How to Practice Pickleball so You’ll Feel Like a 5.0 Player

Life’s busy. After all, we
need to play pickleball, more, pickleball, and
even more pickleball. Today I’m going to show you how to put
together a fun and effective practice plan that’s personalized to your game
and fits into your busy schedule. Stay tuned. Hey,
everybody it’s CJ Johnson. Today I’m going to share my step by step
template that I use to put together in my lesson plans as well as my
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every Saturday, productivity expert, Brian Tracy says that for every
minute you spend planning, you save 10 minutes in execution and
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and you’re down for anything that gives you more energy before we start writing
your practice plan it helps to have a systematic thought process to build your
skills and it starts by understanding what are your specific
strengths and weaknesses. If you didn’t catch the last video,
make sure that you click on this link, go back to that video and download your
free pickleball shot inventory that’s going to help you better understand
what you do well and where you need to improve and that’s the
basis of a good plan. Now that you’ve completed
your pickleball inventory, let’s break this into three
sections, pre-practice,
practice, and your follow up. The first thing you should do as you start
to write your plan is consider what’s the purpose of this practice? What skills do you need to work on and
you should get that from your inventory. You also want to make sure that you
consult with your partner so that during this session you’re both getting
work on the skills that you need. A few other questions that
you’d like to ask yourself. How much time do you have to practice? What equipment do you have or what
might you need? Do you need more balls? Do you have cones?
Do you have targets? Anything that’s visual will help you
to improve your skills more quickly. Now that you’re starting to put
together your practice plan, you’re going to need some drils and the
great news is there is a ton of them on this channel. Make sure that
you look down in the show notes. I have listed out all of the different
playlists for the different skills that you’ll want to develop.
As you begin to put your plan together, make sure that you look at the drills,
ask yourself, how much time am I going
to spend on each drill? How physical are these drills at? Some drills are harder to do physically
than others and if you put two or three of those into a practice session, you might be exhausted before you
get the benefit from practicing. The last question that you want to answer
is how do you determine success and when you’re drilling, there’s three ways it could be you do
that drill for a certain amount of time. You play a game or you count
the number of repetitions. It really doesn’t matter
which one you use, but you want to make sure that you know
when you’ve been successful and where you may need more work. Now it’s time to practice and here are
a couple tips to get the most from your practice session.
Make sure that you warm your body up. You need to be prepared physically
and mentally for practice. Don’t stand around during
a practice session. Make sure that you are alert
and on the balls of your feet. Take a break between drills and make sure
that you hydrate and take care of your physical needs.
And lastly, quality is more important than quantity. I would rather have a solid five to 10
minute practice session where I’m focused and I’m able to repeat the drill versus
a 40 minute practice session where everything was kind of willy nilly and
I wasn’t paying any attention to what I was doing because practice should be fun. My partner and I love to end
the day with skinny singles. That also gives us an opportunity to
take the skills that we just drilled and put them into a game situation. Don’t forget to end your practice
session with the cooldown. You want to make sure that you bring your
heart rate down as well as stretch the muscles. Your body will definitely
thank you. Before you leave the court, make sure that you and your partner
talk about the day, what worked, what didn’t work, did you meet your
objectives, what would you change? And if you’re anything like
me, you probably need to
jot down a couple of notes. Otherwise you’re going to forget it before
you get to the next practice session. All that information will help you to
continue to refine what you’re doing and make those sessions even more valuable. If you’re already part of the
better pickleball community, make sure that you check your inbox. I’m going to send a planning template
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