy way to tell if there’s actually gonna be money in
your niche or not it’s just to look around guys look around that niche for
example if your niche is fishing guys let’s do some simple Google searches
guys look at fishing see if there are any ads popping up see if there any
landing pages you see go on Facebook are there any affiliate groups that are
targeting people in fin that fishing knee she has a look around if you guys
can see other competition so many people say you know competition is bad you want
to avoid competition at all costs but guys that is absolutely not true
when there’s competition in a market that means there’s money to be made in
that market and that’s a great thing guys because that means you don’t have
to test the market yourself you can just look around see if it’s profitable or
not and then move on if it’s not with that being said I already mentioned a
lot of niches are gonna be profitable at some level with that so guys there’s a
huge debate online all the time with picking your niche should you pick your
niche based on passion something you’re passionate about or should you pick it
based on profit and what you think can you can make the most money with now
it’s a huge debate in the online digital marketing place and the reason is guys
is because people feel very strong on either side but for me
personally I feel very very strongly you should pick your niche based on your
passion especially if you’re a beginner if you guys have been doing this for a
little while you’re pretty experienced then I
recommend you guys go ahead and pick a niche based on profit if you want to but
guys in the beginning especially it’s so important you pick a niche based on your
passion you guys guys if you’re passionate about your niche it will
really really reflect in the work that you put out I will give you a prime
example guys a year year and a half ago I’m doing affiliate marketing as I do I
had this great idea to make a new niche website so for those who really quick
who don’t know what a niche website is it is essentially a website set up with
the sole purpose of you know doing a flaky marketing on that one specific
topic so my example I may give you guys is like I said a year and a half ago I
forget exactly when I had this bright idea to make a nice website based on
airsoft if you guys don’t know airsoft days it’s a big thing in America and I’m
not really sure why I had this bright idea to go with airsoft for example but
I’m pretty sure is because I saw there was a pretty pretty low competition but
there were a lot of people that were interested in and there were a lot of
people that were passionate about airsoft so I figured you know low
competition passionate marketplace me it seemed like an absolutely great way to
make some money online you have a low competition marketplace but you have a
high demand you’re a bunch of passionate people we’re very passionate about
airsoft it seemed like a great idea to me so I created I think the website
domain name was airsoft HQ I think I don’t think I owned that domain anymore
I’m pretty sure I canceled it because again the website didn’t go anywhere
guys let me get into the story so with that said guys my bright idea was you
know fill the table laid out with a ton of articles inside of a niche content
and then obviously have some affiliate links to Amazon stuff like that let me
get straight to the point guys when I actually went to work on this website
after I registered the domain set it up in WordPress when I actually had to sit
down and write article after article after article and actually create
content for this website it was impossible guys I could not motivate
myself at all I could not get myself to sit down in front of this computer and
actually do the work necessary to fill out an entire website based on our stuff
and there and why is because I didn’t care about our soft I really did not
care about it that much guys I picked it based on um the profitability that I saw
in that marketplace I wasn’t really passionate about herself at all I played
paintball and I figured oh the transition over should be relatively
seamless but guys it was not and that really showed in the work that I put out
the work that I put onto the website because guys
website did not do well it barely produced any results I barely made any
money on it and guys I put it down as a failure guys because it didn’t succeed
it didn’t do nearly as good as I wanted it to and that comes down to me not
putting in the work but the reason I didn’t put the work in is because I
couldn’t get myself to do it I could not get myself to write article after
article after article this on something I barely cared about and a lot of you
might be in the same boat that I was in a year and a half ago a lot of you might
be in Annie so you don’t really care about and it might be reflecting in your
work and guys that’s why I tell people pick something you’re passionate about
because you pick some of you’re passionate about you get up you jump out
of bed every single morning one over your laptop and start typing article an
article because you care about it you’re passionate about it you want to tell
people about this fantastic niche that you’re in and that really shows in the
work and that shows and the results guys people can see how much effort they can
see how much you care about a certain topic and when they can see you don’t
care at all that’s gonna reflect and when that happens guys people aren’t
gonna trust you they’re not gonna trust your site and they’re not gonna buy from
you because they’re gonna see this person doesn’t even care about the topic
I I know more about the topic than the writer of this article does that’s what
happens guys I wasn’t an expert in there so it was barely even a hobby of mine
and that showed of my work and that really reflected you guys I guess so to
wrap that story up right now the moral of the story is pick something you’re
passionate about because you guys it’s gonna show in your work it’s gonna show
on your results and it’s gonna show in the profit that you stand to make in the
future guys you will make way more when you pick something you’re actually
passionate about with that said though guys
now the question is okay so what nice should I actually pick of course guys
I’m gonna be giving you a free ebook I gave us at Wayne yesterday’s video I’m
gonna be giving it away here as well there’ll be a link at the top of the
description to the top 75 niches you guys can go into today and that way you
guys can at least get some sort of ideas going again you guys can take these
ideas you can modify them you can do whatever you want with them even if you
use them as inspiration I definitely commend you guys go ahead
check out that list hopefully you guys get inspired and actually pick your
niche because guys that is the first step to any good online business that’s
picking the topic you’re gonna be focusing on and guys this is a very
important step because this is the foundation of your business the rest of
your business is gonna be based upon this one single topic so again you want
to take some time you really want to think about it here’s again guys this
business could last you months if not years that’s the goal here guys we want
to build long-term businesses so you don’t want to be writing about something
you don’t care about for three years that’s then it’s gonna make you
miserable it’s gonna show me your work like I keep
saying and you’re not gonna be happy guys that’s the whole key with
entrepreneurship you want to be happy you want to love what you do and if you
don’t love what you do then why are you doing it guys
you guys picking Anisha is so important because guys it is the first step and
guys taking the first step is sometimes the hardest part but you guys you got to
do it you got to take action on this stuff guys none of the stuff I talk
about in any of my videos is gonna work for you if you don’t take any action on
I can guarantee you that guys with all that stuff side guys I’m gonna wrap up
this video now by saying pick something you’re passionate about but pick it soon
and pick it now guys take action today start as soon as you can because that’s
gonna give you the highest chance of success with all that stuff side guys if
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